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FF: The Future Of The Voice Thread 2 (Page 99)

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Originally posted by RA17

ok cool naa hot i must say
or rather chalege nahi daudegaLOL

LOL.. Meaning ? Tongue

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Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

Originally posted by RA17

ok cool naa hot i must say
or rather chalege nahi daudegaLOL

LOL.. Meaning ? Tongue

bathroom nahi to bedrooom sahi aartya romance i love it anywhere you seeEmbarrassed

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omg!!!!!!!!! aarya bedroom romance hayee...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed e yash bhi naa...LOLLOL

i more page to goPartyDancing


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Originally posted by RA17

Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

Originally posted by RA17

ok cool naa hot i must say
or rather chalege nahi daudegaLOL

LOL.. Meaning ? Tongue

bathroom nahi to bedrooom sahi aartya romance i love it anywhere you seeEmbarrassed

LOL... I understood where's your mind roaming !! Wink

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Originally posted by roserosey

omg!!!!!!!!! aarya bedroom romance hayee...Embarrassed e yash bhi naa...LOLLOL

i more page to goPartyDancing


LOL.. LOL ! Let's wait for the update... Wink

Yeah... to be reserved soon ! Wink
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Hey People ! Yay... AarYa's new journey started on the page of 100th ! So happy ! Party

People.. I might not update next week because of Eid Celebration in my house and I might not be at my hometown next week too ! So no update.. But I'll try to give you a promo or spoiler regarding AarYa's next romance ! LOL Wink

About this part, you might spot many mistakes here and there as I'm not well today... I began typing from this morning and I have to stop in between due to my unstable health.. I came back only for all of you who are sincerely following my update ! Love You All ! Heart Hug

Part 20

Yash was flabbergasted and his heart began to beat rapidly after hearing the latest news about his Aarti. "Aarti... Aarti... Lost her memory ??" his voice trembled.

Yash felt like his brain short-circuited and needed to be rebooted. The only words that keep ringing and repeating in his ears are Aarti and lost her memory. It was truly arduous for him to accept about the fact that Aarti had totally lost her memory. What will happen now ? He shifted nervously in his chair, his hands intertwined with each other as he fidgeted with them. His tongue wet his upper lip as he questioned the doctor, " What exactly happened to Aarti ? Will.. will.. she survive? "

" Well Mr. Yash Scindia... Miss Aarti Dubey..." the doctor stopped when Yash interrupted her... "Mrs. Yash Scindia.. She's now Mrs. Aarti Yash Scindia, my wife " he raised his VOICE, explaining to the doctor about Aarti's new identity. 

"Oh okay... Dekhiye Mr. Yash Scindia, Aarti's state and her problems are quite complex... She's being attacked, all in one time and so, her condition is very bad from my point of view.. It could lead to death but it seems Aarti had another chance to live which is miracle for all of us. We have gave up initially but she's lucky.. I believe your love keep her alive." the doctor paused for a while before continuing her sentence regarding Aarti's complex problems..

"Regarding Aarti's condition.. I think it will take some time for her wounds to be heal and for that, she needs proper care... All medicines,ointment and creams should be consumed and applied on time right on the wound and injuries... Then, you'll see she will recover even much faster and better... And another one would be her memory loss matter... We have found out that her head was hit by something really hard or maybe she had fell down on a very hard thing.  It would not be easy as it requires quite a long time for her to regain her memory.. During the progression in regaining her memory, she'll be experiencing many things such as nightmares, flashbacks and this might affect her. She might get weak from time to time. So, it's everyone's responsibility to look after her... If you take care of her properly, who knows miracle would happen once again.. Maybe in a short time,she'll retrieve her memory ! Bass, you have to keep her happy and of course, stress-free! Also most important is do not force her in doing anything...!"

Yash remained quiet all the time but he noted each and every words of the doctor, taking it seriously and absorbing them into his brain and also heart. All he knew is he can do anything in order to bring back the old Aarti. He is determined to take up this challenge in life as the Pyar Ki Pariksha had just started.. "Thank you, doctor ! I promised I'll take care of Aarti and love her always... I'll never give up" he replied, taking an exit.

