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Episode 241 Discussion: 9th April 2013 (Page 7)

AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zoya_naziya

I quite liked the RK-Madhu scene and loved the RK-Sultan convo(if it can be called one in the right sense)

RK-Madhu scene: RK enters in mouthing the lines.. I quite liked it..
Yeh tadap mitne mitane
Yeh arzoo tujhko kho de aur phir paane ki

Tera yeh poochna ki koi hai aur mera yeh kehna ki tu hi tu hai

Tu hi tu hai, main hi main hoon, aur baki toh...

Yeh shaam toh soyi hui hai
yeh duniya to soi hui hai
Na aur koi hai(2)

I LOVED these lines...especially the "tu hi tu hai, main hi main hoon"...VD delivers RK ke dialogues so wellClapClapLOL

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:26am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cardio21

Didnt like the episode today!! It was a huge disappointment.. 
First this dreamy teenager and his precocious kid with their lovey dovey antics! Then the right Krazy stooping low again.

. I didn't like the studio scene.. The worst studio scene/dance ever..there was nothing romantic there!  Yesterday, when he was dreaming of Madhu in every nook n corner of his house, he looked like someone in love. But today whatever we witnessed was very distasteful.

The CVs are hell-bent on destroying RK's character, turning him into a psycho villain. My advice to the superstar, always stay in the acting mode, don't show ur real ugly persona like what u did today. 
Compare this to the man during the Ganpati track (as per CVs he was not pretending at that time), he was a much better person n husband at that point even with his hatred for Madhu.

ditto ! this is exactly what is's not about what RK WAS or IS but what they are turning him into Angry this is no re-conciliation or the logical end to the revenge game.. we have no idea what RK is doing and why ! is this love? is this only insecurity? whatever, I dun like Madhu at the receiving end always...not this way at least...i was happy with the idea of Madhu coming back to RK mansion bec. i'm only rooting for Rishbala but is RK serious? that's the biggest hitch ! Cry

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Red_Opium Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:28am | IP Logged
Originally posted by zoya_naziya

I quite liked the RK-Madhu scene and loved the RK-Sultan convo(if it can be called one in the right sense)

RK-Madhu scene: RK enters in mouthing the lines.. I quite liked it..
Yeh tadap mitne mitane
Yeh arzoo tujhko kho de aur phir paane ki

Tera yeh poochna ki koi hai aur mera yeh kehna ki tu hi tu hai

Tu hi tu hai, main hi main hoon, aur baki toh...

Yeh shaam toh soyi hui hai
yeh duniya to soi hui hai
Na aur koi hai(2)

Rk is prolly trying to find definite answers to his confused state... His mind is unable to probably comprehend his haal-e-dil and he is desperately seeking one... He is living in a hell-hole and the only thing he knows is that he wants/needs her near him for some peace... Why's what's and the hows are still a big question mark...
I think he chose very interesting encounters... Their first meeting- his first pull towards her eyes, the studio night- which brought a change in both of them and then the RK- style KC... The dance and his ensuing questions to her..
But he does say Ishq during the ishq na jeene deti marne deti haiConfused

RK BBBing sultan(the guy couldn't even give it back coz of Aryan) was quite a treat to watch with RK being in his element.. So the ehsaan ka karza is utarofied coz RK spoke decently to himLOL
 I have been giving the Sultan scenes a miss... have nothing to say about them

Lovely post, Zoya. 
@Blue, but what could possibly Sultan offer to say at that moment?  Even if the annoying kid wasn't there, Sultan could not come up with a sensible reply.  Doesn't Sultan feel embarrassed at all? He is another Dipali in making...

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Hi2life Senior Member

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:29am | IP Logged
I think this is how the show has been always madhu after all the marriage torture and misdeeds never expected him to repent. And for RK it is always his POV.  May be later madhu takes a stand and makes him admit truth but for RK that needs to be huge incident. For now he never thought about the pain he put her through. I wanted madhu to use it the power she has over RK. He melts to her pain, love and care all she needs to do is use it and not blindly accept what ever he does

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AreYaar IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:34am | IP Logged
Originally posted by thetelleroftale

Hello everyone!
I've been a silent stalker on this forum for the last few days and have thoroughly enjoyed all the reviews here. It's entertaining as hell :)
Kudos to 0-SD-0 for coming up with this platform and all the members who participate actively!
One of the reasons why this thread caught my attention is that in addition to discussing the plot and characters, parallels are drawn to other works on fiction (in movies/books/ TV shows) and references made to human psychology and behavior.
This makes for a refreshing change outside the confines of a Hindi soap opera. (no offense meant to anyone)

Coming to the show and today's episode-
Is it just me or does anyone else get the impression that all RK wanted from the unwedding drama was applause for carrying out the perfect revenge?
It's obvious that in his junoon, he never considered himself or her (leave alone the families) even for a second after that day.
It's almost as if he expected to wake up the following day and have things exactly as before, with biwi in tow. (and the only change being that some imaginary scales that were tipped in her favor because of the slaps had been balanced)
On drunken night when he said 'Ab main kya karoon?' it seemed to me as if he wasn't asking only about her or their relationship but his own life. What to do next, indeed.
And Madhu's line about 'Toh ab apne aap ko khush karne ke liye use mere dost ka naam diya', made me wonder if everything RK has been doing is simply to keep himself occupied/entertained post unwedding.

