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Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 2: Ch 21 (Pg 134) (Page 28)

kdsubs IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by aman93

hmmm... nice update...

Thank you Aman.

kdsubs IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by vidya29

When Maya didi told Yash to focus on his son's needs and also his own,I was reminded of Yash's time in Delhi.Aarti and Yash always had a connection,"static" as Aarti liked to put it.
I'd probably have to read it again to get a clear understanding of what is between them.But'its definitely more than static.

My battery is giving up on my phone.I'll hog this space later after I've fed it:)
Take care.

love ,

You remember the "Static' eh? LOL Well, if Mayadidi's words could remind you of Yash-Arti interactions in Delhi, i hope they did so for Yash too.

Well, let me know what you think is between them at the moment. In my mind, its nothing more than a hesitant friendship with a comfort level neither expected. Not sure if i was able to convey that though...so would love to hear your thoughts.
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Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

A very beautiful and quite touching update but I loved it!! ClapClap

I was very relieved when I got to know that Yash at least try to seek some help in order for him to solve the questions in his mind... Smile And yes... Once he met Mayadidi... She had explained everything very well... It's exact time for him to move on for his Ansh and perhaps for himself... Smile It's also the time where he would move from his past or from the dead.. Smile

I know this story would take a turn now.. It's going on a beautiful and cool path.. Wink

Waiting for next!! Thanks for the PM!! Big smile

Thank you Isya. Everyone needs a friend, no?

As for Yash moving on from his past - well Prashant has been dead longer than Arpita, and Arti still has relapses. So why push the guy? But at least he is healing enough to think rationally and listen to others.

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Originally posted by kdsubs

Originally posted by Sheen-Coolkiwi

Brilliant Update Kat Clap
I Love the way Mayadidi cleared His confusions Smile
I can't find more Words to describe k How Beautiful ur Writing style is Embarrassed
So this is the reaction of Yashu Wink
Now waiting to see Aarti's Smile
Update Next Part Soon Tongue

Thank you Sharmeen.

You don't have to wait long for Arti's reaction - it will be in the next update. And thank you for the absolutely adorable pictures of the baby Hug. And this one is for the baby Hug.

Baby is sho Cute Big smile Embarrassed

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Originally posted by princess121993

wow kats...must say...the story is going amazing man...really
i loved the way u showed yash confusion regarding remarraige...
i seriously loved the way maya didi cleared al yash's doubts...brilliant man..
please dear...continue soon...cannot wait for the next part

Thank you Charmi.

I didn't want Yash or Arti to get forced into the PV - so introduced Mayadidi to help our hero out Wink. I am glad you liked it.

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Originally posted by luv_lvndr

Beautiful update...

Thank you Luv_lvndr.
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Chapter - 13

The Scindias' phone call had come the day before Arti was supposed to return to Delhi. Her in-laws had not known how to react and Suraj understanding their predicament had said he would call later, after they had some time to think over it. The elderly couple had spent an agonized morning debating what to do. Finally, they decided to tell Arti.


"What!?!" Arti's shock was etched on her face. And with the shock came a crippling fear. The old fear of being abandoned, the fear that no one loves her or wants her...the fear she thought she had left far behind her. Who knew it lurked just under the surface, waiting for a trigger to engulf her again?


Shobha saw her turn pale and shiver. Concerned she immediately held her by the arms and took her to the sofa. Pushing her gently down, Shobha sat down next to Arti.


Arti turned towards her and asked softly, in a broken, bewildered voice, her eyes blank, "Why Ma? I thought...I thought you loved me..."


Not understanding fully, but sensing the cause, Shobha gripped Arti's cold lifeless fingers in her hands. Trying to warm them by rubbing them between her palms she said, "Beta we love you. You are our daughter, not our bahu. Surely you know that?"


She did not know what to believe anymore...Not trusting her emotions, Arti asked in the same lost, forlorn voice, "Then why...?"


Satyendra now came and sat on her other side. Placing his hand gently on her head he said, "Precisely because we love you beta. We do not want you to be alone."


Arti could not speak. Despite the reassurances the old fear had her in its clutches, constricting her heart, making it difficult to think clearly. She could only shake her head at her Bauji.


Shobha now said, "Beta after...after Prashant, we have seen you ... fold into yourself. Your Bauji and I, we have been worrying about you. But to tell you the truth, we never even thought about a punar vivaah - probably for our own selfish needs. But now that the Scindias brought the proposal and we have had time to think over it...it makes sense."


