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Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Madhubala - Ek Ishq Ek Junoon

Episode 241 Discussion: 9th April 2013

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Episode 241 Discussion: 9th April 2013

Welcome to the Episode discussion thread which we call as Viewer's and Reader's Respite.  That's very apt, don't you think ? Wink. And that proves our objective.

Objective behind the thread is 
  1. It helps in keeping the forum clean without much litter. People just need to fall in a habit.
  2. We can have it like breathers at first followed by analysis. 
  3. It also helps like-minded souls and pals bond and gel together to drop in their thoughts for themselves as breathers and for their friends as a peep into the episode and for others to post their reviews. 
  4. And those from different time-zones, who do not get to watch the episode at this time of telecast (Indian 8:30 PM), without any worry to trace or keep track of all their buddy's posts, they can come here, read with leisure and later post their analysis after watching it from their Time zones. 
  5. Do not litter the thread with chit-chat conversations. A little is permitted to have the friendly atmosphere, but when you feel like chatting more, it is desired you take your conversation with your buddies to alternate venues like chat clubs, pm mode etc.
  6. Quoting Policy: It is desired that people refrain from single, double, triple and multiple quoting of posts on a repetitive basis. They can pick out the parts that they like to quote as opposed to quoting the entire post. It is often seen that we have  to scroll through the pages when all they have done is quoting and more quoting with one line response to the actual post. IF has a rule that more than three times quoting is not allowed. But nowadays as people read IF posts over phone, it is preferred that people do not quote longer posts and just extract the portions of the post that they like to respond to and if they still find it relevant to their thought process then get the entire quoted text.

For those who cannot watch can have the Live/Written Updates.
Today's LU from : Armu4eva
  • There are various other threads all over the forum. Please check out those as well. This is just one choice out of so many.
  • Readers are encouraged to post links of other members posts which had been "delightful read" towards analysis of episodic event/s or character analysis. It becomes an easy navigation in the myriad of posts and pages and can easily be overlooked.
  • The link to present day ED thread is always provided in the previous one discussed.Those who participated in previous thread can go to my posts and check the previous thread to get access to new link. 


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Episode 241 Discussion - EOD Summary

RK desperately trying to establish Ishq Equation with Madhu, Sultan competing with RK by virtue of Aryan and RK crashes Sultan's Ishq Plan for Madhu.

Events of the Episode
  1. Sultan -Madhu- Aryan - Sugary sweet telephone talk continues between M & S, prodded by Matchmaker A, who asks S to ask how to wash off the Holi color. M overhears and suggests besan ka lep for washing off the color. Me thinks - Madhu saved Sultan by applying color on his face, then why is she saying "I am really sorry" Why ? - Romantic music was being played on the background during this conversation.
  2. Madhu-Padmini-Trishna - P & T & Sudhakar are getting ready to depart for Shirdi while M's departure gets cancelled thru Ravi's call from Studio about her night shift. M asks P to give her 100 Rs chadhava to Saibaba. T asks M to take food on time. 
  3. Aryan-Kaka-Sultan - A remembering Madhu's parenting through eating Bhindi and Chapati. A s A chirps on about M, S gets an idea that himself and A should go and have dinner with M. K has become another spokesman for audience on behalf of S. He says aloud "Sultan, Aryan ke liye ya apne liye jaa raha hai"
  4. Madhu-RK- M in Studio wondering why it is dark and no one is here. RK's Nautanki starts. Commences with shaayari. Read Zoya_naziya's post on Page 6. Her post has lyrics. Then he starts wooing M through reminding all the first time moments he had with M. Wooing is not that impressive and dialogues are plain. Contrast between Rishabh Kundra in real life and Superstar RK comes out. His wooing style is not charming like his Superstar aura. It is too brash and straight. RK & M dance over Bahon Ke Darmiyaan song. Again they have their clsoe moments and M breaks free from it by the end of the song.
  5. Sultan-Aryan - Together they come to Chawl, find M's house is locked, get to know through a neighbour that P & T have gone to Shirdi and M has gone to Studio-Sets for duty.
  6. Sultan-RK -  Upon Aryan's prodding, S places call to M's cell phone. RK picks up, recognizes S's voice. He tells Sultan not to call his Biwi, M anymore. Bids Sayonaara.S listening seriously and answers Aryan that M is never gonna come back.

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MM's Fun Corner - Page 9 

Aryan's Match-Making for Sultan and Madhu

The Red Mask as symbol of RK UnRavelling 
Originally posted by 0-SD-0


SD: It can be used as Stage rotating disc where from behind dancers will jump...if you watch old cabaret dances in movies or just dance sequences on stage in olden movies, they have that kind of doors/decors.

Symbolism - RK Unravelling 

Zoya_naziya: RK came from behind the mask... He had shed all his trappings/aura of The RK image and he portrayed his core personality...

supercool3The studio was setup to create this imagery of what type of place Rishabh Kundra resides in (when he's locked up inside RK). That mask is the RK mask that Rishabh puts on. To him, its just a simple mask that protects him from the world. So the way they showed Rishabh walking up to Madhu from behind the mask was like Rishabh coming out and speaking to her. 

SD: RK had that kind of mask when Madhu dreamt dancing with him even before she met him.

