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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 28)

IPKKNDfan4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 May 2013 at 11:33am | IP Logged
hmm i was amazed with this strong Arnav seems so confused with Khushi s behavior!..
hahahah yesterday Arnav was her husband bf..dunno about tomorrrow !!! good one :))))))))))
rohan is a real creep !...
ohh pretending to be bf-gf they 'll fall in love !!!Day Dreaming
amazing one :)) !

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Sharayu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 May 2013 at 3:57am | IP Logged
I just love this strong khushiBig smile.
poor rohanROFL but he deserves thisAngry
lovely update keshuWink

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PoohLover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 May 2013 at 2:29am | IP Logged
Amazing update keshu...loved the fresh tomatoes partLOL..coming to the update,loved how khushi taught rohan a lesson by acting to be in love with ASR...superb job keshu and thank you for the update and pmHeart

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BornToShipArShi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 5:39am | IP Logged
maine padha toh pehle tha but comment karna bhool gayiOuchsorryOuch
toh ab kar rahi hoon
it was awesome n hilarious as usualBig smile
i luv ur sence of humourThumbs Up
i adore ur khushiBig smileshe is so uniqueLOL
she is not heartbroken as arnav expectedLOLinstead she wants to teach that rohan a lesson
creeper and miss creeperROFL
whatta timing mr jain n sarahClap
ahBig smilerohan got such a nice slap from khushi n a punch from ASRROFL(not literally but this was more enjoyableROFL)
khushi referring to arnav as sweetheart n he doesnt mindBlushing
good that u didnt turn khushi into a female devdasROFL

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BornToShipArShi IF-Dazzler

Joined: 08 April 2012
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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 5:40am | IP Logged
BTW when r u updating?otherwise i m gonna start stalking from 2dayEvil Smile

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udaymanyata07 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 February 2012
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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 6:06am | IP Logged
thanks...brilliant...loved it...please update sooon and pm me when you do update

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ChitraF IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 May 2013 at 7:23am | IP Logged
Fabulous story.. liked it

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..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 May 2013 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
Part 8

The entire day passed and Arnav wasn't able to catch a glimpse of Khushi. When they had reached home, Khushi had rushed to her room leaving behind a bewildered Anjali and an indifferent Lavanya. Arnav couldn't help appreciating how strong khushi was. Arnav hadn't seen Khushi since then. And he was quite restless due to this.

First that boring meeting irritated the hell out of him.

Then he came home late, only to be more annoyed when he was told that Khushi hadn't come down for dinner. Despite the myriad efforts of Anjali to bring her down to have some food, she didn't come. Apparently she was not hungry; at least that was what she said. But Arnav knew the real reason behind her 'not-so hungry state.'

At first he had decided to let her sleep like that but his heart soon convinced him that a stressful day and no food would only sicken her. And moreover, he couldn't afford to torture her stomach which was always brimming with food. With a grin, he knocked on Khushi's door and was soon rewarded by a squishy yet audible 'come in.'

He opened the door and was about to call her out when she took the lead and said;

Khushi: I was about to come to you, Arnavji.

Arnav: To me….uhh why?

He replied while advancing towards her in short measured strides.  He was soon close enough to notice her; she looked pale, devoid of any emotion and it didn't seem to him that she had cried! Well, good for her!!!

Khushi: Actually, I wanted to know about my luggage…uhh you said that I would get it back soon but it's still not here!

Arnav: Relax khushi, I will call them tomorrow! You will get it back soon, don't worry!

Khushi: Can't you call them now?

Arnav: Khushi, they aren't going to run away with your luggage…Uhhh are you having issues for your clothes…I mean are Di's clothes uncomfortable?

Khushi: No...

Arnav(uncertainly):We could always go shopping for your clothes, you know, if you are uncomfortable…

It was only he uttered those lines did Arnav realize what he had said. "WE could always go shopping for your clothes," WHAT THE!!What the hell is wrong with me…why would I ever go shopping and that too with motor mouth….For crying out loud, I hate shopping…urggg…something's seriously wrong with me! While staying with this crazy girl I will have to visit a psychiatrist soon….

If Arnav's mind was all messed up, Khushi didn't catch Arnav's gaffe. Anjali for once would have been immensely surprised had she heard that Arnav was ready to go shopping with Khushi.

Khushi: Uhh…no Arnavji…actually I would have left as soon as I would get back my luggage!

Arnav: Leave…why would you leave?

Khushi: Coz this ain't my house and If I remember correctly then you were very skeptical about my coming here so I guess you should be happy that i'm going!

Khushi smiled jovially, though her eyes were not mirroring the same emotion. That was when reality dawned upon Arnav. She was here for Rohan and now that it's over between them she intends to go back…Damnit!! He didn't know why he felt frustrated at that moment, and he felt an unknown feeling inavading him, something like…fear!

More intense maybe…

He shook that weird feeling, caught her hand and dragged her out of the room, out of the house and finally ordered her to 'get in' in the car. He put the key in the ignition and drove off. Khushi had not been expecting this reaction at all. She had thought that she would leave in the morning but this Laad Governor was seriously impatient in getting rid of her!!

Khushi: You Laad Governor, you could have thrown me out of your house in the morning!

Arnav: What the! When did I throw you?

Khushi: Uhhh..not exactly throw me…but you dragged me out of your house and that's as bad as throwing me out!

