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9/4 Dragon Club:Oh Womaniyaa .. (Page 30)

ssroomani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 9:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by jyoti06

Originally posted by jikky_84

Today when SP apologised to Radha, one thing I found was he wants to marry Radha but he then took the decision to leave Bhopal was because Radha told she will leave Bhopal to stop the PV. Also SP when saved Radha from the humiliation, he told in front of all that he likes to be with Radha and needs her beside him always.

Radha is the one who is not actually ready for the PV but SP is. It looks like Radha is afraid that all will say that she is trying to take G3's place after the humiliation occurred with in SM and that is why she don't want PV. Otherwise she had that happiness in her face when for the first time SP stood for her in front of the society.

It was ver nice to see SP saying that he broke completely after G3 died and he really needs  a partner in his life. May be for the first time he understood and appreciated G3 wholeheartedly.

Yes I got same feeling .. I guess SP wants to marry her because he wants to rectify his 30 yr old mistake by giving her lsot respect back by making her a Scindia ...

On the other hand I m not sure why Radha is not ready ..is it because like u said she is scared that people might think she is triyng to replace G3 or is it her hidden strategy to act like a victim  because eventually she knows AarYa will make it happen at any cost Ermm... only time will tell I guess Confused

I think Radha is not ready for the PV because she does not need a man like SP needs a woman to complete him.   She has lived alone for so long,  I think she is unsure if she wants commitment at this stage of her life.   I can totally empathize with her!

But if she is negative, she is just playing a smart card...only time will tell if she is the mastermind, but I hope not!  

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ssroomani IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:20pm | IP Logged

@prityanka:    Your post on Radha being negative is well put and I agree.   I actually would love to see Ishita being made a fool of and AarYa getting a much needed reality check,LOL but I wonder whether it will help the story.   If this PV is being shown to bring back the original concept of the show, then such a track would be suicide as it would defeat the purpose.   We will have to just wait and watch, but Radha as a negative character would outshine Radha as a positive character, of that I am 100% sure!  Big smile

@saffi:   You think SP and Radha plotted with Aakash against Gayu?   That would be the ultimate twist!   Wow!   Clap

Hmm, they must have used some BDs for the promo...no wonder that man in red mask does not look like Aakash to me!  Shocked  It must be him...who else could it be?

@Asha:   Yash and Aarti are plotting now? Wacko   That is a wackier idea!!   Oh, I love all the possibilities of the promo!  LOL

Sam and Jyo......I think the time has come to name one of the DCs in the immediate future as "Bheja Fry"!! 

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InduG64 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:31pm | IP Logged
Good morning friends!!

@Zet: Hi pal...I hear ya. Have a great one with the darlings...Love you.Hug

@Shobha: I have just come in. Enjoyed reading your posts. I am yet to watch the episode, but I can safely say that there is not going to be any hanky-panky from Radha's side. The CVs wouldn't make a mockery of such a sensitive issue (senior citizen PV) after going into it with such a depth and trying their best to put the message across as to why they need a PV in the old age.

Rest after I see the episode.

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Zetter IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
@Indu: Aww love you too my friend *muah* xox

good Big smile

@Shobs: You're welcome Sweetie! Wink...Hmmm yup SP was all ready for the PV but Radha is the one who has cold feet, I loved their convo Clap Embarrassed

As for the part with the family and the snake bite well I can't tell you why they didn't call an ambulance or the doctor I just chalked it up as they being afraid and not thinking rationally Tongue

Same her I don't think it's Radha either plus I wouldn't want her to turn negative we have enough of negativity on our screen with Ishita 

EDIT: Today's picture take before I head to the psych ward...You guys enjoy! Bye 

Edited by Zetter - 09 April 2013 at 10:33pm

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:50pm | IP Logged
I have to confess that I am thoroughly impressed with the way they are bringing this senior PV about in terms of Radha and SP's involvement. However, why Aarti and Yash have to be made the insensitive scapegoats in order to achieve this is something that I do not quite understand. I am really not sure what Yash was so angry about today when he was shouting his head off to Pankaj. What did Pankaj say he was going to do that would embarrass SP? In fact, it has been Aarti and Yash who have been against SP's honour and the rest of the family who want to see it intact.

Also, the way that Aarti and Yash are involving Vedika, making it okay for her to lie to her parents and sending Pankaj and Vidhi through such a downright traumatic experience, just to make their point is not acceptable by me, sorry. Vidhi and Pankaj thought their daughter was DYING. This kind of drama was one thing in the case of Neelam whose parents were ready to murder if she didn't get married to the person they chose, but in the case of Vedika, trying to make a point about Radha with Vidhi in such trauma was in very poor taste. Aarti and Yash are also respectful and good parents, so this seems out of character to me, really. There are just certain limits that should not be crossed and being a mother herself, how can Aarti put another mother through that? Being a father, how can Yash put his own brother through that? Angry

I guess what I am asking is... why was it necessary? Why couldn't AarYa have been shown humbled and taking a few steps back when we knew the steps forward were being taken elsewhere by the concerned parties? It would have been some good dramatic irony. I just don't like when Aarti and Yash's characterisations are taken lightly. It would have even worked to have Vedika fake the snake bite, thinking she would fix everything without AarYa being in on it. Innocence is one thing but before anything Aarti and Yash are both parents, always have been, and it shocks me that they would play such a cruel game with another set of innocent parents. I won't feel bad if they get blasted properly by Pankaj and Vidhi tomorrow.

