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Arhi SS: Bring Him back Ch17 - page 125 COMPLETE (Page 48)

babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by ashley123

Read it in one go , Its really Amazing !
You have done a FAB JOB !
Oh God poor khushi , I felt like crying for her  .. Cry
Arnav , you bad boy ! Why did my heart still went for you ? ShockedMaybe Side effects of loving you so much Blushing
I can't wait for you to reveal the past mystery ..hey who is the women ? I'm very confuse Confused
I'm sure Ash is Arshi's Son but What Sheetal and all the Raizada family has done ? I hate them .. Angry

Waiting ..Star
For you to update and Can you pm me I sent you a request too Embarrassed

Thank you!!! 
Shocked bad boy Arnav your ment to scolder him 

two updates then past will be fully out (sort of)

say confused with the women she will take some time Wink

keep hating them you will hate them more soon 

babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by -LiveCrazily-

Its not going to happened'its all sheetal plan to separate arnav khushi

That woman in green saree'she's also plan by sheetal yukkiii

Arnav love khushi a lot why he slept with another woman.

Update especially past revelation is emotional I can't bear it

That baby is arnav khushi'may be they took away from them and settle them with another woman as arnav son.

i like you ideas lets see what happened! 
a lot more of the past to come! 
Big smile Big smile 
babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by anjusr06

luved the update...
i think its khushi and arnav's son.. sheetal or his family would hav done sumthing in tis matterErmm
continue soon

Originally posted by anamnoor

Nice update
Why do i feel dat ashvath is arnav n khushi son?

Originally posted by gayugaya

i think that is all fake why dont kushi dont find the truth we cant see arnav pain this child is arnav's and kushi's right

Originally posted by flowers4u

i feel so bad for poor kushi separate from her own child...fab update...continue soon

Originally posted by tanvi_arshi

Love the update... Dat sheetal bitch wit dat lady must hv steal arsh baby y n fake his dead n den shwn as her child...plz update soon..cant wait...lhope khushi cum to knw truth very soon

nearly all think its Arnav and Khushi's son!!! 
lets wait and see not long now Wink

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babyhumz IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 8 - not a joke

"Mamma no go" he said holding onto me. he had wrapped his hands tightly around my neck as he stood on the sofa's hand rest.

I put my bag to the side and lifted him in my arms. I sat down on the sofa and laid him on my lap. He snuggled close to me like he always did. Just like the first time. The day he was born he had did this to. I cradled him in my arms so he could rest his head on my chest. His innocent face was covered in tears. I wiped them away. It pricked my heart to see the child suffer. And that to because of me. "Mamma no go" he still said droll dripping down the side of his mouth as he spoke. His eyes were now red just like his chubby cheeks.

I nodded my head at him while wiping his face with a wet wipe. I cared his head till he fell asleep while I cradled him. I shut my eyes pushing back the tears. As he slowly fell asleep in my arms. Like he had the first time I saw him, like he had every day for the last few weeks. He snuggled as closers he could to hiding himself in me. Listening to my heartbeat as his lullaby.

Arnav watched from the corner of his eyes. How without a word I had handled Ashvath. Like always he had seek comfort in his mamma's arms. It was the only place he felt at peace. More than he had ever felt with his own father. Arnav just watched till his medicine dose did its job and he fell asleep.

I knew Arnav had been watching me but I had not looked up at him. I did not want to feel weak. I was planning to leave and I would. Nothing was going to stop me. I couldn't stay. Not in his life, not in the child in my arm's life and not in the women's who had ruined everything's life.

There was a sudden knock on the door. A head popped in. 'Speaking of the women' I thought as the women in the green sari walk in. She looked at Ashvath who had fallen asleep in my arms. Snuggling close! She then looked at the sleeping Arnav. I saw a small smile on her face. It disgusted me. I wanted to wipe off that smirk that I saw appearing on her face for a second. She looked proud, like she had something to show off to the world, no! Not the world but Me! Her every move, expression, word, voice all changed around me. She had a motive I just didn't know what.

I looked away from her down at Ashvath. I hated how he was scared of her. This small child scared of her. His grip naturally tightened on my shirt as the women took a step towards me. I held him as close as he was. I rub his back assuring him in his sleep that I was here. I didn't know what she did but I was afraid to let her near him. She scared the happy, bubbly, naughty baby. A poor child, not any but 'my Ashvath' my heart told me. I shook that thought off and looked up at her again.

