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Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 2: Ch 21 (Pg 134) (Page 73)

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Originally posted by InduG64

Kat...simply loved the way you have written the last two chapters. Their pathos, their nerves, their resignation, and their awkwardness have been so lucidly depicted...I have no words to say. The final tea/coffee scene is so adorable. The hot beverages broke the ice...at least now they will be on old familiar, friendly grounds.

Great stuff pal!Clap

Thank you Indu. For two people who were deeply in love with their spouses, re-marriage cannot be easy. Even if they have moved on, the act itself would be a reminder - or so i think. So... these two have to go through all the hesitancy, resignation, awkwardness, etc etc.

Old familiar friendly grounds - but for how long?...

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Originally posted by Deepti1808

Ah! the arranged marriage adjustment phase.

Having lived through the period myself I thoroughly enjoyed this phase of AarYa in your story.

Of course PV is much more difficult to deal with but I am sure you will make their journey just perfect as you have been doing so far.

Thoroughly enjoyable read Kat.

My wishlist:
1) I want them to jointly handle a function or some major rasam together.

2) I want them to go for Ansh baby shopping together.

3)I want them to slowly open up about their respective pasts after they start trusting one another.

4) I want Aarti too to start living in the present more and thinking less about Prashanth and becoming guilty just like Yash. But then coming to terms with it.

Day Dreaming Can you make my wishes come true???

Lol - you made me feel like Santa Claus Deepti. LOL Some of your items will play a natural role in the story - for the rest, let me see...

Arranged marriage - hope i am not messing things up here.  But i am about to anyway - with the next update.

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Originally posted by roserosey

Smileaddicted to this story continue soon

LOL - i have a stalker and now i have an addict too! High-fiving myself Wink.

Welcome to Dil Jaanta Hai Rose. And thank you for such a sweet comment.

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Sharmeen!! My pictures are back! Thank you Hug.

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Chapter 17-B

Arti and Yash settled into an easy camaraderie centered around Ansh. They found it simple enough to be around each other with Ansh as the centerpiece of their lives. Neither noticed that they focused only on Ansh when they were together, never on each other. While they spent their evenings together, shared the same room, conversed, neither knew anything more about the other than they had that first day of marriage. But - Holi was coming. And the festival of colours was slated to change their lives irrevocably...


The Scindias had always celebrated Holi on a large scale. This year, partly in memory of Arpita and partly to humour Yash's wishes on the matter, the celebration was restricted to family only. But Pankaj and Vidhi were determined to have a full celebration with water colours, balloons, pichkari, the works.


On the morning of Holi, Arti and Yash were woken by a loud banging on their door. "Yash, Arti, get up! You are late, chalo!" came Pankaj's voice. Startled out of deep slumber Yash nearly fell of the bed, while Arti sat straight up with a jerk, awaking Ansh. The sleepy baby broke out in a loud wail, setting the tone for the entire day.


Soothing Ansh, getting him ready, getting herself ready...Arti felt rushed off her feet. So when Yash came in from the bathroom and said, "Hurry up Artiji" he prompted their first fight.


Teeth clenched tight as she tried to feed Ansh who kept refusing his bottle while he continued to wail, Arti snapped, "Can't you help? I am not sitting here wasting my time. I am trying to feed your son."


Her words stung him like a wasp's sting. He hadn't realized when in this one month he had started considering Arti as family, as Ansh's mother. So her words your son cut him to the quick. Gritting his teeth in response, he plucked Ansh out of Arti's arms, snatching the bottle from her.


"What...?" a startled Arti exclaimed, looking at him in confusion as he stalked to the other side of the bed, a wailing Ansh cradled in his arms. Yash sat down and tried to soothe the baby who was even more upset now, picking up on the discord in the room. She walked to their side of the bed and held out her arms. "Give him to me Yashjji."


Without looking at her, he ground out tersely, "No need Artiji. I can take care of my son."


"Yashji, he is crying so much. Give him to me na, please" Arti coaxed, unsure why Yash was reacting like this. Normally, he would let her soothe Ansh, especially if he got as upset as this.


He looked at her then, with eyes so cold that Arti felt she had been drenched in ice-cold water. "I said I can take care of him. You do not need to feed my son Artiji."


She felt as if she had been slapped! Why...? And then she realized what she had said in her irritation. Flushing she said remorsefully, "Yashji you know I did not mean anything like that. I was just feeling harassed. Please..."


Just then there was another banging on the door and this time Vidhi called, "Arti, Bhaiyya! Are you guys ready yet?"


Arti pursed her lips in irritation and Yash concentrated on soothing Ansh down. He said in a flat, emotionless tone, "Get ready Artiji."