Now moving on to the part I LOVED. I never thought I would come around to really shipping SP and Radha but the way they have brought this around with characterisation intact is pretty impressive. Red and I had the discussion about SP a few weeks ago, that when push comes to shove, he would not really be against this PV. All he needed was a push from somewhere and today he got that when he was disillusioned with the very society he was always trying so hard to impress. As we discussed at the time, Radha walking out on SP really did have an impact and drove home the point that she did not need him despite the fact that he needs a woman.

What he said about Gayatri was also so beautiful and relevant. She would take all his insults and taunts, even news of his extra-marital affair, quietly without saying a word and he interpreted that as her weakness. Only today, when he sees how his family is falling apart without her firm guidance, does he realise how much she played a part in keeping things together, becoming the bad guy so that nobody else had to. It was a beautiful message about what "manhood" means as well. SP explains that all his anger and misbehaviour after Gayatri's death was nothing but his weakness, and there was something very poignant about the fact that he chose Radha as his confidant. She is the only one who understood him when he was in that state and knew how to help him, and so he owes her an explanation now. It was good to see SP actually develop a respect for Radha and to see his character come that full circle, which I believe would have happened with Gayatri had ZP stayed. Of course that is water under the bridge and the important thing here is that the character evolution was maintained despite the changes in the story.

SP reminds me so much of Yash with his prayashcith talk! Boxing ring anyone?

I found Radha's rejection to be the most interesting thing here and I don't think I actually want her to be negative anymore. I want her to redeem herself by reforming Akash and apologising for the baby swap. In some ways I feel she is too jaded to see this through Yash, Aarti or even SP's eyes. The irony is pretty wonderful here. SP taught Radha thirty years ago that love is "not real." People promise you things and then they betray you so now when SP comes and asks for Radha's companionship, she is the one to tell him it is a stupid idea! Part of the reason this is working so well all of a sudden is that they framed it in a narrative of repentance and a hope to make the future better. SP can give Radha what he denied her all these years by marrying her and Radha's faith in relationships and love, her innocence, can be restored again. The way SP treated Radha is embodied in Akash, who is cynical, unbelieving and angry. The way SP treated Gayatri is embodied in Yash who is naive, noble and extremely sheltered from the truth of the world. Both of them have to balance each other out to become their best selves, just like SP has to make peace with his relationships with both Gayatri and Radha.

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
@jyo,Zetter,Anonee,saf,Alamelu,jikky_84,prityanka,  ssroomani,  Abie, Anuu, ssroomani : Awesome takesClap Clap Clap Clap Clap..wonderful discussion by allThumbs Up
@anonee:Nice promo analysisClap  and about masksClap Clap..Enjoyed your fun postsROFL
@Zetter:Wonderful picture takeClap Clap.  ..Awesome titleStar
SP and Radha confrontation superb...Well writtenStar

It was Chetan Pandit's dayClap Clap...Wonderful performance by  SP.Clap Clap He proven to be a decent person after all,I love watching the way he stands so straight and walks with such authority and his delivery is just pitch perfect!Star Correct time Sp arrives  prevents that man from applying sindoor on Radha's head and thus putting an end to all the suffering and humiliation this lady has suffered for so long - both privately and publicly. 

Sp and Radha confrontation was perfect.Clap..Finally he apologized  the right way for a man to stand behind the woman he wronged for 30 years and try and make amends(many years too late but it's better late than never.)Even i liked the way  Radha did not go all weak after listening to SP prayaschit. But still he and radha need to apology aakash and have to take responsibilities of him.

I am highly disappointed in the family, respect is the only thing they care about.I can really see  aarya on one side and the rest of the family on the other side.Ishita is  disgusting.Angry
Aarya was shocked when ishita says about SP and radha's run away.Surprised with aakash reactionLOLHe went quietShocked after yash slaps..

Snake scene was more dramaOuch ,Its aarya-vedika created stiuations to make radha essential to the scindiya's family.Scnidiyas brothers are dumb LOLnone of them thought about calling ambulance and thinking of asking yash to get Radha for nursing vedika..

Waiting for today epi..Day Dreaming

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Sri_Radha IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:59pm | IP Logged
Fabulous take Samana dearClap Clap

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Samanalyse IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 12:01am | IP Logged
Thanks Radha! You too! Big smile

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