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9/4 Dragon Club:Oh Womaniyaa ..

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   Credit for this gorgeous  banner goes to Maham (Allbut1)!


Dont forget to watch Part 2 of Mittals presenting behind the scenes Masti featuring Gurika and rest EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

GURIKA Masti...Part 2 Video from PH


And for all AarYa deprieved souls , here u go .. Expect some AarYa romance in coming episodes Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay Dreaming


Episode Take

Loved the episode today because finally I can see SP truely repenting for his deeds ... Mayb his full repentance will b complete once he says same sorry to AKash as well along with Radha but for now I m happy that at least he knows that he comitted a sin and is ready to rectify it with a "Prayashchit" ClapClapClap

SP wanting to do Prayashchit for his mistakes and his heartfelt confessions plus Outburst was a treat to watch ClapClapClap

Today I loved the way SP and Radha have a heart to heart confession on many things that was needed very much Thumbs Up

In true sense today I feel is the day when SP actually rectified his 30 yr old mistake Thumbs Up... 30 yrs back he wronged Radha as a woman by not only accusing her character after sleeping with her  but also refused to accept that Radha was pregnent with his child Ouch... Today 30 yrs back , finally SP realised the worth of a woman post his wife Gayatri's death when he feels that vaccuum in his life and so today we see SP not only protesting against the society which tried to wrong Radha by humiliating her in front of all but he also protects Radha from the cruel society thus rectfiying his 30 yr old mistake in a way ClapClapClap

SP's speech regarding a woman's respect comes from the very fact that after loosing Gayatri , he actually understood the worth of a woman in a man's life and how a man is nothing once he looses that guidance of a woman in his life Ouch... At the same time SP can see that despite not hving any man's presense in her life , Radha still manages to not only lead her life with dignity in all these 30 yrs but also bring up Akash on her own without asking for any help ClapClap.. So SP somewhere realises that its a man who is more weak and always needs a woman as a companion in his life and not vice versa because Radha can stay alone all her life like she stayed for 30 long years without demanding anything but mayb SP as a man does not hv that enough strength to stay all alone without any support of a lifepartner Smile

SP today declares to all about marrying Radha not because he needs a companion right now but because he wants to rectify his 30 yr old mistake when he was not around to protect Radha despite playing with her life  but today when once again her life is being made a mess because of him ,  SP makes sure he is there to protect her which like he said in a way is his "Prayashchit" ClapClapClap

Also loved the matured pool side conversation between Radha and SP where SP actually made a bold confession that 30 yrs back he did have a soft corner for her but he was too scared to break the norms set by the society Smile...I always wondered whether SP really had feelings for Radha or just used her for his physical pleasure but today I got the reply from SP's mouth itself Approve...

As per promo ,. I m not sure what is Radha's hidden intention here if she has any but I loved the way SP volunteered to leave but he does not want to see Radha leaving once again because he believes Radha deserves to live that 30 yrs of her life with her sons and bahus which she missed out because of his mistake Smile...SP knows that he enjoyed it all whether its family love or society respect  but Radha got none and so its time SP lives Radha's life while Radha can enjoy the love and pleasure of hving a family too Thumbs Up

More than SP-Radha PV happening   , I m glad that SP today not only confessed his mistakes but also decides to do prayashchit which is what I always wanted to see from the time this whole truth about SP came out and so I m glad we got an episode today completely focussing on SP's realisation where Chetan ji too is brilliant ClapClapClap

Akash...The mystry Ermm

So SP said his share of sorry to Radha .. Now its Radha's turn to say her share of sorries to Akash ... Can she ?? Ermm... But again if Radha and Akash r already partners in crime which is what the new promo indirectly indicates , then u never know Evil Smile ...

The way Akash instigates Yash today and sort of kills the possibility of a divide and rule between Yash and  family , I get a feeling AKash and Radha might b together in this mission and Akash might actually want this PV to happen , reason why he instigates Yash by making that comment about SP-Radha in front of all so that  rest of the family too r left with no choice but to agree for this PV in the end Smile...