Arnav glanced at her incredibly! She's lost it, he concluded. Why would I ever want to throw her, in fact I want to….He evacuated his wayward thoughts and replied to her;

Arnav: Khushi…i'm not throwing you out…We are going to a restaurant coz I know just how hungry you are. I know you think bad of me but seriously I won't ever leave a girl alone at night specially in a place she isn't accustomed to!

Khushi: I'm sorry…I thought…

Arnav: Give your brain a rest Khushi…you are thinking too much, you shouldn't apply so much pressure to that little brain of yours!

Khushi: You are making fun of me!

Arnav: Wow, Khushi, i'm impressed, you guessed it right and that too so quickly.

Khushi punched his arm whilst he chuckled and she sulked.

Khushi looked out as Arnav drove one. The journey was mostly silent with Arnav throwing furtive glances at Khushi once in a while.

Khushi: Stop the car!

Arnav: What???

Khushi: I said stop the car!

Arnav: Are you ordering me?

Khushi: Oho Arnavji, you missed that dhaba!

Arnav: What dhaba?

Khushi: Ufff…pig-headed man, there was a dhaba there and I was telling you to stop!

Arnav: I can still reverse the car….but wait, did you just called me pig-headed?

Khushi: Are you deaf?

Arnav: No.

Khushi: Then you heard it right?

Arnav: Shut up Khushi and we are going to a restaurant and that's final!

Khushi: Ok, but I won't eat there!

Arnav: And you say I am stubborn!

Arnav reversed the car as he knew it was of no use arguing with khushi because she wasn't the one to give up easily. He parked the car in a remote area and gestured his companion to get down!

Khushi rushed towards the dhaba leaving behind a smirking Arnav who muttered something like 'crazy girl' before he made his way to her! By the time he reached her, she had already ordered jalebis for herself!

Khushi: what would you eat Arnavji, there isn't anything but sweets here!

Arnav: I had dinner khushi, you go ahead!

He lied to her. How could he have eaten when his sister told him that she hadn't eaten yet! Arnav knew that Khushi would feel bad that he couldn't eat the sweets so he did what he could, lied to her! Atleast then, she will be able to enjoy that sticky syrup sweet!

Apparently the jalebis stash was over and so they had to wait. Sensing that khushi was feeling cold, he asked her to go to the car and he would be back with her SSS. Sometime later, Arnav come back to his car, one hand holding the packet of jalebis while the other was busy balancing a mug of black coffee and tea!

It was dark around, so he placed the packet of jalebis on the bonnet carefully and opened the passenger door. He was stunned on not seeing Khushi inside. It's dark outside, where can she go? Damn…she's really crazy! He was just about to shout her name when he heard her voice!

Khushi: Arnavji?

Arnav followed the direction of her voice and;

Arnav: KHUSHI, what the hell are you doing on the car top!

Khushi: Stop shouting! And I'm star gazing.

Arnav: You could have gazed at those stupid stars down as well! Khushi come down before you fall…

Khushi: You Laad Governor, I will stay here, give me my jalebis!

Arnav shook his head and handed over the jalebis and tea to Khushi. Khushi gobbled one jalebis after the other! Arnav drank his coffee whilst looking at the sky and wondering what was so interesting about the stars that made khushi so indulged in them! After he finished it, he silently got on top of the car and slipped beside Khushi. Khushi glared at him and went back to looking at the stars!

Arnav: What's wrong with the stars that you are observing them so intently?

Khushi: I love looking at the stars Arnavji, see that star (pointing at a particular star)…that's my father and the bright one beside it is my mom!

Arnav: Khushi…your parents…

Khushi: Are dead! The ones I wanted to talk with the other day adopted me and I call them my parents!

Arnav: Khushi…are you okay?

Khushi glanced back at him, eyes full of tears. She laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her arms around his, asking silently to lend her his support.

Khushi: No…i'm not okay Arnavji… I ran away for that creeper!I thought he loved me, but he didn't…now how will I ever show my face to my parents!

Her flawless cheeks were now stained with the endless stream of tears from her glossy eyes. She had been enduring the emotional pain alone till now but Arnav was glad she shared it with him. Sometimes crying do help, so he let her cry her heart out at her miseries while he whispered sweet nothings in her ears, which assured her that it will all be fine.

After the session of crying, Khushi moved back and wiped her tears and this time Arnav asked;

Arnav: Khushi you watch them every day?

Khushi: What?

Arnav: The stars…

Khushi: Yeah I do, whenever I miss them, I go to the balcony and watch them. I feel that i'm close to them in this way! You know, I always dreamt that one day after I get married my husband and I will spend the night counting the stars outside!

Hearing her, Arnav replied instinctively

Arnav: What the! I'm not going to do any such thing!

Arnav immediately bit his tongue after that! His tongue was uttering too much these days…he would have to learn to control them specially around Khushi.

Khushi: Laad Governor, chill, I said with my husband, it's not like we will get married so you won't have to do any such thing but yeah with Lavanya, I guess you will have to count her nail polishes!

Arnav merely glared at her and they stayed like that for some time. Watching the stars together, drinking in each other's presence. It was nearly a pin drop silence with only the sound of their breath mingling with each other's until Arnav said;

Arnav: Khushi don't go…


Note- i hope that was good enough and i apologize if it wasn't. Im a bit sick so u can understandLOL

dont forget to leave ur feedbacks and likesEmbarrassed 

For PMs leave a like below!

will PM later!

~~> KeshuEmbarrassed

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