She was now looking at Arnav again. She tried to approach Ashvath but stopped seeing him gripping me tightly. She moved toward Arnav then stopped at the side of his bed. She glanced at me from the corner of her eye. Then lifted his hand assuming he's asleep which lucky for her he was. If not she would of got his cold reactions like she always got. See looked down at him with a humble expression. It looked fake to me. It all looked like an act once again.

She acted so innocent around Arnav and Ashvath. But I knew Arnav didn't care of her presence around him. My heart was telling me this woman had to be moved away from the two boys but it was not my place to step in. My brain told me 'it wasn't my family'. It was hurting to be here now.  

I listen to her speak "take care of him" she said turning to me. I raised an eyebrow at her. My face still expressionless. "Please" she said pleadingly. I watched her carefully here words and eyes didn't match. Her eyes were showing a different story. Lies! I smirked at her and indicated to the door. It didn't take me a second to know the Raizada's are up to their dirty tricks again. She didn't say another word and left.  "Disgusting" I said how could she lie about Arnav and Ashvath.

I hugged him letting a tear drop fall. This baby may not been mine but from the second he was put in my arms I felt he was mine. I saw my Arnav him. I still saw it now.



Before I could speak Sheetal walked in with a shocked expression.

"Who's that?" She shouted.

"Shhh" Arnav got up carefully after making sure his baby was not awake. He gave her an angry glare. And tried to turn her toward the exit. But she moved around him near the child.

"Arnav the baby looks like you" she said her voice still high as she reach for the child. But it seemed like the child didn't like her he snuggled closer to me. Making Sheetal fume, she looked at the child in anger, then at me. I had wrapped an arm over his stomach so he wouldn't fall my other hand was under the child's head. "Who's baby is that? Can't be her's" Sheetal said to Arnav while looked at me in discuss. "She lost her child! She can't have kids"

"Sheetal" Arnav shouted

"What the women can't. Why let her hold him!" Sheetal spoke in a harsh tone

"Even having this child in her arms now is..." She was cut off as the child started to cry.

My arms wanted to reach out to the child in my arms. Hold him closer to me. The second he smuggled into me I wanted to hold him as close as possible. But how could I he wasn't mine. A tear fell from the side of my eye and landed on the child. I didn't care for Sheetal's words. It was the child who affected me. He suddenly woke up crying. Arnav tried to take him but he wouldn't let go of me. He wouldn't leave me.

I gently picked him and cradled him. He stopped crying he looked up into my eyes. His eyes were Arnav's that was clear. His small hands were reaching for my face. I felt them patting on my cheeks gently. I felt as if he wiped away my tears. His small touch is all it took to make me feel so different. He rested his head on my chest. Listening to my heart beat like he knew it. As if he recognized it.

Sheetal didn't know what to do. She watched him bond with me. She was fuming every second the child got closer to me. "Who's CHILD is that?" She shouted not liking the scene. All she got was silence. "Who's!" She shouted again.

I kept quite I didn't have words how could I say my husband had cheated on me. How could I say? He had a child with another women.

"Answer me!"

The child began to cry once again. It showed he already didn't like this women.

"MINE!" Arnav shouted back. Hating that all this was making his son cry. "Happy now he is MY child."

Sheetal tried to keep a shocked expression on her face but there was a slight smirk forming. She didn't say anything but just left.

Arnav picked his son and tried to stop him from crying. He walked around the room, cradled him, even tried to sing a lullaby. But it had seemed his cries had got louder since he had left me.

"Mr Raizarda" the nurse said popping her head in.

"In the next Your wife..."  

"I'm HIS WIFE NOT HER" I shouted

My voice echoing in the room. The child had stopped crying for a second to look at me. Arnav knew I was hurt right now and the nurse was only making this worst. He need to be with his wife. He moved towards me then stopped when he saw me turn my head away. He knew what that meant so he left the room after the nurse. I was once again alone.

It seemed like my life would be like this now. My husband was no longer mine. And I could not provide him the happiness he wanted. I felt shattered, torn my life had scattered into pieces. With no chances of returning to normal.

Sheetal walked back into the room. She saw me in the same position. "Seems like your so called husband has had enough of you." She laughed at me. "You had a lot of pride on your love right?" I clinched the bed sheets. "Now look at you, helpless! You can't even call make him happy anymore." She picked up a glass from the side of the table. "You love was as clear as this right?" She looked at the water. "So pure that no one could touch?" She laughed "you said that right?" I didn't answer just looked down. "You SAID THAT RIGHT?" She splashed the water on my face. I shut my eyes letting the water fall over me. Letting the drops fall mix with my pain. I didn't care for what she did to me I was to hurt to react to anyone. She lifted my head with her index finger "aww so sad" I didn't look at her. "Seems like MRS Raizarda has lost her arrogance" she said mockingly. "Look at me" she shouted.

