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Arhi SS: Bring Him back Ch17 - page 125 COMPLETE (Page 96)

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Originally posted by Preet.Kc

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Nothing Meenu, just sharinf few thing LOLLOL LOL
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Babyji.. there is no need to go crazy u r already oneSilly
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Really sorry for the confusion all but I'm not killing Ashvath it's just that the story's ending. Sorry for not being clear. A big sorry to PC she had a sleepless night because if the confusion

Chapter 14 -The box

"Khushi do you need any help" Anjali asked me right after I had stepped out of the kitchen with Ashvath holding my left hand and a tray in my other hand.

"No di I'm good, but there's another tray I have left with plates can you get that." I asked her.

"Sure" she stepped in and was shocked to see the sight in front of her. The kitchen was a mess other than the area near the cooker and sink. "Khushi what happened here?" She shouted ignoring the women still stood there.

"Don't know di, I think some animals got in" I replied making Ashvath laugh.

"Mamma wa anima"(mamma what animal) I bent down in front of him.

"One was a fat pig, the other was a cow and third brainless chicken" he giggled

"Thooo anima" (sooo many Animals)


"Were anima now?" (where are the animals now?) I smiled at him

"In the kitchen"

"Hooo" his mouth dropped into a huge 'O'. "Dadi cow, chote dadi piiig" and he began to giggle "Seti chick"

"Yes Ashu, now come on you dad will be hungry. Just like Ashu" I poked his stomach.

"Di have you got the try?" I shouted not looking back at their angry faces.

"One second Khushi" she came and stood next to me. "Let's go" she too didn't both about them and we back upstairs.

"How dare she?" Manorma said

"Stop saying that" Mrs Raizarda said "she can dare to do anything" she turned towards the door. "Sheetal get the boy's things put back in his room. If she finds out we'll have more problems" she walked out of the kitchen.

Monorma walked over the stove and looked to see if there was any food left but there were only empty pots.

"I'm not doing anything" Sheetal stomped her foot. She was hungry and the last thing she care about was that child.


"Papa!" Ashu jumped on the bed next to his Arnav. He still held his toy drum set.

"Back" Arnav pulled Ashvath on to his lap. "Did you have fun with mamma?" Arnav whispered in his ear.

"Yes!" Ashvath shouted

"Mami what did you cook?" Akshay quickly took a plate and started filling it with food.

"Slow down boy" Vivan shouted taking another plate and doing the same.

"What wrong with you two?" Anjali said

"Khushi hasn't cooked for so long" they began to eat and spoke with full mouths.

"What's wrong with food I cook?" Anjali put her hands on her hips.

"Not as tasty as mami's" Akshay laughed

"What!" She shouted

"Di leave those two there just teasing you" I filled a plate for Ashvath and pick Arnav soup.

"Your right there's no point arguing with these guys." She sat on the edge of the bed with a grumpy face. Akshay and Vivan just hi5ed and laughed at Anjali.

"Stop it you two" I said Ashvath crawled onto my lap the second I sat facing Arnav next to him. "You hungry" I asked tilting my head to look down at him. He nodded and opened his mouth. I fed him the first morsel then with my other hand fed Arnav his soup.

"Khushi you can't do both, here give me Ashvath." Anjali said when she saw the cute family scene.

"No di is fine, if you think your boys are bad. These two are worst. They won't eat without each other and nor will they eat with their own hands. I'll manage!" I said knowing they would both come up with a silly plan again. They both looked at each other and chuckled.

"Ashu" I said when he dropped some food on his top.

"Mamma" he eyes became slightly teary. "Papa shir"(Dad's shirt)

"I'll get you another on like this" I kissed his forehead. "Then you can always be like you dad. Okay?" I nodded I kissed him again and cuddled him so he would stop crying.

"Di where's his room his top needs to be changed." I placed both plates down. 

"It the room right opposite" She said I placed Ashvath on Arnav lap.

"I'll be right back" I got up and shut the door. I didn't have the courage to open the door. I stood outside just staring at it. I still remembered my own words.


"Arnav this will be the baby's room" Khushi swirled around in circles. Laughing and giggle the room was painted white with animated characters pictures stuck on around the room.

"Don't you think it's too small?" He said wrapping his arms around her big belly. The room was filled with baby toys, clothes and accessories.

"No! I want to be able to run to my baby when he cries" she said turning to hug him.

"Yes ma'am"

I finally put my hands on the handle and turned the nod. The room was not how I had left it. Yes the walls were the same but there were no toys, no games and no accessories. The place seemed empty.

I remembered Anjali's words. 'Khushi you didn't need to, Arnav has already brought him so many toys he's got a room full of them.' but this room was empty. I remembered how Ashvath had held onto his new toy. This was another thing not right in this house. They had taken all his toys. They lived on our money. We provided them with everything and they thought they had the right to take away what we provided our child.

I took out a top from the wardrobe and walked back into the room. Ashvath had now moved to play with his brother. "Di can you change his top I'll take the dishes down." I said picking up the dirty plates.

"Are you not going to eat?" She asked

"Not hungry" Arnav looked at his sister requesting her to continue.

"Khushi you can't..."

"I'll be right back di" I head to the door then turn. "Di does Ashvath have a play room?" I asked

"Khushi did you not see how his room is full of toys, he doesn't need a play room." Arnav laughed slightly. I had a strange feeling in my gut telling me Arnav has been living in the dark. I just nodded and walked out.

