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Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 2: Ch 21 (Pg 134) (Page 85)

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Originally posted by mjht_admirer

Now that was a very interesting part. "AarYa story gonna move" feel like part.
I loved the way u are showing the story it neither too fast and nor too slow. Its just perfect, which is always the highlight of any story and in this case, ur story "Dil Jaanta Hai".

son and 'My' son scenario and the last mangalsutra scenes were the highlight of the chapter.

The feeling or I should say, the disappointment shown by Yash in both the cases was very much natural. Though he still doesn't consider Aarti as his wife but has started respecting ans acknowledging her as Ansh's mother. So it was but natural for him to react that way and show some disappointment and rudeness.

Good going as for Aarti and Yash.

Thanks for the pm

loads of love


You had to go and mention the pace now my friend - just as i am about to speed things up with PV ending. 

Lol, yeah, the your/my son. Another "duh" from Arti given that they have been married only a few weeks. But in a way, it shows how much Arti has already "apna"-oed (not a word i know, but u get my meaning i hope) Ansh already. She can afford to say "your son" because in her heart and mine he already is, and always was, "my son".

kdsubs IF-Dazzler

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Chapter - 17C

Granted they had agreed to be just friends. But he was damned if he was going to tolerate his wife wearing another man's mangalsutra!

"Yashji, please. Listen to me a moment" Arti said, catching hold of his hand. This was ridiculous and she had no wish to prolong this silly misunderstanding.

Her touch scalded him. But before Yash could react in anyway, Pankaj knocked and walked in, holding a shivering Ansh to his chest.  "Arti, Yash!" he called and then stopped, looking from one to the other. He could feel the tension in the room, but he had no time to delve on it.


Turning to Arti he said, "Arti, Ansh fell into the tank as he was playing with the older kids. He is..." Before he could complete the sentence, the baby was snatched out of his arms.


Arti rushed to the cupboard and pulled out a towel. She ran back where Yash was standing, holding a dripping Ansh and she quickly wrapped the baby in the large towel. She took him to the bed and started removing his clothes. Yash went to help her and the two worked quietly together, intent on the baby in front of them.


Yash chafed Ansh's limbs, while Arti scrubbed him dry, unmindful of how rough she was, knowing the roughness would help the blood circulation. The dripping wet Pankaj saw the two working together and left, to change and to call the doctor. It had been barely a second, a second of unmind-fullness and Ansh had toppled into the tank. Pankaj had dived right in, intent on finding the baby and had managed to pull him out in less than one minute. But those few seconds may have been enough... If anything happened to Ansh he would not be able to forgive himself.


Ansh looked out at his parents through terrified eyes, his little body trembling in the cold, despite the thick blanket he was lying on now, with Yash and Arti scrubbing and rubbing him. Arti spared one look at his face and quickly looked away, her heart in her mouth, terrified at the potential effects. She could not lose him... she would not lose him.


Yash looked at his son as he rubbed him, the terror in his son's eyes driving him to continue rubbing, long past his aching muscles would have given up. No way would he let Ansh go. It was not an option. His son would live.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Pankaj Pankaj came into the room and touched Yash on the shoulder. Without stopping his task, Yash looked over his shoulder at his brother. "I could not get a hold of any of the doctors. We may need to take him into the hospital Yash."


The thought came to both at the same instant, and both Yash and Arti said together, "Ahmed!"


Arti looked at Yash then and nodded, taking over from Yash as he got up to call Dr. Ahmed Ansari. Quickly he filled in his friend and former client on the situation. He put the phone on speaker so both Arti and Pankaj could hear what Ahmed had to say.  Pankaj noted down the medicines and left as soon as the call was over.


Their family doctor had finally called back and stopped by late that evening. Ansh's chest was clear, so there was no immediate need to take him to the hospital. But he would need to be under constant vigil through the night.


It was a long night. But neither Yash nor Arti missed their sleep. They constantly monitored his temperature, keeping cold compresses when necessary, preventing it from rising above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. He could barely swallow some fluids, and Vidhi made a weak, thin warm soup that Arti fed him through his bottle, one agonizing sip at a time.


Arti held Ansh in her arms as he slept fitfully - he was too restless if they lay him down. Around midnight, Yash took her place, taking Ansh from her and quietly insisting she get some rest. Within an hour she was back at their side, unable to sleep, unable to rest. They spent the rest of the night like that, taking turns holding Ansh, but neither leaving his side.


By morning his fever broke and when the doctor came to check him again, he gave them the all-clear. Finally, after nearly 18 hours the household was able to relax a little. An exhausted Arti dropped down next to the bed where the weary baby now lay in a deep sleep, and could not stop the tears that poured out her eyes. Yash stood next to her, looking at his son, his exhaustion drawn clearly on his face. He saw Arti's shoulders heave up once and then lay still - she was crying silently, he could not hear her at all. Remorse and a shared burden constricted his heart and he stretched out his hand towards her. But then he stopped. He could not... he could not touch her, not like this, not now, not till he knew what she wanted.


