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Arhi SS: Bring Him back Ch17 - page 125 COMPLETE (Page 73)

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Originally posted by ongongong

OMG!! Poor Ash... He's being abused by his own family!! Glad he told khushi everything...finally..he'll be safe and happy...waiting for arnav to get to know all this!! CONTINUE SOON PLS!!!!!!!!!

wat will happen when Arnav finds out????

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Originally posted by sanluvug

damn how can raizadas hurt little boy..EVIEL!! .poor baby how much sufferedyes sad Ouch...loved kushi ordered aman to cut all luxuries..waiting for raizada s to suffer.. me waiting tooo LOL
thanks for pm
update soon
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Originally posted by Barun_Addict

Originally posted by babyhumz

Originally posted by Barun_Addict

Editing Monkey Emoticons
This Mitali Monkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks 

How dare she ?? Monkey Winks shes evil!!! 
and im my head in thinking revenge Evil Smile  Yayy !!!  Big smile Wink

Poor Ashu !! Monkey Icon i know i felt bad writing it  I know he is a kid nah afterall and im not evil 
But he is such a Cutiepie !! Monkey Icons Cici LOL LOL LOLVERY CUTE  Yeah LOL Wink 
Monkey IconI love him !! Monkey Icon Embarrassedme tooo  MY BABY (dont tell my real baby)

Ok Won't tell chiko Wink ROFL mwah! 
He flirted with the little girl lol Monkey Emoticons Cici so cute!!!! and naughty Just like Arnav !! loool yep!!! that was fun to write 

Those Beep Beep CensoredRaizadas Monkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon swearing wont helpLOL Ok Let My Khushi deal with them Wink my heads thinking 

How dare they torture my Ashvath ?? Monkey WinkMonkey WinkMonkey Wink

Unki toh mainMonkey Icons let see what will happen now 

n that Sheetal Monkey Icon karati kick i was thinking different LOL I cant use this punching emo, much -----> Monkey Winks
cz its of Chiko's nah !! LOL loool cant believe this emo copyright 
I just love Khushi's character here...Monkey Winks me to strong girl Yeah !! 

She is soo bold n confident...Monkey Icons Cici that how i like my khushi's 
That is how girls hould be strong n emotional !! thats how we are! 

Yeah go on Khushi Monkey Emoticons

Teach them a lesson...Monkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks hehhe shes waiting to 

For torturing my CutiepieMonkey Icon 

How can they be soo heartless ?? Monkey Winks they just are! Angry

The ending scene was too cute...Monkey Emoticons my favourite 

But m still confused abt Arnav's behaviour ?? Monkey Winks you will be till end 

Why is he doing all this ?? Monkey Icon patience!!! Ok I'll wait !! There must b a very strong reason !! Ermm  keep thinking 

Awesome update Maassi Ma !! Monkey Icons yay!!! thank you!!!  No Thanks !! Angry Confused LOL Embarrassed
just kiss mwah! 
Love you !!! Monkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon  love you tooo  

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Chapter 11 - What Happened To His Mum?

Sorry everyone if this chapter does not like up to your expectations but I have tried to keep it realistic.

"Mrs Raizarda" the nurse called me. I looked up at her she placed the food tray on Arnav's overbed I nodded at her and got up with Ashvath still sleeping. I cuddled more into me when I tried to place him next to Arnav.

"He won't let go of you" Arnav said. I knew he was right Ashvath had grown so attached to me I didn't think he would ever let me go in the future. 'Was he getting to attached to me?'  I thought I slowly made him lay on the bed. Arnav pulled him closer to him to make him comfortable but he could as Ashvath had held onto my hand. Our hands locked together.

I looked down at him and felt a small tear drops on the edge of my eyes. It was what Arnav did when he slept. Hold onto my hand so I wouldn't move away from him. Here Ashvath did the same. Here held my hand while he slept. He was lying on his back and there was a grip on my hand that rested on his side, above his head.

Arnav smiled at his son who had to hold his mother. Just like he had always wish to hold her. He looked up and saw tear developing in my eyes. He didn't want to hurt me. Now did he want to push me. He thought it would best to leave the two of us but he could see more pain in my eyes. He was about to move Ashvath but I spoke.

"Let him sleep" I looked at his face, he looked slightly worried. "It fine" I said picking up a spoon with my free hand to feed him. 

