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FF: The Future Of The Voice Thread 2 (Page 61)

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Part 18

Aarti replied with equal anger to him, "You'll have to sleep with me!!!!!!!!!!" She burst into tears and shattered again. Yash was like being sinked into the sofa. 

Yash felt like bullet was just penetrating his chest, he said "This just cannot happened Aarti ! I mean what does he gained from that particular nonsense request? What does he get when I sleep with you?" Yash fixed his eyes on confused Aarti who was completely indecisive about the matter. He tried to think deeply and he got his answer, "Maybe Revenge ! " he shook Aarti. 

Aarti looked at at him with her pop eyed and mouth, tried to absorb what Yash had just said. "What?? Ermmm.. Yeah.. It coulddd be... When heee spoke to me innn the phone, he told me that I must be that cheeeaaappp as I could hide you anddd ermm... sleep... haan! sleeppp withhh youuu! Anddd I replied to him backkk that if I everrr sleeeppp with you, you won't leaveee me like he had done before to me! Oh come on! You are not like him yaar... So, you're right (Poking his chest) ... Revenge ! Right... That's what he's doing!" She hits her head with her palm and starts laughing again. 

Yash stared at laughing Aarti and has a thought running in his mind, "She must had said that ! This had forced her to be in this situation but my god.. Look at her ! She's happy and stress-free when she's drunk! This must be fun.. Lets end up this game with an interesting climax and closing" he grinned. Evil Smile LOL

With that single thought, he knew Aarti would end up being so naughty and playful that would irritate Prashant and he won't even dare to plan or said such thing to Aarti. 

He shifted his body nearer to her and turned her body to face him. Aarti who was chuckling from just now, looked at Yash whose eyes were on her most of the time. Embarrassed of Yash's reaction towards her, she brought her face near to his face and blinked her eyes rapidly, causing Yash to return back in his sense. Realizing that Yash's cheek was turning red, she turned her head to her left and giggled. 

Yash realized that Aarti is half-way intoxicated and soon, he has to drift her into sleep. Whatever they suppose to do are to be done that night itself. Yash saw there was actually some men there near the door and realized it could be Prashant's gang checking both of them. It's the matter whether they are sleeping together or not. He didn't want Aarti to be further troubled by Prashant with his useless words. 
Yash caught her back neck gently and pulls her towards him. He encircled his arm around Aarti's waist and make her even closer to him than before.
"Yash ! Are you trying? Ermm... (She stare on his lip and bite her lower lip) Nothing..." she finally shook her head, bow her head down and wait for Yash's response. 

"Aarti.. Ermm.. (Coming closer to her, pretending to show his desire of kissing her)... Why not we just sleep now.. on the bed... Together !" he confessed while winking to her.

Drunken Aarti rolled her eyes and replied to Yash, " Yash ! I couldn't believe this ! How could you... youuu... askkk meee and youuu..??? Ermmm... on the beddd?? Prassshh... He wants us... doessnnn'tt meannn wee haavvee ttoo ddoo ittt... Samjhiii..?? I thougghhtt yoouu wanteedd to kisss mee...(pointing and touching her lips seductively) Bass... kisssyyy !" Aarti laughed again and landed on the floor.

Yash barely left Aarti on the floor, he too joined her, admiring her naughty attitude. He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Aarti..."

"Shhh... Yash ! Justtt shuttt uppp.. Don'tt everrr dareee tooo sleeepp withhh meee... I'lll telll maa... And I wonn'ttt marryyy you... Bad Yashhh" Aarti shushed Yash and make a baby face. 
"Nooo.. What I meannn wass... (He saw a guy in that gang trying to dial someone's number... He thought of Prashant) Bas Aarti... Chalo... we have to do this for Ansh" Yash grabbed her and carry her in his arm towards the bed. 
"Leavvve me Yashhh! Don't touchhh me... We shouldn't give uppp easily for Prashant, Yash ! You told me na... Why are you doing this? Choddo mujhe... Leave me! " Aarti beats Yash, mostly at his back.
"Ouch Aarti ! Ouch... Don't beat my back.. Don't you remember what happened to me?" Yash shouted.
"Oooh... huhhh??? Kya hua tumhein???..." Aarti tried to think.
"What??? Ufff... How could I forgot that you are drunk!" Yash scolded himself.