As he was marching towards the ward room, he is scared what would be the reaction of the entire family after knowing the truth ? Will they be strong or ... No, no, in any manner I've to reveal everything about Aarti to the family... They have full priority to know about Aarti's current state. In another angle, he was reminded with Gayathri's behaviour... What she will do when she know double truths about Aarti, one about Prashant and another one about this... She will broke down" The more he thinks, the more nervous he would be. 

Yash stopped when he saw everyone was waiting for him right in front of the ward room. All of them looks so tired and all of them were wearing sad and worried faces. As he walked towards them, his hands were sweating and his heartbeats start increasing. All of them start questioning Yash about Aarti and he kept mum. He reached to the place where Gay3 was sitting. He bend a little, took her hands and knelled down. Everyone gathered around Yash and Gayathri. Gayathri looked at her son who is so tired and dejected. 

Yash explained everything about the incident happened in the London, right from Prashant's dhamki, his evil and dirty plans on both Ansh and Aarti, how he puts Ansh's life in danger when he leave him alone on the boat and how he forced Aarti to drink as well as the way he kidnapped Aarti and bluff to Gay3 to ensure Yash and Aarti to remain separated. And of course, the matter of he trying to kill Aarti and also Yash. Gayathri felt like her heart had ripped out and felt terrible burden on her shoulder. Single tear rolled down her cheek and soon, she sobbed. She regretted... she shouldn't be doing that without observing or asking Yash further about the truth. 

Yash calmed her down and announced to the family that they are yet to discover another truth about Aarti. But he said this time, it's not a good news as it is actually a bitter news. Everyone was shocked and restless to know about the truth. 

At that time itself, Shobha and Dubey ji arrived and many questions were keep playing in their mind. " Aarti... Aarti loss her memory " The moment another truth reveals, everyone was completely shocked, some of them hold their heart, covered their mouth with their palms and some of them even cried while citing the god's name. Shobha immediately fell on the chair in a seating position, sobbing and keep repeating it is not possible that her daughter had lost her memory. She screamed and insisted that she would want to meet Aarti right now.

Yash who saw this couldn't hold his tears but while walking towards Shobha, he wiped his tears and stand still. He sits beside Shobha and pacified her that everything will be all right. He promised to her that he will take care of Aarti and ensure she'll recover soon. Yash smiled and informed to Shobha that finally her daughter is married again, he said he had placed sindoor on Aarti's head and soon, after she is well, they will get married after completing each rituals. Shobha slightly smiled and caressed Yash's hair. Yash too insisted that he would want to look after Aarti after she is discharged. The kids patted Yash's shoulder and hugged him. They said it's confirmed that their angel mumma will be well soon.

Soon the doctor allowed them to meet Aarti as she is conscious now but they are advised to be careful and if can, stay quiet. In this way, Aarti's mental will not be too disturbed and she also informed that her mom, Shobha would have to start talking with her first. Yash was being called to the doctor's room to sign up a few documents. 

(My favourite scene ! Heart ) :

Shobha dried her pearls with her pallu and walked in slowly towards Aarti. Aarti was eyeing on Shobha and was startled when Shobha came near her and start caressing her. But soon, Shobha's touch gave her a great sense of comfort and peace as she carves a childish smile on her face. Automatically, she felt she had a connection with Shobha who was gazing at her lovely daughter lovingly. Shobha uttered to her "Maa... I'm your maa" she closed her eyes abruptly, couldn't hold her tears any more as it was painful for her to introduce herself to her own daughter.  "Maa... Maa" Aarti said repetitively while Shobha gently kissed her on the forehead where sindoor was placed and drops slowly ran down her face. 

Everyone came in in pairs to visit Aarti as they were restricted by the doctors not to meet her in a big crowd. Dubey ji, Gayathri and SP came together. SP held Dubey ji's shoulder and hugged him when he couldn't control his tears after taking a look at Aarti. She's badly injured as there were many bandages here and there on her body and all he and SP could see is spots of blood on her bed and also on the floor. Gayathri felt guilty as it was too late for her to even apologized to Aarti evenhough she didn't know what Gayathri had been cursing her yesterday. She cried and left after Shobha told Aarti that Gayathri is another maa for her. 

Each SM members came to see Aarti and their reactions were varied from one to another one. They couldn't describe how terrible Aarti's condition is. All of them were equally sad and disheartened. Kids were not allowed to meet Aarti for now as Aarti's condition is too complex and they might get shocked because of that. 'New to the world' Aarti was looking at the door, like is waiting someone to come and see her.. Shobha smiled at Aarti's gesture.. Yash had loved her so much that even in this condition, she seemed like waiting for him to enter. 

