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RK is making me feel sick! (Page 6)

-Nightingale- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
seriously I dont find any romance in this show...

he is just acting as if she is his puppet...

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Rolzz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Madhubala-

seriously I dont find any romance in this show...

he is just acting as if she is his puppet...

RK is Deepalis puppet...Madhu is RK's's a puppet show!Confused

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.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
I guess when it come down to it, it's his way or the high way and other people and their feelings can go to hell.

I try as much as possible to stay from talking abt the so call superstar who feel other people are blow his foot cos to me he is not worth talking abt anymore and the fact that he does not feel a little bit sorry at what he has done and still very much doing to that poor woman just make me feel sick.

I am not trying to bash anybody's guy don't even have the time to do so but in this case that is how I feel abt him.

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-Nightingale- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rolzz

Originally posted by -Madhubala-

seriously I dont find any romance in this show...

he is just acting as if she is his puppet...

RK is Deepalis puppet...Madhu is RK's's a puppet show!Confused

I seriously want the title to be changed to KatputliDead

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MonyP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 2:36pm | IP Logged
Such a wonderful,thoughtful and well written post.Star 

I don't recognize this Madhu, is this the same Madhu who made RK's life miserable for one small accident? Because she was brave& courageous girl with principles who believed in justice and has guts to fight for it. BUT that girl is nowhere to be seen today. 

After what RK did to her and they way he has been treating her, I don't blame him for whats happening with Madhu because its entirely Madhu's fault for letting RK do whatever he wants with her. I have no expectations from RK brcause I learnt my lesson the day he betrayed madhu and showed his real color. Madhu should learn that too, the sooner the better.

Agar jurm karna gunah hai to jurm sahena usse bhi bada gunah hai...How can Madhu forget that? She was not like this ? Lagta hai ye kaam Sultan ko karna padega

Edited by MonyP - 09 April 2013 at 2:44pm

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fia21 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 3:36pm | IP Logged
No matter what you say, if you make a post other than praising RK, you WILL be bashed. But you shouldn't care about it. I don't anymore. We are inclined to share our opinions and unlike most of the people in this forum, as long as we don't try to impose it on others and literally start bullying them, it's fine.This track and this forum, both have started making me sick to my stomach. It's okay to like an actor/character, but going to the extent of worshiping them and mocking others if they don't like the same is just beyond me. Which is why I prefer sticking to ATs and PMs. I have come across some really good and mature people here who know how to present a valid argument by staying in the limits of basic ethics.

No matter what you say, those who want to justify RK will justify him no matter what. The funny part is that they contradict their own statements and later on change them again for their convenience just so they could somehow prove themselves right. It's not a competition going on. We are just discussing a SHOW. If you'll give them a realistic example to support your argument, they'd say "It's just a fiction show. Not reality" . And if you try it the other way around and try to support your argument saying that it's a fiction show, they'd then say "But this is not how it happens in reality" . Either way, they'd think of a way to bash you left, right and center for voicing your opinion if it doesn't match with theirs.

I admired RK a lot during the time he was apparently falling in love with Madhu and we saw drastic changes in him, which later turned out to be a pretense. So the way it is shown, all that improvement does not stay valid anymore right? Then why is it that every time this point is raised, people start fighting over it stating otherwise? I don't care if RK saved Madhu from her evil Father or he got Malik and her Mother married or whatever "good deeds" he did because all of that was fake. According to RK himself.

The thing I don't get here is that what makes people, or even the CVs of this show think that THIS in anyway could be passed on as a redemption track?
Authors/Producers/Directors, all these people are very well aware of the fact that the audiences these days are obsessed with "grey characters" . Hence, the majority of the male characters in books, movies and TV shows consist of male protagonists to be grey shaded. It's like a norm. They are clever enough to know that "grey" and "layered"  are the words that sell here but only those sensible enough to understand would know the difference between the two. This show now consists of two characters which are grey. But even grey is categorized in two parts.

1. Flawed
2. Layered

I have come across so many people saying that RK is a layered character. RK's character is not layered. The proper term for him is flawed. He is a flawed character. There is a difference between layered and flawed. I really feel like issuing dictionaries on this forum. Even to the writer who apparently has tagged RK as a layered character just so people would love him more than they already do. If you give it a thought, he doesn't exactly have any proper layers or depth to him. So far all we have seen is his egoistic side. I am not going to mention the soft side here because even if there was any, it turned out to be fake. That part of RK is yet to be shown, that is if there is any. Layered would be the word I would use for Sultan's character. He's a ruthless gangster but also a strict yet caring Father. He has a dark side and a human side. He has his morals and is principled and sometimes he is impulsive. Now we are seeing a side of him which might be capable of love. Anyway these are what layers are called as far as I think. Even Madhubala to some extent is layered. She can be a friendly cat at one point and a vicious tigress at the very next moment . One word that can describe both RK and Sultan's characters is complex. They are both complex and unpredictable in their own ways.

