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ArShi SS:Love...happens!last part pg 76-05/08 (Page 16)

LilButterfly003 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 April 2013 at 5:13am | IP Logged
edited on page 13Embarrassed

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Amishaipkknd Senior Member

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Posted: 22 April 2013 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Really sweet and lovely yet so entertaining!! Awesome!! But plz improve poor nanis character.. She became such a bad person!!:P feling sad for her.. :P

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Asyalover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 April 2013 at 1:27pm | IP Logged
great ss pm me too

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Destinyhope0305 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 April 2013 at 8:47pm | IP Logged
Loved hw khushi helped Embarrassed nice update dear..thanks 4 the pm.

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..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 8:12am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pup03

very nice update !!! oh God Arnav is so annoyed with lavanya he can't tolerate her for a minute.. Khushi and di are enjoying his uneasiness.. poor Arnav.. whats will nani why she is so hell bent when he doesn't want to marry her why she is dying her to get him married to lavanya who is having an alarm for body lotion.. what was that??? loved the update.. hope Arnav comes up with some plan in 2 weeks time...

thanks for pm Smile
he will don't worry!
i'm not a sadistLOL
..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 8:14am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Medha-

awesome updateThumbs Up
and hilariousROFL
the starting conversation was awesomeBig smile
so khushi's boyfriend is mohan,wait was it sohan aha! its rohanLOL
and khushi ne lavanya ko fevicol ki upadhi diROFL
well,and arnav agrees on it
BTW arnav's monologues are really funnyROFL
and lavanya has alarm for applying her body lotionROFL
whats even funnier is her alarm toneROFLkahan se utha ka layee?ROFL
i am now completely sure-there has been a spirit transfer between mamiji and naniji.she likes lavanyaShocked
next u will describe naniji in pink goggles and banarasi sari attending parties while mamiji is wearing plain pastel colored cotton saris attending pujas.ROFL
nani ne bomb phoda-awww another cute moment between arshiEmbarrassed
why is nani hell bent on marrying off arnav to lavanyaAngry 

Its rohan...remember the nameAngryROFL
i enjoy writing the monologues a lotLOL
YT se uthaya hain wo toneEmbarrassed

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..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 8:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Destinyhope0305

Loved hw khushi helped Embarrassed nice update dear..thanks 4 the pm.
looks who commented hereEmbarrassed
no thanks yaar...bhul gayi kyaAngryLOLLOL
..Peppermint.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 27 April 2013 at 8:15am | IP Logged

Part 5

It was nearly one at night and sleep was running far from Arnav Singh Raizada. He had been thinking of new strategies to avoid the problem at hand but till now he hasn't been able to come up with something concrete. He knew his nani well enough to know that a simple excuse would suffice to convince her to delay the engagement.

He sat down on his bed and reached for the jug only to notice that it was empty! Why do I pay them if I have to do all the damn work…He grabbed the jug and made his way downstairs only to be surprised when he saw the lights of the kitchen still on. He quickened his pace and reached the kitchen only to gawk at the sight in front of him.

Khushi was in front of the stove, de-stressing herself by frying jalebis.  Once in a while she munched one jalebi but her sole concentration was on frying a mountain of them. She often did this when she was upset.

Arnav recovered from his initial surprise and asked;

Arnav: What the hell is going on here?

Khushi who was unaware of her audience was quite startled when she heard his voice. She turned and answered;

Khushi: Uh….i…was….making…jalebis…

Arnav (eyeing the amount of jalebis): Are you going to eat all of these??

Khushi: No…..

Khushi closed the stove and realized that she was merely a guest here and it was wrong of her to make jalebis here, that too, a huge amount of them.

Khushi: I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have made these jalebis. I for once forgot that this was not my house and I made this. Actually I make jalebis whenever i'm upset so……I'm really sorry!

Arnav moved closer to her, kept the jug on the marble table before saying;

Arnav: So you are upset.

Khushi: uhhh...noo….

Now Khushi Kumari Gupta won't readily accept that she was upset, would she?

Arnav (in a husky and hushed tone): Oh really!

Khushi: Actually yes i'm upset.

Arnav: Why?

Khushi: You don't need to know everything.

Khushi turned away from him, taking his empty jug and filling it with water. Arnav looked on as she did this. At this point, he was having difficulty in imagining Lavanya being his wife. Would she ever understand me…hell no!!!Never…

She came back and kept the jug on the table.

Khushi: I'm sorry for the jalebis…I will pay you for whatever the ingredients' cost.

Arnav: Are you crazy….i'm not asking you to repay this…i'm just asking you what's wrong!

Khushi: I'm sorry…but that's personal.

Arnav: And i'm a stranger….fair enough!

With that he bid khushi a rushed good-night, took the filled jug and moved to his room not turning once to look back at khushi.

Great Khushi…simply great! You angered that Laad Governor for nothing…he was just being concerned and asked you why you were upset and you…..???


Arnav was about to lie down on his bed when he heard a faint knock on his door. He opened the door and was not shocked to see Khushi there, though he didn't let that apparent from his facial expression! Khushi came in without invitation. Still worried about countless things, she made her way to his bed and sat down.

Arnav sat close to her and said;

Arnav: Want to talk about it?