"Leave her" said her mother walking into the room. "She's broken, why talk someone who's already dead." She smirked looking at me. "Look at her she lost her child and her husband. She's got nothing to live for." Aunty came closer to me and cupped my face harshly turning it towards her. "You ruined my life now look at yours. Did you realize you place now?" She pushed me back "you said to me that I wasn't a Raizarda right? That I was only here for the family money. That my husband and I moved here to take what's not ours. Maybe instead of trying to watch over my moves you should of watched your husbands." She stepped away from me. "My family may have come from a village to the Raizada mansion but you!" She laughed "will be going from Raizarda mansion to  the streets" she said and moved out of the room.

"Your discharge papers are ready I guess this hospital doesn't even Want You!" Sheetal said mockingly.

She was right I couldn't please my husband. What I had pride myself for was shattered today. My love for Arnav was my key! The key of survival in a house with only hatred. That pride, that ego of mine was broken today.

"Mrs Raizarda you can leave in the morning your papers will be ready by then." The nurse said, I had not even realised that she had been carrying out a checkup on me the last 5 minutes.

"Khushi!" Arnav said coming in. He saw me finally lying on the bed. He needed to know I was fine. He needed to hold me close to him. "You asleep" he asked gently moving my strands away from my face.

He could see my eyes were shut but knew I was awake who would get sleep after a day like I had just had. It was a nightmare no one would want. I didn't need more nightmares by letting sleep take over. 

"You need to sleep" he stroked my cheek. "Khushi please" I didn't open my eyes. I felt a tear drop on my cheek. It wasn't my own but his. I finally opened my eyes. "I'm sorry" I heard a whisper. His eyes red, there were tears sitting on the edge waiting to spill. He held my hand with his free hand, stroking it gently with his thump. I finally shut my eyes letting the sleep over power me. Letting this dark night fly away.

I was woken with a light patter on my chest. I looked down and saw the small child snuggled into my chest. His tiny form resting on me. He patted me on my chest I looked at those tiny hands. Reminding me of my baby's hand. I wanted to say he's mine. But a small voice at the back of my head told me his not. I moved slightly trying to get up he shifted with me and woke up crying. I embraced him in my arms holding him close, my warmth providing a sense of safety, my heartbeat music to his ears, my breath calming his fears.

I held him till he stopped crying. It felt so right holding the child him like this.

"What are you doing? How dare you hold this baby? It's not yours" Sheetal said snatching him from me. He immediately started to cry. My eyes watered seeing him taken from me. I felt like he was mine being snatched from me. "What Mrs Raizarda knows how to cry to? That's new" she said mockingly. "Pack you stuff and get the hell out of here. I'm sure this hospital wants you out, after all Arnav doesn't want to pay for your nonsense bill." She was about to turn "and before you say any crap about being the CEO. I'm sure that will change soon."

I got a hold of myself and packed my bag. I took a taxi to the Raizarda mansion. Not seeing my regular car. There was no one there to welcome me.

Arnav stayed in the hospital another day. In this time all I got a sarcastic remarks, taunts and disgusting glares. I may have been used to this but not over my lose. I didn't have the pillar that was once in my life to lean on. I had lock myself in my room most of the time during that time. I had lost my appetite, I had even found it hard to swallow a glass of water. My heart was broken. The loss of a love one can break one but the loss of two love ones. The only love in my life leaving me with no hope to live.

I heard shouting from downstairs I walked to my bedroom door and walked out in the passage with my bag. I saw Arnav mother running to the door with a tali in her hand. Arnav stood at the entrance with the child in his arms. I couldn't see the women. She was not at the door I realized after moving around slightly.

It broke me to see that image of Arnav as he held his child in his arms. I was meant to be standing by his side at this moment. I was meant to be with him. I was meant to be in this picture. I was meant to be with MY Arnav, MY Child. But I no longer had any of them. I took my bag and walked down the stairs.

Arnav saw my face I was expressionless. My eyes swollen red, my hair a mess. Arnav was slightly shocked to see this side of me. He saw the bag in my hand. His mind predicting the worst.

"Let's go in son" Arnav's dad said patting his back. But Arnav's eyes stood stuck on me.   

