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Arhi SS: Bring Him back Ch17 - page 125 COMPLETE (Page 45)

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really sorry for errors 
Chapter 6 Taking care of him

Anjali cared my face with one hand while the other one was wrapped around my shoulder. She let me cry, let me sob letting me free the pain inside me, the confusion and the unease. In front of my eyes was Ashvath innocent face. From the last time a saw him when he was a few days old till now. He had grown so big, he was so mature for a small child his words seemed as though they were not his own. He had been taught well 'but by whom' I asked myself.

"Di" I said in a low voice my mouth hardly opening, the sound just reaching her ears when she cut me off.  

"Khushi you don't have to talk" she said caring my arm with her hand. "You don't need to answer those questions. No one has asked you too, no one has the right. Khushi we all know what you went through, we all remember that event." The images of me lying on the hospital bed, the images of the first time Arnav held Ashvath, the words the Raizarda's throw at me, and the moment I left. All flashed in my mind. Leading a fresh volume of tears to flow down my face.  

"For now listen to your heart. Listen to what it's telling you to do" Anjali said. I could see Arnav lying on the bed, Ashvath next to him. The love in Arnav's eyes, his words, his hold on my hand.

"What is it telling you to do?" Anjali asked

I pulled out of her embarrass and used my hands to get up from the floor. She helped me up. I tried to stand straight but my legs felt heavy. I felt like they would give way any second. My body was trembling, my tears were flowing and my heart was paining. I used the sink to hold up my body weight. Anjali moved my locks behind my ear before I splashed the water on my face once again. Stroking my dress, and clearing the signs of tears. No one would see or get a glimpse of what I felt, what I was going through. I looked at myself in the mirror. Water droplets were sliding down my face covering what was hidden under: the pain, the sorrow and the memories one could be going through.

Arnav was fighting his own fight in his room he was scared that he had lost me once again. He didn't know what I was going thought he didn't know what I would be thinking. He was confused, confused about where we stood? About Ashvath? About the Family. But he knew one this his world was his wife and his strength was his son. He didn't want to lose either not again. Not after he had seen my face. Ashvath was still resting on his chest and he patted him gently wanting him to rest.

I looked up at Anjali who still stood 2 inches away from me silently waiting for when I was ready to move forward. I took a deep breath and gave her a small smile. She lifted my hand in her own. "Thank you" is all she said squeezing my hand then handed me a paper towel to wipe my face with her free hand.

I walked out of the washroom with my casual walk, straight face and attitude just like before. It seemed like nothing had happened. Like what the Raizarda's saw a few minutes ago never happened. I walked past them again up to Akshay who stood slightly scared. I bent down on my knees to his height and gave him a small smile.

"Why are you upset? You mama's fine now" I said in a low voice.

"But mami your gloomy" he said.

I took his hand in my own. "You mami is fine, like always. Your mami is strong, you're strong to right?"

"No Ashvath is strong, I'm Akshay" he said laughing. I kissed his forehead the walked back into the room.

I saw Arnav lying on the bed with his eyes closed. Ashvath was sleeping with his head on Arnav's chest. I knew Arnav wasn't sleeping I could tell the difference between his real and fake sleep. After all I had slept in his arms every night seeing him do this fake act. Just so he could get a kiss from me in the morning to wake him up.

I was surprise through to see Ashvath doing the same. He was not sleeping but just had his eyes closed. I saw one of his eyes flutter open and look around the room before he quickly tightly shut them again. It brought a small smile to my lips seeing his antics. I walked up to both and sat on the small stool. I lifted the blanket and put it over the two of them.

There was a sudden knock on the door. I walked up and saw the nurse with the food tray. I took the tray from her and listen to her instructions on the medicines. I was walking back to the bed when I heard another knock. It was Anjali with a basket of food. She glanced at the bed and saw the father and son due sleeping. 

"Ashvath's food" she lipped. I nodded and took the basket from her. Ashvath jumped of his dad with a huge smile when he saw the basket in my hand.

"Papa wake up" he said shaking Arnav near his chest. "Papa food" he said still shaking him. "Paaapaaa" he whined Arnav lazily opened his eyes and saw me staring at Ashvath's ply. Arnav lifted him up and tried to sit up at the same time to make him sit on his lap but failed due to the lack of energy.