I slammed the tray on the counter top once I reached the kitchen. My blood was boiling once again. One of the plates broke and I got a small cut on my thump. I knew Ashvath would like to see it so bent in one of the cabinets to take out a plaster. My frustration was not helping me find this small item. I was ransacking the cabinet but I couldn't see the box. My eyes suddenly caught sight of a small brown wooden box. I reached of it and found it locked. It did not look like something that belonged here. It was out of place. I looked it the cabinet to find the key but it was not in there. I heard Ashvath's voice and put the box back where I had found it.


"Mamma" Ashvath shouted his tiny legs wobbled down the stairs and across the living. He was just about to pass the sitting areas where Sheetal and her mother sat. I heard him yell and stepped out of the kitchen. That's when I saw Sheetal put her leg out to trip Ashvath.

He fell on his face but a cry never escaped his lips. He was immune to the pain the family gave him. Unlike me! The rage that had been set to rest was now back.

Sheetal and her mother got up and pulled on his T-shirt. "Are you okay beta?"

"How many times have we told you to be careful" they hovered over him. 

"You know you not meant to run in the house." They pulled on his shirt showing as if they were helping him up. But it seemed more like they were ripping his shirt. My legs had long left my control and were now an inch away from them. It seemed like my hands lost control too. As the next thing I did was to pull on Sheetal golden brown locks, her hair fist in my hand as I yanked her head back away from my son. The force of the pull made her stumble back and hit the sofa.

"Ahh" she cried in pain.

I picked Ashvath in my arms and stroked his head.

"Khushi what was that" Monorma shouted when I walked back into the kitchen. I picked a small two inch cardboard box near the gas and marched upstairs.

"Ashu go sit with you dad, I'll be right back. Don't come out till I'm there." I place him on the floor, bent down to his level then stroked his cheeks. He hugged me tightly. "I'm not going anywhere, I'll be right back" I patted his back. "You trust me right" he nodded again me. "Then go in and wait." He let me go and went inside the room.

I shut the door and stormed across the corridor. I walked into Sheetal bedroom and opened her walk in wardrobe. I pulled all her designer dresses and tops of the hanger and threw them to make a large pile in the middle of the room. I threw all the designer high heels and did the same. While throwing the shoes a key fell out of one of them. I bent to pick it up that's when if clicked it was the same key. The size looked perfect for the box in the kitchen. I didn't have much time to think on it as Sheetal matched in with her mother.

"Khushi what are you doing?" I continued threw all her handbags, hats and scarfs onto the pile.

"Mom stop her, ohh noo my bag... Khushi that's an expensive scarf put it down... What's wrong with you?... Mom that's my favorite pair of shoes." I stood on the opposite side of the pile with a stern look. She was just about to step forward when I opened the small match box I picked up from the kitchen. I lit a matchstick and held it in front of my face.  "NO!" She shouted the next second I dropped the stick. All the things caught on fire. A large blaze filled her once natural room. I smirked and walked out.

My actions had shown my anger. They said everything that needed to be said. They had taken away everything from my child I took away what they had. I pulled out my phone and called Akash. "Book the tickets for the Raizarda they should be here in an hour" I shouted into the phone and cut the call.

"Ashu" I said when walking into the room. He was lying on Arnav chest. But jumped with he heard my voice.

"He needs to sleep" Arnav whispered in my ear.

"So do you" I said taking Ashvath in my arms.

"Khushi we should get going" Vivan said.

"Take care of them" Anjali cared my cheek then walked out. I smiled at all of them then sat on the bed.

"Ashu sleepy" I asked cradling him in my arms.

"Nooo" he said while yawning.

"Want me to sing to you" I asked

"No!" Arnav shouted.

"Bhy no" (why not?)

"Your mamma can't sing" Arnav whispered in Ashvath's ear

"Ashu mamma besd sing" (Ashvath's mamma best singer)

"Okay" Arnav lent over his side table and pulled out two cotton buds. He then put it in his hear. "She can now sing." I just looked at him shocked.

"Papa sad" (papa mean) He patted on my arm "mamma sing mamma sing."

I held him close then sang him a short lullaby. In the middle he ended up covering his ears. "Ashu" I said then looked up at Arnav laughing.

"Told you, next listen to you papa" he put his hands out so Ashvath would come to him. But he didn't move from my lap. He turned to look at me.

"Mamma neber sing" (mamma never sing again) he said with authority. My mouth dropped at him. "Now Ashu steep" (now Ashvath sleep). He laid on my chest and shut his eyes.

"He's stubborn" Arnav slid down into his blanket. 'Like his mother' he thought in his head. He laid there with his eyes open. Watching his son drift off to sleep.

I laid him down next to Arnav once he was a sleep. "I'm coming" I said then walked out. I had to see what was in that box. I ran down to the kitchen and saw it again in the same place. My mind was telling me there was something extremely odd about this box. Firstly because it didn't seem like it belonged in the kitchen secondly because Sheetal had the key. I pushed the key in the turned it.

Note: 2 more Chapter to go! No epilepsy I'm not that good at them and don't think I can give one that will justify this story.

pre cap- a letter once lost 

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yipee!!!! me 1st
me 1st
others -->TongueTongueTongueTongue
awesome chappy darling
shit-all, in ur face u witch!Evil Smile
man, i love this khushi so much!!!!!
i want arnie to know the truth asap
only 2 more chappiesShocked, i'll miss ashu baby CryCryBroken HeartBroken HeartBroken HeartBroken Heart

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wow great part
liked it
ashu is too cute Smile
and seems like all the truths will be out soon
continue soon

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for baby
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Interesting...loved what kushi shoed that sheetal the right place
awesome <3

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