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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 35)

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Originally posted by -Medha-



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Part 10

Arnav had just returned from his morning jogging when he was told that nani had summoned him to her room for some important talks. He made his way to her room, keeping in mind to talk to nani about Lavanya and him!


Arnav knocked on the door and entered as soon as nani signaled him to come in.  The elderly lady took a seat on her neatly arranged bed and patted the seat besides. Arnav sat down and waited for his nani to start the conversation. Devyani Raizada stole a glance at her grandson before starting with her important conversation.

Nani: What is going on in your life Arnav?

Arnav: Oh nothing much nani, just that i'm being forced to marry a girl I don't like at all.

Nani: Arnav, what do you mean?

Arnav: What I mean is very much clear to you nani!

Nani: I don't understand how can you be so blind? Can't you see how much see loves you? Can't you see that she will be a perfect Raizada bahu'What more do you need?

Arnav: Nani, it's not I who is blind, it's you! I'm sorry to say this nani but I don't like Lavanya at all and nor do I think that she loves me.

Nani: ARNAV! Is that a way to talk to elders or that girl has even made you against your own nani!

Arnav: What the! Which girl?

Nani: Don't act innocent Arnav, I know that something is cooking between you and that Khushi!

Arnav: WHAT THE HELL NANI! Didn't di tell you that Khushi is her friend?

Nani: Oh no, Anjali told me that she is YOUR friend!

Arnav: Nani, listen'

Nani(cuts in): No you listen Arnav'I won't allow you to hurt Lavanaya anymore so tell me'what is the relationship between you and that girl?

Arnav: Nani how many times should I tell you that it's nothing'she's just a good friend of mine!

Nani: Oh really'some minutes ago she was Anjali's friend. Anyway that's not my point'from what I can see, what you and that girl share is not friendship. It is much more, so now please tell me.

Arnav: Nani, you've misunderstood.

Nani: Has that girl done black magic on you or what?

Arnav(in loud tone): What crap Nani?

Nani: Oh I see'now you will shout at me'I was right that girl trapped you!

Arnav: Nani, first of all she has a name so better call her Khushi and secondly why the hell would you ever think that Khushi would trap me?

Nani: Because you are rich Arnav, and she is from a middle class background, and she is trying to make her future secure by trapping you!

To say Arnav was flabbergasted would be the biggest understatement ever. He didn't know that this was the conclusion his nani would take out!


Unknown to them, Khushi who was at the doorstep, heard all the bitter word of nani. Initially, she had come to give nani her breakfast as she had refused to have it down. And needless to say, she was shocked to hear Nani's opinion about her. She wiped the treacherous tears that were threatening to fall and went downstairs.

How can she think something like this about me'but she isn't wrong, is she?She is just concerned about the well-being of her grandson! She doesn't know me'infact not any person here knows me!And despite that they let me stay in their house'No, Khushi you can't be a burden anymore in this house'.If I tell Arnavji, he will try to stop me so it's better that I go away from here without telling anyone.


Arnav came out of his shock and said with utter disappointment;

Arnav: Nani, khushi may be from a Middle Class background but she isn't after money'Haven't you seen the innocence and sincerity in her eyes?

Nani: No, I haven't seen because I didn't look into her eyes with that much attention!

Arnav: Nani, trust me she is a nice girl who has a golden heart and she definitely isn't after my money infact, she wanted to leave from here yesterday but I stopped her because she has no other place to go!

Nani: Ok fine, she is a nice girl and all but what relationship do both of you share!

Arnav: How many times do you want me to repeat NOTHING is there between the two of us!

Oh really ASR? There is nothing between both of you!Of yeah that's why you stoppped her from going yesterday'Arnav shunned his wayward thoughts and listened to his nani.

Nani: Ok, then don't you want to get married with Lavanya?

Arnav: Nani, I don't like her and we are not compatible. And I know that she PRETENDS to love me'.she loves my money nani not me'and I would not want to get married to such a girl!

Nani: I'm sorry Arnav but I don't agree to what you said! Lavanya loves you a lot and you are blind enough to not see her love! And the reason you gave for not marrying Lavanya is not valid enough'I'm sure both of you would make your marriage a successful one!

Arnav: Nani, why are you hell bent on getting me married to that Witch!

Nani: Arnav, that's no way to talk. Please Arnav accept Lavanya atleast for the sake of your deceased mother!

Devyani mentally patted her back on seeing her grandson's paled face. She knew immediately that she won this battle. She had used the name of his mother because she knew just how much Arnav was fond of his mother! He could go to any extent for her sake'no matter if that meant spending his life with someone as Lavanya.

Arnav stood up before saying;

Arnav: Fine Nani, but don't blame me even if I don't spend a single minute with your Lavanya!

Nani: I'm sure after you get married you wouldn't want to spend a single minute at that boring office of yours! And yeah, I forgot to tell you, Akash is in love with a girl from Lucknow. Manorama talked to her and she seems suitable for Akash so I asked her to bring her parents here for your engagement. Her parents and her aunt will accompany her here. They will come on the engagement day itself but since we need to do a bit of talking afterwards they will spend the night here itself! I hope that's fine with you!

