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Dil Jaanta Hai - Thread 2: Ch 21 (Pg 134) (Page 141)

lulujjjj IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Beautiful long update loved it yash cooking in the kitchen under the supervision of aarti , ansh hand print on yash t shirt by dipping it into the ketch up bowl, that part was super cute, suraj pratap establishing their business in Delhi and appointing yash and aarti as take care of it superb idea. waiting for next part.

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villager00 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 9:27am | IP Logged
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the updates ClapClapClap..
What a way to spend Saturday, i love the story's progress this far and i'm waiting for the next one.

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..Pankhudi.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Wow awesome updates and feeling as if i got to updates back to backDancingDancing

i love long updates Dancing Big smile.

Hmm first half of the update remind me of beginning of aarya's friendship mumbai daysDay Dreaming
it was like i am reliving PV ..it was really awesome EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Loved second half equally ..aha aarya moving to delhi so we are in for lots of cute and romantic aarya moments yay !Dancing

BTW you can make a new record by making your next update more lengthy then this one LOL full three postsEmbarrassed Wink .

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jikky_84 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Awesome update Clap

Loved how now Yash and Arati are comfortable with each other and how efficiently  Yash took care of all the things. Poor Arati slept hearinf Yash's Shakespeare lullaby LOL

So now parents are up with the next plan. Only if Yash,Arati and Ansh are alone they will grow closer and the best way is to send them away from the family in the name of work.

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RA17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 11:35am | IP Logged


Hey Kat so longish chapter is waiting for me soon will cover tht too but right now lemme foucs on ch18

So yash n aarti somewhere back to square one haan..  arre aartiji as yashji is ur soul mate not just love binds you like you had with p yeh rooh se rooh ka connection hai direct dil se which we realize it hopefull you both tooo ( wink)

Thanks Kat i am so glad no inhibitions in ansh celebration from yash as was lil scared the topic you bring as in show when payal bday was there so happy birthday chote nawab

Omg aarpita parents .. how swwt of them really one of the charcters i admire in show but it was never explored much in show ( sorry baar baar le aati hun beech but cant help it much, hope you don't mind)

Really thats the best way aarti can get acknowledged n praised as ansh mother

So finally aarti after aarya ms episode aart feeling J on yash ji saali i mena aadhi gharwali n he feelt the fire n smiled oh good how chweet visulaize it n felt sooo goood KAT thanks

Really even i am shocked with so obvious coming but dint see aarpita barsi if you bringing ansh bday

Oh shanty param shanty the jhulla the convo n especially ahi n theri comfort in sitting together n later sharing abt theri respective demise partners.. really very beautifully written simple n wam

H WHAT AARPITA SUCIDE how come when wat happen haan yash n she had love marriage ansh birth n in a week she omg kya hai yeh sab


Sigh thank god you answer it right away

Well i tell you this women cant praise other one for her llosk vidhi di not forget to metion aartpita mke up skills nervertheless i mean her dream of ideal just reminds me now tht y yash left what he loved  coz tht sand n all doesnot come fit in aarpita perfect images of mr perfect husband n loving yash gv up for her but still can you make it more sensible to me i mean abt all this depression is it coz her love for literature n going on maginary workd od stories are missed due to pregnancy n not going college haan  although now the dotted point so  maya telling aarpita idea of rmonace n all is coming as her world of stories

Really never thot this will ever be the  reason for aarpita demise n osh yash n whle family have to go thru

Hush its heavy dose will wait for your revert ...tc

Thanks for update n regular pm

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RA17 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kdsubs

Originally posted by RA17

Hey kat so 17 c) aarya confrontation thanks for not stretching it

LOL i am not Ekta Maiyya yaar!! Sort out misunderstandings asap. Waise, Arti made it pretty dramatic - bachpan mein dramebaaz rahi hogi Wink.

N ansh my chotu nawab oh n aarti inside pains just winch you directly n here comes aarya saviours ahemed love how you do not forget him n bring him

How can i forget Ahmed?? Dr. Ahmer Ansari in Dhoop Kinare introduced me to fan-domLOL.

N then worried parents n their pain of not just seeing ansh in this conditions but their loss as aarti unborn n yash of not touching aarti

Thoda zyaada ho gaya? Sowee. Had to show their self-thoughts. Personally i think Yash was assuming too much - gadha LOL.

N then how they always with their khamoshi n iss their silent statement said it all beautiful kat you remind me one of scene of show where aarti in yellow sari sitting n having mangalsutra in her hand n yash coming from bathroom but what i love more is extension of your thoughts n yesh now atleast the mist is clear to see what wind will bring nect in yash and aarti life while oing thru journey of aarya

There was a scene like that? Kab?? Now i got to see that - any idea when? How do i track down this one scene yaar?

Can you help me understand this i dint get it

it felt as if she had been about to fall off a precipice and was pulled back in the nick of time.

Arti ko laga ki woh gehre khayi mei girne waali thi - but last minute mein bach gayi. Basically, the relationship with Yash - and by extension Ansh was going to end and she saved herself - and the relationship in the nick of time. 