Originally posted by AreYaar

Some captures of my fav. bits in the scene

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Angeena IF-Dazzler

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Aryan! shame on you

Madhu gives beauty tips to Sultan. sigh Sultan is still in la-la land, still reminiscing, listening to Aryan speaking about Madhu.. I had expected this jootha method of eating will become a thing to look on with fondness. rolling eyes Kaka has begun to realize Sultan's feelings .. dull. not listeningno talking

RK makes a shayarana entry. And makes his first mistake.. reminding Madhu of past moments, without considering that past moments are tainted with his prem game, without thinking that Madhu had just as many moments to recall which are filled with insults, humiliations, tears. Then he calls her a gudiya. And then .. he strikes gold with baahon ke darmiyaan. I am going to consider that the memories which RK talks about are genuine ones, where he was not acting, the ones which actually touched his heart. I'm so happy that the karvachauth was the real deal. Heart It was one of my favorite scenes .. Thank CVs it is real.

RK v/s Sultan through the phone. RK is claiming his territory. talk to the hand Sultan would have given a couple of, maybe good, counter dialogues but he holds back for Aryan's sake, not wishing to frighten his son. He wouldn't have made such a consideration in the past. Nonetheless he backs off. Good for him. Unfortunately this is temporary for sure. Bad for us. Wonder what makes him reenter..

Just a question .. wasn't the shift to RK-Sultan's phone conversation a bit abrupt? I mean RK was trying to woo back Madhu in one scene and the next scene she is not there, instead RK is alone. confused Was the conversation supposed to happen before Madhu arrived on the set?

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Originally posted by Angeena

Aryan! shame on you

Just a question .. wasn't the shift to RK-Sultan's phone conversation a bit abrupt? I mean RK was trying to woo back Madhu in one scene and the next scene she is not there, instead RK is alone. confused Was the conversation supposed to happen before Madhu arrived on the set?

Hi Angeena... if the conversation happened before Madhu arrived on the set, then how did RK have access to her phone even when she was not present there. Loopholes, loopholes, loopholes...

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_charu_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Just imagining one scenario of "happy family" Aryan, Sultan and Madhu having dinner together and Madhu tasting Sultan and Aryan's food before feeding them , la la la la being played in the BG Dead was giving me creeps...toh thank you RK for saving us from the torture...

I think I should watch MB only on alternate days bec. that's when RK feels all lovey dovey for Madhu LOL one day he was hallucinating her , swinging b/w mujhe farak nai padta and padta hai , next day he was frustrated to know the tamasha on the set , next day he plays holi with her, next day he says he doesn't know why he'c concerned for her, next day he's angry with the thoughts of Madhu haunting him and here were are today ! pyar makes a dramatic re-entry and he decides to bring Madhu uske ghar...Stern Smile

there must be something due to which I cud not enjoy his so called confession and desperate measure to have Madhu he remembers karvachauth but not their unwedding? is it too much asking for some consistency in the characters and continuity in the story? Confused 

If i watch it as an average viewer, waiting for Rishbala's union, well, the drama was well enacted, with all the shayari ..felt bad for Madhu though...waiting for tomorrow...thank you CV's for giving me my KC moment back again..of all the moments, he remembered that one toh that means woh saara ka saara drama nahi tha LOL

RK warning Sultan, RK style..Aryan, be strong baby...Madhu ke sapne na dekho, it's good for your health..uski life mein saare abnormal bande hi aate hai...Sultan is smart the hint..ab alvida ki izzat rakh lena OKAY Angry

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Angeena IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by JasperJazz

Hi Angeena... if the conversation happened before Madhu arrived on the set, then how did RK have access to her phone even when she was not present there. Loopholes, loopholes, loopholes...

Ohh! I overlooked that part. D'oh Damn. I hate it when something like this happens.

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Ananya05 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Skipped almost all the gangster clan scenes.
Sultan is so so boring. Never in my recent TV viewership have I come across such a dull character. Sleepy
Zombie kaka's mind also seems to be dwelling in his Zombie la la land. He was so pleased to see that Sultan is rushing to see Madhu for himself, thereby giving a complete skip to the fact that the woman is already married to a mighty, crazy, superstar.Silly
RK-Madhu scene was good. The shayari totally cracked me up though.ROFL
Was Sultan having one of those mental fits, when he came up with an idea to pack food and go have dinner with Madhu? Where did that come from suddenly?Silly Absolutely idiotoc, just the same it was when he goes and vandalizes RKs car.
And lastly, what kind of a moron would continue chasing a 'parayi aurat' as they say it, even after listening to a clear, resounding warning from her husband? Sultan will be disgraced beyond anything in my eyes, if he keeps on finding new ways to meet Madhu, when clearly he knows that her husband is absolutely against this nonsense. And I would not blame RK this time. Whatever may be the state of affairs between a husband and a wife, it does not warrant a third party to interference or that third party making advances towards either one of them, in full knowledge of the other spouse. A husband and a wife owe each other that much I guess, that even in the most turbulent times, they do respect such wishes of one another. I am sorry if that sounded absolutely idiotic. But, I have very grounded beliefs when it comes to marriages. Sultan poking his nose in between RK-Madhu affairs is very very distasteful to me.

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Why would Sultan get the wierd idea that he should go and have dinner with Madhu.  Ermm ErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmmErmm

Koi boojh sakhta hai is paheli ko Question

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