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Arhi SS: Bring Him back Ch17 - page 125 COMPLETE (Page 50)

babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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I slowly got out of the bed and looked thought the small window of my door. I saw him entering a room just opposite to mine. I was confused 'why was he going there?' I thought. I quietly walked out of my room and stood looking through the window of that room. There was a women lying on the bed who's face I couldn't see. Arnav was bending over a cot and picking up a small child. He gently held the child in his arms. I saw his face shine with a sudden strength a sudden sense of completion holding the child in his arms.

I waited to hear the women lying on the bed's voice but heard nothing. Suddenly the nurse who had broken the news to me came up to him. "Mr Raizarda I need to take your child for a checkup" she said.

I froze my heart shattered into pieces that second as realisation hit me. What the nurse's words meant. My happiness had already been crushed but now so was my life. I was moving away from the door when I saw heard Arnav. "Take care of my child. I don't want anything to go wrong" I watched as his face dropped seeing the child taken out of his arms.

That's when I saw the child's angelic for the first time. It had chocolate brown eyes, Arnav's eyes. I saw it wrapped up tightly in a blue blanket. It broke my heart slowing knowing that was my husband child and that could of been my child. I slowly turned myself letting my tear continue to flow. I backed up into my room and dropped on my bed. 'Did I hear right? His child!' I thought. I had just thought I had lost my everything a few minutes back but it seemed now I had truly lost it all. I had not only loss my child but also my Husband who cheated me.

I sat there for a few minutes with questions popping in her mind. My heart and brain arguing over whether to believe what I had seen. What I had heard. I didn't want to accept it. I heard a click as the door handle was pressed down on and a creak as the door was pushed open. I was still sat there on the edge of the bed. In my white robe. My arms hanging on the side of my body and tears still falling down my face.

I didn't look up I knew who it was. I felt his presence. "Khushi" I didn't say anything. He leant down in front of me he looked up at my fallen face. "Khushi" he said again.

"Is your child okay?" I asked with a straight face my expressing not changed. I could still see that angelic face in front of her eyes.

He looked away from me not sure what would be the right thin to say. "Khu..." He was cut off

"Are they okay?" I asked again

"He's fine" Arnav said in a low voice knowing very well it was the wrong time not to reply. I didn't say anything after that nor did he. There were minutes of silence none looking in the other's eyes. None ready to accept what had just happened? How their life would change now. One day is all it had taken to turn their small word upside down.

"Mr Raizarda ma'am is calling you" the nurse said coming into the room. He looked up at his wife not sure what to do.

"Go" is all he heard from me. He slowly got up watching me wanting me to stop him. Some how! Any how! But I did I let him walk out. A second after he stepped out there was a large commotion outside. Loud chatter, screams, cries and then my door was flung open in ran my mother- in law.

"Khushi" she said running up to me. She pulled me from the side into a hug. She was crying loudly well acting like it that is. Chachi ran in after her and sat on my other side.

"How could this happen to us?" she cried.

"Beta all will be fine" I heard my father in law. Arnav stood at a distance not sure how to get everyone away from me. He knew their real colours but wasn't sure how to stop the scene.

"I'll get water" he said stepping out the room. He wanted me to look up at him glance at him. I could feel it with his glare on me but I didn't. The second he stepped out everyone's colours changed. Both me mother- in law and Chachi mover away from me.

"Antika find a girl for Arnav I said I'll fix everything I'll get him remarried" Arjun said.

"Your right I don't want this disgusting creature in my house any longer" Antika said.

"How could she steal Arnav's happiness. He was so excited for his first child" Chachi said

"Did you see me sons eyes swollen. You made my son cry women" she said pushing me slightly.

They had never seen me not fight back not answer to them. They continued with the rants for a while till my tears had dried out.   

"Khushi" I looked up hearing Arnav's voice. There was no one in the room I hadn't realized when they left. He was holding the child in his arms. I saw his little hands peak out at the top of the blanket. It looked like my son's hands. I washed off that thought knowing all babie's hands a similar as Arnav put him on my lap. Still holding him carefully so he would fall off. "I don't remember anything." He said in a low voice looking down at the child. "But the DNA test says he's mine." He continued. "I feel his mine" he stopped for a second. The child naturally slip closer to me into seeking my warmth.  "I want him to be ours." He said

"Where's his mother?" I asked

"Unconscious in the room" he said after pausing for a second. "Khushi I'm sorry" I didn't say anything. I wanted to believe he didn't know what happened I wanted to believe his words. I wanted to make him ours.