Arnav made a nasty face as always swallowing the hospital food. He was like a kid not wanting to open his mouth but still did. In-between bits he sometime shook his head not wanting to take another bit. Even Ashvath ate his food in a better manner then Arnav. The soup was spilling from the side of his face I couldn't even whip it one of my hand were occupied. I had to put the spoon down and pick up a tissue to whip his mouth. He mouth always formed into a small smile whenever I had to do that. I could feel the shape of his lips behind the tissue.

Arnav had to smile he look at me with tender eyes no matter how much his wife ran from him he saw the love and care she had for him. He didn't really hate the hospital food as much as he showed. Over the years he knew he had tasted worst food then this in the arm camps. But seeing the anger mixed with amusement. He loved it enough to make faces for the rest of his life. He smiled when I touched the side of his lips. He couldn't help it having his wife near him after so many years made his heart jump in joy. The pain he had gone through in the blast was nothing compared to what he went through without his love. He wanted to pull his wife close to him hold her in his arms. But it was a right his wife had taken away from him years ago. Now he just waited for the day when she would take her rightful place in his life and his son.  

Suddenly my phone started vibrating on the bed side table on Arnav's side. I moved my hand away from his mouth. 

"It work" he said seeing Akash's name flashing on screen. I looked down at Ashvath knowing it was important work the most important job I thought I would ever do.

Arnav saw me looking down at Ashvath her thought I was wanted to attended the call but didn't want to disturb his sleep.

"I'll watch him go take your call" Arnav said.

"But..." He cut me of

"He'll be fine" Arnav said

I leaned in close to Ashvath to kiss him on his forehead. Arnav leaned in at the same time. Leading for our heads to bumped into each other. We looked at each other from the side of our eyes. A small smile appeared on his face and there was no change on my face. I quickly moved back and stood straight. Arnav leaned back down and kissed Ashvath's forehead. He slowly released his grip on my hand and cuddled into his dad. Arnav wrapped on of his arms around his son making him comfortable. Arnav handed me the phone and I walked out. Knowing Ashvath would be fine.  


"Mom! Mom!" Sheetal shouted running down the stairs.

"What is it beta" Mami asked who had her head lowered looking in her purse.

"My phones not working. The stupid operators said my contracts been cut. Where's Pa?" 

"I don't know where he is, I don't have time right now I'm going to the parlor." She looked up at her daughter "Just get a new phone."

"I will get a new phone but now I want to get me hands on that company!" She threw he phone in anger. "How dare that man speak to me like that?" Her nose flared and face turned red. "When I get my hands on this Raizarda fortune I'll make sure to buy out that rubbish place."

"Not long now, Arnav's back. Will get rid of her like last time but this time with divorce." She cupped the side of her face. "Don't worry now you'll get wrinkles. Come to the parlor with me will get a facial."

"I want to fix this" she shouted at her mother.

"Get a phone on the way."

"Fine!" She turned to her room to collect her bag.


Mrs Raizarda was sitting with the legs stretched on her bed. She picked up her phone and called to the kitchen down stairs. She waited as the phone rang but no one picked up. She slammed the phone down in anger. "Where are these idiot?" She shouted "that little brats still missing to. She huffed and got off her bed. She walked down her lavish stair case in her dark blue heave saree.

"Hari Prakash kaha margaya? Hari prakash?" She shouted down. "Om Prakash", "Rani!", "Where is everyone?"

"What happened?" Monorma asked her

"Where are all the servants? No one's listening I was required to get up from my afternoon nap. Do they expect me to serve myself" she yelled striding into the kitchen only to find it empty. "Where are they?" She looked around and saw no one.

At that point Monohar walked in. "I'm hungry" he said completely ignoring his sister in law's angry expression. He opened the fridge and saw nothing but some revolting looking blended vegetables in many jars and bottles. He shut it and opened the cabinets one by one. All were full of vegetables. He was confused seeing his normal snacks missing.

"Babhi what is this? have you started some stupid new diet plan with Manorma? That you have decided to threw out all temptations."

"What rubbish! I have not done anything. It's those stupid workers of this house." Mrs Raizarda shouted at him.

"Where are they?"

"How should I know? I had been calling for them but those..." She was cut short when her husband entered.

"What's this nonsense why are you shouting?" He shouted at his wife.

"The workers of this house are all gone missing" She replied

"And someone's replaces our food with nonsense" His brother said

"How's that possible? Their paid to be here" he shouted. "Antika call the guards and find out if they have left. She walked out of the kitchen and picked up the phone only to hear I'd dead.