"Careful" I shouted he smiled seeing my care. And smiled even broadly realizing he had heard my sweet voice after years. He wanted to pull me in his arms that second. Hold me never wanting to let me go. Arnav stayed in his position as I put the tray and basket down. Then pick up Ashvath myself holding him so he wouldn't get hurt while I adjusted Arnav's bed so he could sit up. I then placed him down and next to his dad. "Papa food!" He shouted pointing to the basket. "Mamma food, Ash hungory" Ashvath hungry"

"Is my baby hungry?" Arnav asked placing him on his lap.

"Berry" (very) he answered.

"Khushi!" Anjali said walking in. "I heard Ashvath's voice, should I feed him" she asked seeing the two sitting there while I went to get the tray.

"Di I'll do it don't worry. Have you, bhai and Akshay had your dinner?" I asked putting the tray on the bed in front of them.

"Not yet but..."

"Di go eat I'm here. Don't worry" she nodded and left.

Ashvath started to fiddle with Arnav's food trap. Playing with the plastic spoon. By putting it in his mouth. "Maaama foood" he said with the spoon still in his mouth and water falling from the side of his mouth. I walked over the small coffee table and took out the food in a small plate for him. He started jumping in his dad's lap seeing the food Arnav pulled him down holding him so he wouldn't bounce too much.

 "I can do that" Arnav said I sat on the bed and took the spoon of this hand then wiped his face putting his plate on the small tray. I then took two spoons one with Arnav's food and one with Ashvath's in both hands. Ashvath quickly took his spoon into his mouth. "Me fith" (me first) Ashvath said making Arnav laugh before he pulled my other hand with his spoon into his mouth. "Mamma more" Ashvath said clapping his hands. I fed Arnav with my left and Ashvath with my right. Till both their plate were finished.  I wiped Ashvath's face with a napkin again. I moved the plates and trays away and came back. He stretched his hand out for me to pick him up.

I was about to when there was a knock on the door. I turned and saw the women in the light pink saree who was holding Ashvath when I had entered the hallway. Who I had not seen since then. Ashvath saw her for a second and then quickly looked away shifting his body closer to me.

"Milk" she said holding up a bottle in her hand. I nodded and was walking up to her when I saw he had gripped on my dress. A tight grip out of a fear it seemed. I looked at Arnav who seemed really casual. There was no shock on his face or reaction. He just still the way he was.

"You can leave in on the table" he said to her. She walked over to the coffee table and left the bottle there. I felt Ashvath's tiny arms wrap around my waist. He hid his head in my stomach. I cared his head letting him stay in that position. The woman was packing the basket away when Arnav spoke again. "Leave it there, were not done yet." She left the stuff and walked out after giving on last glance at Ashvath. When the door closed I could feel Ashvath finally releasing his grip. "Have your dinner" He said in a tried voice. I wiped his mouth with a napkin.

"Papa tire" (papa tied?) Ashvath said as he saw Arnav yarn while I gave him his medicines and a glass of water.

"Yes baby papa tired. Is Ashvath tired?" Arnav asked. He nodded his head in reply sitting with his legs stretched on the bed holding his feet.  

"Ashvath want to play with mamma"

"But Ashvath, she hasn't ate yet."

"Then Ash feb mamma" (then Ashvath will fed mamma).

"Ashvath no"

"Mamma pate" (mamma's plate) he said looking around the room. "Mamma pate" he said tapping my stomach with his small hand. "Mamma pate" I picked him up and placed Arnav's bed down before walking to the open food basket. Before I could take the rice in my plate he put his small hand over mine and tired lifting the heavy spoon. He did that with all the spoons as I place filled my plate.

"I'll look after him while you eat" I heard Arnav from behind. I walked up to him and place Ashvath next to him. I wanted to go but Ashvath he'll my hand with small ones and pulled on me to sit. He then took the spoon with his small figure and fed me the first few bits of food. I could feel my eyes watering up.

