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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 57)

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Originally posted by anusha.nush

nice update ...poor arnav . kan li p al propose lerla fer ariv sa...!!

lol li soye liLOL

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Originally posted by Eccentrica

Dil ke armaan aasuon mein beh gayeCry

I was so happy on seeing that Arnav had realized his love for KHushi and was also goign to tell her but then tumne villain ka kaam kiyaConfused

Don't let Khushi go back to that jerk!!!Angry
matchmaker se pehle villain banna zaruri hainWink
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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xtylish_zara

Hi ...
Just caught up wid dis ss and read in one go ...
Amazing ss ...
Just loved it ...
Fabulous storyline...
Thanks dear!
Glad u loved itEmbarrassed
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Originally posted by Amishaipkknd

Awesome update!!!! Great ideas.. U too bring a lot of twists like real serials!! Super in redible!! Loved it!! And all the best for your exams!!! May arnav khushi help u remember imp points!!! Big smile Clap
haha i wouldn't drag these twistsLOL
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Originally posted by chilli5

my precious commentEmbarrassedLOL
wah wah kia update thaHug
bt rohan ne text q kiaErmm
kabab mein haddi kahin kaAngryLOL
oye tere exams heinBroken Heart
yaar update fit thaEmbarrassed
thanx 4 da pmEmbarrassed
i hope this wasnt ur last commentOuch
*sigh* i miss u dear!Cry
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Posted: 17 July 2013 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
Hey guys, i'm back and thank you all a lot for the wonderful feedbacks and wishes!Pff i'm back with an update and it feels like forever that i've updatedOuch
Here you go and happy reading!

Part 13

A new day dawned with the warmth of the burning sun. However, the vibrant rays of the sun didn't seem to reach a certain Arnav Singh Raizada as he lay sleeping in his room.  Arnav had spent a sleepless night; courtesy Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta. Her thoughts, the little yet sweet time they had spent with each other was haunting him the whole night, making him toss and turn on his bed and it was only at dawn that he was graced with sleep. His Di had told him that sometimes it was better to let go of the one you love but how could he let go'.knowing that she wouldn't come back if he didn't bind her.

He knew that he would miss her when she will be gone.

He knew that that he would miss that angel who fell directly from heaven and strike his heart.

He knew all his nights would be hollow from now onwards!

Because he had just lost her and he couldn't even blame her for it.

It was his fault, right, that he listened to his heart for once and'fell'in love.

But Arnav Singh Raizada was a Perfectionist, and he knew perfectly how to hide his emotions. So, what if Khushi has been able break into the wall he had built around his heart; he would build it up again and this time so that no one would be able to enter it. So he had decided, that now he would listen to his brain and for the time being his brain was telling him to keep away from khushi.

And he would do exactly her. It was him who was forcing her to stay her; well now, he just had to get her luggage and bid her farewell. It was tough; his heart kept repeating however, his brain commanded that this was the best thing to do.

His subtle sleep was disturbed by Anjali's frantic knocks. She had waited till late night to hear from her Chottey about what happened the previous night and she even woke up early so that she could get some information from him before he goes for his usual jogging. However, she soon realized that Arnav had missed his morning jogging and this only happens when he went to sleep late. Needless to say that the mind of Anjali went on an overdrive thinking what the new lovers were doing till late night!

So when Arnav opened his door, he found a blushing Anjali in front of him with a tray laden with breakfast in her hands. Arnav moved aside and gave her way. Anjali kept the tray on the table and turned towards her little brother, wriggling her eyebrow expectantly.

Arnav: What?

Anjali: Tell me quickly Chottey, can't you see how excited am i?

Arnav: There's nothing to tell Di.

Anjali: Come on Chottey, I'm talking about yesterday, did you talk to khushi'

Arnav: Di please

Anjali: Chottey what happened did she say anything? Do you want me to talk to'

Arnav (cuts in): No Di that's not necessary.

Anjali: But'

Arnav (cuts in again): Di listen to me whatever was there between me and khushi, it's over and I don't want you to broach this topic in front of me or khushi again, Have I made myself clear?

Anjali nodded still in a daze. Her trance was broken when Arnav banged the bathroom door. What has happened all of a sudden'.last night he was quite happy and now'I must talk to khushi and ask her what's the matter. If Chottey thinks that by ordering me around he will be able to shut me up then he really doesn't know me.


Dressed in his impeccable black suit with his baby blue shirt, making him look all the more irresistible, Arnav Singh Raizada made his way downstairs. He crossed the living room, sneaked a glance at khushi who was sitting on the couch munching something, as usual Arnav added in his mind, he made his way towards the door totally ignoring the 2 ladies who were waiting for him.

Khushi: Arnavji wait!

Arnav: What Khushi, be quick I'm getting late!

Khushi: Uhhh'Arnavji actually I told you nah that I have to meet him today, so I was wondering if you could drop'

Arnav (cuts in): I'm not your driver Khushi and anyway I'm getting late so ask the driver to drop you off and yeah you are going to get your luggage today so now you can leave whenever you want!

With that Arnav went out, leaving behind a shocked khushi and a bewildered Anjali!