Knowing she had been dismissed, Arti went into the bathroom to get ready. By the time she showered, changed and came out, Yash had left with Ansh. She brushed her long, nearly waist-length hair, a feeling of disquiet pervading her being. She did not like this...this sense of discord, this disagreement. Whenever she and Prashant used to fight, it would be a full-blown one with each spewing out whatever came to mind. It would hurt, but they just as quickly made up. Except for that one time... Arti shook her head trying to clear out Prashant's images and focus more on what had just happened. This cold, polite formality... this was foreign to her. It felt so much ruder than the full-blown war of words she was more familiar with. She wasn't sure how to set things right...


Yash was at the breakfast table, holding Ansh on his lap as he fed him some toast. "Where is Arti, beta?" Gayatri asked.


"Getting ready", was the tight, clipped response. The other four adults exchanged glances, instinctively sensing something amiss. Completely oblivious to the suddenly tense atmosphere, Payal pushed her half-eaten plate away and came prancing around to Ansh.


"Come on Chotu-motu. Kitna khayega? Chal na." (Come on little fatso. How much will you eat? Come on) she called, pulling at Ansh's hands.


Just then Arti came there. She quickly took Gayatri and Suraj's blessings and came behind Yash's chair. Payal was still pulling at Ansh. As soon as he saw her, Ansh pushed Payal's arms away and held out his own to her. "Mamma!" he called, a happy smile lighting up his face. Preferring not to create a scene in front of the family, Yash let Arti take him.


Coaxing Payal to finish her half-eaten breakfast, Arti quickly finished hers as the rest were done and waiting. Ansh stayed in her lap the whole time, picking up small morsels of food, turning around in her lap to feed her. Yash saw from the corner of his eye, knowing how unjust his outburst had been, yet unable to rid himself of the pain her words had caused.


After breakfast it was time to play. Arti was not keen on getting Ansh wet but gulal was fine. She told Vidhi quietly, who agreed, but cautioned her that it may be difficult to keep Ansh away from the water since everyone would be playing and he loved water. Arti was determined to protect him however, a part of her trying to prove to Yash that she was fully capable of taking care of their son.


They started the play with putting some gulal at the feet of the Radha-Krishna idol in their temple. Then they all came out in the garden to play in earnest. Some of the neighbourhood children had come over uninvited, and no one had the heart to send them away, including Yash.


Pankaj had prepared a big tank full of coloured water. While the adults played with gulal for a while, the children made a beeline for the tank, filling up pichkaris, balloons and even buckets to throw on each other. Quickly the play escalated with the adults joining in, going straight for the buckets. At one point Pankaj picked up Vidhi and dropped her in the tank, and she came up spluttering and laughing, drenched to the core. She didn't even need to appeal to Yash - he returned the "favour" by pushing Pankaj right into the tank to join his wife.


By then Yash was full into the play and picking up a bucket full of the coloured water, he threw it on Arti, drenching her completely. Ansh was in Gayatri's arms at the time and he started squirming, trying to get out. Arti filled a pichkari and taking Ansh, she placed his hands on the piston and aimed it straight at Yash whose back was to them as he  filled up another bucket. Just as he turned around, the water from the pichkari hit his chest, a few streams spraying his face as well.

"Teri toh!"  he said, grinning and lifted the bucket, intending to douse Arti again. She squealed and ran, handing Ansh over to Gayatri on her way. Before she could get very far though Yash caught up with her and holding her with one arm, upturned the bucket over her head. At the last moment, Arti pulled Yash in and he got drenched in the bargain, leaving two bedraggled, giggling adults in its wake, their morning disagreement forgotten.


Vidhi and Arti were wearing old, pale salwar-kurtas, instead of their usual saris. They both had the dupattas draped between their breasts and tied at the waist. Now that they were completely drenched, the kurta  clung to their bodies, outlining every nuance of their figure. For the first time Yash noticed Arti's outline and tried not to stare  as a completely oblivious Arti continued playing with Vidhi, Payal and Ansh, her hair loosening out of the knot she had tied at the nape of her neck.


Pankaj noticed his wife's appearance and much as he appreciated it too, he saw the older children from the neighbourhood stealing glances at his wife and Arti. He pulled Vidhi aside and asked her to go in and change, taking Arti with her.


Vidhi quickly realized the situation and without a word to Arti, dragged her away. ""What... Vidhi!" Arti exclaimed. She had been having so much fun. "We have outsiders here Arti. We both need to change - a little too...ummm... visible aren't we?" Vidhi whispered as she set a fast pace towards their room.


"Oh!" Arti said, realization dawning. And then she blushed bright red, realizing she would have been just as visible to Yash.


Without thinking, Arti followed Vidhi into her room. As Vidhi pulled out some towels and a change of clothes for herself, Arti untied her wet dupatta. She pulled it off and the clasp of her mangalsutra snagged on the cloth and was pulled out from inside her kurta.


