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Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 2: Ch 21 (Pg 134) (Page 59)

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Originally posted by elanpremi

Beautifully narrated dear

Thank you Elanpremi.

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Originally posted by Koolsmile

First of all Kat, I strongly apologize for landing here so late Unhappy
Belated Congratulationz for a new thread Smile
Em here wid a short POV of mine on previous 4 to 5 chapters that I haven't commented on...
Starting from Gayatri considering Yash's re-marriage , that's a step needed in his lyf coz of his son, Ansh does need a mother n its not alwayz Vidhi's responsibility to care for him.. N their point of view is also correct that both AarYa needs an aim to hold on to their lyf, as far as Yash is concerned he has Ansh n it bring some responsibilities to take care of.. n Aarti-as far as I've seen-needs Ansh for her own solace Smile
I love that! I love your choice of words to explain Arti's state of mind. Thank you!

Yew introduced a new character of Yash's Maya Didi.. I must say, A needful guidance for Yash ! Her talks gave me a view into Arpita's character, She was indeed a fantasy-lover being... Loved the way yew made Yash understand Ansh's needs through Maya's character..
I always wondered what Maya would be like if she were not so bitter. So, Mayadidi. And she turned out to be a vital support for Yash - so much so that i am thinking of "re-using" her in later parts Wink.

Aarti's outright reaction to the proposal was very much expected.. n then Vidhi's arrival at her place wid the confidence to knock some sense in her Bestie's mind happened... Adored her love for her friend-cum-sister... Yash's pondering over the thought of re-marrying her is a good decision for his son.. Yash-Ansh-Aarti's meet in Delhi was a much needed move, it helped both of them to decide of their future.. though it was a very difficult decision for Yash to take ..for someone who still lives in Past ,in loving memories of his beloved wife, but then yew wrote very rightfully 'Live for the living n do what your heart tells you to' Sometyms we do not have any choice other than considering the important issues to solve n Yash's consent in marrying n bringing mother for his son is a perfect decision he could make for Ansh's better up-bringing.. Btw I too love the fragrance of Mogra n yeah, Love coffee but I alwayz have tea LOL coffee in winters only Embarrassed
Aarti seemed Raazi for the wedding but mujhe laga she was deliberately trying to find a reason for her 'Yes', maybe em wrong but that's wat I felt Embarrassed She needs Ansh wid her Embarrassed
Your feelings are spot-on. She wanted to say yes, dil haan bol raha tha - but dimaag was putting forth all the objections. Partly she did not want to appear greedy - greedy for a child, greedy to call Ansh her own. And she was scared - she has once lost everything she ever held dear. She does not want to risk that again - she is scared of getting hurt that way again. Because she knows she will not be able to recover if it happens a 2nd time...

Best part is , she trusts Yash Embarrassed that wud help them make the marriage work !
LOL!! She trusts him not to take physical advantage of her. Nothing more than that - but its a start, and a good one at that.

So the marriage finally took place, considering AarYa's reason n situation of marriage, court marriage wasn't a surprise..
What's wid 14th Feb Kat LOL The so-not-in-love couple to b marrying on the day assumed to b specific for the couples-in-love to celebrate LOL
LOL LOL - that was just some Kat-cheese for you LOL.

I lyk Gayatri making Aarti to wear Mangalsutra by Yash, n that too a delicately designed one ,chosen by Yash himself Embarrassed
Remember the mangalsutra...

Oh to Mr. Yash Scindia can joke too, that Newspaper ad wala joke LOL But then Scindia family ka itna haq to banta hai boss Embarrassed to at least have a party on a joyous occasion of their marriage-joyous for at least the family Embarrassed
Yash wasn't joking, he was being snappy at his father. Though the joke was on him - i bet Pankaj would actually do that- print an ad about the PV Wink. But haan - definitely the Scindias need a reason to celebrate. They have been in mourning for almost a year...

Yash removing Arpita's portraits from his room to not make it uncomfortable for Aarti expressed his loyalty to the decision ! His last few moments wid Arpita were emotional, he seemed helpless ! Disapprove Pankaj's Arpita had been a lovely girl, but she would not have been his choice for Yash.. left me perplexed, was it because she wasn't mature enough or practical, or not the one to take lyf seriously ? Wat was the reason ? Confused
Wait, wait. Arpita's story will also come. But just a hint - besides Yash, Pankaj was the only one who knew Arpita from college days, he had seen what she was like, he had seen her effect on his brother - so lets just say he knew what to expect and didn't necessarily think it was the best thing for his chota bhai.

This had me to adore the soft man in Yash, more Instead of missing her, you will have to worry about three of us now" Embarrassed
Lol! Impression toh jamana parega na - after all saas-sasur hain Wink.

Prateek was so right, despite of being a younger one, his logic was perfect, it wasn't the correct tym for Vidhi to implement his logical points on Aarti, but he certainly gave her an idea to how to make Aarti n Yash consider themselves more than Ansh's parents n to confine into each other Embarrassed
Sharing a room was never in their list of worries before marriage, but as the tym came, they realixed it to b the biggest exam they weren't ready for !
Yep. Sometimes its the logistics that kill you LOL.

And a now-complete family, sleeping peacefully Smile

Loved how the story moved forward n they r on their way to a 'Happie' family Smile
Thanx Kat for updatings Hug

Naureen - welcome back sweetie Hug. Hope you got some time to rest and chill out. Btw - when your time comes, i am expecting an invite Wink.