"What! This was working a few minutes ago." She shouted slamming the phone down.

"What now?" Mr Raizarda asked his wife

"The lines dead"

"Aunty I'm heading out with Mom. I'll tell them to come see you." Sheetal said entering the hall.

"Yes Bhabi you no worry" Manorma said

"Pa I need to speak to you" Sheetal turned to her father.

"What's wrong?"

"Not now, when we come back" Manorma interrupted

"No! That operator need to know they can't cut Sheetal Raizarda's contract." She turned to her father again after shouting at her mother. "The phone company cut my contract. And they claim that the bill payer canceled it"

"But I didn't" he father told her. "The money goes through our Raizarda account." He said

"There must be a misunderstanding." Mr Raizarda said "why are you not paying with your private accounts?" He asked his brother who looked away.


"Never mind. The company probable did a mistake. Fix it later right now find out where the workers are." He said not giving an opportunity for his brother to come up with an excuse.

"Were leaving then" Sheetal and her mother headed towards the door and sat in the expensive white Bentley car.

"Mohan let's go" Sheetal said only to see no one in the driver's seat.

"What!" Monorma shouted

Sheetal rushed out and walked to the garage rest of the cars were all missing.

"Mom the cars a missing can to go check on the guards. Monarma jumped out the gate and marched across the white stone driver through. Her heals clicked on the floor and hips swayed in the air. She walked with her hands in the air towards the gate.  "Watchman! Where are all the workers and cars?" She looked into the white booth that to was empty. She looked confused her face had already dropped. Now she was getting furious.

She pushed on the black gates but they were stuck. She saw them shake but not move. "What's this" she shouted again when she saw the large metal lock on the gate. "We're locked in!" She said trying push the gate with all her strength in anger. "Watchman! Watchman anyone there?"

She shouted in fear. She felt trapped, in the place she lived. She could feel her body starting to tremble with the thought of no escape. She shouted but her voice wasn't heard. She called for help but no one stopped to assist. She was truly stuck. With NO WAY OUT.

"Mom what's wrong?" Sheetal asked from a far.

"Someone locked us in. There's a lock on the gate."

"What!" Sheetal ran to her mother and saw the large metal look. She shouted at the people on the street. "Help! Is anyone there can you open the lock. Hello! Help! We're stuck" but everyone ignored the women I the short dress. It was a respectable area but no one liked the Raizarda's. They had never stopped to help a singer soul all knew that. They wouldn't even think of helping these people.


Back in the house Mr Raizarda had decided to call a restaurant to order food while he had his wife empty all the cabinets looking for the real food. "Yes that's enough" he said into his phone. "My card number in on your system" he told the man on the other end "WHAT!" He shouted what do you mean my cards been declined? Do you even know who I am?" Mr Raizarda shouted into the phone. "I don't want you apology I want my food. Hello... Hello..." The employee at the restaurant had cut the phone on him. 


Monorma came running back into the house with her daughter. They told the others of the unfortunate event. Mr Raizarda looked suspicious. "Anitika, Antika" he shouted calling to his wife. She came out with her Sari wrapped around her waist and hair messy. Once all the members of the family where there he started to think again over everything that was happening. Not seeing his brother to have spotted a plate in the center of the dining table. He walked over and quickly stuffed down a spoonful of what looked like couscous

"Errr" he shouted running into the kitchen." This taste like it only has salt in it. He twisted the nob of the tap but no water came out. He looked around for water but found nothing. His throat was dry and the salt made him thirsty. He took a dramatic decision and drank down on of the horrid looking green drinks. It was bitter and had lumps in it. He felt sick after but there had been no other option. He loved to eat but this was making him sick. It was killing the taste of food for him. Vegetables a health meal something he never had. The salt had his mouth dry craving for thirst. But this was making him want to throw up.

When he walked back into the living room. His hair was a mess, traced of the vegetable juice dripping drink his face.


"What happened to you?" Mr Raizarda asked then heard his brother explain. Monorna got worried slightly.

"Bhabi get him a tissue" she said walking up to her husband to wipe the sweat beads.

"I'm not a servant" Mrs Raizarda muttered under her breath walking over to the table to get a tissue. She brought the tissue back and gave it to Monorma.

"Anitka switch on the light it's getting dark" he ordered his wife.