Anjali: What's wrong with chottey!

Khushi: I don't know Anjaliji, yesterday also he was behaving weirdly, don't know what's wrong with him.

Anjali: Yesterday?? He came to talk to you at night right???

Khushi: Yeah Anjaliji, but then when I asked him what was the matter he left my room saying 'Nothing.' Ok, di, we will deal with Arnavji later, I need to get somewhere quickly so see you later!

Khushi left, and Anjali sat on the couch sighing dramatically! Oh God, give me the courage to bring these two stubborn person's closer!


Khushi returned home in the afternoon quite thrilled with the way her day had shaped. Smiling widely she entered inside, and upon hearing a commotion she rushed to the living room. There she found, a jeweler most probably, and the elderly man had sprawled his entire collection of rings. It didn't take Khushi one second to guess that they were selecting rings for the upcoming engagement of Arnavji and'..Lavanya. For some reason, khushi didn't like linking Arnav and Lavanya's name together'.these 2 names didn't just sound good together. Ignoring the piercing feeling she felt in her heart, Khushi joined the Raizada clan.

Anjali: Khushi, why did you take so much time? Anyway now that you are here, help me choose rings for Chottey and Lavanya.

Khushi: But Di, don't you think that they must chose it, after all its them who are going to wear this, right?

Anjali: Well, Chottey is busy in office and Lavanya is at the spa. They have told me to choose whatever I like so that those rings could be made of their size.

Khushi: Okay!

Anjali: Well, I liked this one for Lavanya, what do you think?

Khushi nodded smilingly at the beautiful ring Anjali showed her; showing her approval.

Anjali: Now the most difficult one- Chottey's ring! Help me khushi.

Khushi nodded and started looking at the men's ring. All of them were beautiful, but a particular simple yet elegant ring attracted her attention. The ring was plain white gold and in the middle were carefully cut and chunked diamonds. It would look awesome on Arnavji! Khushi voiced out her thoughts and Anjali immediately approved of the ring.

That was when then front door burst open and in came the mighty Raizada. He knew that his family was choosing rings for his so called engagement however, he didn't care much about it! He was going towards his room when his Di stopped him, yet again. She brought him to a corner and showed him the ring Khushi had chosen for him.

Anjali: How is it Chottey?

Arnav: It's ok Di, can I go to my room now?

Anjali: Only 'ok' I thought you would praise the ring some more considering that Khushi chose that for you.

Arnav felt his gaze move to khushi, there she was in all her glory sitting on the couch and she was'was trying an engagement ring, looking all lost. And he felt his anger re-surfacing again. Heck, she was maybe dreaming about her engagement with that'.Damnit!

Breathe in!

Breathe out!

Arnav glanced back at his Di, handed her over the ring roughly and strode to his room.

Anjali couldn't help but sigh at her Chottey's mood swings!


Arnav had TRIED to work over the past 2 hours, however, just like in his office he simply couldn't concentrate on his file. Fed up with the way his system was behaving, Arnav decided to go down and grab a coffee, thinking that maybe that would help him bring his concentration back.

He was just descending the stairs when he saw OP bringing in the suitcases of Khushi.

OP: Amanji, just handed this suitcases and asked me to hand it to'

Arnav (cuts in): OP leave the suitcase there and go bring me a coffee, (addressing Khushi): Here are your luggage and now you may go whenever you want!

Khushi: Hawww are you pushing me from here?

Arnav muttered a 'whatever' before going to the kitchen for his coffee.

Khushi: See Di, your brother is pushing me out of here!

Anjali: I will see how he pushes you out of his life'..

Khushi: What?

Anjali immediately corrected herself and said: You will stay here till Chottey's engagement, and that is final!

Arnav, who was moving to his room with his coffee tried to change the mind of his Di: But Di, Khushi is so intent on leaving from here so let her go nah, why are you forcing her to stay here!

Now when would KKG agree on what ASR said? Of course, she would do the exact opposite of what ASR said. And that is why she sweetly agreed to stay back till the engagement was over, completely nescient that the upcoming engagement would change her life.

Note- forgive me for grammar mistakes, as i've not proof-read thisEmbarrassed

Do not forget to your precious feedbacksEmbarrassed and leave a like for pms!

PMs later!

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Phew finally on first page :O
so khushi is staying back at RM...
Awesome update keshwa!
Eagerly waiting 4 the next part!
No thanks for the pm coz i already resed here :O

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1st of all, I'm really sorry!Ouch
I dint read the previous chapterCry

It was awesome!Embarrassed

Now coming to this update!Stern Smile
Don't be scared seeing my stern smileLOL

The way u described ASR, ufff!Blushing
I love him sooo much!Day Dreaming
His anger!Heart
*i know, i am drooling on angerErmm... par he's awesome dammit!LOL*
Haiye! <3
The ruthless ASR is gonna come back?Embarrassed
Poor KhushiLOL
ASR confuses her tooo much!LOL

Anjali is so cute! <3

I wont say thanks for PM as i already resed while stalking ur threadLOL
But still thanks for PMEmbarrassed

Please update soon!Embarrassed
Take careHug

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