Yash settled her on the bed, making her lie down on the bed. He hardly gave any space to Aarti to let her move after he saw the men were eyeing on them. But, he just thought to go out and gave them some punches on their faces but he would want Aarti to handle by herself. In this drunken state, she would do anything impossible ! 

He pinned her on the bed and glued her hands with his hands on the bed, gripping them tightly. He leaned closer to Aarti, stroked her hair that was covering her face and tried to whisper in her ears but the way Aarti is yelling and pushing him is making him so uncomfortable. Of course he didn't want this to happen (sleep together), but at least for a while, just to spice up this game, he would want Aarti herself to teach Prashant a lesson.

"I'm sorry Aarti... I will have to do this!" Yash thought. He attach her even harder on the bed causing Aarti to be breathless due to their position. Yash sensed that Aarti had stop struggling in pushing him... She surrenderred! He quickly nuzzled her hair and when he reach her ear, he whispered to her that there were some men watching them outside, this is her time to prove that if Prashant could be so bad to her, she could be bad to him back. He told her clearly about his plan and alert her whenever she tried to speak nonsense! 

"Come on, Aarti ! Let's do this ! U wanna kiss right? Chaloo.. I'm ready!" Yash said and with that Aarti pushed him and climb on him. "Smart haan you.. I didn't know that you are so.." Aarti tried to finish her sentence but was stopped by Yash, " Idiot ! Shut up ! They are staring at us whether we are in action or not ! We have to get them away from here! Come on.. Irritate them in your way!" 

"Yash!! What are you sayyying? You want usss... Nooo! I wanna sleep nowww and allloonee..." Aarti told him restlessly. 

"Yes..That idiot just asking me to sleep with you ! Not anything else ! Why don't you think in another way? You know sleep na? Just sleep! Pretend that you are just innocence Aarti ! Oh babe.. You are drunk! " Yash replied, yelling at her but tried to maintain in the hot position so that the men outside there would not sensed that they are actually talking. 

Yash started to unbuttoned his shirt and push Aarti again on the bed. Now he's back to the top position... "Oh.. what a game, Ya... " Aarti realized Yash had placed his hand on her waist and his long fingers had started to caress her waist, sending some shivers down her spine. Embarrassed

His lips were slightly against her neck. Aarti could feel and hear every single breaths of his. She pulled him up to her and stared at him a little while. He smile and nodded, giving her indication. She pressed his lips against hers and they were lost in a long passionate kiss. Yash saw that the men were no longer there, maybe they 'knew' this kiss would end up till a fiery hot scene. They slow down their kiss and parted themselves. Embarrassed

Aarti was so very red while Yash who was also embarrassed opened his arm and lie on the bed half-naked. Aarti looked at him and turned her body to her right side immediately. 

Yash saw this and slammed his forehead with his palm. "Aarti... It's okay! Sorry and I mean... you have another work !"

Aarti woke up and gave him a dead look while rolling her eyes. "Please Aarti... Do something crazy! Make Prashant go mad! " Yash warned her and winked after that.

Aarti laughed and took her phone out. She went and sits beside Yash, "Let's capture our picture sleeppping together and sends the pictures to Prashhh... Uff ! Whateverrr !" Aarti said and finally, they capture some crazy pictures. Aarti stay away from Yash and sits at the edge of the bed. "What are you doing, Aarti? Just send him those pics.." Yash said.

"I'm doing Collage... And editing our pictures!" Aarti replied, smiling at him widely. Yash couldn't help but to burst into big crazy laughter. LOL 

"Done!" Aarti went and showed the collage to Yash. Yash laughed again and asked her to send as soon as possible. She sends to him on the spot.


After a while...

"I need to talk to him too" Aarti said to Yash.

"Haaallooo... You got na.. ?? Mee and Yash's pictures together sleeping on the beddd... Booo Prashh... I can only do that ! Did you enjoyyy seeing our pic...??  There are pics which we showed tongue to you... Pouty faces... All other cute faces! All of the pics we took are on the bed.. Sleep na? We slept.. Nicee na??? It should be Nice !  " Aarti said. 

"Shut up Aarti ! I asked you to sleep with Yash, not do this nonsense act with him."

