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Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 2: Ch 21 (Pg 134) (Page 97)

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Originally posted by roserosey

update soon

Another stalker LOL - i am so thrilled!!! Update is coming in a bit...

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Originally posted by caller123

Thumbs UpClapDay Dreaming

Thank you Caller Hug.

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Sharmeen - all the pictures were simply beautiful. But the spamdomain one - that was freaky ROFL. Waise both of them are way too good looking yaar.

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Chapter - 18

They had settled into an uneasy partnership. The earlier camaraderie was there, coming out during play-times with Ansh. However, it was overlaid with an acute awareness of the other's presence - a consciousness that had been absent from their interactions before the eventful Holi.


Ansh and Payal were playing while Arti, Vidhi and Gayatri sat discussing Ansh's upcoming first birthday. The men walked into the living room and immediately Arti, whose back was to the door, felt a prickling at the base of her neck. She knew Yash had come in and had looked towards her. Lately, she always knew when he entered the same space she was in. It was as if she had developed a Yash-sensor - she knew when he was there, she could sense his moods... She had not been this aware of even Prashant. And it made her extremely uncomfortable.


The Scindias had wanted to throw a grand party to celebrate Ansh's birthday. But better sense prevailed - Ansh was still weak after his ordeal and a party would be too tiring for him. Instead, they decided on a small get-together inviting only very close friends and family.


Yash took care of the decorations while Arti took charge of the menu and preparing the food. She wanted to make everything herself, from the cake to a five-course sit-down dinner. She and Yash planned the seating arrangement - they had about 30-people invited to the dinner.


The Dubeys and Shankars had been unable to attend, but Ansh's other grandparents were coming - Arpita's family. This would be the first time Arti would meet them and she was nervous.


The Raisinghs were the first to arrive - Arpita's parents and her younger sister Anjali. Suraj and Gayatri greeted them and brought them into the living room. Gayatri motioned Arti to come forward and she did, bringing Ansh with her. Arti took their aashirwaad while Ansh stood clinging to his mother's saree. He had not seen this set of grandparents for months and had a very hazy recollection of them.


Arti picked him up and folding his palms into a Namaste had him salute his grandparents. Her simple gesture went a long way with the traditional Raisinghs who had been equally nervous about meeting Arti. Ansh hesitated to go to the older couple but went willingly to Anjali when she held out her arms to him and called him. Mitali, Arpita's mother broke into a wide smile at that and turning back to Arti, nodded at her. "Jeete raho beta. Aapne Ansh ka bahut achha khayal rakha hai. Yash bete ne hamein bataya hai ki aap kitna acha dhyan rakhte ho Ansh ka."  (May you live long child. You have taken very good care of Ansh. Yash has told us how well you care for Ansh).


She took a deep breath and with a hint of tears in her eyes, said, "Aapne Arpita ke bachhe ko apna bana liya. Itne kam samay mein woh aapse aise ghul-mil gaya hai ki lagta hai woh aapka hi hai." (You have made Arpita's child your own. In such a short span of time he has become so intimate with you that it seems he is really your child).


Arti bowed her head down and accepted the blessing with gratitude - for blessing it was. She had feared what Arpita's parents would think of her and the fact that they accepted her as Ansh's mother went a long way in increasing her confidence.


Anjali was another surprise. Physically completly different from Arpita, who had resembled her delicate and petite mother, the tall girl brought a sense of joie-de-vivre with her. Ansh and Payal recognized a potential playmate in her instantly and she was inducted into their childish games, filling the whole house with laughter.


Her relationship with Yash was the most informal Arti had seen her husband indulge in. Anjali pulled her Jijaji, made him sit and play with the kids, scolded him, punched him on the shoulder when he teased her, teased him right back... And made Arti feel the first pangs of jealousy.  


She sensed the green-eyed monster in her and quickly squelched it, telling herself it was because she missed that kind of interaction with Yash herself. That night however she could not stop herself from asking Yash about Anjali.