If AKash really wanted to do a joint collaboration with Pankaj and co against Yash , then why will he go on to speak against SP's character here  which actually had a reverse effect on all ...Isn't it Ermm... I felt Pankaj and co were actually falling for Akash's words till Akash went overboard again with that SP-Radha comment  and so once again Yash took control of the whole situation while AKash had to step back quietly  Ouch .. It looked as if Akash indirectly helped by making sure everyone agrees for this punarvivah in the end by speaking nonsense about SP-Radha and almost inviting that slap from Yash ConfusedConfused... Is AKash playing a reverse psychology with all out here and probably a bigger game than Ishita Ermm...Guess only time will tell LOL

Whole Snake fiasco was silly .. But is it indirect way of showing why AarYa r the smartest out of all WinkTongue

The whole snake idea was silly Ouch

AarYa and Vedika were partners in crime and so they were chilled out which is understandable but  what about Pankaj-Vidhi .. they were arguing with AarYa there on whether and how Radha should b called instead of instantly calling the ambulence ?? ShockedConfused... Pankaj and Vidhi r Vedika's parents damn it .. how can they waste time on Radha ma to arrive and take it for granted that by then Vedika will remain alive ?? Confused

Mayb this is CVs way of showing that see this is the reason why SP has given all responsibility to AarYa because they mayb stupid on certain things but they r still way more intelligent , smart and faster than the likes of Pankaj or Pratik TongueLOLLOL

And I guess tomorrow Radha will get acceptance from family since she is honest about the whole drama set up by Vedika and AarYa which I guess Vidhi and Pankaj will appreciate Ermm

Overall I loved the episode because it was a complete Chetan Pandit show and he was extra brilliant as SP today ClapClapClapClap

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For anyone who is new to the forum, or the thread, and wondering what we are all about, Dragon Club (DC) is an analysis, discussion, venting and general merry-making thread about PV where everyone is welcome and can just jump into discussion any time!

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From now onwards everyone in this DC post who r commenting ,liking or stalking ...plsss make sure u hv done your daily 2 comments quota in these following profiles of GC and KS Embarrassed...

It will b better if we can comment on every actor's profile at least twice in a day so that all PV actors rankings can go up but make sure we r doing it regularly on GC and KS's profile at least Embarrassed...


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Yash's family are still against the idea of their father Suraj Pratap getting remarried to Yash's mother Radha...They are all furious at Aarti & Yash for the humiliation they had to endure in the Holi Sneh Milan. They are scared of being pushed out of the society, a society that condamnes a woman for no fault of her but the man gets to walk away scottfree when he was the real culprit...They want Yash to go and apologize to that same society but the latter let his family know that he is gonna do such thing cause he doesn't care about such hypocrisy. 

Pari who has always been open minded is afraid of what the society could be saying about her behind her back refused to stand by Yash & Aarti when they announced that they will get SP-Radha married in a court wedding...The rest of the family are with Pari and that made AkShita (Aakash-Ishita) happy to see that AarYa were standing alone. 


Or so they thought when the unlikely alliances came out of nowhere to fight the fight with Aarti and Yash, their niece Vedika and their servants Ramdulare and the gardener (who's name was never mentioned)...They do say that when the chips are down that's when you know who has your back when you need it the most. 

If no one tries to make a change, things will stay the same and there won't be any progress in the community and what will happen 10-15 years from now?! they will be stuck in their narrow minded thinking and would be afraid of changes even more. They have to realize that one doesn't have to live seeking approval from others as long as one is happy with one's self & one's beliefs, it doesn't what anyone else thinks.   

                                        A HAPPY FAMILY CAN DEVELOP,
                                   WITH A LOVING WOMAN AT ITS CENTER

And that's exactly what happens in AarYa's little family of six, no matter what is happening around them...They don't leave it affect their children, they do their best to make sure that the children are smiling always...Palak & Ansh are very excited about the idea of their grandparents getting married, on their way to their grandmother's house...They were making plans with they parents about what they would do. Their parents also are very excited about the wedding but first they will have t convince their parents.


The entire Scindia clan had a loving woman at its center once despite her strict nature, Gayatri Scindia did everything to make sure her family stayed happy but after demise things haven't been the same...this is where Radha is needed and yes it may look weird but she has come to care for them all as her own. Yash and Aarti know that she would be able to give SP the companionship he needs, be there for them all and make sure that the family gets all that motherly love and care that they have been missing ever since G3 passed away. But most importantly Yash wants his mother to be respected. 