"Chup Kar Prashhh ! Yeh bhi nonsense hai ! Innn myy liffeee, I woonnn'tt ever do alll thisss thing beforeee I got marrrieddd to annyy guyyy... Samjhii??? Ab tumhein yeh request bandh karo aur chup chap Ansh ko vapaz kara do... Varnaa Yash toh readyy hain , unke dole shole ke saat... Tumhein dund kar, tumhari band bajaoge! Uske baat, tumhi socho, tumhare haal kya hoga, haan babyy?? Kaal milte hain... mein bohot sleepy hoon.. I've drink a lot yaar! Tell my baby pyari rajkumar Ansh... I loveee himmm!! And kaal... haan kaal ! I will get my Ansh back... and you will have nothing, Prashhh! Nothing in your hand... Naah mein.. naah Ansh ! Samjhii... Good night! " Aarti cut the line and feels so good. 

Prashant feels like Aarti had slapped him once again. This time it would be Aarti... A chance to her! But tomorrow, hahahaha! it will be hard... very hard for you Aarti ! You will suffer... Get ready for Ansh's death !!! Hahaha! Uske baat, tumhi socho Aarti ! Yash bhi kuch nahi kar sakte hain... Aagaye woh.. mujhe band bajaane keliye... Dekthi hoon... kisse kis par band baajate ho!

Yash saw that Aarti was no longer stable and drizzy after the phone call. Yash grabbed her and carry her in his arm and placed her on the bed. While caressing her hair, Yash noticed that Aarti was crying... "Yash... I did the right thing na? I will get my Ansh na although I talked to Prashhh in that way? Will he kill..." Yash immediately placed his hand on Aarti's mouth. "No Aarti... Don't say such word... He would not do anything that would harm Ansh! He just want you to suffer without Ansh! " Yash explained, bringing a smile on her face. " Thanks Yash ! If you were not here and there with me, I would not know what will happened to me!".

"Nothing Aarti... Just sleep now!" Yash said.

Yash enjoyed every moment watching Aarti in sleep. He also realized that Aarti had put her hand around his waist. He smiled and shook his head. He loosened Aarti's grip on his waist and put them properly on the bed. 

Yash marched towards the door and thought of checking out for Prashant and his gang. 

"Yash... Where are you going? Please don't leave me alone!" Aarti mumbled in her sleep, causing Yash to step back. 

Yash settled himself on the bed, further from and beside Aarti. He took off his shirt and lie on the bed, watching Aarti who has her back on Yash's sight. Yash closed his eyes slowly, trying to sleep when suddenly, he felt Aarti's hand was on his chest. He opened his eyes immediately and took off her hand from him. He was scared that Aarti would ask him lots of questions in the morning. Soon, both of them were fast asleep. 

**** MORNING ****

Chirping sounds of birds and ray of light shines through woke up Aarti to the light of the day. She tossed a while on the bed and she tried to woke up when she realized something like a load was resting on her waist. She was surprised to see Yash beside her. She began to feel too confused and disoriented when she couldn't remember the events happened last evening. She tried to think where and what was she doing last evening and suddenly, a picture in her mind reminded about Prashant's requirements and conditions and later on, when she dare to drink for the first time. 

She immediately removed Yash's hands and began to sob, confused and clueless. She utters in confusion, " What did I do last night with Yash?... What..?? Did I... No ! That's impossible.. (Look at Yash) He's shirtless... Has I forced him then? No..no..!" she sobbed even more louder and Yash woke up due to the noise. His eyes immediately caught Aarti's tears, he wondered why is she crying? !

Yash puts his hand on her shoulder, "Aarti... "

"Leave me, Yash ! Don't touch me! Don't ever touch me! If I ask you, you will do kya? Can't you stop me from forcing you... "Aarti never stop talking, even when Yash tried to stop her in between, she continuously cursed herself and keep repeating the same sentence. 

"Aarti !!!!!" Yash pulled her to him, causing her to land on him. Aarti saw that Yash's eyes were very red as if he is too angry with her.

"Yash... I'm sorry ! We should not do (She covered her face with her palm, crying again) But tell me.. What did we do last night Yash? How all this happened? I drink so that I will never come back here last night, hence nothing will happen between us! But these.. "

"Aarti.. would you stop crying and listen to me? (He removed her palms gently from her place and pull her face closer to him)... What happened between us last night, Aarti? What happened? Nothing had happened dear..."

Aarti stared at him in confusion but later on she understood what he said and smiled.. "Nothing??" Aarti asked him again, raising her eyebrows.

"Nothing! We just sleep like normal... I brought you back and you told me everything and we solved the problem together.. Don't worry! Nothing had happened!" Yash reassured her.

Aarti smiled and rubbed her tears off, getting off from the bed. Yash saw she was moving away from the bed and wanted to play with her...

