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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 9)

..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 1:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chilli5

wow amazing nice lovely superb fantasticEmbarrassedClap
omg khushi is a hillarious personLOL
keshu tera itna acha sense of humour haiDay Dreaminghum to aap k fan aka pankha ho gaeHug
thank u so much dear 4 da pmEmbarrassed
tu to bahut pehle se meri fan hainBlushing

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..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by ara_000

Fantastic update keshu...! Thumbs Up
i love love love it...
Goddd khushi is simply hilarious...
She lost her luggage nd now she said to d airport authority dat she is ASR's wife to get her luggage back...hahahaha LOL
i love anji...good dat she took khushi wit them to raizada mansion...
So now Miss.KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA & Mr.ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA will b staying in d same house...
Ahem ahem nxt chappys will surely gonna b funny nd romantic...
I am loving dis story...
Keshu,u really do have a good sense of humour yaar...
Awsum update...simply fabulous...!
..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 2:02am | IP Logged
Thanks lovelies for the beautiful comments and likes!

Chapter 4(a)


The journey home was not-so silent. Of course this was expected, after all with khushi around, one could barely think of having a silent atmosphere. For once, Arnav was not annoyed by the continuous chatter of khushi and his Di. In fact he was more daunted by the surprise package that his nani has got home. He was damn sure what was awaiting him at home. If only he could do something now, but no, Arnav Singh Raizada was quite powerless in front of the matriarch of the family. Not that he was incapable to go against her but simply that he respected her too much to go against her.

Sensing his brother tensed, Anjali decided to lighten his vinegarish mood.

Anjali: Chottey, you are pondering over the surprise I see!

Arnav: Stop it Di.

Anjali: Arey Chottey, I didn't even start'

Arnav: Di please, I don't want to talk about that.

Khushi: What surprises are you talking about? You know Anjaliji, I adore surprises'.

Arnav(cuts in): You don't need to know about it!

Khushi: HaW, how rude of you.

Anjali: Chottey, don't speak like that to khushi.

Arnav: Great, now my sister is teaming up with her.

Khushi: Let it be, Anjaliji,  I don't even want to know anything related to him.

The car halted with a screech, indicating that they were at their destination. Khushi descended carefully from the car, not forgetting to help Anjali.

Anjali: Chottey, I will tell HP to bring your luggage, let's move in'.Let's go khushi.

Khushi replied with a nod and both ladies moved towards the front door. Arnav rang the bell and all of them waited. They were almost immediately rewarded since the siblings' nani, opened the door. Khushi could only gape at Devyani Raizada. She looked fairly young compared to her age. Dressed in a simple pink sari, she still looked elegant. She had a debonair personality, khushi decided. It was only after the hugging and touching-the- feet sequence of Arnav and his Nani, that Devyani Raizada realized Khushi's presence. She looked at khushi confusedly, not at all recognizing her.

Anjali: Uh'nani'this is Khushi'.chottey's friend, she added seeing nani glaring at the poor girl!

Nani: What is she doing here then?

Khushi cringed at Nani's harsh tone. No wonder that Laad Governor is as bitter as Karela. It's in his genes!!

Anjali: Nani'she doesn't know anyone in Delhi so we asked her to stay here.

Nani: We'this means you knew that she was coming too!

Anjali: Nani'uh'

Nani raised her hand, hinting that she wanted no further explanation on the matter. Turning back to Arnav she addressed him in a soft voice;

Nani: I hope you are fine Arnav. We were waiting for you for so long but you got late so Lavanya went to the temple along with Manorama'

Anjali (cuts in): Nani'.lets go inside and talk!

With that the Raizada clan and Khushi moved inside. To khushi, the interior was simply opulent; from the gleaming marble floor covered in flow rugs to the sheer crme curtains billowing like mist. She had in fact, seen such a house, errr'such a mansion in Bollywood movies only.

Anjali: Chottey and khushi, go and take a rest, the flight must have been tiresome.

