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Arhi SS: Bring Him back Ch17 - page 125 COMPLETE (Page 108)

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amazing update
cont soon nad do pm me

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update please if possible...

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Chapter 15 - You Didn't Tell Me

Arnav watched me slide open the doors. My head keep turning back to look at the peaceful sleeping Ashvath. The next thing he knew I ran into his chest and wrapped my hands around his waist. I began to weep in his hold. My tears flowed like the river.

"Khushi" he said in a low voice rubbing my back. "Khushi" he said again there was now concern in his voice.

I looked up into his eyes. My vision blurry but I could still make out the anxiety on his face. He had always been like this. His concern for me had always been so deep. "Khushi" I heard his voice again. I began punching him with my fist on his chest. Tears still bleeding out of my eyes. My head dropped on his chest. My slow punches never stopped nor did my tears.

"You didn't tell me" my voice came out almost as a whisper. My mouth was dry making it hard for me to speak. It felt dry, it felt painful. "You didn't..." I could hear my voice fading. "Why?" He was rubbing my back but it was not helping. Nothing would help right now. I had just been given the biggest gift of my life as well as my biggest loss. I got my son, but with if I lost 2 years of his life.

"Khushi" he said in a low voice. Moving himself back slightly so he could see me face. It was cherry red, stained with tears. "What didn't I tell you?" He just observed my face. He hated seeing me like this. His Khushi didn't break would break. He cupped the side of my face. "Tell me what's wrong" his voice was low and gentle. I didn't know how to tell him. How would I phase it? I turned back may head and looked into the room. At our son, OUR son. A small smile grew on my lips seeing the way he laid in the bed. Arnav followed me gaze then spoke. "Khushi"

"Ashvath" one word is all I said. It could have meant so much. He looked back at his son. He was fast asleep lying peacefully on the bed. His sighed a breath of relief letting out any uneasiness. He looked down at me his eyes suddenly widen. A voice at the back of his head hinted to him what I was about to say before I didn't.

"I didn't know about Our son" I was still watching Ashvath through the window. "I didn't get you letter." I turned to look at Arnav again. His face showed a shocked expression. I knew he wouldn't of known. "It never got to me." I dropped on his shoulder again. My grip around his waist tightened. "Our son, I was away from him." My voice was hidden in his shoulder. He didn't know how to react. His hands had already paused. 'His wife never knew? He let her down' "Our son" my tears had wet his shirt. At the moment all I wanted was him by my side, his warmth, his support, his love. Only my husband could help reduce my pain.

"I'm sorry Khushi" Arnav said griping me as tight as I had held him. "I failed you" his words were more than a shock to me. I felt a prick in my heart. He had never failed me he where there for our son when I couldn't be. I moved my head slightly back to look at him. 'How could he blame himself? It was the Raizarda's." What I saw in his eyes, on his face was just guilt. I had never seen this side of him. Even that night in the hospital he didn't show this much grief. 'Why would he? He always knew he wasn't wrong'

"This is not your fault" I said assuring him everything was fine.

"It was" I could feel anger rising inside him. His hold didn't show it but his eyes did. "I should have called you, message you..." I cut him off there

"You know I would have never picked up" I tried to smile at him wiping the small drop that had form in his eye. We didn't need this we had been through enough. 

"No!" He released the grip I had on his shirt. "If I persevered Ashvath wouldn't have had to live without a mother for so long." He looked away not wanting to meet my eyes. He let me go and hit the wall. "That letter should have got to you" he said in frustration. I quickly pulled him away to face me again.

"Arnav, my love" I cupped his face. He observed my face. He understood my loss suddenly his anger faded. He had always thought I knew, thought he was giving me time to overcome the shock. He thought his wife fear the loss again. He never thought for one moment that she would have never known.

"I'm sorry Khushi" he put his hand over mine and gave me a kiss. "I'm sorry" he repeated his words. Thinking no matter how many times he would say them, it couldn't reduce the pain in my heart.

I couldn't see the guilt anymore. I dropped on his chest and held him once again. He held me and shut his eyes. We had to fight our own trauma but that didn't mean we wouldn't do it together.

 "Mamma" we heard a soft voice. I quickly pulled out and ran into the room. Ashvath was sat on the bed rubbing his eyes. His head moving around the room trying to find someone.

"Mamma" he shouted once he saw me. I quickly picked him up and sat him on my lap. He rested his head on my shoulder and I rubbed his back.