Satyendra continued, "We wouldn't have paid much thought to it if it were some random proposal beta. But this one...this one is different."


Shobha explained, "We saw how you light up at the mention of the children - the ones you work with in the orphanage as well as Ansh. This ...this proposal will give you what is missing in your life beta - a child of your own. You will become Ansh's mother."


Satyendra took over, "And its from Vidhi's sasural. We know you will be well taken care of ... Vidhi is there, she will make sure of it".


When Arti did not respond, Shobha told her, "We will never force you beta. We just wanted you to know about it. Think over it, decide what you want to do and tell us."


Arti did not reply - she just stood up and walked into her room, softly shutting the door behind her. The Dubeys became worried - worried enough that they tried to dissuade her from leaving the next day. But Arti quietly rebuffed them, packing her bags, withdrawing even more into herself. She climbed into the train taking their blessings but without saying a word.

As the train gathered speed, Arti sat unmoving, staring blindly out the window. Since she had heard the news she had been unable to think. The old fear was back - she was going to lose them too. She was going to lose everything. She knew she had to collect herself - she just didn't know how...


The train entered Ujjain station and the hustle-bustle on the platform finally penetrated through the fog that clouded her mind. Suddenly a hand stretched into her line of vision, holding a khullar (earthenware cup). Startled, she looked up straight into the eyes of an urchin who was smiling cheekily at her.  "Chai Didi, garma-garam chai. Peeyoge toh dimaag khul jayega, dil khush ho jayega." (Tea Didi, hot tea. If you drink it, it will clear your head, gladden your heart).


Arti smiled wanly at the sales pitch. Seeing that she did not respond beyond that smile, the boy changed tactics. With puppy-dog eyes now, he said, "Le lo na Didi. Rs 5 hi toh hai. Aapko farak nahi parega, par main toh yeh aakhri cup bechke ghar jaa sakunga. Le lo na...please." (Buy it, it only costs Rs 5. It won't hurt you, but I will be able to go home after selling this last cup. Please buy it). Knowing he was roasting her, yet unable to resist the plea in his eyes, Arti reached into her purse and handed him a Rs 5 note. He placed the khullar full of piping hot tea in front of her and ran out from the train which had started to slowly pull out from the station.


She picked up the earthenware cup, blew on the rim and took a hesitant sip. As she swallowed she smiled to herself. It really was good tea.


The empty cup lay unattended on the table in front of her as she continued to stare out of the window. The train gathered speed and the regular clack-clack rhythm now penetrated her being, slowly calming her down. She watched as the trees, huts, roads, everything rushed past in the opposite direction... just like her life. Her life was going in the opposite direction - just when she thought she had a handle on it, this...this proposal had to come and rip the fabric of her family apart. Why? Why couldn't they just let her be? Why couldn't life let her be?


She spent the next few hours going over the conversation she had had with her parents. Finally, as the train neared Mathura, the land of Lord Krishna, the realization broke over her - her parents were worried about her. That was what they had been trying to convey - they did not want to push her into a punar vivaah, they did not want to lose her either. With the realization came a deep sense of relief and peace. And the cold numbness that had encircled her heart finally started to thaw.




 Frantic with worry at Arti's unspoken reaction, the Dubeys had called Zoya filling her in on what happened. However when Zoya went to meet Arti at the station the next day, she had found her friend in her normal state - perhaps a little pale, but still smiling and chatting. Relieved Zoya had refrained from bringing up the topic again. Instead she called the Dubeys later that night and re-assured them.  She did not understand, and neither did they, what had happened to get Arti over her hump, but they were just thankful she had.


That night before she went to bed, Arti stood in front of her painting. Tracing the bird with her fingers she tried to gain strength from it.


She had been terrified when Ma and Bauji had talked about the marriage proposal - they were the only family she had left and she felt the ground shift from under her feet thinking they did not want her anymore. She had been in no condition to speak to them and had left Bhopal with a sense of relief. She had needed time to think...


But now she knew what she had to do. With a twinge of guilt she realized how worried they must be. Tomorrow she would call them and re-assure them...


When Suraj called again a few days later, Satyendra told him frankly that they did not know what Arti would want to do and they would not force her. Suraj agreed but requested that the parents at least meet face-to-face. Reluctantly, the Dubeys' agreed.


