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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 76)

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This update is specially dedicated to Iqra who is celebrating her birthday today!Lubh u pagalTongue

Happy reading guysEmbarrassed

Part 16

They came to the hall, hand in hand making a silent promise to be with the other no matter how rough situations were. Looking at them, one could feel that these two were made for each other. They complemented each other in every way possible.

Khushi looked around to gauge the reactions of her family. Her jiji and her mom were smiling at her; showing their approval for her choice. While her Buaji seemed still furious, her dad was frowning worriedly. She was still pondering why her dad was looking worried when Arnav tugged at her hand, and gestured her to move towards her family members.

She let him lead and before she could open her mouth to speak to her dad, Arnav spoke.

Arnav tightened his hand around Khushi's before pouring out his heart in front of his future in-laws.

Arnav: Uncle, I know you are tensed about all these happening so quickly, but I assure you your daughter will be safe here, and I promise you that I will always be by her side in whatever situation. I don't know if I will always be able to keep her happy but I will try my best to keep her happy as long as I live.

Arnav finished and looked at his could be father-in 'law apprehensively. Gosh, this was so much difficult.

Sashi: Are you sure of this Khushi?

Khushi: I've never been so sure of anything in my life dad!

Anjali: I think we need to start the ring ceremony, the guests are waiting.

After finishing the pre-engagement rituals, Anjali brought a white cushion and the 2 rings were tied together with a white ribbon. On the crisp white cushion, the golden thread wrote Arnav and khushi with the date of engagement written below.

Arnav looked at his sister surprised, wasn't this engagement supposed to be his and supposedly Lavanya's, then how come khushi's name was inscribed there? As if reading his thoughts, Anjali muttered an "I will tell you later" in a mischievous tone.

Khushi untied the knot, took the ring which she had chosen and slid it the ring along his finger.

The applauds of the guests and the close family members made the couple blush in return.

Arnav was about to take the ring when he remembered something. Murmuring an 'I will be back' to his family he rushed to his room.

He came back soon with a royal blue ring box. Inside it was the ring he had seen Khushi wearing. Despite the fact that Arnav knew, or rather thought that he would never be able to make her it, he had cornered the jeweler and bought the ring, thinking that it would be a beautiful memory of her.

Taking it out, he slid the ring on her finger. Khushi gave him a knowing smile, while the others were looking at him strangely.

Arnav: This ring is Khushi's choice.


Ushering the last guests, Anjali and Nani came back and took a seat in the living room. By now, everyone had forgotten the existence of Lavanya, even Nani was very much indulged that she had forgotten about her ex would be daughter-in-law.

Sitting in the living room, everyone started discussing the about Akash and Payal, leaving Arnav and Khushi feeling bored among all these people. All of a sudden remembered that Khushi had to clear some stuffs with him, thinking about that he strode and strode to his room texting Khushi on the way to come to the poolside.

After some 10 minutes, when Khushi found everyone busy she rushed to the poolside.



Khushi: Arnavji'.Arnavji'where ar'.

Arnav placed his finger on her lips effectively silencing her.

His Motor mouth, he thought with a chuckle.

He held her arm and made her sit on his green chair while he sat on his small table.

Arnav: Don't you think you have a lot of things to clear.

Khushi: Yeah, ok, Arnavji you remember that day when you came in my room then I told you that Rohan called me.

Arnav nodded. How could he ever forget the most painful day of his existence?

Khushi continued: Arnavji that day I told you that I was going to meet that idiot, but how could you think that I would have gone back with him. Arrey, that day I went gave him 2 tight slaps and came back. You should have seen his face Arnavji, I even wanted to ask you to come with me when I will meet you but that night you sounded angry so I thought to keep you out of it.

Arnav: You slapped him?

Khushi: Yeah, 2 slaps I gave him'that stupid, he deserved it!

Arnav: Ok, that I understood, but how did you know that''

Khushi: That you loved me! Simple, the day I went to meet Rohan, you seemed to be in an annoyed tone and this was noticed by Di. At night, she came to my room and asked me what happened the night before. I told her, and she was shocked. Then, she revealed that you came in my room to propose me and due to my foolishness you didn't say a word. Then, I told her what I did with Rohan. When she told me that you loved me'.i couldn't believe it but then when I started thinking of it, everything fell in place. Di gave me time to think and ordered me not to tell you about all this. I kept thinking about this the whole night and then when I remembered our first hug, I felt butterflies in my stomach, my heartbeat went all Dhak Dhak-ing and I felt an unknown warmth enveloping me and I immediately knew that you definitely are the one!

Arnav: Ohhkay!

Khushi: Then the following day I went to talk to Di, I told her about what I thought and all and she seemed happy. I asked her what we were going to do now but then she told me to let her be in charge of all this and she strictly forbid me to tell you anything. I was scared initially but then she re-assured me that everything will be fine!

Arnav: Did you know that today'.

Khushi: No, but when Di asked us to get engaged I understood that all this was her plan.

Arnav: Don't you think that we've talked enough for tonight!

Having said that, Arnav moved closer to her aiming her lips whilst Khushi grew embarrassed and turned into a reddish hue. As if waiting to break their intimate moment, Anjali and Lavanya stormed in Arnav's room. Seeing them, Arnav moved back embarrassed. By the time both of them reached the poolside, the love birds got enough time to compose themselves.

