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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 3)

-V.I.P- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 5:21am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Sparsh-

OMG blushhh Shocked
U writing Shocked dat too so well Embarrassed
Nywy mujhe suit nai karta teri tareef karna Angry bt still
It was awsumm Tongue
Luvdd itt
Nd ya plz do continue Big smile
Thnx 4d PM Embarrassed
Dnt be so shockedLOL
Tu kahe to phrench mein bhi translate kardunEmbarrassed
I'm glad u lubhed it pagal!Wink

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Originally posted by babydevil

Its freaking Awesome dammit !
You are Mindblowing !
I mean I fell in Love with it !
Cmon u know. U are just perfect writer ! Man it was awesome ok tell me if I'm right. khushi just ran from her & Arnav's. marriage isn't it ?
Or maybe pebble is some one. Close to ASR or maybe Arnav would give her shelter as Pebble would just leave her !
Am I right ?
Ok just pm me when next update cause I'm. Dying to read more !
Update soon

P.S : did i mention that I'm in love with this story ? If not then
I 'm loving this story.

Wow that was longLOL
One of the guesses is correct but im not gonna tell you which oneLOL
Thanks for the compliment dear and i'm glad u love this one!Embarrassed
-V.I.P- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 5:24am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 8888

keshu it was an awesome startBig smile
khushi ran awayShockedi thought for arnav but its not so.then??Shocked
ah entry of our hero-vah!
continue soon.
u want tamatars?woh bhi fresh?poore 30 Rs per kg ke haiROFL
BTW main toh sade hue tamatar bhi na doon.the start is lovelyHeart
Teri yahan to rs.30 hain mere yahan to tomatoes Rs 75 hainROFL
Itni bhi kanjus mat ban MedhaLOL

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Chapter 2

Arnav boarded the plane and found his seat. He clamped the seat-belts, took a business magazine and indulged himself in reading that. On the other way, Khushi had quite some difficulties finding her seat. She had asked her sister to get her a seat in the economic class, however her sister had booked the first class seat for her. She made a mental note to admonish her sister for that! The air hostess guided her to her place. She sighed in disappointment when she saw the window seat occupied by someone. How I wanted to see the earth from up! She thanked the air hostess and sat at her place. Khushi  tried to look at the person beside her but the magazine covered his entire face. Must be some old soul….roaming around the world for some meeting…D'huh. That was when a genius idea came to her mind! It's not like this old soul would be eager to sit by the window, so we could exchange the seats! Satisfied with her plan, she started the conversation;

Khushi: Excuse me!

No reply.

Khushi jabbed his shoulders in order to attract his attention. And she was successful in her mission as The Old soul aka The Arnav Singh Raizada lowered the magazines, offering a treat for Khushi's eyes. OMG….He's so….so…so Handsome in capital letters! His eyes….his nose…..his lips! Oh God stop it khushi….Whatever, "pebbles" is better than him.Huh…Khushi didn't realize that she was still staring, uhh…no, scratch that, was still drooling over him open-mouthed and wide-eyed.

Arnav looked at the girl's beside him, she looked beautiful to him, however, she was just like every other girl he met. That was the reaction of everyone at least. He shook his head and his phone beeped once more, he was just about to answer the call when the Air hostess asked him to shut off his phone as they were about to start.

This broke the trance of Khushi who looked at her surroundings and realizing what happened she blushingly said;

Khushi: Excuse me!

Arnav: Excused.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: I excused you for drooling on me….he stated as a matter of fact!

Khushi: I was not drooling on you, ok?

Arnav: As if.

Arnav took the magazine again when he was poked once again,

Arnav: What the.

Khushi(with a puppy face): Can I ask you a favor?

Arnav raised his eyebrows gesturing for Khushi to continue!

Khushi: Can we exchange seats please…

Arnav: What the hell!

Khushi: Pretty please….I've never been on a plane and this is the last time I will ever be, and I so want to see Lucknow from the skies, please let me sit at your seat.

The innocence of her words touched Arnav, normally he would never ever agree for such a deal. Nevertheless, he nodded and unclamped his seat-belts and took Khushi's place.

Khushi mentally patted herself on her back, finally the window seat!

Arnav continued with his magazine while Khushi gleefully looked out of the window. The plane gave a shudder and as if on instincts Khushi caught onto Arnav's hand and held onto it for dear life. Arnav was shocked when her soft palm covered his rough ones; however, he realized that the latter was scared so he said nothing.

Khushi with her eyes closed kept chanting the name of her beloved Goddess. Being an acrophobia, she never ever imagined that one day she would ever travel by plane. But she had no option today.

Before the take-off, the pilot's calm, confident and reassuring voice welcomed all of them on board and gave the details of the temperature outside. Khushi opened her eyes and removed her hands from Arnav's. She gasped at the nail marks she had left on his hands and muttered an embarrassed "sorry". As soon as she looked out she felt the fear re-surfacing her. She exclaimed in horror, when she saw the airport building growing smaller;

Khushi: Let's change our seats please.