He saw my face getting closer and closer to him. Every step I took towards the door made his heart miss a beat he knew what I would say. What I would do. "I'm leaving" I said almost at a whisper when I stood at the door frame next to him facing outside.

(More to come still)

I walked over to Arnav's bed and gently placed Ashvath next to him. Both boys sleeping peacefully. They really did look like father and son. I stroked both their heads soft and fluffy both their heads the same texture. I didn't know what made me lean closer to them and place a kiss on Ashvath's head then Arnav's. I was leaving this would probably be my last goodbye. I turned to pick up my bag the took on last glance at them. I back up towards the door taking small steps watching then till I was out of the room.  

I bumped into Anjali at the door. "Khushi what happened?" She asked me

"Are you going somewhere?" Sheetal asked seeing the bag.

"Di I need..." I paused for a second

"Leaving him again, why wouldn't you? You've gotten quite good at it now." She said sarcastically I ignored her words not even bothering to turn in her direction she didn't deserve any attention. I kept my eyes on Anjali knowing she would be hurt. 

"Di I need to" I said

"Not again please Khushi he needs you, they need you" Anjali pleaded

"No one needs a girl like that she can only give people sorrow." Sheetal said

"Shut up will you" Anjali shouted at him.

"Ma'am this is a hospital you cannot shout like this" a Nurse said coming up to us.

"I'm just leaving" I told her, giving Anjali a small hug then walking towards the exit. Not giving her a chance to protest. 

Arnav had felt a light kiss on his head when in his sleep. He had stirred in his sleep to fall back into the sweet slumber he was in. But he began to miss the touch. He opened his eyes and looked around he saw his son asleep next to him. He wondered how he got there. He had remembered him falling asleep in my arms.

He then thought back to my words. I was leaving a fear crept up inside him. He didn't want me to leave he didn't want to lose me again. He didn't want to repeat his life's biggest mistake. He quickly pressed the help button by his bed side. He would do anything to have me back and if his small lie would do the trick he would do that to. He tapped his son's cheek lightly waking him up. "Mamma" he shouted getting up. "Papa" Ashvath said looking at him "ber mamma" (where's mamma)

"She's not here, she's gone out" Arnav said. His son looked at him for a second then his eyes began to water.

"Mamma go" he said crying "mamma leabe ash" (mamma leave Ashvath)

"No baby your mamma has not gone anywhere. She will always stay with you but you have to do something" Arnav said wiping the tears about to fall. 

"Wad" (what)

Arnav whispered something in his ear just before a number of nurses came running into the room.


I was walking out when I heard nurses shouting they all ran in the direction of Arnav's room. My heart feared the worst I dropped my bag and ran back into the room after them. Ashvath body was shaking, he looked like her was freezing. A nurse quickly picked him up and was moving him onto the couch away from Arnav. Who himself was finding it hard to breath. He was using the oxygen mask again. I ran to the nurse and took Ashvath in my arms. Holding his trembling body close to me. I kissed his soft chubby cheeks my heart sank with the fear of losing him A second later he wrapped his arm around my neck when he heard a soft sob come out of my mouth. I pulled back and looked at his face he was smiling. Like he had won a competition. I turned to see Arnav who was also back to normal.

"What was that?" I shouted still holding Ashvath

"A way to stop you" Arnav said smirking. That was probable the first sentence he had heard from me that wasn't his worst nightmare. He could have me argue with me but not leave him.

"That was not a joke what if something happened to you." I shouted

"Mamma now stay with ash" Ashvath said wrapping himself closer to me.  

"Arnav you even made him fake it" the nurses walked out.

"Khushi it was the only way"

"What by killing me?" I said stroking Ashvath's head.

"He's fine see" he pointed to the smiling baby in my arms. Loving the way I was affected.

"That was a dirty joke"

"Khushi it was a joke it was a way too..." 

"No! You both..." I looked away turning my back to him. Ashvath looked over my shoulder at his father. Arnav winked at him.

"Mamma" he said in a low voice looking upset. "Mamma tad" (mamma sad) he cupped my face with his small hands. "Mamma no tak ash" (mamma no talk to Ashvath.) I looked down at him. "Ash sorrie" (Ashvath sorry) he said looking down.

I lifted his head so he would look up at me I watched his dropped face for a second. I then turned to look at Arnav who had been smirking behind me. He quickly fixed up and put on a stern look on his face.

"This is what you teach him?" I asked raised eyebrow.