"Papa feb mamma" (papa fed mamma) he said passing the spoon to Arnav. I was about to move away but he held my hand and fed me two bite. I then got up abruptly and walked away with the plate of half eaten food. I placed it on the table and just stood there for a moment composing myself.

I turned and saw the two actually fallen asleep. I placed the blanket on them once again and saw the wet water stains on Ashvath's face. 'That why he fee asleep so fast' he was tired. I had totally forgot he had a temperature. I checked that first then whipped his face with a wipe. Then cared his hair for a while. I saw Arnav to had fallen asleep both sharing one pillow in the same position. 'The tablet had taken its effect' I thought seeing how fast he had fallen into deep sleep. I sat on the stool watching the two. Thinking of sudden care that had blossomed in my heart for the two of them today. 


"Khushi sit one more bit please"

"Arnav if I have to eat anymore. I will explode" she said sitting on the

"You eating for two and not one. And I don't you can explode anymore." He said putting his hand on her stomach. "You have already exploded." He patted here stomach. "If you explode anymore I won't have any space in my house."

"Arnav" she shouted throw pillows at him as he ran off. "Ouch" she shouted.

"Khushi" Arnav came running up to her. "Are you okay?" She nodded holding her back. "How many times have I told you to take care of yourself? Now look what you did." He picked her in his arms and carried her to the bed. "No sit still"

"Arnav I've already been sitting all day you don't let me do anything. You been doing everything for me all day. You helped me eat, change, bath and even." She blushed.

"Even what?" He asked with a smirk. He saw her cheek's blush growing "I do let you do something" he said trying to change the subject.  

"what?" She shoot back at him in he normal tone.

"Let you love me."

I feel asleep in his thoughts that night beside his bed side. When I woke up I saw Arnav still asleep and Ashvath now sleeping on his chest. I got up and looked around the food from last night had been moved. I quietly walked out the room and saw no one there. I freshened up in the wash room and walked out to see Anjali waiting for me with me bag. "I knew you would want to stay I nodded and changed into the clothes she brought.

Arnav woke up and saw Ashvath lying on him. He looked around and realized where he was. His eyes searched for me but he couldn't see me. 'Where is she?' He thought he knew I had not left not without a informing him. I didn't leave without saying it that day and I wouldn't start now. Ashvath stered in his sleep slowly starting to open his eyes. Arnav was becoming restless not seeing me around.

"Papa!" Ashvath said waking up.

"Morning" Arnav said looking down at his small form.

"Papa whee mamma" (papa where's mamma.) He asked in a sleepy voice still looking at his dad's face.

"Mamma's coming baby" he said his heart hoping for the best. 

"Mamma!" Ashvath shouted when he heard the door open.

When I got back to the room I saw a nurse about to pushing a small trolley into the room. "Ma'am dressing and sponge bath." She said "I'll do that I said taking the trolley off her. I opened the door and heard Ashvath's shout. "mamma Bak" (mamma's back). He said jumping up and down and clapping his hand. He saw the trolley I was pushing and asked "wat dat" (what's that?)

Anjali walked in behind me and walked up to Arnav. "That to help your papa have a bath. Does Ashvath need a bath?"

"yed" (yes)  he answered.

"Then let's go home have a bath and come back in fresh clothes yes?" Anjali said picking him up.

"no" he nodded his head " Ash mamma"  he said stretching his arms out for me.

"but ashvath bua will give you a bath and she needs to take care of papa"

"nooo papa and ash" he said shaking his body "ash onny stey wid mamma" (Ashvath only stay with mamma)

"Ashavath your good boy right" he nodded at Arnav "then go with bua she'll bring you back soon."

"Come" Anjali said taking him out "Akshay bhai is also waiting for you outside."  She said leaving the room. 

I walked up to Arnav and gave him his medicines then his bath "Khushi" he had said many times but seeing my straight face had not continued he's words knowing it would get him nowhere. It had continued like this for the next few days I would take care of Arnav and Ashvath without saying a word. He would sleep and eat with us and only go home in the mornings. Arnav hadn't tried to say anything to me. For him my being there was enough for now he didn't want to think what would happen if I left once again. 

precap---  im leaving! 