Everyone isn't ready to give Radha the respect she deserved, Maya Scindia doesn't miss an opportunity to wish her ill or bad talk her...the last time she did in front of Aarti who warned her to mend her ways before Yash finds out, but being who she is Maya couldn't resisted and said that the best thing for everyone is if Radha killed herself which left Aarti and Yash with a bitter taste in their mouths...An angry Yash gave his aunt a warning and let her know that he won't tolerate anyone speaking ill about his mother.

As for the other person who doesn't want Radha to get the respect she deserves, it's no other than Ishita Aakash Scindia who goes out of her way to humiliate Radha in the worse kind of way by creating such horrible situations in which Radha falls victim every time...All because Ishita wishes to see Aarti & Yash standing alone but every time her plans are foiled she becomes more vicious...And her cruelty stooped to a new low when she arranged for Radha to be forcibly married to someone just because she doesn't want her to get married to Suarj Pratap.  

Being women I don't get how Maya & Ishita can be so cruel to another woman and one who has never done anything to them?!


An awesome episode where a man wholeheartedly confesses he misses someone taking care of him and that he needs that same someone he wronged 30 years ago Clap Clap Clap

It begins with Radha at the mandap with the old dirty man going to apply vermilion on her forehead when Suraj Pratap comes and stops him, the police who came with SP take the dirty man and the red chili pepper women into custody...Thank you very much SP for being Radha's hero and I'm very happy that eh brought the police along with him Thumbs Up 

Radha breaks off the mangalsutra (wedding chain) and takes off the dupatta, she gets up and runs from there with SP on her pursuit asking her to stop but she doesn't listen...SP finally catches her and she asks him to let her go as he isn't well to which SP replies that she is the one one who isn't well and offers to drop her home. As they are about to walk to the car, the goon that Ishita hired to throw stones at AarYa in the Holi Sneh Milan taunts them about being in love at this age and asks what will the youngsters learn from all this public display of affection...SP walks up to him and gives him one tight slap...Woohoo way to go SP that was one tight slap and it was heard around the world, Ishita's goon is just an idiot why can't he come up with better dialogues than the ones' he uses? D'oh D'oh 

At SM, everyone is worried, Aakash is sitting on his side of the line eating an apple while Pankaj is nervously pacing the room as well as the rest of the family, Aakash asks Pankaj why is he walking around so much for. He gets up and goes to Pankaj, he tells him that he is SP's real son and that he too doesn't want the PV and so they should join hands, buaji tells Pankaj that Sky is right and tat they should listen to Aakash as they too don't want the Punar Vivaah to happen...Sky proceeds to tell Panku that since he is afraid to cross the line he will do it and extends his hand to Pankaj but the latter walks away, the former turns to buaji and tells her that it is good that she is with him to which she retorts that he shouldn't think too much and the reason they are siding with him is because they are against the remarriage and wanna stop it otherwise she wouldn't even look at him...Ouch that is really harsh but the truth, Aakash needs to realize that love, respect and relationships are not bought they are earned and until he doesn't get that through his thick skull he will never get the love and respect he is craving for from his family Ouch so thank you buaji for throwing cold water on his face to get him back to reality Clap Tongue 

AarYa come and join the rest of the family, Yash tells Pankaj that he was mad that he went to tell the society that they don't understand SP's pain and here is family doesn't either so what should he expect from the society, he continues to tell them that SP & badi maa Radha have made it easy for them as he doesn't know where they are...Ishita says out loud she wonders if they haven't ran off together, buaji starts her drama that if that happened she could never show her face anywhere. She goes on to say if SP really did that she wishes the earth to open up and swallow her...Yash tells buaji to stop talking such nonsense and asks her if she doesn't feel bad talking about her brother like that, he tells her that SP & Radha won't do anything that would embarrassed them...haha I even thought that someone would slap buaji to get out of her panic mode when she devil Ishita said that SP-Radha ran away together LOL LOL...Yash is right they would never do such thing and yes what they were thinking about them would embarrass SP but Yash shouldn't forget that SP got embarrass as well because of her and yes it wasn't his intention but it did happened nevertheless plus Yash should realize by now that not everyone have a heart of gold like him and Aarti Ermm Ouch 