Yash who just came after signing all the documents asked all of them to return to SM as it is too late in night and moreover, everyone looked so anxious and need some rest. He forced everyone to go back and return back to the hospital in the morning. He ensured Shobha maa that he would look after his wife and she doesn't have to worry even for 1% about Aarti. Shobha ma mentioned that Aarti may wait for him in the ward room. 

Everyone including the kids left the hospital with heavy hearts.

The following Shayar in Hindi is originally written by my one and only Mukku darling @ Nusratjahan !! Darling, tussi great ho yaar ! Awesome work ! ClapClapClap Love You ! Heart Hug


With trembling and shivering hands, he opened the door. Cool breeze rushed in and started occupying the space of the room. The owner of the sexy eyes met with the owner of the sparkling innocence eyes. Their eyes were locked as they sensed a feeling for each other which could not be described by words.

' Shuru Hogayi Do Dil Ki Kahaani '

As Yash began creating small steps towards her, he was dying every seconds to know what will be Aarti's first reaction once he touches her... takes her in his arm... confesses his love for her... tell her that how much he missed her...
But will she ever identify who is HE ? Or will he remained as a Stranger for her ?

Aaj mai hu teri nazron mein anjaan
dhundli lagne lagi hai tujhe meri har ek pehchan
Per sun aye humsafar mere
Bahome  rahena hain tere
Dur na ja tu mujhse
ke sansoki door chut jaye khud se.
Tere pyaar me mit jau baas 
Yehi hai ek aarmaan..

Today I am unknown in your eyes
All my memories ..my existence are shadowy for u
But listen oo my love
I wanna live in your arms
Dont go away from me
Otherwise my life..my breath will be departed from me
Now I have only one wish and that is to be destroyed in your love.

As I waited patiently, eyeing the door, I keep questioning myself who will be the next one to see me ? Why am I having such a strange feeling and excitement in myself to see that Someone? Once That Someone entered, I'm glued and attracted to him... There's so much LOVE in his eyes.. For who? For ME ? Who is HE ?

Kuch baatein Ankahi Kuch ehsaas ansuni
Kuch moti naam akhon ki
Kuch taraz jaz baton ki
Kuch dhundli si yaadein
Kuch adhuri wade..
In sabse juri hain mere jindegi ki door
Per kya hain wo rishta jo mujhe khiche teri oor.

Some untold words 
Some unheard feelings 
some pearls of tears 
some restlessness of fears 
Some shadow of memories 
Some incomplete promises 
My life is tied with all these 
But above all what is that unknown relation  that is pulling me towards u .


Yash observed Aarti's behaviour and attitudes when he came closer to her bed. Aarti was biting her lip and her eyes were roaming and dancing to every corner of the room, avoiding Yash's gaze. Later, he found her chewing her nails and she looks like a child being approved by a doctor for a check-up. He frowned and became more nervous when he examined Aarti was very uncomfortable and can't sit still on the bed as she keep shifting her body to her left and right. That's the time when he set in his mind that both of them are equally nervous and anxious.

He settled himself beside Aarti while still fixing his eyes on hers. She keep distancing herself when she noticed Yash who was seated at her left side, was trying to touch her. Yash clasped her shoulder when she was about to topple off from the bed. That first touch itself on her shoulder sends shiver down her spine and she quickly shuts her eyes when her mind played some old moving images which are completely unknown to her. She could feel the strange sensation of the same touch. 

"Aarti..." he said nervously, trying to force her to snap out of the flashbacks.

"Don't touch me... Who are you? " Aarti asked.

Yash decided not to reply to her in a manner that could lead her into confusion and stress. 

"Ermm.. I'm your.. your..." 