Suraj and Gayatri brought Ansh with them. And it was as-if the light re-entered their home with him. The innocent babe's chatter and antics had the two couples in splits. The Dubeys could well understand Arti's attachment to Ansh, especially when Gayatri filled them in on when Arti and Ansh had first met, his reactions to her, his reactions on leaving her. The Scindias were gently persistent, but persistent they were. They were convinced that Arti would be the best mother they could find for him and they meant to try their best to convince both her parents and her.


Satyendra had agreed to ask Arti, but he made his stance clear - the decision would be hers. If she said no, they would not force her and neither would they let the Scindias pressurize her. Not liking the answer but recognizing that was all they would get, Suraj and Gayatri had taken their leave.


That night, the Dubeys' called Arti. After the usual greetings and catching up, Shobha broached the topic.


"Beta, the Scindias had come today" she stated baldly. The only response was a sharp intake of breath. "We did not call them beta" she hastened to reassure Arti. "They wanted to meet and since you had not decided anything either way, we... we let them come." Shobha said guiltily. They had promised they would not pressurize her and even this statement felt like they were breaking the promise.


Before she could lose all her courage, she blurted out, "They brought Ansh with them."


Arti closed her eyes momentarily. Opening them, she stared at the painting hanging on the wall right in front of her as she said softly, "He is a lovely child. I am sure you enjoyed his company".


Shobha let out a sigh of relief. "Yes, yes he is. It was wonderful having him here for a few hours. It reminded me of Prashant when he was a baby."


"Really?" Arti was surprised.


"Yes, he was just as naughty. He kept us on our toes - as did Ansh!" Arti could hear the smile in Shobha's voice.


After a moment's hesitation, she asked Arti, "Beta, have you decided what you want to do? Will you marry Yash?"




"Why?" Shobha asked gently, not really surprised by the answer.


"I am Prashant's wife Ma. How can I marry again and betray my husband?" Arti tried to explain.


"Are you sure beta? You have your whole life ahead of you. It gets difficult, very lonely as time passes and we grow old. We need a partner in our lives when we are old you know beta. I would never have been able to get over losing Prashant if your Bauji had not been here with me. But that is the point na, we did lose Prashant. He won't be coming back. But you are here and we have to live our lives."


"I have you and Bauji Ma. I have my children at the orphanage. That is enough for me" Arti replied.


"Perhaps for now it is. But what of the future? What happens when the children grow up and move on? What happens when we are no more?" Shobha tried to persuade as gently as she could.


"The future will have to take care of itself Ma. I cannot... will not worry about it." And that was that.


With a heavy heart the Dubeys called Suraj and conveyed Arti's no.




At Bhopal...


Suraj kept the phone down and hesitated a moment before turning around to face his hopeful family. When he did, they knew the answer from his face.


"They said no" Suraj said quietly.


"Why?" Gayatri asked. "Did they give a reason?"


"Arti said no. She is not ready to get married again", Suraj said and walked into his room. He was disappointed. He had pinned many hopes on this alliance - getting a mother for Ansh, getting a wife for Yash, having his household and family return to normalcy. Something they had not had for years now...


The rest followed him inside. Gayatri and Pankaj shared his disappointment but Vidhi seethed with anger.


"Bauji, will you do me a favour please? Do not say anything to Yash Bhaiyya" she said.


As Suraj looked at her enquiringly, she added, "Let me talk to Arti. Please."


"I told the Dubeys we would not pressurize her," Suraj said.


Vidhi nodded, "I know. And a Scindia bahu will not be calling her. Her best friend however, will talk with her".


Pankaj smiled to himself, he knew his Vidhi. When she got this determined she almost never failed.


Suraj agreed reluctantly and Vidhi-Pankaj left to go to their room. Pankaj let her be, it would not do to probe her now.


How could she!?! Vidhi railed. She had thought Arti was slowly moving on... she was sure she had not mis-read her friend. So she was determined to live her life as Prashant's widow was she? What did she think she was going to achieve with that? That Prashant would be waiting for her in heaven with open arms?? She was not going to let Arti's romantic notions ruin her life and Ansh's. No, not again. Once was enough in this family - not again!

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This was an amazing update.We got to see how aarti reacted to the proposal.
For me Aarti perhaps will take a lot of time to get over the insecurities she nurtured as an orphan.They defined her decisions before and they tend to do the same now.
Isn't she like Arpita in a way,perhaps thats why she would be the best to take up her role.With her Ansh would have a mother as well as arpita in essence.
The last line,that vidhi spoke made me think something.Did arpita have a difficult pregnancy?

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