"Aarti...!!" Yash called her loudly while covering his mouth, doing shock expression.

"Yash... what?? Kya hua?? Huh... Kuch hua kya humari beech main??" Aarti asked, holding Yash arm tightly.

"Haan... Nothing happened except one thing..." Yash explained. 

"One thing???" Aarti asked, shocked, tears grouped in her eyes, ready to fall, "Kya?"

"We.. we.. ermm... haan.. erm.." Yash felt nervous to tell her the truth.

"What Yash?" Aarti asked, grabbing him by his vest. 

"Erm.. We Kissed!" Yash said, turning pinky winky. LOL Embarrassed

Aarti felt embarrassed, brushing and chewing her lower lips. Yash saw Aarti was smiling while her head bowed. Yash went closer to Aarti, caressing her cheek with his nose. His hand immediately caught his bathing suit and he tried to escaped from Aarti but this time, he is not lucky. Aarti pushed him, causing him to fall on the bed. She slowly came towards Yash and placed her hand on his chest, " Not this time, Yash ! I'm going first " Aarti said using her Sexy VOICE... and raced to the bathroom.

"Uff.. Her VOICE!" Yash said. 


PayPal called Yash just after Yash and Aarti were ready for the day. Seeing 'Home' word written on the screen, he easily guessed it was a call from his sweethearts. 

"Yes sweethearts.. Good Morning, beta! Sorry for not calling you yesterday.. How are you both? Is family being take care of by my two little angels?"

"Papa... Yeh kya? Many questions in the morning?? (Payal came in between) Nowadays Papa talked a lot, Palak ! Haan.. since Angel came into our life! (Palak replied)"

"Hmm... No one to answer my questions.. And both of you talking about Angel huh? Aarti.. and no one wants to talk about me, Superman Yash !" hearing this made Aarti who was beside him having some bread for breakfast, giggled. 

"Haan Papa! Katti with you! You never talked to us na! Waisey.. we are fine! Family is also fine.. We are taking care of whole family na.. And Papa! Big responsibility for us since you left to London with mumma.. And nothing for us?"

"Who said so? A lot of thing will be given to both of you once I and mumma come back... Most special gift for both of you will be Ansh! " Yash admitted, looking at Aarti. Aarti was in tears as she is scared whether Yash will be able to bring back Ansh for PayPal or not. Yash puts his hand on Aarti's shoulder and hug her by the side. 

"Haan Ansh.. Papa! We remember something to tell you Papa! You know yesterday, I mean that day, when we were trying to contact you, we accidentally dialed someone's else number, and to our surprise, we got to talk to Ansh, papa! " Palak said. Yash was so shocked.

"Kya...?? Kaise beta??? I mean how did you get the number? Tell me, beta.." Yash began to chaos. 

"Haan papa! We told you na.. accidentally! Ek minute.. Payal is getting the number for you!" Palak said. She then told him the number to Yash and felt relieved for finally it's going to be easy for Yash and Aarti to get Ansh and come back home soon. 

"Beta.. Thank you so much! You don't know how much happy and proud Angel will be of both of you... Papa will have to cut the line now na.. Love you both! Take care of yourselves and our family.. Tell dadi I'll call her soon and maybe we'll come back soon too!" Yash said.

"Okay Papa! Bye.. We Love you and Angel many many! Take care too.. Bring back Ansh soon! And come back home soon!" PayPal said.

Aarti is being informed by Yash about his conversation with Payal and Palak just now. She was astonished and confused but at the same time, couldn't express her feelings for Yash's both little angels. She was speechless for PayPal smartness. 

Yash dialed the number carefully. Ansh who was alone in the room that time, glad that finally a phone call was for him. He abruptly answered the phone call, "Helo mumma!" Ansh said.

"Ansh... Mumma! Mumma here, Ansh!" Aarti answered, very relieved and thankful to God for finally having this chance to talk to her son, Ansh after so long time. Tears starts rolling down her cheek and Yash held her strongly. 

"Mumma.. bring me home! I miss you so much, Mumma! I'm very hungry! I want to eat foods cooked by you! I don't wanna stay with this uncle! He's an idiot.. He told me I'll meet you yesterday, but when he saw you, he bring me away from you! Stupid Prashant uncle and his gang too! They don't know how to take care of a child even! " Ansh said.