"Doctor (Yash look at her, puzzled) ... Samaj gayee.. aap meri doctor hoon..." she said playfully. LOL

"Nahin nahin... Oh sh*t (Yash slammed his palm on his forehead) Sab kuch bul gaye hai.. Phir bhi naughty hain... Yeh ladki hai na.. Mujhe zinda nahin chodungi...  (Although she had forgotten everything but she's still naughty.. This girl na.. Won't let me be alive" LOL

"Batao na... Doctor saab... Tell me.. You are my doctor kya?" Aarti asked him again, doing her baby face. LOL Embarrassed

Yash came closer to her and joined his hands with her hands. Yash was paying full attention to her beautiful brown eyes and he seems to be drowned. Aarti looked at him and blinked her eyes few times slowly. Aarti waved her hands in front of him to guide him out of his dreaming world.  

"Doctor???" LOL

"No..no !! I'm your.. Your Husband..." Yash admits. Shocked Blushing

"Ooh.. Toh aap hai jo Shh.. Hmm..." Embarrassed

"Shobha ma.." Yash helped her. 

"Haan.. Shobha ma ! Shobha ma told me a bit about relationship matter although I didn't understand much (She giggled)... Hmm.. So, are you Yashhh.. Ouchhh !!" Aarti tried to question him about his name but her back suddenly was in pain causing her to scream. Ouch

Yash immediately comfort her and ask her to sleep. The pain might be caused by the medicine she took just now. Yash smiled to her which she responds with a sweet smile. He was about to move away from her but she caught his wrist, "Maa kehte hain.. All relationship started with Dosti... Friendship... Toh Mujhse Dosti Karoge? Will you be a friend of mine? " Day Dreaming

Her attitude and the way she behaved reminds Yash of their childhood memories. He believed they are about to repeat the magic of their friendship once again which is exciting for him... But this time their friendship will be different.. as they are HUSBAND and WIFE ! A nod from Yash turned Aarti to be more cheerful that night. 

He won't be forgetting this night ever which remarks the Beginning Of Their Love Story ! 

Love Story Of Yash and Aarti's Punar Vivah !


It has been few days since Aarti stayed in the hospital for treatments. In this few days, Gayathri has taken some golden opportunities to be much more closer to Aarti.. She had  erased away the guiltiness in her heart and start pouring her love and care towards Aarti. Aarti slowly had started to identify the meaning of each and every relationships she is tied with. 

Every nights had been always AarYa's nights in the hospital. Aarti somehow started to like her friendship with Yash but sometimes she had a great sense of uncomfortableness whenever Yash came closer to her as she could see and feel something strange and weird happening inside and outside of her once she gazed the reflections of love in Yash's eyes for her. For Yash, he kept dreaming and praying that one day Aarti could perceived his love towards her although now she had started to respond in a way that is unreadable to him. He wants Aarti to accept him and his LOVE for her.


Aarti is going to be discharge from the hospital today since she is properly being look after by Yash and Gayathri past this few days. Kids were so overjoyed and excited in preparing for Aarti's arrival. For them, it has been like years since they didn't meet their Angel. Aarti was fantasizing about her new home after Gayathri Maa didn't stop describing and narrating to her about the luxurious Scindia Mansion. Aarti is being told by Gayathri that she will love SM and the people totally. For that reason, her face didn't even stop glowing from the morning. 

Aarti reached at SM almost at night after a check-up with the doctor. Before she stepped in the mansion, she was welcomed by the family members of SM with her little kids performing Aarti with a help from Vidhi babhi. Yash hold Aarti's hands tightly which surprised her and they stepped in together. 

Aarti went for a short tour around the house. She was extremely in love with the beauty of SM. Pratik promised her that he will take her for a long tour around the house tomorrow as now it is too late. Whenever Pratik gaze on Aarti's eyes, he will be reminded of his lady love, Paridhi Dubey. He would love to marry her soon. 

Aarti smiled to Pratik and walked towards Yash before she was bumped into three small and cute kids. She bent down to introduce herself to the kids.

"Hey cutiepies... I'm..." she paused when she heard Gayathri calling her.

"Ooh.. I'll be right back ! You guys are so cute and adorable ! Can I know what are the sweet name of my cute three kids ? (Aarti was again being called by Gayathri) Uff.. Looks like I have to go now ! We'll talk soon !" Aarti told the kids.

"Mumma..." Ansh murmured as he had missed his mumma a lot and wanna hug her tightly. Aarti had already marched towards the place where Yash and Gayathri stood. 

Ansh and PayPal were equally sad and gloomy since Aarti had ignored them. PayPal told Ansh not to be sad as Aarti is not well. Soon, Papa will make sure she recovers and they can have their Angel back. And they even planned that they will make Aarti fall in love with them again. 