Nani: Yes, you take a rest, we will talk about yours' and lavanya's engagement later.

Arnav: Fine Nani!

Nani: I will prepare your dinner today.

Khushi: I can help'.waise bhi i'm not tired

Nani glared at khushi before answering: You are chottey's guest so stay as a guest, don't try to become like a family member.

Khushi felt her eyes tearing at that, she was not used to be treated so rudely. Anjali tried to ease the situation and said;

Anjali: Come Khushi I will show you your room.

Khushi nodded and the three of them moved upstairs. Nani ogled khushi as the latter moved up. She knew for a matter of fact that Arnav kept away from girls saying 'they were a waste of time,' then how come this girl is his friend'.

Arnav: Thank God she isn't here Di, atleast I will be able to have a peaceful nap.

Anjali: Chottey don't talk as such, you know how much Nani likes her nah.

Arnav: That doesn't change the fact that I hate her'.Di she is one irritating women and whenever she sees me it's like she's gummed to me. I really don't know what Nani has seen in her to even think of her becoming my wife.

Anjali: chottey'.she loves you a lot!

Arnav: Di, first of all the word 'love' doesn't exist in my dictionary, moreover all of us know that she is in love with my status more. Anyway we will discuss this later, i'm going to take some rest now!

Anjali showed Khushi her room which was fortunately or unfortunately just beside to that of Arnav. Khushi gasped at the room she was ushered in. It was simply too large and classy for her liking.

Anjali: You take rest; I will arrange some clothes for you'

Khushi: Thank you Anjaliji''what happened, you look tensed!

Anjali: hmpff'.chottey doesn't want to get married but Nani is hell bent on getting him married to Lavanya.

Khushi: But It doesn't seem that Arnavji loves her

Anjali: I know'.Chottey doesn't like her at all'but according to Nani she is the perfect Raizada bahu!

Khushi: Then probably after they get married Arnavji will start loving her.

Anjali: I doubt that will happen'I know Lavanya and as Chottey said, she loves his money and status and not him. He is in fact repulsed by her. Even I don't like her'I wanted someone'.someone like you for Chottey'.said Anjali eyeing Khushi.

Khushi: Someone like me'I don't think Arnavji would ever like someone like me'besides i'm unique museum piece'there aren't anyone like me in this entire universe.

Anjali: True that!

Khushi: I think Arnavji should talk to Nani'.

Anjali: She is firm in her decision!

Khushi: hmmm'

Anjali: See, I got busy with you and forgot that you had to rest! I will go now and you take some rest.

Khushi: Ok Anjaliji!

Anjali left the room, biting her nails as she thought about her brother and Lavanya. She frowned at that, no, she didn't want them together at any cost. They didn't complement each other at all. Chottey wouldn't be able to bear her tantrums and she wouldn't be able to bear his anger. Come to think of it, Chottey was behaving very differently with Khushi, I wonder why! Anjali smiled mischievously at the direction of her thoughts as she made her way downstairs to help in the kitchen.


Arnav woke up around 8.30. He freshened up and made his downstairs. He met Anjali on the staircase; apparently she was going to wake them up. Anjali asked Arnav to wake Khushi up, however he refused to. He wasn't in a mood to hear the nonsense of that girl. Arnav was just about to take one step down when he heard the voice he could even recognize in his ugliest nightmare's. Great, now I have to bear this Lavanya'

He looked on as she strutted around, as if she owns the damn house' She was still unaware of his presence as she chatted on with nani and mami. Her constant blabbering would definitely burst his eardrum one day. Gosh, it's way better to listen to Motor Mouth'atleast she doesn't talk about her skin, her nails or her damn pimples. He looked up and upon noticing that Anjali was still limping in the corridor, he rushed to her and told her that he would bring khushi down.

Anjali nodded and went down while Arnav heaved a sigh of relief. Atleast I will have some more minutes of peace. Arnav moved towards Khushi's room and knocked on the door.