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Monkey Winks
me first in Faith and BHB Monkey IconsMonkey Icons
I know i am late. Monkey Winks
Don't scold me or kick me. Monkey Winks

Me sowie Monkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey WinksMonkey Winks

Now the chapter. 

what had happened earlier and what the Raizada's had told to Khushi?? And what was Arnav doing then?? Monkey Emoticons

why Arnav is so confused?? And i think i am more confused than anyone. Monkey WinksMonkey Winks

Wow. Arnav and pretending to sleep and Ashvath also. Monkey Icon Cici
This Ashvath, is so cute.  Monkey Icons CiciMonkey Icons Cici
He is such a sweetheart.  Monkey EmoticonsMonkey Emoticons
But who is this woman?? Monkey Icons
Why Ashvath is scared of her?? And Arnav also behaved coldly with her.Monkey Icons
AshvathMonkey Icon He tried to feed Khushi. Monkey IconMonkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon
OMG. Arnav fed Khushi. Monkey Icons Thanks to Ashvath again, Monkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon

Aww. My poor Ashvath. He had fever. I forgot that. Monkey Icons

In the morning Ashvath asked for Khushi first. That's so sweet. Monkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon

Ashvath is so much attached to Khushi in just one day.Monkey EmoticonsMonkey Emoticons

Khushi talk to Arnav nahMonkey WinksMonkey Winks

Precap is not good Monkey EmoticonMonkey EmoticonMonkey EmoticonMonkey Emoticon

I just love the chapter. Really it's a family chapter. Monkey Emoticons

Finally this is for you Monkey IconMonkey IconMonkey IconMonkey Icon

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or I am too emotionally charged or you love to make me cry 
i'm not in a sense to type a comment now so going to wash my face and then sleep 

just one thing i want to kill that woman because i feel like she is hurting Ashawth 
and i want to give a big bear hug and a lot of kisses to Ashu 


I think i can't cry more than this so come back 
When i read the first part i felt sorry for Khushi, she has suffered a lot. Ek minute she said she was laying in a hospital bed and that Arnav was there with the baby, then what happened?? Don't tell me that it was a game where they make Khushi belive that she as a big illness and so she left her family?? I'm not sure about this but this idea popped in my mind and the other idea was his family make something to make land Khushi in hospital creating a compromised situation. 

Someone thought to Ashvath that she is his mom and i think that person is Arnav or Anjali or maybe Akshay the little angel.

"I was surprise through to see Ashvath doing the same. He was not sleeping but just had his eyes closed. I saw one of his eyes flutter open and look around the room before he quickly tightly shut them again. It brought a small smile to my lips seeing his antics. I walked up to both and sat on the small stool. I lifted the blanket and put it over the two of them." when i read this part i was heving a huge smile on mu face, he is just like his papa. 

I loved the whole scene with Ashwath i think i fall in love for this baby, truly i just love him and want to kiss him all over his face       

I loved to read that he was really excited to eat from his mamma's hands i loved to read that how Khushi fed both off them, such a cute scene a picture perfect family wala, but it would be even more perfect if that spark which is created between then doesn't existed 

I think that woman in the saree is Ashwath's nanni but she is not a good one, i think she hurt my poor Ashwath, you can see from how Ashwath was reacting when she come in the room, what suprised me the most was Arnav's reaction??  Why he doesn't saw what Khushi did?? Didn't he understand that his baby is scared of that woman!! 

I loved the way Ashwath tryed to fed Khushi, i just loved it to the core.

I loved the morning scene when Ashwath doesn't wanted to go home but have to go because his papa said he is a goob boy and good babies always listen to their parents. 

A mind blowing outstanding update 
Loved it  from the depths of my heart 
Dil shuliya yaar 
This was extrimely touching 

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wonder wat happened in the past...loved the updates...thanks for the pm...she's leaving?...hopefully arnav will be able to stop her this time...

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nyc part

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emotional update
Z ashvath their son
he z afaird of d women i assume its his nanny bt why

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Awsommm i luvvv dis story...i sooo wish ki somhow khushi stay back...i feel lyk crying how can som1 think of seprting discute family...luvdda arshi & der baby momntz...ash is so cute..:D precap isn't gud 1 i don't lyk it...nxt chp sooon..:)

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