Arnav slowly walked into the room. The image in front of him was pricking him and soothing him at the same time. He came and sat next to us. 

"Ashu is my baby hungry?" I asked in a low voice rubbing his hair. He shook his head in a no. He seemed quieter the usual. "Ashu what's wrong telling mamma?" I asked moving my head slightly back so I could see his face. He looked upset his adorable smile was not on his face. Nor were his eyes shining like they normally did with mischief. He didn't need a push to say whatever his heart felt openly to me.

"Mamma no tay Ashu her baby"  (mamma had never said Ashu is her baby) Arnav was shocked at what he had just said but I was not. I knew my son was smart he knew what always happened around him. His father always called him 'MY baby' I however never had. 

I had not known he was my son. But from the moment I had meet Ashvath till no I always new only he could bring out the mother inside me. And he had done just that. He had brought out the mother that was killed by the Raizarda's. I could help but fall in love with this child. I guess it was never really about bringing Arnav back it was always about bringing me back in my Son's life.

"Your mamma Son and mamma love you very much" I placed a kiss on his head and pulled him into a hug.

"Has every one forgotten me?" Arnav said wanting to be a part of this very cute moment. 

"No tape for papa" (NO space for papa)

Ashvath peaked at his father from over my shoulder still in my embrace. His eyes were shining with mischief once again and I could

"WHAT" Arnav shouted then wrapped his around the two of us. "There always space for me" he said

"Papa" Arnav whined faking a cough. Arnav pulled back and I held in my giggles. He then smiled and rested his head on my shoulder once Arnav moved away.

"Hey!" Arnav glared at him and his son just giggled. "You're as naughty as your mother"

"Ashu mamma's baby" (Ashvath's mamma's baby)he said I gave him a kiss on his cheek.

"My baby's just like me" I said with pride. Arnav didn't argue instead he gave me a side hug.

"He is just like you" Arnav whispered into my ear. His and Ashvath's warmth felt heavenly. My life felt perfect now.

"I love you two" I said

"Ashu fert" (Ashvath first)

"Yes your first" Arnav said not wanting to argue anymore with his son.

"So as both my boys will be hungry now I'll go get dinner"

"Ashu widt mamma" (papa mean)

"No baby mamma has to do something very important." I placed him down "wait here for me"

"Khushi where are you going?" Arnav saw a determination on my face.

"To punish those who separated me from my son"

"Mamma going" Ashvath asked slightly scared now.

"No baby mamma not going anywhere. I'm just downstairs" I kissed his forehead then moved back. "Mamma will never leave her baby" I said trying to get the unease of his face.

"Neber" (never?) 

"Till my last breath I'll be with my baby" I told him which did make him smile. I wiped the small tear forming in my eyes then moved away. Ashvath stood on the bed and ran around happily playing.

"Arnav can I have the keys to where you keep your training equipment?" His head popped up for a second. 

"You don't need to ask Khushi." He said watching Ashvath so he wouldn't fall.

"Where is it?"

"Where it's always been kept" he said with a smile. It may have been 2 years but nothing had changed with my husband. I walked across the room and opened the neatly arranged wardrobe. I was right he hadn't changed everything was perfect. Even after having a kid. I picked up the keys then turned. Arnav was looking at me with a raised eyebrow. He suspected something I knew but there was no way I would tell him what I was up to.

"See you in a bit" he smirked as I walked out of the room. He wasn't going to ask me what I was doing. He didn't need to he trusted me. And I was definitely doing something for a reason. He was sure of it.

I opened the door and took three oval cardboard boxes. Ripping of their covers walked toward the first Raizarda bedroom. I opened the door slightly and threw it in shutting the door behind me. I did the same with the next two rooms then strides down the stairs.

"One" my finger moved out of it clutch with my words "Two, three". I smirked as my darling mother in law came out of the rooms as the yellow smoke filled their room. After them came out my lovely uncle and their beloved daughter. The smoke bomb was the start.

"Who the hell did this?" Mr. Raizarda shouted.

"I did!" I look up at them from below with a challenging smirk.  

"Why? Are you planning to kill us?"

"There just smoke bomb they won't harm anyone. Arnav uses them in his training exercise." I answered casually as if they were used every day.

"What's that got to do with us? We're not training" Mr. Raizarda's brother said

"Your right you're not training, but I think you need some." I lend back and brought my up in the air as if threw something at them. They all ran in the opposite direction. Ignorant to the fact that there was nothing in my hand. 'It was easy to give them a fright'. They stood in a line opposite to me.