 "Why is everyone making me do their work?" She said under her breath flipping the switch. She hated having to run around for everyone she had always had the best servants, made people her slave but here. She was having to run around for everyone. She was having to work for people.

 The light did not come on. She flipped it again to check. But the darkness in to room did not vanish. Instead as the sun set outside nightfall filled the room.

"Darkness!" Monorma shouted in fear

"What now this?" Mrs Raizarda shouted.

"Something is seriously wrong." Mr Raizarda stared at the light above his head. "Sheetal you said your phone contract was cut and AR pays for it right?" Mr Raizarda asked her


"Antika AR pay's for our workers right?" His wife nodded

"But what's that got to do with..." She was cut off again

"AR pay's for my cards. And the bills of this house." He paused for a second "there's only one person behind this nonsense. "KHUSHI ARNAV SINGH RAIZRADA" everyone stood shocked. The most the bahu of the house had ever done was cut their monthly payments but now! This time they had no servants, no money, no power and where locked in the house. Trapped in their own home.


"Akash you called" I said into the phone.

"Yes everything you asked for is done" Akash said

"Good!" Is all I could say

"Ma'am what would you like me to do about the nanny?" He asked

"Nanny?" I said slightly confused

"Yes Mitali"

"I'll get back to you Akash" I said and cut the call. 'The woman is a nanny?' I thought 'then who's?' I shut my eyes for a second to compose myself. Then walked into Arnav's room. He was sat with Ashvath snuggling into him. He was looking down at his son smiling.

"Arnav you haven't finished your meal" I said walking up next to him.

"I wasn't hungry" I cut him off

"Don't give me excesses" I picked up the spoon and brought it to his mouth. He opened up and took a bit.

"I really don't want to eat Khushi" he complained when I brought another bit to his mouth. I gave him a stern look.

"Emmm" Ashvath steered in his sleep walking up.

"Look you even woke him up" I said to Arnav.

"Not my fault" he gently turned Ashvath while he opened his eyes.

"Papa ere mamma?" (where's mama) he asked waking up.

"I'm here" I said lifting him in my arms. He rested his sleepy head on my shoulder then closed his eyes again. I kissed his head and stroked his hair.

"My food" Arnav whined not liking being ignored.

"You didn't eat it when I told you to now you want to eat?" I said then used one hand to feed him.

"Err" Arnav started making noises again swallowing his food. I could feel Ashvath chuckling against me. I kissed him again I could feel it make him smile. I ignored Arnav's protest and made him finish everything on the tray. "Khushi that's enough" he said as I made him eat the last bit.

"You wanted to eat" I said making him eat that to. I place Ashvath on his lap and moved the tray. Just then Anjali walked in with a food basket.

"Di?" Arnav asked

"Yeah I brought food" she held up the basket. "For our ashu"

"And mamma" he shouted jumping on Arnav's lap loving the aroma that filled the room.

"Di I thought you had guess coming over?" Arnav asked as I took the basket to set to food plates.

"Vivan Guest just left, I thought these two would be hungry." I set the plate and brought it to the two boys.

"Khushi why don't you eat I'll feed him" Anjali said

"No di it's okay, he won't eat if I don't feed him." I told her taking the spoon with rice to his mouth.

"Khushi you have already spoiled him." She said sitting on the stool. Only to see Ashvath take the spoon out of my hands the next second and fed me. "I guess not" she said smile at us. She sat talking to Arnav while Ashvath and I fed each other. Once I was done I kissed his check them moved.  He looked up as his father with a toothy grin.

"What!" Arnav raised an eyebrow.

"Papa no go kissy, Ashu go kissy"(Papa no got kiss, Ashvath got kiss.)

"Your loved more" he whispered in his son's ear tapping his nose.

"I should get going" Anjali said getting up to fix the basket.

"Di no you should say" Arnav said      

"I can't visiting times over I'll come tomorrow when you being discharged." She picked up the basket.

"Di I'll escort you out." I said to Anjali.

"Mamma" Ashvath shouted holding out his arms.

"Ashu I'll be back soon stay with papa till then." His face dropped, I kissed his forehead and cared his cheek. "Two minutes." I said walking out

"Di can I ask you something?" I said once we stepped out of the room.