Khushi nodded negatively.

Arnav: Why are you here then!

Khushi: I don't know….i just had to apologies to….

Arnav (cuts in): Again.

Khushi: What?

Arnav: I meant again you want to apologies…

Khushi: Yes…

Arnav: You don't need to….it's your life…your choice..if you don't want to tell me why you are upset then it's absolutely fine with me!

Khushi: But…but you were angry, right?

Arnav: So what if i'm angry….i'm just a stranger and there is absolutely no reason why you need to justify yourself…I was just asking to help you out but it's okay….

Khushi was feeling aberrant when he said that, she didn't know why she felt the need to explain herself. It had never been as such with Rohan...then why did I care to clear myself in front of Arnav???

Arnav flicked her left shoulder to bring her out of her thoughts.

Khushi: Actually I have been calling Rohan…my boyfriend ever since I came here but he is cutting the call everytime! I don't know anybody here except him and he isn't even answering my phone.

Arnav: He must be busy…but why didn't he come to fetch you at the airport then?

Khushi: That's because I wanted to surprise him, I didn't tell him that i'm coming to Delhi…

Arnav: Oh okay….i guess he must be busy so you try later!

Khushi: I'm trying to call him ever since I reached Delhi but no luck…

Arnav took his phone out and said;

Arnav: Here….dial the number I'll try myself!

Khushi: But it won't make any difference…

Arnav: It will…Nobody dares to cut the call of Arnav Singh Raizada!

He finished with arrogance oozing from his voice ultimately making Khushi giggle;

Khushi: So overconfident!

Arnav didn't care to reply to that, he simply pressed the call button and waited as patiently as he could!

His patience was rewarded soon when a woman answered him in an annoyed tone!

Women: What do you want?

Arnav was amazed at the harshness in the girl's tone. Till today, nobody dared talking to Arnav Singh Raizada in a high pitched tone and this girl….The things I do for Motor mouth….wait what????No…i'm doing that for Di…not for motor mouth…She is Di's friend and i'm helping her…yes…that's it!

His chain of thoughts was interrupted when he heard another voice…a man's voice from the other side of the phone.

Man: Who is it sweetheart?

Women: I don't know, Rohan….first that good for nothing and annoying friend…what's her name…yeah..Khushi was disturbing us and now this stupid person!

Rohan…Khushi's boyfriend!

Arnav connected the dots quickly and could easily guess what was really happening! He cut the call, not wanting to hear their conversation any more.

Khushi was looking at him, her face showing she was expecting a lot!

Arnav: He didn't answer.

Khushi ( in a sad tone): It's okay, I will go to meet him personally tomorrow!

Arnav: You know….where he lives?

Khushi: Off course I do!

Arnav: where?

Khushi told him the address!

Alarmed, Arnav tried to save the situation;

Arnav: Uhhh…I have a meeting in that area next week, if you want I can drop you!

Khushi: I don't think I will be able to wait for 1 week, anyway its kind of you to offer but I will manage on my own tomorrow!

Arnav: But….

Khushi(cuts in): You are not that bad you know!

Arnav: What the!

Khushi: No, earlier when I saw you first I thought you were very bad and all but you are a nice person!

Arnav: Uhh..Thanks….you are the first person to say this!

Khushi: Ok…no need to blush now Mr Raizada!

Arnav: I'm not blushing, okay!

Khushi: Thanks for cheering me up….

Arnav: I didn't do anything!

Khushi: I don't know…but I'm not feeling anymore upset now!

Arnav: You love him a lot, right?

Khushi: Rohan you mean….khushi continued after the nod of Arnav; Yes, I love him a lot….but he loves me more than I would ever love him! That's why I ran away from home…to meet him!

Arnav: WHAT THE! You are unbelievable…you ran away…

Khushi: I can do anything for him…and I can't bear being separated from him!

Arnav: You are crazy!

Khushi pouted at that, looking more cute than she already was; disturbing Arnav's composure for a second!

Arnav: Stop doing that!

Khushi (confused): Doing what?

Arnav: No..nothing!

Stop pouting Khushi; you look irresistible when you do that!!Arnav added in his mind while averting his gaze from her!

Khushi: Anyway I should go now…good night Arnavji!

Arnav: Uh…Good night Khushi!

Khushi left but Arnav couldn't stop thinking of how heartbroken she would be if she ever saw Rohan…No I wouldn't let her meet him…but she will not listen to me…what do I do? Think Arnav Think!

He didn't know why he was so concerned about Khushi, perhaps his inner mind knew, though he will never accept that but he was definitely concerned about this girl who stole his peace and sleep in one day itself! He just knew that he would do anything to save her from this heart break…even though he would hide behind the excuse that Khushi 'was his Di's friend, so he had to help her.' For once, he forgot about his engagement with Lavanya and was all set to help khushi.

 Note-I hope this one was goodShockedconsidering that it was not funnyLOL

 I have not proof read this so forgive me for mistakes!

Do leave ur feedbacks and likes, it encourages me to write moreEmbarrassed

P.s- having a real problem filtering my buddy list to PM people who wants updates for this SS and i dnt want to disturb others, so if any of u want PMs please drop a like below so that i will PM you next time!Embarrassed

Love u all!


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