SP tells them that they are talking about values and if they had values they would have helped Radha, he goes on to tells them that they think of themselves as protectors of the society but where was that same society when Radha was single-handedly raised her son...he goes on to say that no one helped her and that she is still brave to stand on her and in this age want and need what they think about him and Radha well think what they want he doesn't care. SP proceeds to say that he would say this much that he likes being with her and that he wants this togetherness to last, he asks them if anyone can stop him and if yes to come forward...One bystander goes to SP and tells him that they are young but when they reach their age they will understand, the old man goes on to say that for them love is physical that is all they think about...the old man says how do they make the youngsters understand that partners light up each other's lives just then a woman goes to Radha and apologizes she tells her that they all got caught up in their lives that they don't care for others and to please forgive her, another woman goes to Radha and tells her that when one woman doesn't understand another one what can they expect from the men...they all ask for forgiveness, a man goes to SP and tells him that they didn't understand and to please forgive them. Everyone leave, SP tells Radha let them go...Take a bow SP  you were the man the way you stood up to those so called society protectors wow you admitted in front of all that he liked being in Radha's presence Shocked Clap Clap...I'm happy to see that another elderly man voiced what Yash has been telling his siblings that love and marriage isn't about physical needs only it's about companionship and understanding Big smile I'm glad people apologized to SP-Radha for their rude behaviours towards them so in other words AarYa set the ball in motion and SP scored a goal when he stood up for Radha and questioned the same society he used to be very proud of Thumbs Up Wink Thumbs Up 

Back at SM, Yahs has his hands fold and he asks the to please don't do anything that would embarrass SP, he turns to the two Ps and tells them that if they are standing there today is all because of SP and that today he needs them...he goes on to tell them that if they stand with him it fine but please don't talk like that about their father, Aakash says that SP has let them down and that he is 100% sure that he is somewhere withe Radha maa shocking the entire family...Yash goes and gives Aakash one tight slap, the latter angrily looks at the former and leaves followed by his wife the she devil Ishita...Aakash sweetie no matter how pissed off you are at your parents you don't say such things about them especially not in front of your brother Yash cause when it comes to his parents, wife and children he won't take any nonsense comments from anyone so that slap was well deserved Clap Clap Tongue...Hmmm it was very interesting that Sky just left without hitting Yash back or even saying anything, wonder if he will plan something against Yash or he will finally try to mend his ways Confused 

SP & Radha are in the park, the former tells the latter that he wanna talk about their past today and if he doesn't he wouldn't be able to die peacefully, he tells her that he thought that men were stronger than women but he realizes that is just a myth...He says that it realizes it today that women are stronger s they can endure so much and that men don't understand that...He tells her that she has lived so strong for 30 years and that the one month after G3's death broke him, he continues to tell her that he wasn't able to handle it and that he wasn't able to let go of his sadness so he took his anger out at his family and that's why Aarti and Yash thought about their Punar Vivaah and that honestly he doesn't think that they are wrong, he proceeds to tell that she has become his strength her being with him made him feel nice ans that he wasn't ready to admit to it...Radha tells him to stop it...Oh wow SP is just leaving me speechless, he admits that he likes Radha's company and that her being there gave him strength hmm now him asking her to leave the house make much sense and why he was crying in his room Tongue Wink Big smile but what I loved the most is that he finally realized that women are stronger than men and IMO that is why he has always had that soft spot for Aarti cause no matter how many challenges they threw at her she always passed them sure she might have hit a few roadblocks but they didn't stop her from achieving her goal Clap Clap Clap 

Radha tells SP that now those things don't matter now and that they have to stop Aarti and Yash, he goes on to say that because o them AarYa's life will be destroyed and that neither one of them want that...she says that she will leave Bhopal and then all this PV talk will end, she gets p to leave when SP tells her that she will not do such thing. he tells her that she stayed away from her family for years now she will get her family and that he will be the one to leave and that he will be his way of repenting, Radha tells him no that he won't do that...he tells her that she will give her the responsibility of the family and to please let him do this much for her...hmm why does SP-Radha's no you won't go, I'll go...no I'll go, you won't go makes me thinks about AarYa Tongue LOL...I know many are still waiting for SP to apologize to Aakash and IMO he will do that just like we were all asking for him to apologize to Radha and he did the only person who didn't really get a good apology was G3 but she knew he was sorry when he told her that it was the only mistake he ever made but then again it would have been good to see him apologize I for one know that we will get so kind of apology even if it's in self thought.