Yash caught a glimpse of his kids and winked at them. They gave him a flying kiss in which Yash caught and put them right in his heart. He signalled that he'll be coming to their room later. Smile


As Aarti was guided to the room by Yash, they were stopped by Vidhi babhi and Pratik. As usual, Yash guessed both of them are planning something from them. 
"Yash bhaiya.. Hmm.. Toh this is the first time Aarti is here as your Dulhan... Remember, although you have not done the complete rituals of your marriage, but still both of you are married. (She winked to Pratik to which Pratik giggled).. So, emm, as usual, if Dulha and Dulhan are heading to their room, don't you know what you should do? (Raising her eyebrows towards Yash and Aarti looked at her confusingly)"

"Kya babhi ?? Jaldi kahiye na... Yash sab karlungi " Aarti asked her, couldn't bare the wait to enter Yash's room. Yash gave her a surprising look and shook his head, signaling her not to obey Vidhi and Pratik's instructions.

"Haan Aarti babhi... Yash bhaiyaa, chalo... Take my favourite babhi in your arms and bring her to your room... Aur haan, maa had gone for sleep. So this night, it will be your turn to take care of Aarti... You have to do everything tonight" Pratik told while laughing. LOL

"Everything??" Yash and Aarti told them simultaneously. 

Vidhi babhi couldn't stop giggled and whispered to Yash, "Everything matlab... You have to do dressing for Aarti's back and also.. hmm.. make sure she doesn't wear anything that covers her back.. Let her be free" She giggled again and distanced herself from Yash and continued quickly "Chalo chalo Yash bhaiya... Bring Aarti to her room" Embarrassed

Yash rolled his eyes to both of them and carried Aarti in his arms. Aarti looked at Yash and told him to put her down. Yash ignored her totally and continue carry her to their room. He was startled when the lights  that he switched on in their room did not emit light. He understood that all these happened because of Pratik. Gently, he placed Aarti on the bed. He walked here and there to search for candles. Aarti wondered what Yash is up to. Will he do whatever Vidhi babhi requested him? Tongue

The candles were lit and their room was much brighter than before. Aarti gave a smile to Yash when he looked at him. Aarti sat on the bed just like how newly married Dulhan sat on the bed. She didn't know what's happening and what will be happening after this. Many many questions were playing in her mind as she fixed her eyes on Yash who was pacing here and there. Yash puts the aid kit on the bed and told Aarti to do the 'necessary things' that she should do so that he could do her back's dressing while he went to the bathroom. Embarrassed

Yash puts on his vest and tracksuit after he took a bath. When he exits from the wash-room, he saw Aarti was seated uncomfortably on the bed and she looked so nervous. Yash raced towards her and pulled Aarti into the circle of his strong arms and hugged her tight but carefully. Embarrassed

"Yash, I'm nervous.. Please don't do my dressing... Please" she began to voice out, looking up right into Yash's eyes. She almost begged him. 

"Aarti.. Please.. I need to do it..! Or else.. Your situation will be worsen... (He broke the hug and pulled her face closer to him)... Trust me! " he replied, focusing her eyes. Embarrassed

Yash's expression on his face and his expressive eyes were enough to speak volumes about his love towards her. His eyes tells her that she should trust him and let him do what he should do. She didn't know why but his love and care for her are very much undeniable ! And when she felt in that way, all she could do is 'surrender' to him without creating any sounds from her mouth.

She turned slowly towards her left and faced her back to him. Yash draws himself much more closer to her so that he could start replacing her old dressing with a new one. Yash placed her smooth and silky hair on her left shoulder, exposing her bare back to him since she was dressed in a backless Pink Anarkali suit. As Yash started to untied her dori, she was trembling a little and she seemed like hugging her knees as she brought it closer to her chest. 

Yash tried to apply the antibiotic creams and others ointment provided by the doctor as quickly as possible to make Aarti calm down. He noticed some of the bruises are still bleeding. So he gently clean the wound and pat the area dry using another clean and dry towel. When he touched her cuts, she keep on crying in pain and sometimes asked Yash to stop applying anything on her wounds as the ail is too excruciating and scarcely endurable. 