Thanks for going through the entire thread and giving me your feedback.

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Originally posted by AntaresVega

Originally posted by kdsubs

Originally posted by AntaresVega

Wow wonderful, i really want to see how yash-aarti progress in this relationship

Thank you Antaresvega. Yeah - the progress in the relationship is the tricky bit...

Call me Lyra. What can i call u?

Lovely name Lyra. And, call me Kat.
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Originally posted by taahir004

A real awesome chapter

Thank you Taahir.
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Originally posted by Sheen-Coolkiwi

Baby Aayu  - welcome to Dil Jaanta Hai. We love to have you here and are blessed that you joined us. All the very best and be safe with your parents now. Hug.

Sharmeen - thank you so much for the lovely pics.

Edited by kdsubs - 06 May 2013 at 1:37pm

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Originally posted by kdsubs

Originally posted by mjht_admirer

Hiii dear Kat.

I know! I know! I came after sooo many updates..Wink.. Well, I was out of town, that's why.
But now, here I am.

Vinu!! Welcome back Hug. Der aaye, durust aaye.

Lets come to the update.

Chapter 13:

The best part for me was the tea wala scene at the station. The starting part of the chapter was serious but the moment the tea boy said those lines, I was literally enjoying the scene. I actually realized here that sometimes such small things do miracles with your mood and u have shown it really well.

Thank god! I wasn't sure at all about this scene - and whether it would seem too abrupt. I am so glad you liked it and found it natural. The chai-wala used typical Dilli-style dialogues Wink - they always make me smile, and Arti needed a reason to smile Smile.

& the next best thing was Vidhi! Now it would be really fun to see how and what Vidhi would talk with Aarti. Be ready Aarti. You have Band Baaja Baraat coming your way. LOLWink

LOL!!! /bechari Arti LOL.

Chapter 14-A:-
Some awesome job done by Vidhi.ClapClapClap Now, that's what I call a true friend, who is neutral and will show your pluses and minuses in your life/character, without any fear.

Aarti needs to understand that one cannot live in his/her past for the entire life. You have your life ahead to enjoy and make more happy memories. You have to move on and live in the present. Vidhi gave a nice dose to Aarti. She has to think what people are asking her to do for her own sake, not others.

Aaah yes. But you see - she is scared to do so. Its so much easier to hide, like Arti is doing now, than open yourself up to life and emotions - and make yourself vulnerable again.

Chapter 14-B:-
This was an amazing chapter dear. What a man! What a smart man! Yash Scindhia is a smarty. I was enjoying the whole motherhood test thing.

Lol!! You just have a soft corner for our Yahudas LOL. I think its Ansh who is the smartest of the lot Wink.

Never expected that you would show Yash and Aarti meeting in a such a way & the surprises that Aarti gave him were worth watching. Hehehe LOLLOLLOL

Happy to surprise you pal LOL. I used my childhood memories of Delhi to write this part.

Tea/Coffee thing was again refreshing. Loved the way Aarti handled Ansh. well, that was not unexpected as you have already given us an idea of Aarti and Ansh unlike Yash.

lovely chapter.
thoroughly enjoyed.

Thank you thank you. This story is for your enjoyment - so mission accomplished with this update at least.

Chapter 15:-

Another nice update dear. The way u have shown both Yash and Aarti's feelings towards this Punar Vivah is realistic. :

The Jasmine flower situation was very symbolic. Vidhi did a great job over there with the flower changing.

The best part I found in this update was that u have shown both of them more maturely.
Nice chapter Smile

Thank you again pal. I did want to show some self-thought, some debate that these two go through before they say yes. I plan to tie some of these things to what happens in the future - hopefully i will remember to do so.

Chapter 16:-

Finallyyy!!! Finally they got married. Clap
Register marriage?? Nice nice! something unusual. Very nice. I liked the idea. but poor guys, can't avoid the home party cum reception.

From now on, it would be interesting to see their marriage life, their lives transforming from friends to more than friends. Wow!!! soch ke hi mazaa aa raha hain.

LOL LOL  - itna excitement?? I don't know how long this will be - and with PV ending... well, let's see.

Good thing that Yash removed the portraits to atleast make Aarti comfortable. See, this is what I was talking about.  This Yash is unlike the show. Actually, i shouldn't compare as both the stories are different. Smile

Way to go Pratik. Now, Pratik is a perfect example of a sibbling who wants his sister to again live her life happily and have some love also. I love the fact that you are going slowly about their love track. In this chapter also u have not shown something like Yash getting attracted to Aarti's beauty in the party wear. That was good part.

The last bedroom scene was impressive. How both were awkward, the way yash understood or rather reciprocated the same thinking and helping out Aarti.
Now, waiting for their punar vivaah journey.

thanks for the pm dear.
will wait for the next update.

loads of love

Hi Vinu, thank you so so much for the detailed feedback for each update. You make the wait more than worthwhile Hug.

Hey Kat. U r most welcome dear. I always wait for ur updates.

i know, its sad that PV is coming to an end, so sooonnn. CryCryCryCry But u plzz keep updating, Kuch toh hoga PV se related which would be worth waiting.

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there really should be an emoticon for stalkers...just saying

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Love this story very much you are a very talented writer keep up the good work. I have enjoyed the fact that you went into details describing their past how their lives crossed each others path their lost spouse
Heart Heart Hug

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