After Ansh was asleep, happily tired after his play during the party, and they were getting ready for bed themselves, Arti said, "Yashji?"


"Hmm?" Yash said absent-mindedly while checking his email on the phone.


"Yashji!" Arti said slightly louder and Yash looked up at her. "You and Anjali are good friends, aren't you?"


Yash frowned in puzzlement, "Friends? Not really. What made you think so?"


Arti turned slightly and sat down to avoid his eyes. "No...it was only that you both are so informal with each other."


She missed the shrug as her back was towards him. Yash replied, going back to his phone, "She is my saali. The relationship brooks some informality. And I have seen her grow-up - she's a kid, like my sister."


Really? Thought Arti to herself cattily. Softly, under her breadth she muttered, "Saali, aadhi-gharwaali".


"Did you say something Artiji?" asked Yash his ears pricking up.


"No, nothing" Arti said hastily as she lay down and pulled her chaddar up to her chin.


As he switched off the bedside lamp, Yash smiled to himself. He had heard her mutterings, and if he didn't know better, he could swear he smelt a little ole' jealousy there...



The next morning Arti awoke to find herself alone in bed. Yash and Ansh were not there... A quick search found them on the balcony in front of their room. Yash was sitting on the jhula, a sleeping Ansh in his arms. Arti made some tea and brought it out to the balcony.


She placed the tray on a side table that was next to the jhula and indicated Ansh. Yash handed their son to her and picked up a cup. Arti sat down on the jhula next to him, folded her legs and put Ansh in her lap, her saree a make-shift crib. Yash handed a cup to her and took the other one. The two sat quietly, the jhula swinging very slowly in the gentle early morning breeze, and sipped their chai.


They had never sat like this, together, quietly contentedly enjoying the beverage. A sense of peace filled Arti...but she could sense the disquiet in Yash. Hesitantly she asked him, "Kya hua Yashji?"


For a moment she could see his shoulders tense. She reached out and touched his shoulder and he relaxed slightly. Looking straight ahead he said quietly, "Arpita's barsi is coming".


A sense of shock shot through Arti. Though why should she be shocked?? She knew Arpita had passed away a few days after Ansh's birth, so her barsi was bound to be near. She knew...but she had not realized it till he said the words.


Arti took her hand away and placed it over Ansh, securing him in her lap. "When?" she asked. She didn't know the date she realized. Yash told her the date and Arti thought it was only a week after Ansh's birth! For the first time Arti was curious about what had happened to Arpita, how had she died...


Yash continued in the same tone as he stared out at something only he could see, "I spoke with Papaji yesterday. They are doing her barsi at home. He said..." And Yash turned to look at Arti now, his eyes a tortured pool, "He said I cannot...should not participate. Since I am married now..." As his voice petered off he turned away from her again, his whole body suddenly tense.


Arti said gently, "Do you want to Yashji?... Because you should, you know. It is very therapeutic". And she told him her own experience during Prashant's barsi and the feeling of peace that filled her after its conclusion.


He listened to her quietly, seemingly absorbing everything she said. When she finished they just sat together, quietly on the jhula till Ansh awoke. Words were not exchanged, but both knew that Yash would participate in Arpita's barsi.




Yash walked into the Raisingh house with Arti and Ansh in tow. The barsi puja was about to start and he went and sat down there. Arpita's father started to protest, but Yash was firm, and when Arti asked him politely to let Yash join, the older gentleman capitulated.


Arti stayed in the background, keeping Ansh in check. She knew she had no place in the puja, but her presence added credibility to Yash which is why she had firmly insisted she and Ansh would join him. After the puja Anjali came to her.


"Didi" she hesitated and then said again, "Can I call you Didi?"


Arti nodded.


Anjali continued, "Thank you Didi. Thank you for bringing Jijaji - it means the world to us, and finally I think Jiji's soul will be at peace."