Arnav: What the! Again.

Khushi: Yes, I don't want the window seat. I'm getting scared looking outside.

Arnav: Listen, i'm not your servant that I would abide to your every order, so just close your eyes and stay there because I'm not going to move.

There you go! Just do one favor and she starts dancing on your head!

Khushi: How mean of you!

Arnav ignored her and continued reading. This angered Khushi. Have all the people turned arrogant or what! That's when Khushi's brain clicked and she signaled the air hostess to come to her.

AH: Hi mam, how can I help you?

Khushi: Actually I went to the toilet and this man, (pointing towards Arnav) took my place and now he doesn't want to move…finished Khushi with her voice dripping with honey.

Arnav glared at her and was about to defend himself when Khushi continued;

Khushi: You can check our tickets if you think I'm lying.

AH: Would you mind give me your tickets?

Khushi shoved the tickets at the Air Hostess who looked at Arnav and said in her sweetest voice;

AH: I'm sorry sir, but I think you should move to your seat and give this young lady hers.

Arnav grunted in reply and went to the other seat.


The flight was a short one. Khushi couldn't help visualizing 'pebbles' gobsmacked face when he would see her in Delhi. This was going to be a pleasant surprise for him!! Khushi wolfed everything served to her along the way as if she had been famished for years.

After some 15 minutes, Khushi started to feel bored. She tried to remember when she had last been so silence. Never. She just loved talking. She looked beside her and couldn't help wonder what the young man was reading in that newspaper. She thought that she should start a conversation with him if she didn't want to die out of boredom.

Khushi: Uhhh….Sorry, for the stunt I pulled earlier!

Arnav shrugged in reply.

Khushi: So, are you going to Dehli?

Arnav: No, I'm going to New York!

Khushi: What? But this plane is going to Delhi….OMG you are in the wrong plane.

Arnav sighed and answered;

Arnav: If I took the plane for Delhi, then I think it's most probably coz I'm going to Delhi.

Khushi: Oh yes…My question was absurd!


Khushi wanted to shake him so that he could talk some more to cure her boredom! Heyy Devi Maiyya, why did I have to get a seat beside this old soul! He's so boring....

Khushi peeked furtively at his magazine and was startled when she saw the old soul's picture in that magazine. Just as he was about to turn the page, khushi snatched the magazine, much to Arnav's surprise. Khushi looked at Arnav, back to the paper and again at Arnav, her expressions showed clearly that she was surprised, confused and thoroughly impressed.

Khushi: OMG that's you here….Are you an actor? That's why I was wondering that I saw you somewhere…C'mon tell me with who do you know more in the BW industry…..asked a totally bowled Khushi while nudging Arnav.

This crazy girl can't stop blabbering or what! I'm never ever going to set my feet in a local plane again. Once bitten, twice shy!

Khushi: C'mon tell me!

Arnav: Listen, neither am I an actor nor am I interested in your non-stop chatter, so please spare me the trouble.

Khushi: Gosh, arrogance is on the tip of your nose!

Arnav: Don't irritate me, okay?

Khushi: But I'm just asking you….

Arnav(cuts in): Can't you just shut up….you're getting on my nerves! Just read the damn magazine if you are dying to know who I am!

This man has got arrogance in his blood or what!I so want to kill him….what does he think of himself...he has got superiority complex or what?...huh as if i'm dying to know about him! Khushi shook her head and that's when the title of the article caught her eyes-

"Arnav Singh Raizada has carved his niche in the fashion world."

Oh so, he is that rude Laad Governor….No wonder I thought that I heard his voice earlier!

Note- I hope that this one was goodShocked

Anyway thanks to all those who liked and left their valuable comments!Embarrassed

*Hugs* to allHug


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wow loved the update to the core Keshu Embarrassed 
ASR is so arrogant and kaddos... 
Khushi has heard ASRs voice... par kaise ??
bdw whoz this pebbles ??? LOL ab toh yeh mystery man ko disclose karo LOL
waiting for the nxt part
thanks for the PM

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hahahaha ROFL
goddd dis is a hilarious update...!
Khushi nd her monolouges...arnav is going mad over her...
I just love it how khushi witout bothering was disturbing him nd to d horror arnav was listening to all her words nd ansering also nd wit her rqst he also changed d seats...
Ahem ahem dis is sumthng which nly khushi can do...!
I knw i knw too early to say anythng but still sumthng is happening to him...
U cracked it up wit first chappy...! Thumbs Up
Loved it totally Heart

Edited by ara_000 - 10 April 2013 at 6:17am

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babydevil Goldie

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 6:12am | IP Logged

Look Page 4 please :D

Edited by babydevil - 10 April 2013 at 6:24am

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