Before I could speak Sheetal walked in with a shocked expression.(Flashback to continue)


"Mrs Raizarda" I heard the doctor bringing me out of my thoughts. "Can I help you?" He asked politely.

"Yes..." I cleared my mind then spoke.

"About Arnav's health..."

"Yes. Why don't we go to my cabin." We walked in and I took my seat.

"He's had great improvement. The current medication he's on has healed all his wounds and he has got the rest he's needed"

"When can he be discharged?" I asked I had come for.

"I think in few days" I nodded

"Thank you"

"Mrs Raizarda" I turned for a second. "You have been the main reason for his improvement he's very lucky to have you" I gave a small smile and walked out. Only to bump into the women in the green saree.

"What did the doctor say? Is something wrong? Has anything gone wrong? Please tell me" the women was almost in tears. "I can't live without him." He and Ashvath are my only world. I didn't reply I read through the lies on the women's face. The fake concern, the inappropriate questions, the without water tears. I walked pass her shoving off her behavior.

I had seen enough fakeness from this family over the years to not recognise it. Sheetal smiled to herself seeing me walk towards Arnav's room.

I walked in and saw Arnav was asleep and Ashvath was playing with a toy car on the side of the bed. "Mamma" he shouted I put my finger on my lips and he copied. "Mamma" he said again but quieter, his finger still over his lips. I walked over to him and picked him up the walked over to my bag lying on the couch. I sat him down and started packing my bag. Arnav woke up with the slight movement in the room.

"Khushi" he turned his head to look at me. "Son why are you sitting like that?" Arnav asked as he played around me with a finger on his lips.

"Mamma put ping on lip ash put ping on lips. (Mumma put finger on lip, Ashvath also put finger on lip.) He said not moving his finger  

"Khushi what are you doing?" Arnav asked after he stopped chuckling at his son.

"I'm leaving" I said

Arnav's heart stopped beating that moment. He once again heard those words from my mouth. Words that had hunted him till this day. It reminded him of his mistake. Of what he did 2 years back.

"Mamma no go" Ashvath shouted. Shocking me and Arnav. He jumped on me from the side and held onto me tightly. "Mamma no go" he keep saying again and again.

I looked up at Arnav not knowing how to let him go. I had to push Ashvath away. Arnav was now better he was going to be home. I had to leave.

Pre- cap - not a joke 

A lot to come about the past Wink

Sorry for any medical errors! 

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CrazyDollAnandi IF-Stunnerz

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Monkey Emoticons

Hello Monkey IconMonkey Icon
U updated the next chapter also, and here I am reading this chapter. Monkey Winks
Sorry for being so late Monkey WinksMonkey Winks

Again that mysterious lady and Khushi knows her, right?? Monkey Icons

Yipiee. Ashvath is so cute Monkey Icons Cici how many time will I say this sentence?? Monkey Emoticons

This Sheetal Monkey WinksMonkey Winks
Sheetal brought the lady here to create problem for Khushi Monkey IconsMonkey Icons
If Khushi's son died, then who is Ashvath?? Monkey IconsMonkey Icons

"Your hospital has made so many mistake why should I believe this?" Arnav shouted at the women  and what's the meaning of it??? Now what did they do to Khushi?? Monkey WinksMonkey Winks

What's going on now?? 
Arnav's family toh Monkey IconMonkey Icon
No talking about them Monkey WinksMonkey Winks

That's Arnav's son but not Khushi's. How can this be happened?? Monkey IconMonkey Icon
Arnav can't be like this Monkey EmoticonMonkey Emoticon

Did they exchanged the baby?? And the doctor didn't let Arnav to see their son, right??
So they all were acting?? A whole drama against Arshi?? Monkey Icons

This lady, I will kill her Monkey WinksMonkey Winks

Khushi leaving Monkey EmoticonMonkey Emoticon
Somebody stop her Monkey Icons

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LondonChick IF-Dazzler

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Just came across this and I love it!