Arti caught the suppressed sob in Anjali's voice and her heart went out to the young girl. She cupped her face with one palm and said, "I am sure Arpitaji is at peace now."


Anjali nodded, "Yes, now. This barsi would have been incomplete without Jijaji and Ansh. And you brought them here. I know Papaji had told Jijaji he could not come - but he did, and only because you allowed it. Thank you Didi, you don't know what you have done for my poor Jiji."


"Why do you say that Anjali? I have done nothing here" Arti said, Anjali's choice of words puzzling her.


Anjali shook her head, in silent disagreement. On a hunch, and partly out of curiosity that she now found difficult to curb, Arti asked, "How did Arpitaji die?"


At that Anjali's head snapped up and she looked at her in shock, "You don't know? Jiji....Jiji committed suicide."




As soon as she got a chance, Arti cornered Vidhi. Her brain was still reeling from what Anjali had said and she could not stop the stream of questions pounding in her head.


"Anjali told me Arpitaji committed suicide. Why?" Arti was unable to keep the anguish out of her voice.


Vidhi's face clouded over and her bright laughing eyes changed instantly into a cesspool of sadness. She asked Arti, "What do you remember about Arpita?"

Arti thought back to the two times she had seen Arpita, "Not much. I saw her for the first time at the Alumni reunion. She looked so... so ethereal....like a fairy gliding over the ground in white and blue. And then I met her during your wedding", Arti smiled slightly as she remembered Yash asking her to help him meet Arpita. And then her eyes clouded over too as she recalled the besotted look on the couple's face - and a sense of sadness and loss filled her. "She looked beautiful, like a golden princess" Arti reminisced.  


Vidhi nodded slightly. "Yes. Arpita was beautiful and her looks were due partly to her inherent beauty, partly to her considerable skill with makeup. But mostly to the role she was playing that night".


"Role?" Arti was confused.


Vidhi rubbed her forehead in frustration, "It's difficult to explain Arti. It's like... like she thought life was a play. There was a script and we all had predesignated roles." Seeing Arti's bewildered look she sighed, "I know... I know it makes no sense if you are hearing about it. But we had to live it."


Vidhi turned around, her restless hands seeking distraction and finding clothes to fold. Mindlessly folding them she continued, "Arpita was a lovely person. You couldn't help but love her - she had so much passion and love for life. But she was difficult to live with."


She turned to Arti then and held her forearm, "Arti we all have dreams. We all had dreams... about what life would be like, our future husbands, family life, career, so many things. We all learned to adjust, to realize the difference between dreams and real life. We learned to cherish what our lives turned out to be... while we continued to dream new dreams."


"Arpita... she didn't. She held on to those dreams and tried to make them real, make them her life, our life. She had a certain vision of what a happy family should be - and we were supposed to comply. She imagined what an ideal loving husband should be - and Yash Bhaiyya had to be that..."


Vidhi continued sadly, "She did not realize that we are people with our own thoughts and feelings. That we are living our life and not play-acting in a life-play. It was difficult for her to understand why we did what we did, because most of the time it did not fit in with the ideas she had about us."


"Do you know she was a gold medalist is English Literature?" Arti nodded in response. "She was brilliant. When she returned to Bhopal she got so many job offers - from the University, from magazines, newspapers, organizations. She refused all of them without a second thought - she wanted to concentrate on getting married and settling into her life here. We encouraged her to accept an offer, any offer. Even after her marriage ' but she refused. If she had accepted I think... no, I know things would have been different."


"You see college life had grounded her. College had exams, assignments, expectations she had to fulfill - she was challenged and like every student, had to prove herself. More so than other students perhaps since she aimed to maintain her grade, top the university - and she did."


"But after she married, it was only family. No outside influence in her life... There was no external force to ground her any more..."


"You remember Mrs. Thakkar?" Arti looked at her in surprise, "Of course!  What about her?"