"What?" Arnav didn't show any expressions.

"Your teaching him to lie now."

"What No!"

"Are you planning to make him an actor? You taught him to act like this." I glared at him.

Ashvath started laughing at his father getting soldered.

"Mamma gath papa" (mamma catch papa) he said clapping his hands. "Mamma smar to papa" (mamma's smarter than papa)

"That she is no one can win against her." He said taking Ashvath in his arms. Sitting him on his lap.

"Mamma no go now" he said looking at me. I shook my head at him with a smile. "Yay!!" He started jumping on Arnav's lap.

"Careful" I shouted picking him up so he wouldn't hurt Arnav.

"Khushi I don't mind"

"I do! You need to rest, get to bed" I said turning away from him.

"Baby come here tell her you want to be with me" Arnav spoke to Ashvath

"Nooo" he said sticking his tongue out at his father.

"looks like you like being with her more than me"

"Yep!" He shouted at his dad "ash love mamma ore" (Ashvath loves mamma more).

"So you won't sleep with me?" Arnav asked

"No Ash deep in mamma arm" (no Ashvath will sleep in mamma's arms).

"Just like your first night" Arnav said under his breath.

"What" I said, hearing what he said.

"Nothing!" Arnav said closing his eyes.

"Arnav" I said annoyed


"Mamma" Ashvath yawned showing he was sleepy. I cradled him to sleep once again.

Arnav opened one of his eyes watching his son fall asleep. Ashvath's words reminded him of his first night. The only night he probable sleep that peacefully in his life. In those arms.


Arnav was rocking his child trying to make him sleep. But he just wouldn't. He had a strange sense of possessive feeling inside him from the second he had held him. But his mind was worrying about his wife. He didn't know what had happened. He knew the women lying on the bed but was never attracted to her. He hadn't had a chance to speak to her yet. He took the baby with him and walked towards my room.

He saw me lying on the bed I had finally fallen asleep. It had been hours since he was in the room. Hours since he had slept himself. How could he sleep knowing the pain his wife was going through? He saw his child reach his arms slightly towards me. He walked over to me and saw his child wanting to get out of his hold. He gently placed him on my chest. He saw me shift slightly in my sleep due to the sudden weight. My arms naturally wrapping around him in my sleep. Arnav  was revealed when I did not wake up.

He saw his child finding his own comfortable position in his wife's arms and falling asleep. It seemed like this was the only place he wanted to be. 


"Why are you not sleeping now?" I asked seeing the smile on his face. I knew he was awake. He had just kept his eyes close.

"Not sleepy" he replied keeping his eyes close. 

"Do you want me to give you another dose of your meds. So you can sleep." I said with a smirk, he opened his eyes and saw me.

"Can I ever win with you?" He said slightly grumpy. "I can't sleep without Ashvath next to me." He tried to argue

"Who you lying to? Sleep! )our not ruining his sleep right now." 

"Khushi please"

"No! Sleep now!" I said raising a brow with a serious face. It was like there were to kids in the room.

"When will I ever win?" He asked closing his eyes.

"Nevi" (never) Ashvath said with his eyes close.

"Traitor!" Arnav said to him laughing at his son. 


Okay now off for 5 weeks on a break. Will update when I'm back. Till then if you have not yet do ready my FF: UC

Catch up at your own pace. Your all have time :)


Another suggestion:

U beautiful the way you are

A OS that touched my heart. Have a read! It really is beautiful. Shows it's not always the how you look on the outside that matters.

Pre-cap – Mrsss Rai…zar..da

An old face I have mentions from that night will return to tell you all (readers) the incomplete past.  

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CrazyDollAnandi IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 July 2013 at 11:19am | IP Logged
I am already confused and socked after reading the previous chapter. Now what will happen to God knows. Monkey Emoticons
Don't now what Dhamaka is waiting for me in this chapter. Monkey Winks

Ashvath stopped Khushi Monkey IconsMonkey Icons
I am damn sure that Khushi is Ashvath's mom. Monkey EmoticonMonkey Emoticon
This SheetalMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks
Confusion and confusion Monkey WinksMonkey Winks
And now you planning for a five weeks break Monkey IconMonkey Icon
Now this one is for you Monkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks

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omg ye sab kya hua! a baby?

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hope u update soon ...good work ,,,,...why i feel that littile on is kushi's son ...due to that the DNA test is positive ,,,,,,,,,,?
waiting Tongue

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This Was Painful Especially The Flashback :(

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