Vidhi turned from the cupboard, holding out a towel, "Arti here..." and she stood stock-still in shock, dismay flowing through her. No! It couldn't be! Arti would not do that, she could not...


Arti reached out for the towel and was surprised at the expression on Vidhi's face. "Vidhi?" She asked. Not getting any response, she went up to her friend and shook her by the shoulder, "Vidhi! Kya hua?" (What happened?).


Vidhi raised her eyes to Arti's and it was Arti's turn to be startled. She had never seen such anger in Vidhi's eyes before, at least never directed to herself.


Vidhi lifted the mangalsutra - a slim string of black and yellow-gold beads with a small gold pendant. "You are wearing Prashant's mangalsutra. Not Yash Bhaiyya's" Vidhi stated, disbelief and disappointment dripping from her voice.


Arti looked down in shock.


Vidhi turned her back to her. "How could you, Arti? I did not expect this from you" she said softly, the sadness in her voice like a knife through Arti's. Vidhi continued, "You are betraying both men, both Prashant and Bhaiyya." And finally turning to look her friend in the eye she concluded, "Worst of all, you are betraying yourself." Without a   second glance, Vidhi walked into the bathroom and slammed the door, ignoring her friend, not waiting to hear anything, unable to hear anything...


Yash moved away from the bedroom door, white as a sheet. He had followed the women inside, ostensibly to change out of his wet clothes. But he hadn't fooled anyone outside, least of all himself. Hearing voices from Pankaj and Vidhi's room he had stopped there, intending to go in and escort Arti to their room. And then he had seen Arti's dupatta pull out an unfamiliar chain and heard everything that followed. So...this is what betrayal felt like, he thought wondering why it hurt so much, so very much...


Arti walked into her room in a daze and went straight to the cupboard. She opened the safe and took out the jewelry box that contained the gold set her in-laws had gifted her. There it sat, the mangalsutra Yash had put on her on their wedding day.  She closed her eyes wearily. What an idiot she was. She had removed all the jewelry she had worn that day, not realizing she had removed the mangalsutra as well. And since then she had not even opened the safe, let alone look into the box. But...but when had she worn the mangalsutra Prashant had given her? She did not remember doing that...And that is when she realized - she had never removed it. Not even during his barsi. Since their marriage, she had always had it around her neck, she could not bear to take it off after the accident and no one had asked her to either.


Arti picked up the mangalsutra Yash had given and stepped back from the safe. She had gotten ready for her punar vivah herself, and had not even noticed she was wearing the symbol of her first marriage - she was so used to that slim chain around her neck. And when Vidhi got her ready for the reception, the slightly heavier mangalsutra from Yash must have covered her first one, for Vidhi had not seen it either...And she never realized in these weeks that she was wearing the wrong mangalsutra!


Thank god it was Vidhi who noticed. She would talk to her, she could make Vidhi understand - it had been a stupid mistake, but it was just a mistake. Thankfully the others did not know...


She put Yash's mangalsutra down and reached behind her neck to remove the old one - and a hand caught her wrists before she could unclasp it. Still holding one of her wrists, Yash walked around and came to stand in front of her. He looked into her stricken eyes and immediately let go of her wrist.


"Artiji". His voice was calm, soft, his eyes expressionless. Only he knew how much effort it took to keep all emotions in check at that moment... Unable to look at her any longer, he turned his face away and continued, "I had thought you agreed to this marriage from your own choice. I believed you had not been forced...If...if you were forced, if this marriage is not of your choice, please let me know...I have no wish to tie you to an unwanted relationship."


"Yashji", Arti started to say. She had made a stupid mistake, but it was not intentional. She hadn't wanted Yashji to know about this...this dumb, idiotic oversight of hers. But now that he did, she had to clear his misunderstanding immediately.


Yash held up his palm to stop her right there. "It's not too late Artiji. Decide what you want. If you wish this relationship to end, let me know. But..." Yash stopped a moment and Arti could see his adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed before continuing. "But if you wish to continue this relationship Artiji, you will have to honour it." He couldn't be more explicit, he trusted her to understand...


Yash turned away from her, heading towards the door of their room. He didn't know why he said that...He should have just set her free...Granted they had agreed to be just friends. But he was damned if he was going to tolerate his wife wearing another man's mangalsutra!

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Fantastic update as usual. Beautifully written as always. It was nice to see a tiff between them. Looking forward to what is in store next. Fab job Kat 

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*Much needed Reserved* Stern Smile

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Great update Clap

Now wearing Prashant's mangalsutra was a stupid mistake Ouch and starting from morning...its 2 mistakes in one day itself LOL..

But its good to see a tiff between them and such a talk from Yash's side regarding the mangalsutra as these will help them to move forward from the relationship of friendship  to more, even if its will take time.

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