"Ansh... Bas! We don't have much time left! Listen to Papa carefully.. Papa.. Ermm Papa Yash will talk to you in a while.. Listen to him and we'll meet soon, beta! Promise.. Mumma loves you so much, beta" Aarti said, passing the phone to Yash.

"Ansh.. Papa.. Papa Yash here! Listen.. When Prashant uncle come back, be a good boy and request him to bring you to the XXX Park... Near the hotel... Many activities can be done there..There are playgrounds... Boating... you know na?"

"Haan.. That Park! Okay unc.. ermm! Papa.." Ansh replied, confused about his relation with the man in the line, Yash.

"Okay.. see you! Take care beta.. We Love You and haan, be careful !" Yash warned Ansh.

Just when Ansh was about to reply, he heard footsteps again.. He keeps the phone and pretends to play with toys. 

"Ansh.. We are going to the Park today! The same park we use to play at.. Come on!" Prashant said, with this Yash smiled and cuts the line. Ansh felt happy too. 

"Aarti... Come with me" Yash grabbed Aarti's hand.


*** PARK ***

Ansh, Prashant with his gang arrived first at the park. Ansh saw Prashant was talking to his people, like a kind of meeting. He wondered what will be Prashant's next plan to make him dissociated from Aarti. He decided to behave like a good boy in front of Prashant and obeyed his instructions. He stood there waiting for Yash's next call. He smartly secreted the phone in the pant's pocket and keep it in vibrating mode. 

Yash and Aarti catch up later on but they are determined to protect themselves from Prashant's eyes. They would succeed in their plan if they remained silent and careful all the way. But Aarti wondered why Prashant did not call them up to meet at the park. She's sure Prashant is coming up with a new plan. This time he won't let Ansh be free that easy. 

Hiding behind a tree, Yash and Aarti were eyeing Ansh all the time. Ansh couldn't wait anymore for him to be alone so he asked Prashant whether he could roam and play around the playground or not. Prashant agreed and asked him to carry on and enjoy his time. 

Ansh quickly play around the playground and saw Prashant had started to ignore him as he is busy chit chatting with his gang. He quickly went ahead and hide for a while in the covered playground slide when he felt the phone in the pocket vibrated. He answered the call and it was Yash on the line. Yash informed him that he is very near to Ansh and he can see him once he slides down and make a U-turn at the playground. In this case, both Yash and Ansh can't be seen by Prashant. Before he could slide down, Ansh heard some voices calling him out.

"Papa... Uncle! I mean... uncle is calling" Ansh said.

"Oh sh*t... Then go! I'll think the next step.. Be careful ! Hide your phone" Yash replied, haven't cut the line yet as maybe he could heard what is their next plan.

"Ansh chalo ! We go for boating activities ! You loved it na? " Prashant asked and smiled wickedly when Ansh nodded. "Then let's go! Game is about to start" Prashant carry Ansh in his arm. 

They left the playground and Ansh looked back at where Yash and Aarti were standing. He took his hand and wave at AarYa wearing a sad face. Aarti couldn't hold on her tears and cried while waving to Ansh back. Yash reassured Aarti that he would not let anything happen to Ansh and for that, they have to leave to the place where boating activities are carried on, near the lake. 

Yash suddenly received a call on Aarti's phone. Undoubtedly, the call was from Prashant. He took the phone and said calmly, "Haan Prashant... What's next?" 

"Hmm... Ooh... sound relaxing ! This gonna be challenging.. Let see whether anybody dare to save Ansh or not this time! Come to the boating place near the park's hotel as soon as possible.. If not Ansh will be left alone on the boat. Yash heard the sound of the boat's engine started and he began to feel anxious and worried about Ansh's safety.

"Uncle.. uncle.. Don't leave me alone! I'm scared... I can't be on the boat alone... I don't know how to swim if I fall down in the water! Pleashh..." Ansh stretch his hand to Prashant when the boat had started to sail further from Prashant.

Prashant was glad that no one acknowledged what he has done. He stood there watching Ansh alone on the boat crying for his mom and he moved away when he saw Aarti was coming there. 

Ansh was clueless about what he should do. He stood on the boat and sometimes, loses his balance. Yash and Aarti saw this from far and Aarti shouted for his son, "Help ! Meri bacha... Yash! Do something.. I'm gonna loose him.. Look at him! He will loose his balance Yash.. Go and get him, please!" Aarti yelled, grabbing Yash's collar. "My son! He's crying.. Never mine! I'll jump and get him.. It's okay if I don't know how to swim, at least I and my son will die together.. I'm going!" Aarti tried to pace forward but was stopped by Yash, "Are you mad, Aarti? Don't... I'll go !" Yash said, holding her shoulder. 