To reduce her pain and to make her feel better, Yash continuously blow on her wound and that made her shivers. She closed her eyes and began to bit her lower lip, feeling the same weird sensation again. From the side, Yash saw that she was biting her lower lip and that single action of Aarti driving Yash crazy as he has the thirst to brush his lips on hers, kiss her as passionate and deep as he can. But, he didn't want it to be in this way of course. 

Every touch by Yash made Aarti felt like roller coaster was going upside down in her tummy. At last he had done with Aarti's dressing at her back and was about to wash his hands when he saw Aarti is still closing her eyes. He wondered why does his touches on her back cause Aarti to shiver a lot ! He cupped her chin and turned her face up to his. His eyes began to watch her pretty face but he refused to examine her for a longer time. 

"Aarti..." Yash whispered to which Aarti responded with a 'Hmm and a nod'.
"I'm done... You can sleep now! " Yash admitted. Aarti opened her eyes immediately and turned to another side quickly, very embarrassed of what had happened just now. Yash smirked as the spark of their love is back although Aarti lost her memory. 

Yash helped Aarti to lie down on the bed. He bent down, placed his hand on her hair, gently and repeatedly stroke it. Aarti looked at him lovingly, then she shuts her eyes slowly and stepped in her dream world. 

Yash went to the kids room to have a look at his children. They were sleeping peacefully and so, he didn't want to disturb them. He had missed them so much because he had spend most of his times in the hospital, visiting and taking care of Aarti. He kissed them on their foreheads and headed back to his room. 

He rested his body on the bed, feeling relieved that finally Aarti is back and now she is his wife. As he was gazing at her from his place, he suddenly eyed on her bare back. He hoped he could kiss every bruises, wounds and cuts at Aarti's back as he couldn't see Aarti screaming in pain any more. He looked up to the ceiling and closed his eyes, soon he was asleep. 

After some time, sounds of teeth chattering and noises like someone is extremely feeling cold woke Yash up from his sleep. He was surprised when he found out Aarti was shivering and shaking in her sleep. He touched her skin and found out that she was actually feeling too cold. Her arms, feet, hands and her whole body were freezing. 

Yash took her hands and rub them with his hands repeatedly. But that doesn't help her much as she continued shivering and when she was about to mumble something to him, her lips keep quivering, failing her to convey her message to Yash. Yash draws her closer to him after taking off his shirt and cuddle her tightly in his arms. He made sure their bodies were in contact and touching. He began to rub his body on her gently without taking off her clothes. He was just hoping that he will not have to go further with Aarti to heat her up. He wrapped his arm around Aarti slowly and placed her head on his chest. He covered both of them with blanket and later on, Aarti had stop shivering and she slept in Yash's arms whole night. Blushing

Aarti woke up in the morning and again, she was jolted and startled to find herself, lying on Yash's chest. Oh my god.. She slammed her forehead when she realized Yash is actually shirtless. A thought ran in her mind.. WHAT HAD HAPPENED LAST NIGHT ?? She sat bolted up right in her bed and didn't stop thinking how did she landed on Yash ! She talked to herself in which her VOICE had disturbed Yash from his sleep. He woke up and touched Aarti's shoulder to find out what was happening to her.

"Don't touch me, Yash ! How could you ?? Kaise... Oh my god ! We... " she said, shutting her mouth with her palm.

"Nahin.. no ! Listen..." Yash tried to explain after turning her to face him. Aarti wasn't ready to listen to him. 

Ehem... To keep her mouth shut, it seemed he has to used the same method but now, he will have to change the same technique into much more hotter one since they are married. From behind, he slowly runs one of his hand on her waist and another one was playing with her hair. He plants a gentle kiss on her shoulder and then, on the nape of her neck causing her to feel uncomfortable and moan a little. He twisted her to face him and draws closer to her lips to capture with his. When he was about to start the fire, Gayathri maa was knocking on the door. This made her cheeks turn red as she turned more shy when he was looking at her. Embarrassed

Gayathri came in and requested Aarti to take a slight shower like how she had taught her yesterday. Aarti was lost in her own thought, "I have to distanced myself from this sexy man, if not God knows what will happen... Although I've made him as my friend, I have to be careful... It seems like HE WILL EAT ME one day !" Aarti oozed at Yash who was staring lovingly at her and walked away to the bathroom with Maa. LOL

Yash pulled Gayathri's wrist and asked her, "Maa.. Does Aarti know how to take shower?" Gayathri stared at him confusingly and replied him "Kyun?? ". Yash grinned and told her, "No.. If she doesn't know, I can help her !" Yash winked. Gayathri slap his arm and walk away while laughing. LOL

Yash went and checked for his little superman and two angels. All of them were ready to school and asked Yash whether they could meet Aarti or not before leaving to the school. Yash informed them that they can't meet Aarti for now as she is bathing and she'll take time because of her injuries. He promised he'll bring Aarti to their school later in the afternoon. Three of them kissed Yash and rushed out of the house. 