I think RK's problem is that he doesn't think his actions through, not even for the reasons of  self preservation and his defenses kick in too late.
Now once again, he's not stopping to question his own motives (or her feelings) but having come to terms with the fact that he needs her around, he is forging ahead with what comes naturally to him- a flair for the dramatic. 
Why is he raking up old memories and those particular ones at that? If he stops to think of himself, he'll realize he has no answer or perhaps all the answers. If he stops to think of her, he'll realize that she can't be convinced to go home with him (if that is his intention) simply by being reminded of their times together. 
And he is still so far from thinking about her to consider just how cruel these theatrics are in light of those he pulled at the unwedding.
But that's RK, he's not stopping to think :)

The entire Sultan angle leaves a lot to be desired. And the only way it can be salvaged in my eyes is if they come up with a strong back story sometime in the future. I'll reserve comments until (and if) that happens because as of now I find it simply boring.
Not to take anything away from the kid's acting, but I've never been a fan of children in soap operas. Why throw them in when the leads are far far away from being ideal parents or even vaguely ready for parenthood?
And I find even Madhu's relationship with Aryan to be more like that of an indulgent aunt than a mother.

I also read a few posts about how the Rishbala relationship is turning to be an abusive one. My personal opinion is that as long as there is no physical abuse, a third party cannot be a judge of emotional abuse. That has to be decided between the couple only. 
As for him manhandling her or carrying her away against her wishes, the question remains of whether he would let go/back off if she protested hard enough, unleashed the power of lacrimal apparatus or cried bloody murder. And I think yes, he would. He wouldn't give up on his mission but he would give in to her.

Please don't misconstrue my words to mean that an abused woman ends up in that situation because she didn't fight back hard enough. 
I'm talking about these two people very specifically and they are fortunately characters in a soap opera.

Joining in rather late, I'm sure a lot of my thoughts have already been voiced before. So please forgive any repetition. Also, I'm not sure whether it's alright to just chime in like this (or some invitation/introduction is required) and if such a post is acceptable on this thread. And lastly, these are entirely my personal opinions and they are not meant to bash/offend anyone.
Looking forward to everyone's opinions on the episode,


P.S. I just saw how long this post has become. I hope that's ok and will definitely try to keep it crisper in the future!

FABULOUS post!ClapClapClap  Really enjoyed reading all your insights into RK and Madhu's situation right particular the lines in bold...fab pointsThumbs Up

I agree that RK felt entitled to some praise and applause for executing his revenge so and somewhere didn't really consider the if strangely expecting life to go back to normal...but BOY did life throw a googly at deffo doesn't think things through when he gets into SINGLE-MINDED obsession relating to something...Previously it was the it's the fact that he needs Madhu back.

I also loved the point you made about abuse...frankly I've seen many other soaps that show CONSTANT physical abuse and no one says anything...I don't things have been that bad in MB...there is emotional abuse, I agree but you've made a very valid point about how the couple in question is the only one that can set the limits on what constitutes emotional abuse b/w them...There is a push and pull b/w them but I also feel if push came to shove, RK would give in and back away...there have been many examples of moments where her tears have made him come undone and just leave too...

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hansa22 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by 0-SD-0


you forget...not everything has to be about bad memories. Think about it positively. He showed you today...all the good memories from the same ugly days of his. So throughout his revenge he had been falling in love with her, stuck to her, attracted to her like we saw. He is now just trying to speak up...which is really not coming out charmingly. He is not a superstar before Madhu and not acting RK style to charm her. We are laughing at his antics rather than ogling at him and likewise Madhu is not totally lost in him...but listening to him with ears. Well ! tell me when did RK ever talk to Madhu about what he thinks about her and them.  Today atleast he called her a moon. Well for starters...shouldn't we all be happy that...he is no more a charmer, but stating facts. Cool

True, eureka,Big smilemaybe thats why I felt his voice modulation was off because he was'nt acting. Maybe for the first time, he's actually saying what he feels... dil se

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0-SD-0 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by AreYaar

Originally posted by pnars

Nice! Building up to tomorrow...

The whole romantic scene with props from their past scenes struck a discordant note. RK was trying hard, but he was using the wrong words - words of possession, assumption, taking Madhu for granted. He knows she loves him, and he's trying to take full advantage of that fact to woo her without giving an inch himself. Nice try, bhai, but it looked awkward..she melted a couple of times, but only just.

RK's history with the whole "I faked it all for revenge" bit hangs heavy over some scenes I guess...hard for ppl to guess what was fake and what was real? lol

I found RK confused in today's scene...desperately trying to find answers to his own turmoil...I don't think he was KNOWINGLY trying to take advantage of Madhu...He did do that a bit in the Holi Rang Deeni dance...not today was a lot about his own confusions and questions too...He was questioning her throughout the dance.

And most interestingly...when Madhu was on the verge of fully giving in and closed her eyes anticipating a kiss...there was no victory smirk on RK's face...He was just watching her with this turmoil in his eyes...almost a sheen of tears.

I agree with AY there...that is what I have been responding to in my other responses.

Today's wooing is genuine...just that some of you don't trust him...but just look at your expressions...if you are drooling...that is RK for you...if you found him disgusting, foolish, idiotic and unimpressive...then that was the real Rishabh Kundra for you...who was trying to reach out to his Madhu...where he agreed with his mother after coming back from Chawl...that things have worsened between him and Madhu...

So the night and morning (post Dips conversation) he had been thinking...called Pack-up and started an attempt to explain Madhu about her instead of him answering her questions, he was making her get answers to her questions through his efforts.  It was genuine...even in drunken state he said...what does he know what he wants from her...she should understand it.   Do remember...that he may be following bottom-up approach or deductive logic to answer her...rather than regular inductive reasoning.

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sangeet6690 Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 11:43am | IP Logged
 Kaka, at least you should behave, expected better sense from you ... lagta hai dhoop mein hi baal safeed kiye hai Ermm!!!LOL Clap

Edited by sangeet6690 - 09 April 2013 at 1:04pm

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