Arnav: I will ask HP to clean the guests room!

Devyani Raizada sighed. She had thought that Arnav and Khushi were in love and that she would have to accept Khushi as her daughter-in-law. She would have accepted the latter though but her grandson was not in love with her so she was happy that it was finally Lavanya who was going to be the elder bahu of Raizada's.



Arnav disappointedly made his way down only to find a hysterical Anjali waiting for him!

Arnav: What happened di?

Anjali: That's what I wanted to ask you what happened to Khushi!

Arnav: What happened to her?

Anjali: That's what i'm asking you.

Arnav: Shut up Di, where is she?

Anjali: What did nani told her? Did she shout at her? Poor girl'

Arnav: Di stop it and tell me clearly what happened?

Anjali: Nani refused to have her breakfast so I sent khushi to her room with the breakfast. After some time Khushi came down still with the tray, she told me that the 2 of you were talking and that I should send Nani's breakfast after some time. She looked sad and to me it seemed that she was crying'so I thought nani shouted at her!

Arnav was quite sure that Khushi had listened to their stupid conversation!

Arnav: where is she now di?

Anjali: She told me she would go outside to have fresh air for 5 minutes but she's still not back and I  checked both her room and out as well!

Arnav frustratedly made his way out. He knew that Khushi had gone away! Away from their house, from their lives!

From his life!

But he couldn't afford to let her go now, could he?

Arnav asked his watchman the way through which Khushi left and went in that direction!


It was only after 15 minutes of driving and frustration that Arnav came across a dhabba. He could decipher khushi's figure even though she had her back to him and she was from a distance to him.The dhabba was almost vancant and Arnav for once was not surprised to find Khushi in a dhabba. He chuckled inwardly of how much this little girl could gobble.


Khushi was peacefully gobbling down one jalebi after the other. She had no penny on her, but at that time all she could think of was jalebis. So she ordered a pile of them, and was eating them one after the other, much to the amazement of the other customers.

Jalebi was like a drug to her, especially when she was upset.

True enough she was upset and she had all the reasons on earth to be upset!

She ran away from her home.

For whom? A creep who didn't love her.

And now she couldn't even go back to Lucknow.

Adding more to her already long list of problems was that she hasn't yet receive her luggage.

And oh yeah, the pickles were also not back!

And cherry on top, she had no money.

She was cursing herself when she heard the voice she could and would forever recognise.

Arnav: Khushi.

Khushi turned around and saw him. He looked troubled was the first thing she noticed and his eyes were restless.

Khushi: Arnavji, you here?

Arnav: Khushi, let's go! We will talk in the car.

Khushi: No, I won't go with you!

Arnav: Khushi, I know you are angry'

Khushi(cuts in): I'm not angry Arnavji!

Arnav: If you are not angry, why did you left!

Khushi: My choice Arnavji, I can't be there anymore'

Arnav: But why?

Khushi: I don't want to be in your house anymore Mr Raizada!

Arnav: Khushi'listen

Khushi: No, I don't want to'Just let me be on my own...

Arnav: What if I refuse?

Khushi: Excuse me, that's my life and I can decided where I will stay or not!

Arnav: Khushi don't try to be so difficult!

He turned and grabbed her hand to move to his car but she resisted firmly. He felt atoms of anger bubbling inside him, ready to burst in some more time!

Khushi: Leave my hand damnit!

Arnav: I won't.

Khushi: Why are you doing this Mr Raizada'I don't know you and you don't know me and don't tell me that you are doing that for your sister coz i'm not gonna buy that excuse.

Arnav tried to avert the matter but was unsuccesful.

Arnav: Look Khushi you don't know anyone here and'.

Khushi(cuts in): SO what? So what if I don't know anyone here? Why do you care? Answer me damnit why does it matters to you if I go or stay back.

Arnav(instinctively): It matters damnit, it matters coz I (Faraq padhta hain damnit, faraq padhta haind coz I'.Wink)

And that's when reality striked Mr Arnav Singh Raizada!

Note- Happy 2nd anniversary to IPKKND and the  best fandom ever! 2 years just seems as yesterday that we saw that sexy man wid his aviators and the crazy girl in green lehengaEmbarrassed

How time passes quickly!

Anyway sorry for late update my lappy was sickLOL

Do leave your precious feebacks and likesEmbarrassed

For PMs drop a like below

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Aww loved the update Keshu Embarrassed
Khushi overheard their conversation... Ouch 
oh wow Akash is in love with a gal... Is the girl Payal ??? 
waiting for the nxt part

PS- Happy 2nd Anniversary to you too Keshu Hug

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Originally posted by .Anisha.



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Haha, This Is Too Good ; D COME ON Arnav JUST Sayyy It! Why Is Nani So Adamant?

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raws Goldie

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why nani is so ... hope arnav realised his love

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why didnt like khushi

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ahhh samedi mo ti p atan mai t pne update mo ti pu pm tw mai mne penC kpv akoz clg to busy tousa tuition...
mne xtra xtra cntn sa update la...Heart
btw mo ena vacance kan to envi nu kpv pm sak 1 ...fer palab.!!!
take care

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