SP walks a few steps away and calls Yash, he tells the latter that he is leaving Bhopal right away and that he will have the responsibility to take care of his badi maa Radha...he tells Yash to give her the love and respect she deserve and that basically he will have to pay for his father's mistake, Yahs tells SP that he will take up all the responsibilities he wants him to but to please don't go anywhere...Yash pleads with SP but the latter cuts the call, Aarti walks up to Yash and puts her hand on his shoulder...Aww that father and son convo said it all, Yash is and always will be the one SP turns to come what may now he has giving him the responsibility to make up for his mistake IMO if Radha didn't oppose the PV and said that she would leave SP would be calling Yash to tell him that he is bringing his mother home Ermm 

Pari and Vidhi in the kitchen when the former wonders if what Ishita said about SP and Radha is true while Aarti is outside with Vedika shouting for the latter to wake up, she calls out for Panku and Vidhi...Pari and Vidhi runs out the kitchen and Aarti tells her that Vedika was bitten by a snake, Pratik goes and ties a piece of cloth around her foot while Panku goes and reprimands the gardener...Aarti tells Panku that Malik hasn't done anything wrong and reminds them of he time when Yash was bitten by a snake and Radha saved him. Vidhi pleads with them to save Vdika or she would die, Pratik says that he will go get her, Aarti asks him how  will he go get her when she has been insulted so much in the house and asks him if he thinks she will come...Yash asks her what is she saying of course Radha will come because she loves them especially Vedika, Vidhi says that they will apologize to her to which Pankaj asks Yash to go get her as she will not refuse him...Yash says that he will get her and leaves while they take Vedika inside, Ishita in self thoughts says that her women must have taken and wonders where Yash will find Radha...haha Ishita don't worry your pretty little head, Yash knows where to find his badi maa as for your women well you better pray they don't open their mouths or else your but will be in trouble given that they are in police custody Tongue LOL LOL...Aarti was laying it on thick and poor Malik, he was just doing his job and Pankaj was about to give him a tight slap Ouch LOL 

PRECAP: Vidhi is thanking Radha when the latter tells her no need to thank her as it was all a plan by AarYa and Vedika to get her back into the house leaving everyone shocked...ROFL well Radha way to give away your kids and fav person Vedika's secret D'oh LOL Evil Smile 

Dolly Minhas and Chetan Pandit were phenomenal and the stars of the episode Star Star Star...Kratika Sengar & Gurmeet Choudhary were amazing as well and Rakesh and Akshay Clap Clap Clap

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My take on Promo symbolism with pics Embarrassed

Post in main forum

 My take on New Promo Symbolism with Pics

WOWW  WHAT A CLASSIC PROMO Clap ... I cant believe Zee TV made such a brilliant stylish symbolic promo after ages Star .. This promo Reminds me of old days when we regularly got such spl symbolic promos Day DreamingDay Dreaming ...I must say both Gurmeet and Kratika looks stunning in this promo ...Gurmeet in that sherwani and Kratika with her curlss EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...and even Chetanji-Dolly Ji are looking fab in that red sherwani and red saree respectively WinkTongue...

Direction , camerawork , effects , costumes  everything is top notch in the new promo ClapClapClap.. Even the haunting background music is stunning as it gives the feel of tension all around since AarYa r definitely going against the tide in this whole PV mission Approve...

This is my interpretation of the promo

Its actually a very symbolic promo .. Those people standing in masks represent the society (Society combines of Scindia family members , general public and also us Viewers ..together all represents the society Smile) ... They r all throwing flowers in such a way that it looks as if they r throwing stones at SP-Radha Ouch ...So basically the promo indicates that even though finally SP-Radha PV is taking place in front of society , but society is yet to accept this remarriage wholeheartedly and so they r wearing masks of acceptance on their face but from inside they r hating whats happening Ouch ...Its only AarYa who r without mask , because they r happy from inside too  Embarrassed..

Promo actually represents us viewers too .. Viewers like many of us too are standing in masks who r yet to accept this Remarriage of SP-Radha even though we r watching it Wink while u hv AarYa going against all odds taking SP-Radha to the mandap all alone despite those strong oppositions on sides with junta in masks .. bahahaaa  Evil Smile... Oh well Zee tv played this promo on us actually ROFLROFL

Also in the promo , I noticed 3 types of Masks , One is Red , another is White while another is Black mask which is again all symbolic Ermm...