Apparently the makers of the show have started saying that this show is a story about RK and Madhubala's love (I have only heard this from people, not come across anything of this sort myself till now) , well what else do you expect them to say? Even they know there are some crazy fan groups out there who'd go insane and torture them with phone calls and e-mails if they don't do as they demand, or they'd quit watching, so naturally they have to do what works and sells in order to gain TRPs from that crowd. And so they have no option but to comply to their demands to receive some output. I have known people in this industry enough to understand how it works. Unfortunately at some point, a romance track is all that pleases the female audience so they eventually have to step down to the pressure. Majority of the audience is female so obviously the male lead would get more popularity because these people think with their hormones not brains. I am not saying it's bad to like a male lead. Hell I myself like some male leads A LOT. But that doesn't mean I start worshiping them blindly. I still believe this show is about Madhubala and RK may have a pivotal role in her journey, but this show will always be about Madhubala. If this show was about RK or RishBala only, then the name might have been something like RK - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon or RishBala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. But the name itself indicates who the main focus of the show is.

Talking about the current track, to say it makes me want to barf would be an understatement. The day I was watching the Holi episode, my Dad walked in and the scene of RK and Madhu dancing was on, and he thought it was "cheap" . That is exactly the word he used. Even my Mom while watching the show today got embarrassed seeing that scene where RK is again being all touchy feely with Madhu. And saying that "Madhu is still RK's wife" because of that contract does not in any way justify whatever he's doing right now. Even forcing yourself on your wife is illegal and a crime. Does being married make it okay for the husband to mock,  insult and humiliate his wife? No matter how much we deny it, majority of the audience watching these shows does get influenced by it at some point. Not to mention, most of them consist of women of all age groups. Some are literate, and most of them are illiterate. For those people, television and daily soaps are the only means to learn something. Liking a grey character in a book and liking a grey character in a show or movie are two totally different things. People literate enough can only read those books and they are much more practical and sensible in life than the latter to know better than to get influenced by them so majorly. There is a reason why most of the Indian shows are female oriented. Because it's through these shows that they groom themselves. It's through these shows that they want to become strong and independent in their real lives. So showing Madhu melting towards RK's physical contact now of all times will definitely leave a drastic impact on that part of the audience. The makers indirectly are giving out the message that it's okay to forgive the person who tarnished your life without even hearing an actual apology from him. Just dance with him closely and all's forgiven. Why? Because some damn contract has more value than your dignity and self respect. If Madhu forgives RK like this, then I seriously doubt the future of this show. I am quoting the following paragraph from an article:

"Soaps have an impact on Indian society, with regard to national integration, identity, globalization, women and ethics. India has never been left out of the cable, television and satellite revolution: a recent survey says that over 112 million households in India own a television. In the span of just 10–15 years since cable connection became available, cable or satellite penetration has reached 60% in Indian states such as Tamil Nadu ainly to watch the serials, even if the average income of the household is below Rs.100 per person per day. The growth of television in rural areas has had a large effect on a wide range of day-to-day lifestyle behaviors. Seeing the city lifestyles portrayed in the serials, villagers have started educating the girl child and stopped social evils like female infanticide and so on"

Even surveys prove the vast effect and influence daily soaps have on women. The story might not be realistic, but the characters are always close to reality. Sultan may be a Gangster, but he is way better a human being than RK ever was or will be. Take the Superstar out of RK and Gangster out of Sultan and judge them JUST as people without blindly supporting either of them, you'd know the difference yourself. I am not justifying Sultan. He is a Gangster so he is obviously wrong, but the point is the reason behind his decision. They both chose their own lifestyles but RK chose his out of pure ego and his sadistic pleasures, whereas Sultan's past actually has some depth to it and is reason enough to be what he is today. Nowadays RK's character is coming off to be a mentally unstable one. And judging by those SBS snapshots I came across earlier, of him cutting his hand with a knife, I think he has gone way too overboard this time. And seriously give me break from "He is proving his love to her" chants. That in no way is called proving your love to someone. By emotionally blackmailing them like this. Why doesn't he try doing something selfless for a change. Now that he thinks he might have competition in the form of Sultan, he's going around yelling "Meri Biwi" at the top of his lungs. That is not love. That's utter bullshit. And all those cheesy scenes are so disgusting. I would never use the word "romantic" to describe them. He's going around picking her up and trying to kiss her and what not, is love only physical? Is this their way of showing "chemistry" between the couple? They had plenty chemistry in the beginning of the show, but this just looks like sexual harassment.
I don't want to see him saying "I want Madhu back" . I want to see him saying "I don't deserve Madhu" . Only then will RK be truly redeemed for me. Because only then he'd realize how much she loved him and what exactly he lost by betraying her like that.Vivian is doing a great job essaying this role but people really need to learn to differentiate between an actor and a character.

I am sure some people are going to think of this comment of mine as a lecture on morality or say that I am issuing character certificates, they can do that as much as they want because frankly I don't care anymore. I am not here to give lectures on morality or to issue character certificates. I am merely just stating out the points I like or dislike in a certain character or a story which I think is what the purpose of this forum basically is. If only people knew how to respect others opinions without having to insult them. The current track and RK's antics are sickening, and unless the CVs show a proper redemption from his side instead of Madhu melting on his touch, the show is over for me.

P.S: Amazing post.

P.P.S: Bashers please refrain from quoting and save us both the horror of going through your unwanted comments. My reply is intended for the Topic Maker and those who can take criticism positively!

P.P.P.S: Sorry for the utterly long rant. Lol.

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-anoshka- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 3:40pm | IP Logged
I didnt get the dance in today's episode too..

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arnav4ever IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 3:41pm | IP Logged
great post

bottom line rk does not deserve madhu no girl could ever forgive what he did to her i use to love RK but honestly they have destroyed his character .. i know people might kill me but i wish that madhu and sultan were together man they shouldve casted them in a separate show together, because we all know either way madhu and rk will end up together

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