Mr Raizarda was fuming he wanted to rip me apart. He was pacing the room thinking of what to do. He quickly pulled out his phone and slipped on some oil on the floor. He landed flat on the floor head first. His chin was bleeding due to the force of the drop. He was lying on the cold floor cover in slimy oil. "Who dropped this here?" He shouted while everyone stood shocked. Never had he felt this low. Lying in his own living room on the floor. He had tripped force to face the ground. To feel beneath everyone around him. 

His arm hit the side table as he tried to get up. His body Wight shook the vase that laid on it and it broke shattering into pieced on the floor. A piece flew and strapped Sheetals face leaving a permanent make on her lovely face.



"Do you need to request? Ask anything" she replied with a smile. I guided her to the garden where me and Ashvath had spoken early on today. This place had already pulled out better memories I think it now had to head more. I calmed my nervous mind, my beating heart. Since Akash's phone call I had tried everything to divert my mind but only one question was running in my head. 'What happened to his mum?' I didn't know if I had the right to ask. But a part inside me was dying not knowing. I thought I had the right. As... 'As who?' I turned to Anjali then asked this had to be sorted out today.

"What happened to his mum?" I asked in a stern voice extremely straight forward.

"I thought you would ask one day" she said looking down. She took slow steps the bench then sat down placing the basket in her hand on the floor. "

"Di" I said when she hadn't spoken for two minutes.

"Chote can home two nights after staying in hospital." She said remembering that event two years ago. I wiped the tear that was forming in my eyes. "We didn't see the girl she didn't come with him." She looked up at me. My body was still, it was just staring at the down at her. My eyes had pain but my face wasn't showing it.

"You know I wasn't there that day" she said, he voice had been low throughout. She was scared to hurt me. I nodded in reply. "She... She..." Anjali didn't know how to say it. I sat next to her then put my arm around her shoulder. She looked up at me from the side. I urged her to continue. "She died!" My eyes widen in shock. My hold around her loosened and I pulled back. "She never entered our house." I looked down at the floor. "Chote didn't speak about her after he came he locked himself in his room for days. His only worry was looking after Ashu. We never saw him smile other than for Ashu." She said gripping the bench. "The women had died of cancer, that's all Arnav said. We never heard her name and he never refused to her as Ashvath's mother. THE WOMEN was all he said." Anjai started crying I didn't know how to compose myself right now how would I console her. 'Ashvath was always without a mum' the thought running through my mind. He was deprived of motherly love. Then he had to go through all those things. The blood in my body started to pump fast. Anger filled my insides as I thought of the tortured the then did on him.

"Di who did Ashu stay with?" I asked knowing Arnav must have left for his Army duties.

"Arnav stayed for 6 months then..." She paused for a second. "Ma didn't let me take care of him I was no longer a Raizarda I could stay with them and he was a Raizarda he had to stay in that house." Anjali said with a heavy hear. He mother's words still pricked her. "She wanted to hire a nanny I wasn't allowed to help. She said she had seen my choice already" referring to Anjali's husband. "His nanny changed constantly, no one wanted to work under the Raizarda's for long. Then Milali came, his current nanny she's been with his for 4 months now." That made my heart stop beating. I could imagine him going through that for 4 months.

"Khushi he's never got his mother's love. His never got the love he needs. But now when I look at him it's like you have given him everything he wants and needs.  You brighten his life like you once did to chote's."

I put my hand over hers. "Di it's getting late" I said getting up I heard her voice behind me when I turned towards the door.

"You won't ever leave him will you." She asked

"Never again!" I replied then walked to the ladies room before anyone saw my tears.



"Ahhh" Sheetal screamed due to the sudden pain across her cheek. Her mother ran to her

"My daughter beautiful face" she shouted wiping the blood.

Mr Raizarda got up and looked around at his family. Monorma was tumbling in the darkness, Manohar still had vegetable slimy goo on him, his wife looked like a servant, Sheetal had a huge cut across her face and he was covered in oil. All because of one person. He pulled out the phone and called the inspector. Telling him how his bahu had trapped him in his own house and cut of his money that he's entitled to.  He would get her arrested.