Ria - thank you Hug.
thanks for expaling few more doubts waiting for you with ch18 commenst h=n as far as this scene concern let me pm few n will let you knwo if someone cal recallWink

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prettyji IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 6:18pm | IP Logged

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Koolsmile IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 June 2013 at 3:27am | IP Logged
Originally posted by kdsubs

Originally posted by Koolsmile

First of all Kat, I strongly apologize for landing here so late Unhappy
Belated Congratulationz for a new thread Smile
Em here wid a short POV of mine on previous 4 to 5 chapters that I haven't commented on...
Starting from Gayatri considering Yash's re-marriage , that's a step needed in his lyf coz of his son, Ansh does need a mother n its not alwayz Vidhi's responsibility to care for him.. N their point of view is also correct that both AarYa needs an aim to hold on to their lyf, as far as Yash is concerned he has Ansh n it bring some responsibilities to take care of.. n Aarti-as far as I've seen-needs Ansh for her own solace Smile
I love that! I love your choice of words to explain Arti's state of mind. Thank you!
Ur welcum Wink

Yew introduced a new character of Yash's Maya Didi.. I must say, A needful guidance for Yash ! Her talks gave me a view into Arpita's character, She was indeed a fantasy-lover being... Loved the way yew made Yash understand Ansh's needs through Maya's character..
I always wondered what Maya would be like if she were not so bitter. So, Mayadidi. And she turned out to be a vital support for Yash - so much so that i am thinking of "re-using" her in later parts Wink.
I agree to have her more in the story.. She's a good influence

Aarti's outright reaction to the proposal was very much expected.. n then Vidhi's arrival at her place wid the confidence to knock some sense in her Bestie's mind happened... Adored her love for her friend-cum-sister... Yash's pondering over the thought of re-marrying her is a good decision for his son.. Yash-Ansh-Aarti's meet in Delhi was a much needed move, it helped both of them to decide of their future.. though it was a very difficult decision for Yash to take ..for someone who still lives in Past ,in loving memories of his beloved wife, but then yew wrote very rightfully 'Live for the living n do what your heart tells you to' Sometyms we do not have any choice other than considering the important issues to solve n Yash's consent in marrying n bringing mother for his son is a perfect decision he could make for Ansh's better up-bringing.. Btw I too love the fragrance of Mogra n yeah, Love coffee but I alwayz have tea LOL coffee in winters only Embarrassed
Aarti seemed Raazi for the wedding but mujhe laga she was deliberately trying to find a reason for her 'Yes', maybe em wrong but that's wat I felt Embarrassed She needs Ansh wid her Embarrassed
Your feelings are spot-on. She wanted to say yes, dil haan bol raha tha - but dimaag was putting forth all the objections. Partly she did not want to appear greedy - greedy for a child, greedy to call Ansh her own. And she was scared - she has once lost everything she ever held dear. She does not want to risk that again - she is scared of getting hurt that way again. Because she knows she will not be able to recover if it happens a 2nd time...

Best part is , she trusts Yash Embarrassed that wud help them make the marriage work !
LOL!! She trusts him not to take physical advantage of her. Nothing more than that - but its a start, and a good one at that.
I did mean in the same way buddy that yew clarified LOL

So the marriage finally took place, considering AarYa's reason n situation of marriage, court marriage wasn't a surprise..
What's wid 14th Feb Kat LOL The so-not-in-love couple to b marrying on the day assumed to b specific for the couples-in-love to celebrate LOL
LOL LOL - that was just some Kat-cheese for you LOL.
Yummy LOL

I lyk Gayatri making Aarti to wear Mangalsutra by Yash, n that too a delicately designed one ,chosen by Yash himself Embarrassed
Remember the mangalsutra...

Oh to Mr. Yash Scindia can joke too, that Newspaper ad wala joke LOL But then Scindia family ka itna haq to banta hai boss Embarrassed to at least have a party on a joyous occasion of their marriage-joyous for at least the family Embarrassed
Yash wasn't joking, he was being snappy at his father. Though the joke was on him - i bet Pankaj would actually do that- print an ad about the PV Wink. But haan - definitely the Scindias need a reason to celebrate. They have been in mourning for almost a year...
I know... he was being sarcastic LOL

Yash removing Arpita's portraits from his room to not make it uncomfortable for Aarti expressed his loyalty to the decision ! His last few moments wid Arpita were emotional, he seemed helpless ! Disapprove Pankaj's Arpita had been a lovely girl, but she would not have been his choice for Yash.. left me perplexed, was it because she wasn't mature enough or practical, or not the one to take lyf seriously ? Wat was the reason ? Confused
Wait, wait. Arpita's story will also come. But just a hint - besides Yash, Pankaj was the only one who knew Arpita from college days, he had seen what she was like, he had seen her effect on his brother - so lets just say he knew what to expect and didn't necessarily think it was the best thing for his chota bhai.

This had me to adore the soft man in Yash, more Instead of missing her, you will have to worry about three of us now" Embarrassed
Lol! Impression toh jamana parega na - after all saas-sasur hain Wink.

Prateek was so right, despite of being a younger one, his logic was perfect, it wasn't the correct tym for Vidhi to implement his logical points on Aarti, but he certainly gave her an idea to how to make Aarti n Yash consider themselves more than Ansh's parents n to confine into each other Embarrassed
Sharing a room was never in their list of worries before marriage, but as the tym came, they realixed it to b the biggest exam they weren't ready for !
Yep. Sometimes its the logistics that kill you LOL.

And a now-complete family, sleeping peacefully Smile

Loved how the story moved forward n they r on their way to a 'Happie' family Smile
Thanx Kat for updatings Hug

Naureen - welcome back sweetie Hug. Hope you got some time to rest and chill out. Btw - when your time comes, i am expecting an invite Wink.

Thanks for going through the entire thread and giving me your feedback.

Definitely Big smile
The tym doesn't seem near LOL
More feedback coming *Hopefully*Embarrassed

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