"Training on etiquette, faithfulness and maybe even" I walked around behind then across the line. "Pain." I twisted Sheetal hand and brought it behind her back. I held it there as she screamed

"Aaa Aaa IT HURTS"

"Let her go" Monorma shouted with the other Raizarda's

"Stop that"

"Are you out of your mind" my eyes were dark boarding into her back.

"MAAA" she screamed again. My grip got tighter at that word. My child couldn't scream that word and she thought that was right.

"My Son cry couldn't reach me ears for 2 years. Why should I hear your cry pain?" I said letting her go with so much force that she was pushed onto the cold hard floor. Her screams stop so did everyone else's words. Sheetal turned to look at me shocked. Her mother had the same expression as her. 

"What are your talking about? Your son?" Mr. Raizarda said

"Khushi have you forgotten Arnav's son is not your real son! You can't have kids" my mother in law taunted glaring at me. Her bitter words had no effect on me.

"How" Sheetal said her voice shivering with fear.

"I found a letter My husband had sent me." I smirked taking slow steps towards her. "A few years ago" I crouched down to her level. "Now what do I do with the girl who planned it all?"

"Sheetal what is she going on about?" Mr. Raizarda asked

"Yes, beta happened" Sheetal's mother asked her. I could her voice also trembling. Didn't take a genius to figure out that: she too had a lot to do with this.

"What would you do Mrs. Raizarda if your son was taken from you?" I said getting up my foot went over Sheetal hand which was resting on the floor.

"Arr" she screamed I made sure I pressed some more into it before moving away.

"Answer me" I asked her again.

"I would never forgive them" she said

"Great! You're just made my job simpler." I smiled at her. "Hari prakash" I shouted he came running into the room and handed me an envelope. "You can back to work from today" I told him "call everyone else back"

I then turned to the two men handing then an envelope each. I gave them one each. They pulled out the tickets inside.

"What the hell!" Mr. Raizarda shouted.

"We're not going back to that village" his brother shouted. Monorma was shocked as well as daughter. She jumped up on her feet.

"We're not going Lucknow" Mr Raizarda shouted. I was splitting them apart. My father in law would go to sheesh mehal while his DISTANT cousin brother would go to the village he came from.

"Who's giving you a choice? I want to you out of my house so MY family can live in peace."

"We Are Family" Mrs. Raizarda shouted

"Mrs. Raizarda what did I say a few minutes ago. You need some training. Why don't I give you some before you live" I walked up to her then "Etiquette: no need to shouted." I stepped in front of  Monorma "Truthfulness: 

Now fake reports would not count in this category." She started to shake. Under my glare. The next I would take sent chills down her spine. "I was thinking of calling the police..." She cut me off.

"Nooo please I'm sorry I'm sorry" she fell near my feet. "I can't go back there."

"You separated me from my son! For 2 year! No mother wants to hear her child is dead and You..." I stopped talking and turned away. "Why should I forgive you?" I kicked her away from my feet.

"Khushi what are you saying" Mrs Raizarda asked shocked herself. My words where telling her what seemed impossible.

"Is it not obvious" I said looking at her.

"I want you all out my house. You have a few hours" I said turning towards the stairs.

"Khushi you can't do that we did nothing wrong. Were in the dark just like you" Mr. Raizarda said

"Your right, but after the way you guys treated my son. There is no way I can allow you anywhere near him."

"I'm am not going to live their" Mrs. Raizarda complained. "That place is breaking apart.

"You'll get you monthly allowance, save and fix it"

"I'm not leaving" Mr. Raizarda's brother spoke.

"If you had stopped your wife and daughter this day would have never come" I said

"But I never knew I too was left in the dark."

"There your responsibility, just like if MY Ashvath did anything wrong now I would be to blame. Now you too can face the consequences." I was done speaking I turned around and headed upstairs. I paused for a second and shouted "goodbye" keeping my back to them.


I know if others were in my place they would have punished them more. But then what would be the difference between them and Me. I had now got what I needed all along. What they did next did not concern me. My steps moved toward my bedroom. To my Son and husband.


 I'm really sorry but I didn't get time to type!

This was planned to be the final chapter

One more chapter if you guys really want one. 

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yea one more dear what happens to arshi and my ashu baby

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I read it and i loved it too too much 
of course i want another chapter 
What tipe of end is this Confused
i want to see Ashu at the end Embarrassed

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1 more dear

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