Red mask represents the family members who actually agree for the PV for AarYa's sake even though they still wholeheartedly r not sure about giving same acceptance to Radha which was given to Gayatri ..So they r wearing red masks because they dont hv evil intentions in their heart but at the same time , they r not too sure about the whole PV either Smile .. .

Black mask represents the evil minded people like Ishita and the hypocratic people of our society who neither accepts the PV nor hv anything positive in their heart either .. They simply want to destroy this whole PV alliance and create chaos .. So they r present wearing black mask more to protest than support it Ermm

White mask represents us viewers who neither support nor oppose this Punarvivah because its not in our hands LOL and so we r simple silent spectators who hv nothing in our hearts but r present on the occasion to witness how AarYa finally makes it possible Smile

Together the Red ,Black and White Mask people come together to form one society who witness this punarvivah of SP-Radha while AarYa take the centerstage to conduct it Approve

Towards the end of the promo we see a couple standing close to the mandap wearing red mask (Red mask=family member) and this is where  I feel that couple represent the upcoming twist that we might see on this spl episode of SP-Radha punarvivah Cool  ..That lady with red mask was about to throw flowers when her husband who is also wearing a red mask stops his wife from throwing flowers Ermm .. I wonder if it just represents a random couple where wife wants to support the PV but husband stops or is it actually Akash-Ishita  both wearing black mask to show their opposition but in the end  Akash stops Ishita from throwing those poisonous flowers on SP-Radha  mayb because he could finally realise her true colours behind that mask WinkTongue

Overall Its a brilliantly executed symbolic promo and an answer to all those who feel Zee tv no more promotes PV Star

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Great title Jyo  Clap Clap

@Jyo( copy/paste): Hmmm could it be that Radha's face isn't shown in the mirror and the red mask instead cause despite her agreeing to do the PV she too has some misgivings wondering if she will be able to handle the responsibility that's gonna come with being Mrs Suraj Pratap IMO if she had any evil intentions her mask would have been "black" plus I think that the reflection in the mirror is Ishita's but I could be wrong Ermm

EDIT: Oh my I've died and gone to AarYa's heaven Embarrassed Embarrassed...AarYa and Little one having a little romance isn't beautiful that they are in the very same room as when Aarti was trying to tell Yash that the little is there and that Palak was the first one to welcome him/her into the family via the teddy bear Big smile

hehe I wonder is stalker she devil Ishita won't be there spying on them Tongue LOL 

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Zetter brilliant picture take ClapClapClap .. I so agree , we cannot stand at one place and expect positive changes in our life .. we got to move on and take risks ... Like I said in my take too that AarYa know they r different from the rest but still they want to create a difference to bring out a positive change in minds of people Approve.. their timing or approach mayb wrong here but we all agree that their intention and heart is in right place and thats what matters most in the end because after few years people will forget about timing or approach , they will only remember the intentions and final result of this punarvivah Embarrassed ...

Also I agree , a woman is always needed to hold the house or family together ..a woman who can b a mother figure to all /// At present Scindia mansion lacks that mother figure too post Gayatri's death and this is where I feel AarYa wants Radha to take that responsibility ... they mayb right or wrong but again their intention and thought process is noble and positive Smile

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What is the meaning for this Jyo??

ANYWAYS unique title..Gr8

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@Anitu : Its a hit song from Gangs of Wassepur about a seductive woman TongueLOL ...

@All :Where is the crowd today ?? Ermm... errr the thread is just not opened so that people can stalk  Ermm...  

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26/3 Dragon Club:Punarvivah Again ?

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Author: jyoti06   Replies: 347   Views: 36397

jyoti06 347 36397 27 March 2013 at 10:32am by Samanalyse
25/3 Dragon Club: Bhoj ke Bojh

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Author: Samanalyse   Replies: 298   Views: 23447

Samanalyse 298 23447 26 March 2013 at 10:18am by Abie10
16/5 Dragon Club:Welcome to AarYa Fight Club :p

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Author: jyoti06   Replies: 312   Views: 26806

jyoti06 312 26806 17 May 2012 at 11:45am by Charishma

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