No reply.

He repeated his action but there were still no reply. Feeling concerned about her, he tried opening the door. He was lucky enough as she hadn't bolted the door! He entered the room, expecting her to be sleeping but she wasn't anywhere there. After checking the washroom, and not finding her in, Arnav decided to look outside.

He moved out and what he saw made his heart clench. There she was, sitting on a bench with tears glistening down her cheeks as she cried on. Arnav immediately rushed to her, however she didn't notice his arrival, she was just looking ahead staring into oblivion. He sat down close to her and called her by her name.

No reaction.

Not knowing how to console her, Arnav placed his hand on her head affectionately attracting her attention simultaneously. She gazed at him, eyes full of tears that hovered a little before making their way down her cheeks.

Having no more control upon her emotions, Khushi lurched herself to Arnav's arm. Arnav freezed on his spot; he was not sure what he was supposed to do. Should I hug her or should I not? His heart prompted him to wrap his arms around her and console her. However, his mind was of another opinion. Letting his heart win over his mind for once, he locked her arms around her frail body and held her close. His warm embrace and strong protective arms did their magic as she stopped crying after some minutes.

Arnav patted her back, attempting to sooth her while Khushi buried herself more in his chest.

Arnav(in a soft voice): Are you okay? Did'somebody'nani'say something to you?

 Note- i know this one's quite boring unlike the other please bear with meEmbarrassedActually part 4 was meant to be abt La's intro but i ended it on the hug so that you guys could reminisce ArShi first hugDay Dreaming

Will update part b soonEmbarrassed

Do leave ur feedbacks(positive or negative) and likesEmbarrassed

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wonderful update loved it thank you for pm.

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Posted: 17 April 2013 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Nice update !!! nani is hitler how can she get Arnav married to lavanya when he doesn't like her?? loved ARSHI hug.. what happened to Khushi, why was she crying?? loved the update

thanks for pm Smile

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good that u updated today otherwise i was thinking abt spammng ur thread from todayLOL
loved the update
hmmm... so nani doesnt like khushi n likes lavanya.have nani and manorama mami swapped soulsLOL
and nani is hell bent on marrying arnav to lavanya-the gold-digger
arnav chose to hear khushi's chatter instead of lavanya's bakwas abt nails,skin etcLOL
why was khushi crying??Confusedglad he hugged her backBig smile
ab jaldi update karna
yes i m phangirl of ur ff

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Err, who the hell told you this update was boring? Ermm
This was PERFECT! Heart

okay okay... lemme start from the scratch yeah?LOL

So, 1st chapter... Loooved it!Embarrassed
Arnav telling his name and all was funnyLOL and Khushi! Khushi toh Khushi hi haiLOL

2nd- Haiye! What a meeting?! She drooled but denied... hilarious LOL
And the story of him taking her seat... perfect LOL Loooved it as wellEmbarrassed

3rd- Okay! this was damn good! LOL
Khushi as ASR's wife ... that girl is totally mad and can readily come up with stories ROFL
I loved Anjali's entryEmbarrassed... Loooved this one too!Embarrassed

4th-The team Anjali-Khushi V/S Arnav... AwesomeLOLEmbarrassed
Nani is cold here i guess Ermm
LOL! Arnav keeps on complaining about La LOL
nice :P
And that hug!!!Day Dreaming
I loved this new Arnav Heart
Loooved this update! Embarrassed

And i love your storyEmbarrassed

Keshu... u write so good huhEmbarrassed

finally commentedBlushingWinkLOL

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wonderful update...!
how can nani let lavanya marry arnav...arghhh Angry
anji make ur brain work nd take d responsibility of breaking lavanya nd arnav's marriage nd concentrate on arshi's marriage plan Wink
loved how arnav consoled khushi but why was she crying...????
Hmm nxt update will make it clear...
Nd now d most beautiful part of dis chappy -
Hayeee arshi's first hug... Day Dreaming
loved d update...

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