The next couple of days passed with the anxious parents still caring jointly for the weak, yet recovering Ansh. Each step to the path of recovery was a shared joy - when he slept for 30 minutes without being held, when he drank half a bottle of milk, when he sat up, when he laughed, when he called out to them and finally when he stood up, holding on to Yash's hands, his still weak legs wobbling under him, an anxious Arti hovering over him. They knew he was going to be fine when Payal came in to see him and he pushed her hands away, scrambling to Yash, staking his claim. The two cousins loved each other, but were always at logger-heads and Ansh's reaction was the most natural sign he could give them of his returning strength.


As Ansh recovered, the awkwardness between his parents returned. The stronger he became, the more distant they became from each other. Without the overwhelming worry for Ansh to tie them together, they seemed at a loss on how to deal with each other. Arti wanted to breach the gap but did not know how; and Yash was adamant about not broaching the subject.


Arti had managed to talk to Vidhi privately and tell her how the wrong mangalsutra ended up on her. Vidhi had looked at her in disbelief - "Of all the utterly idiotic things to do Arti!" had been her only comment. And Arti could only agree with her. She had removed her old mangalsutra the day after Holi, the morning when Ansh's fever broke; but before she could wear Yash's one, Ansh had cried out and she had rushed to him, the mangalsutra lying forgotten on the dressing table.


Now, she sat with the chain in her hand, fresh out of her bath, ready to wear it. And yet she hesitated. Not because she did not want to wear it. But because a part of her wanted to make a statement to Yash. She wanted him to put it on her...


She ran the chain through her fingers, sighing softly to herself, well aware that she could not ask him to put the mangalsutra on her - she had inadvertently blocked that budding comfort-level between them... Just then she heard a soft sound and looked up into the mirror.


Yash had come out of the bathroom and with her sitting in front of the mirror, he went straight to the side-table where she kept his chai nowadays. The sound she heard had been the clatter of the plate as Yash removed it from atop the cup and placed it on the table. He turned with the cup in hand and paused, his cup raised half-way to his mouth. What was she doing? Oh!


Arti could see his reflection in the mirror. Deliberately, she held the mangalsutra in her hand and holding his eyes with her own, placed the chain around her neck. As she struggled to clasp it, Yash kept the tea-cup down and walked over to stand behind her. She slid her hands down and lifted her hair, placing the long tresses over her left shoulder, leaving her neck bare to his view. Haltingly, careful not to touch her, Yash took the two ends of the chain and clasped them together.


He looked into the mirror then, straight into her eyes, as if seeking confirmation from her. Something in her eyes answered the unspoken query in his and he nodded slightly, as if in affirmation, then turned around and left the room.


Arti sat on, tightly clutching the pendant of her mangalsutra, a sheen of wetness in her eyes as she stared at her reflection. She tried to take a deep breath to slow down her racing heart - it felt as if she had been about to fall off a  precipice and was pulled back in the nick of time.


She didn't know where they were headed, if their old friendship would be back. She did know however that today she had taken one step, one tiny step forward. A step into her future... into their future.


Thank you for reading.

First of, i should apologize for part C. I should have waited till i had finished writing this part and then posted the whole section together. Its meant to be read together...

Secondly - a note in advance. With PV ending, i am kind of speeding this story up. The story from here on will focus exclusively on Yash-Arti, and Ansh. When the story/plot-point requires it, others will make an appearance - not otherwise. Assume that Arti is doing everything she should to fit in as a Scindia bahu and everyone loves her. Also assume that Yash is doing what he should to make the Dubeys' accept him. I will not mention these relationships or dwell on how they blossom.

With PV ending i may lose my motivation - so, this is my compromise. Finish the story with the main characters in focus only...

Thank you for reading and for being so very supportive,

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hey kat thamks for not only giving us beautiful ff but to reply on each comment it really makes u feel  more goodHug

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i just realized after re-reading (i know- Stern Smile) - that while i read but didn't really register that aarti's first thought after vidhi makes her aware oftheir wet clothes was about yash- about how yash may have seen her so... so subconsciously even she is respondingBig smile

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oh this is a good day- first deepti, now you Dancing

ok - first off can i just say fantastic job with the ansh section...it was so well written, i almost wanted to jump in through the screen and take over LOL
i love ansh and payal's relationship- cousins are so underrated in most stories but they're oh so important in reality - so fab job there
ah the intensity of the mangalsutra scene was Day Dreaming

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Wonderful update Dear Clap ClapClap...aww love AarYa in their bedroom scene with the mangalsutra Embarrassed Embarrassed 

Can't wait for what comes next Wink

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Finally the MU is cleared Tongue

Loved the way they both took care of Ansh and its Ansh who connects them together even when they have some problems Embarrassed So, finally Arati is taking a step forward to their relationship.

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loved the update
like is not working...

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