Vidhi said, "She moved here a few years ago to take care of her ailing father. She is working at the university here. She was Arpita's thesis guide so when she moved here, Arpita and Bhaiyya went to meet her and they became good friends... I think she realized - she invited Arpita to become a guest lecturer, would not take no for an answer. So, finally Arpita agreed. She had played Desedemona once and so she chose Othello."


"Mrs. Thakkar invited us to one of Arpita's classes. Arti - it was amazing. She lived the play - she captured our imaginations in her reading and explanations - we could visualize each scene as she talked about it. She was brilliant, really brilliant. And she was so excited about her classes, always preparing for them, talking about her students... she should have continued... "


"Why didn't she?" Arti asked as Vidhi seemed lost in her thoughts.


"She became pregnant. And it was difficult. Painful at times and of course the first trimester was a nightmare - continuous nausea. She lost so much weight she looked as if a strong wind would blow her away. She finally had to stop the classes - she couldn't cope. Perhaps if she had lived, she would have started them again..."


"What happened to her Vidhi?" Arti insisted.


"After her delivery she went into post-partum depression. The doctors diagnosed it, but no one realized how severe it was. From a lively, vibrant, dreamy woman she turned into a silent statue. We would place Ansh in her arms and she would not even look at him, he would just lie there, she wouldn't hold him. She didn't talk to us, to any one except Yash Bhaiyya and Anjali."


"About a week after her delivery, she was discharged. The doctors had prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills but she was not supposed to take them without supervision. That first night Yash Bhaiyya was there with her - her parents had insisted on taking her home with them, so she could stay there for the first 6 weeks and then come back here. Bhaiyya argued with them and finally they agreed to let him stay with her. The second night though he had gone out of town and could not get back - he called and let them know. But there were periods of time when Arpita was alone in the room.... and at one such time she took an overdose of the sleeping pills. No one realized till the morning when they went to wake her - but by then it was too late..."


"It could have been an accident Vidhi. She was depressed, perhaps she did not pay attention to the dosage" Arti insisted.


"Perhaps... that's how we had the police classify it... death by accidental overdose of medication" Vidhi said, tears in her eyes now.


"Police?" Arti asked horrified.


"Police has to be notified of sudden death" Vidhi replied non-commitally.


While Arti tried to process the deluge of information, Vidhi continued, "Her death devastated us. We struggled to keep the family together, to keep Bhaiyya sane...and all the time each of us dealt with, fought with our own feelings of guilt. What had brought on that depression? Could we have prevented it? Could we have prevented her death?... If I sound bitter towards Arpita, I think its because of the effect her death had on all of us..."


"Yash Bhaiyya had the worst time of course. He blamed himself for her death - said he was a criminal because he could not be there to prevent her..." Vidhi said wearily as she recalled the time Yash had gone to the police to surrender and they had brought him home, gently but firmly explaining to him that he was not at fault.


"Finally it was Anjali who got through to him - she had been the only one Arpita talked to besides Bhaiyya and she somehow managed to break through his walls of guilt and self-blame. She forced him to look at Ansh, to hold him, love him care for him... That poor baby didn't even get his parents' love for the first few weeks of his life." And finally the tears fell as Vidhi let her friend see the pain and grief the Scindia family had battled for months before her and Yash's punar vivah.

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Great update Kat !

Loved the progress as we finally got to know the Arpita side of the story. You had given vague hints here and there but it was good to have it out in the open. Tragic though it was but her untimely death left a whole family in chaos with Yash facing the worst of it.

On the bright side like how AarYa have started becoming more aware of one another. Loved the bit of jealous-Aarti and more than that I liked the fact that Yash enjoyed her jealousy just as much.

As usual great writing. Waiting for the next update to see how you take this forward.

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Lovely...Day DreamingStar
Thanks for the pm dear.

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It was painful to imagine the guiltiness Yash had to go through after Arpita's death. 
U make me feel the characters emotions and imagine the whole scene with GC n KS acting in it dear.

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