I walked into the ladies room and saw Mitali standing in front of the sink in a light pink saree. I felt fury rising inside me. I could still see Ashvath struggling to breathe this morning in this woman's arms. The bottle stuffed in his month. She hadn't noticed my presence. I took slow steps towards her seeing Ashvath constantly being tortured by her. I nudged her as I walked pass. She lost her balance slightly and tripped forward. He head leaned forward closer to the sink. Once I saw her head down I held the back of her neck and pushed it under the sink then started the hot water. She was wiggling her head trying to escape. The sink was small with hardly any space to move. She could only turn her head slightly to the left the right. Then the hot water was burning into her skin. She wanted to scream but the water in the sink had already risen to the top she was drowning. Struggling to breath my grip on her was tight and painful. I wanted to stuff the tap in her mouth but composed myself and walked out. She pulled her head up and gasped for air. Her vision was blurred for a second. She wiped he face and looked around once she composed herself but saw no one. She was confused but more scared 'what had just happened' she asked herself.


When I stepped out I got a call from the inspector. "Hello"

"Mrs Raizarda inspector Raj calling speaking here I wanted to speak to you regarding you in- laws." i had know Raj for a very long time he was good friends with Arnav. 

"Yes" I replied.

"Well they have filed a case on you that you have blocked all the accounts an lawfully and trapped them in their own home."

"I do not know what you are talking about" I replied.

"Well we have just reached outside the Raizarda Mansion and found a huge lock at the gate." He said

"Inspector I have not stayed at that house for two years. It is own by my husband and I. Its our home, if someone's living there without my knowledge. I know nothing about it. Yes I had got it locked up but I have every right to I don't currently live there and my husband's in hospital. I need it safe."

"Mrs Raizarda they were trapped in"

"Then they must have been trespassing on my property." I said "I want them arrested."

"And the accounts?" He questioned

"Which ones?"

"You father in laws and his brothers"

"I had then shut down. His brother has never worked for AR so he is not entitled to any payments. And Mr Raizarda had taken out a large sum of money last year above his own ship and work he did  in the company. Over our refusal and he had then lost in in the share market. He owes AR money we owe him nothing."

"You can arrest them for that too."

"We will need you to file a case." He said

"I'll send the papers over, you can break the lock I want them off my property."

"Mrs Raizarda, your father in law would like a word.  I cut the call on them.

Their existence, their presence made no difference to me, why would it? They where no one. Which is why I had chosen to not say a word to then it was a waste for time and breath. But now they challenged the devil inside me, they would get what they asked for. The punishment for their deeds.

I walked back it to the room and saw Ashvath looking grumpy. "No 2 min" (not two minutes) he said not looking at me. I felt my anger wash away seeing him. I picked him up in my arms.

"Sorry" I said he still didn't look. Instead he was looking at Arnav who discretely shook his head. I was shocked these two were trying to fool me again.

"No!" Ashvath said

"No?" I kissed his cheek. He smiled but tried to hid it. By facing the other way.

"No!" He said again. "Papa n ashu wait fo mamma. Ashu go kissy papa go kissy" (papa and Ashvath waited for mamma. Ashvath got kiss so papa get kiss) he said with a naught smile.

"Really?" He nodded looking at me. I kissed both his cheeks

"Papa and Ashu's kiss" I said making him smile. He looked back at his dad and got him shaking his head.

"No!" Ashvath said with a naughty smile again. I leaned in close to Arnav and gave him a kiss on his cheek. Ashvath shut both his eyes with his little hands. Making me laugh.

Arnav stared at my amused face 'Beautiful' he thought. Seeing my face adored with my most pieces jewel. He loved seeing his wife like this. He loved the freedom I felt right now. He had wished to see this again for year. Now that he was it was worth the wait. 'Wow' he thought to himself. Before pulling Ashvath out of my arms onto his lap. He saw my smile drop slightly. But there was still a spark in my eyes. Pure and innocent just like their son's eyes.

"Good boy" he said

I cared Ashvath's face then sat on the side of the bed wanting him close. To calm all my anger, my nervousness and my burning rage. Arnav put his arm around me and pulled me closer. I didn't resist I knew he too had been deprived of love and care all these years. I rested my head on his shoulder and he turned Ashvath to face us. He slowly snuggled his tiny head into my chest. Finding his peace. It felt picture perfect right now.


 Pre-cap - papa we're home

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Just one thing 
you are the only one who is able to make me cry Cry
why you do so AngryAngry Angry OuchOuch 
i needed full two minutes before i started seeing someting again, i swear if you write something like this again you will pay for my tissues bilss Angry

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Originally posted by HK90

Just one thing 
you are the only one who is able to make me cry Cry
why you do so AngryAngry Angry OuchOuch 
i needed full two minutes before i started seeing someting again, i swear if you write something like this again you will pay for my tissues bilss Angry
Loool l'll start posting them now

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