He left worried Aarti behind and jumped into the water. Aarti saw him swimming towards Ansh, but there is still too much distance between Yash and Ansh. She gets more anxious when her eyes caught Ansh was nearly losing his balance on the boat. He was struggling in balancing his position while he was standing. Aarti prayed to God and hopes that Ansh will be saved by Yash before anything bad happened to him. 

Seeing Yash swimming towards Ansh to save him had left Prashant angry and tired of their love but it seemed he won't give up, he marched away from the place and was eyeing Aarti from far. 

Yash puts all his efforts while swimming to get Ansh. He too prayed to God that hopefully, he'll be there right on the time, saving Ansh. 

After a while struggling on the boat, Ansh finally loses his balance and fell into the water and Yash saw he was drowning. The water was pushing him down from all sides and Yash saw the more he struggled, the more disoriented he got. Ansh was getting very weak and began to stop struggling. This scared Yash and he speed up and tried his best to reach Ansh as soon as possible. 

Thanks to God, in a moment, Yash reached to Ansh. He approached Ansh from behind and placed his arms under Ansh's armpits. He pushed him so that he would land on the boat, he slowly climbed up the boat and gave Ansh an immediate help in breathing. He saw Aarti was waiting at one of the edge of the lake. 

He sailed the boat near to the edge of the lake and took out Ansh from the boat. He gave him further breathing help and medical assist. He wondered why Aarti wasn't there near to him and Ansh, maybe she was shocked and wanted to calm down before coming to Ansh. After all, Ansh is back to them. Soon, Ansh was concious and Yash calmed him down by asking, "Are you okay, beta? You okay, Ansh? ". Ansh nodded.

Ansh is in Yash arms and Yash hugged him... Ansh felt good although he doesn't really know who is Yash! He will ask Aarti once he got his mumma. He looked around and frowned.

"Meri mumma kahan hain? (Where is my mumma)" Ansh asked Yash.
" She's just behind me!" Yash said, cupping Ansh's face.
" You are lying ! She's not behind you!" Ansh replied. Shocked
Yash turned behind and found there was no one behind them. Shocked

"Nahin beta.. She was here! I saw her... Come.. come with me!" Yash took Ansh in his arms and immediately left the place to find Aarti. He looked and searched for Aarti around the park but couldn't found Aarti. He began to shaking as maybe he thought Prashant could seize Aarti away from him and Ansh. He gulped as it was very hard for him to accept his thought. 

His hand reached his pocket and took out his phone. He dialed Aarti's number but it was unreachable. He felt difficulty in breathing as he knew he was too tired after rescuing Ansh and he needs to change Ansh and his soaky and wet clothes as well but where the hell is Aarti? He bear Ansh in his arms and marched slowly to the hotel, still thinking of Aarti's whereabouts. Where is she?

He quickly opened the door of the hotel's room and search for Aarti in the room. Yash still couldn't even figure out where was she. He settled the little boy on the couch and walked towards Aarti's wardrobe as Aarti has actually packed Ansh's clothes when they were leaving from Bhopal. 

He suddenly sensed that his phone was beeping and he answered the call. 
"Helo Yash! Remember me? How is Ansh now?" the same VOICE yet again, Prashant. Yash knew Prashant called him as Prashant is the one who has kidnapped Aarti now. 

Blood was rushing through Yash's veins as his eyes were reddened. He yelled to Prashant, " I didn't thought you are so like this Prashant! Tell me.. Tell me.. what's the point you call me now? I know... You are the one who took my Aarti away now from me and her son! Don't you have a heart, Prashant? No wonder Aarti was feeling so regretful for falling in love with such a person like you! I just don't have words for a person like you!" 

"Areyy chup kar, Yash ji...! (Laugh crazily) Haan... I'm great na? Cool... After Ansh, Aarti is with me! Aah.. I don't really care about Ansh! But Aarti... Oh my.. Humm... I didn't know you will take a good care of my Aarti.. Look at her! Very pretty... Very hot.. Uff ! I just couldn't control anymore!" Angry

"Shut up Prashant! Don't touch her with your dirty hands! You are not even eligible for her! If you touch her or do anything to her, you'll suffer Prashant and this time you won't be left alive! You will die in my hand, Prashant! She's MINE.. Only MINE, Prashant! She's my future wife and I LOVE HER, Prashant. She's my world now!" Yash admitted.