Lavanya: Khushi, ASR i'm so happy for you guys! Congrats on your engagement.

Khushi: Lavanyaji, i'm sor'

Lavanya(cuts in): Don't be khushi, when Anjali told me that you both loved each other I had to move out nah, because I knew neither I would ever love ASR nor would he ever be able to do that so it was better to move out. And that's why I went to the beauty parlor and got delayed there purposely and everything went according to the plan, right Anjali?

Anjali: Right Lavanya!

Arnav: Gosh, all this was planned and I was going crazy thinking that'..

Anjali: That???

Arnav: That I would be away from Khushi!

Nani: Oh, so all of you were planning all this behind my back.

All turned to see Nani, at the poolside's door.

Arnav: Nani'w'

Nani: Chottey, answer me truthfully, do you really love Khushi?

Arnav: I do, Nani.

Nani: Then, why didn't you tell me, I asked you before if you loved then I won't force you to marry Lavanya..

Arnav: Yeah Nani, but by the time I realized that I loved her, it was already too late and I had already given you my promise.

Nani: No promise is bigger than your happiness.

Anjali: Aww Nani, if I would have known I would have included you in the plan as well. Now that all the confusions are over, can we finally have a family hug.


One year later.

Finally after one year, they were getting married. She chuckled remembering her Arnav's face when he heard that they had to wait for so much to get married. But now, all the wait was getting over, by tonight they would be married finally. The past one year was magical for Khushi, His love, His care, His support made her feel over the world and well, she had fallen in love with him too.

Irrevocably in Love!

The girls placed the red ghunghat on her head, while she looked at herself in the mirror. For once, she couldn't recognize herself. She looked different in her bridal wear.

The bridal wear, that he designed, Khushi thought with a blush.

'Knock Knock'

The knock made khushi look at the door through the mirror thinking maybe that it was Her Laad Governor. But she was disappointed as she saw Aman standing there.

She stood up and moved closer to the door.

Khushi: Amanji, you here?

Aman: Uhh wait a minute, Khushi Mam.

Aman gave khushi a wrapped box and urged her to open this. She almost tore the wrappers in her impatience and what she saw inside surprised her.

She took out the medium sized red pillow,

On which one glass slipper was carefully incrusted.

She was confused seeing that, what did all this meant. Sensing her confusion, Aman handed over Arnav's letter to Khushi.


To My Motor Mouth,

I know the idea of the glass slipper sounds clich, but I liked it. As you know, it is a glass slipper that united Cinderella and Prince Charming, and similarly I want us to have such a strong relationship so that nothing in the world can separate us. Today marks exactly one year that we met, and I can still remember our first meeting. The day I first met and the following 2 weeks changed the whole course of my life, in a positive way. I simply can't imagine my life without you Khushi-Without your incessant chatter, without your smile that lights up my world and without your love.

I don't promise that I will be your Prince Charming, Khushi , but I swear upon my life that I will treat you like my Cinderella.

P.s- I'm eager to see you in the bridal wear as my bride

Yours and only yours,

Laad Governor.

Khushi wiped her happy tears. She wondered how much more surprises Arnav would give her. But this sole glass slipper was special and symbolic.

She took her mobile and texted him.

Thanks for the gift, so thoughtful of you. I love you Laad Governor.

P.s- I'm eager to see you in a sherwani too.



                                        ~The Beginning~

Note-So here comes the endOuch

I will miss writing thisCry

Do leave ur precious feedbacksEmbarrassed

Forgive me for too lazy to proof-readLOL

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Woohooo! I'm 1st!PartyLOL

OK! Coming to the update now!Tongue

It was awesome!!!Heart

It was magical, it was amazingly perfect!
The way you wrote it all- the engagement, the promises, the MU clearing scene & oh! How can I forget Nani?LOL
And Lavanya! So nice of her! <3
And Nani accepted tooEmbarrassed

Anjali rocks in this SS!Cool

Absolutely loved it Keshu Embarrassed
You're an awesome writer!Clap

I won't say thanks for PM as I stalked your thread :P LOL

Ooh! And the last part was wonderful!Heart

Loved it loved it loved it!!!Heart


It's over?!?!?ShockedShockedShockedShockedCryCryCryCry
One of my favourite SS'CryCryCry
It was wonderful!Heart
Loved the journey Keshu!Embarrassed
Thanks for giving us all such a wonderful SS!Hug

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Originally posted by -ASR-

Arhy wah anjali di is very smart this all was her plan...
Lavanya is so sweet <3 
Awesome ending , beautifully written especially the last paragraph...
Loved every word of it keshu...I am gonna miss this ss :(
Thanks for da dedication love you <3

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loved the update Keshu Embarrassed beautifully written as always 
I like how Anjali di is so good at planning everything LOL
aww Lavanya is such a sweetheart even nani too 
and that glass slipper part was beautiful
perfect ending... couldnt have asked for a better ending
thank you so much for this beautiful journey Keshu Hug
gonna miss this SS big time Embarrassed 
thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it
keep writing !

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res ROFL

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it was awesome

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