I really cant wait to see what comes next.

Please may I be PMed for updates???

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Preet.Kc IF-Sizzlerz

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what the you resed and didn't tell me 


'But why it made no sense after all she was his... what she is Ashvath's mom!!! Impossible because Ashvath is Khushi's baby, i'm damn sure about it and you don't dare to change it otherwise i will kick you, you got me kya, jah samjaoo 

Ashvath shook his head "ash sti wee mamma" (Ashvath stay with mamma). He said snuggling into me. He popped his head over my shoulder slightly to see if the women had gone. When he saw she was leaving he finally smile. I could feel it against me. He quickly jumped onto the bed back to his normal self.
First of all i loved this part too much Ashvat it's simply amazing, i simply fall in love for this baby   , and second why i fee like Ashu is trying to make that woman in green jealous?? For  me he stayed in Khushi's arms one because he loves her a lot, second because he fair that woman and he feel safe in Khushi's arm, third he want her to know that for him his mamma is Khushi. Am I right kya?

I didn't need to see the other women in Arnav's life. I didn't want to see her all those years ago and now that I have seen her I didn't want to talk to her. I thought back to the first meeting I had heard her voice. She had come to give Ashvath's milk. 'How could Arnav talk to her so casually in front of me?' After hurting me so much how could he. Did he not think once it would hurt me. And Ashvath... My thoughts were cut when I heard Sheetal's voice.

Why Khushi think there was or there is another woman into Arnav's life when the case it's simple that woman is not related to him, in anyways, and about this i'm superb sure. 

I hate Sheetal 
"Must be painful being back in a hospital again for you right?" what she means by this? why Khushi shoul feel pain full, oh yeah something happened into a hospital and i think it was a plan from Raizadas side. 
She discuver that she can't make Arnav happy that means their baby died, but why i feel it was a lie, it was a bloody plan. 
Good what Khushi did to Sheetal i would have kicked her arghh she is on my nerves now 

"What did I tell you to do?" Sheetal glared at the women "why haven't you done it yet? The longer this women stays the more of your payment will be cut." The women listen quietly as Sheetal warned her. "Do I make myself clear?"
"Yes ma'am" she answered
"She doesn't know who you are take advantage of it" Sheetal told her and watched the women walk away to find me. 'Now what will you do Khushi. I will break your ego again' she said to herself. 
reading this part i got that Sheetal is behind all and that this woman is not Ashu's mother and that she was hired by Sheetal this is a drama

I'm sorry we couldn't save your child." The women said not meeting my eyes. He voice firm it had no emotion in it no sorrow. It was a heartless apologies. Nurse lied right from the last words it sound so. What a bloody woman 

Khushi's pain descripted very beautifully, i felt like crying. 

Now i'm even more sure that all was a plan Arnav was not in the hospital, and why i also have second thoughts tha Khushi's delivery come up in a very sudden did even in this the Raizadas have their hands 

"A mistake? You cremated my child without informing us! You stole the right for us ever to see the face of our own child"
what should i said that my thoughts were more then right kya, i know i'm best in this after all i'm your sister, if i can't get you then who is going to do so??  

The flashback part make my cry, mad, smile and many more, i don't like you for this me now crying had to open my eyes fully to see the keyboard, and i'm noy lying, you bad...
And i hate the Raizadas bas!!!!  
Sheetal and that woman(when are you going to say her name) are thinking that they will fool Khushi but they don't know with whom they are messing, history its repeating and this time the winner will be Arnav and Khushi's love.

And I'm writing it now ASHVAT IS ARNAV AND KHUSHI'S SON!!!! 

The last part was simply mind blowing, hope they will stop her. 
How much I missed this story simply amazing   

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---Sonia--- IF-Dazzler

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love the update

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babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by HK90

what the you resed and didn't tell me 

since when do i have to tell you i res??Shocked 
you always know 

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CrazyDollAnandi IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by babyhumz

Originally posted by HK90

what the you resed and didn't tell me 

since when do i have to tell you i res??Shocked 
you always know 

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Rasa23 Goldie

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so confusedUnhappyDisapprove

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