Yash was being informed by Gayathri that he should use another bathroom for now as Aarti will be late to exit from the bathroom. Yash agreed and took his shower in another room. He dressed smartly in black top and jeans and walked to his room. Dead

When he entered his room, he could smell Aarti's delicious perfume which could drive him crazy in the next second. He didn't appeared in front of Aarti as he hide behind the wall to see her. Oh my.. she was wearing a beautiful black cotton Anarkali suit and she looked smoking sexy as it was backless and revealing her body shape as it was fit for her. Blushing He knew his mom must be helping her in getting ready. She faced the mirror and smiled while taking out some bangles to put on her bare wrist. 

She looked at the shiny bangles and start smiling as it suit her Anarkali dress. She wore the bangles one by one but suddenly one of the bangle was stuck as it could not fit her hand. She puts so much of efforts to fit it but she can't. She took a deep breath and tried fitting it again in her hand. As she was pushing it through her hand, the bangle breaks and cuts her hand. She shouted in pain and within a second, Yash stood in front of her, sucking the blood with his mouth and kissing her wrist. Aarti was hell surprised with Yash's action but somehow she felt relieved when Yash started to kiss her wrist. She tried to withdraw her hands from Yash but he seems like not letting her to be free. Embarrassed

While still gripping her wrist with his left hand, he walked closer to her, causing Aarti to reverse back and Yash gently pinned her against the wall before her back came in contact with the wall. He took three steps backward and gave her a typical male scan from top-to-bottom. Aarti bowed her head and stare at the floor, feeling embarrassed. Embarrassed

"Hmm.. I see someone is smoking hot and sexy in black today ! " his sentence made Aarti's eyes turn bigger. She didn't expect Yash would gave such a feedback to her. "Sachmein.. Bohot besharam hogayi hai yeh dangerous admi !" she commented in her mind. LOL

Aarti tried to escaped from him but Yash blocked her with his hand on both side. He turned her head to her right and whispered in her ear, "Acha sun... If anyone is bleeding especially me.. please use this way... Kiss ! (He looked at her lips) It works". Aarti rolled her eyes and built another thought in her brainbox, "Acha ?? Kiss mein... Kaise ?? Hmm.. He's right.. It works ! Look at my wrist... Haila!" Embarrassed

She snapped out of her thoughts when she sensed Yash was rubbing his forehead on hers, demanding something. After their forehead, his nose touched hers and Yash started his 'dangerous' work ! He encircled his hands around her waist and looked deep in her eyes. Aarti turns her head to another side as she turns nervous when Yash lowered down his head to kiss her. He understood that Aarti didn't want this kiss to happen and he realized it is still too early for a kiss. He kissed her forehead and told her, "I know you might not like me.. But believe me ! I do care for you.. and today...You looks extremely beautiful !Day Dreaming

Yash freed her with a slight smile. Aarti looked at him who was walking away and smiled widely. Embarrassed

Hmmm... What's going on ??? Wink

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IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

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Just copy-paste !! LOL But hope you guys read it ! 

People.. I might not update next week because of Eid Celebration at my house and I might be out of my hometown next week too ! So no update.. But I'll try to give you a promo or spoiler regarding AarYa's next romance ! LOL Wink

About this part, you might spot many mistakes here and there as I'm not well today... I began typing from this morning and I have to stop in between due to my unstable health.. I came back only for all of you who are sincerely following my update ! Love You All ! Heart Hug

Precap : Yash teaches Aarti how to tie Saree ! Blushing LOL !! Kids-Aarti's Bonding !! Big smile Hmm.. If I can put this into next one, you all can have Jalebi Tax Romance !! LOL Wink 

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