"Oh my god, Yash! Pity you! Aab your world will be my world.." Angry

"Prashant!!!!" Yash shouted.

"Okay okay... I won't touch her! Bass ek kaam karna padega tumhein.. If you do this work properly, then I'm sure Aarti will be yours... If not ..(laugh crazily again) Haizz.. She will be mine again!" Prashant said.

"Prashant !! Careful.. careful of your words.. She will never be yours! Bolo... what should I do... And why.. why are you doing this?" Yash asked.

"For that you have to wait my next call.. Aah.. Next call will take longer time.. so be ready for anything next... Ahahaha! Why me doing this? Of course Yash, if I didn't get my love, then no one in this world should be loved!" Prashant laughed again and cuts the line.

"Helo..helo Prashant! He's crazy!! Bloody Psycho man!!" Yash yelled.

"Who, papa? Mummy kahan hain? Uncle took her away kya?" little innocence Ansh asked Yash. Yash cried and hugged him. 

###### NIGHT ######

After changing Ansh clothes and took care of him, both Yash and Ansh lie down on the bed. Ansh sleep closer to Yash and puts his hand on Yash's chest. This made him remember of Aarti. He smiled remembering Aarti and he thought that Ansh is just a duplicate of Aarti. His eyes and his VOICE are just like Aarti... 

"Papa... Why must I call you papa? Has mumma get married to you? If so why did she marry you? For me kya?" Ansh started with his question session.

"No... no beta! She didn't marry me yet.. She said, without you, she won't marry me.. She further admitted that if you didn't like me and disagree for this marriage, she won't marry me neither.. About papa... ermm ! It's okay if you didn't wanna call me Papa.. But I would love if you do so.." Yash said, smiling a little when his eyes caught Ansh's small shiny eyes. 

"But I like you... Arey! Why I didn't like you? For me, you jumped into the water and tried hard to save me... That uncle na! He is the one who left me alone on the boat! Once I get him, I want to dishyum dishyum him.. Hain na, papa?" Ansh said, looking at Yash.

"Hmm... Don't worry beta! I will make his life miserable.." Yash replied.
"Papa.. where is mumma? I miss her lots... Why you didn't tell me anything about her? Is she planning a surprise for me or Prashant uncle took her?" Ansh asked again.

"Uff Ansh! U asked lots of questions.. Don't worry... I will bring back mumma soon! Sleep now, Ansh!" Yash said, cuddling Ansh in his arms. He prayed to God and hope that Aarti will be protected and he will get her back soon.

**** MORNING ****

Yash and Ansh hardly wake up in the morning due to their tiredness. A call on Yash's phone alerted Yash, causing him to wake up.

"Uff! Prashant's call" Yash said, immediately answering the call.

"Oho.. Good morning, Yash! Sorry yaar.. quite late this morning! Bechain hoga tumhein tumhari pyar ke baramein, Aarti ! Acha sunlo... listen to me carefully! Go back to Bhopal right now.. U hear me.. Right now! You will take some time reaching there. I and Aarti have already arrived in Bhopal and she's with me! Sunlo Yash... Once you are back, go to your home and something is awaiting you! After that, listen to my further instructions.. If you do this work properly, you'll get Aarti back!" Prashant said.

"Prashant! Oh god! What's happening! Ansh... (Waking up him) Chalo jaldi ! We are going back to Bhopal!" Yash said.


Yash reached at the airport after an hour since Prashant's call. He already packed up all his and Aarti's things. Yash and Ansh settled in the airplane, on their way to go back home, but this time without Aarti. CryCryCry

Precap: Yash reached SM and Gayathri told him he's getting married to a girl they chosed tomorrow. No more Aarti as Gayathri said she knew Aarti had cheated him for another guy. Yash thought this should be Prashant's work as Gayathri told him that his 'friend' came home yesterday and told her the truth about Aarti. To make Yash forgets Aarti, Gayathri decided to let Yash married to a new girl as soon as possible. On another hand, Gayathri hates Ansh. 

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Please scroll down.. I've posted an important note! 

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Wow..Great and interesting spoilerClap
Waiting for aarya kissBlushing,PayPal in missionDancing and yuipee ansh is backDancing
and waiting for the twistWink

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