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FF: The Future Of The Voice Thread 2 (Page 22)

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Thank you for your time in checking it dearies !! Embarrassed !!

I will comment back soon!! Wink

Thanks for your wishes!! Hug

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Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

Originally posted by disha_rajdev

Isya kau nie kan...ishTongue 
nape lah nak bagi tahu pasal nenek niLOL
Anyway good luck for exam buddy and will wait for ur aaryalicious FFBlushing

ROFL!! Dei... kau ni kan x abeh2 kasi aku gelak tau tak? LOL

Anyway, you are the one who forced me to write this pitiful note here!! LOL !! Bechari me.. LOL

Thank you so much sayang!! Hug Yup... I'm thinking of some blushy update for next!! LOL !! 

Aku mmng mcm niWinkAla hai keep ur thnx lahTongue
Laughing is good for healthLOLLOLLOL
All right waiting nie utk blushy update tooEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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@@ Disha- Thanks for the laughing therapy... LOLLOL !! 

Just bumping.. Hope everyone knows what's happening here!! LOL

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Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

@@ Disha- Thanks for the laughing therapy... LOLLOL !! 

Just bumping.. Hope everyone knows what's happening here!! LOL

Bumping bumping je lah...Nanti jadi slimROFL

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Updating tomorrow.. Wink
IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

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res... Embarrassed
IsYaRoCHeR IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey guys! Hug I'm back after so long time!! LOL My apologize to everyone who had waited for so long for the updates.. I was busy with my exams actually! Ouch And yup, here I'm back with some twists in the story... As the story moved on, you will find Yash and Aarti will become more closer when they are always together out there finding for Ansh! Bare with me as you might see the story taking a twist before a marriage happen.. Confused For now, enjoy this ride.. Wink

Part 15

"Oho... what are both of you doing??? Mere bhagwan ki kasam... The first day I'm here and I've already seen the small kids talking on the phone!! Don't know whom are they talking to!!" Maya bua shouted, causing Gayathirii to run towards the living room. PayPal looked down, scared of buaji... 


Scared of the big devil, after hiding the phone, he pretended to be busy in reading his storybooks. The little boy
 draws fake wide smiles on his face when he saw the devil was exactly eyeing on him after opening the door. 
The little boy saw the devil walking towards him with something in his hand which are secreted behind his back. The little boy frowned as he knew something is definitely playing in this uncle's mind.

"Payal, Palak! What were you both doing with the phone? Calling up your dad kya? I told you na, I'll call him up for you angels! Why didn't you listened to your dadi's words haan?" Gayathri started to scold those two little angels who were with their puppy dog faces.

"We're sorry dadi... Sorry to you too, dadi bua... We won't do this again!" PayPal apologized while holding their ears.

"It's okay, my little angels! And no worry, dadi will help you both in contacting your papa soon! But before that, be good girls first! Promise?". said Gayathri stretching out her hand towards PayPal.

"Promise dadi" both of them hit Gayathri's palms and walked off slowly towards their room.

Maya walked off with her sister-in-law after rolling her eyes towards PayPal, feeling irritated and disgusted of these two.


Aarti felt so annoyed of Yash and at the same time was very impatient to meet Ansh once she met her little superman. She stood at the balcony in her white bathing suit, breathing in fresh air while her eyes start to observe the busy city and she noticed the city is so beautiful. She closed her eyes for a moment and in short, the kissing scene started to play back in her brain box. 

She couldn't deny that she had begin to feel the heaven when they kissed and she felt nice and in fact quite comfortable with Yash nowadays especially since they came to London. She turned all in red when she realized the desire of kissing Yash once again without knowing the reason! 

Uff... A moment after that, she felt her vibrating phone kept in the pocket. She took out and glad to know that it was Shobha ma who called her up this morning! She needs a dose of inspiration from her in the morning! 

"Pranam ma! How are you?" said Aarti.

"Bless You, Beta! I'm fine! Waisey, how is Yash?" asked Shobha to Aarti.

Yash? What's wrong with you? You should be asking about me not him, ma" replied Aarti in irritating tone again.

"Arey.. I was just asking! Why are you so angry? Is everything alright?" Shobha questioned her again.

"Nothing is wrong for now! You can ask me about him later on, I mean after you asked how I am na?" Aarti said.

"Oh god Aarti! I didn't know you will get angry on this small matter! Jealous, haan?"

"Ma please! Not jealous! Jealous on Yash Scindia! I wonder why would I?" Aarti continued. 

"Bas bas.. I can smell something.. Waisey how is him?" Shobha continued to pull her daughter's leg.

"Maa... Pl.. Okay fine! He's good! Very good and fine plus healthy! Morning morning he already start his work.. Kis.. Oops!" Aarti bite her tongue when she realized she nearly blurted the kissing matter to Shobha.

"Haan.. what was that?" ask the keening Shobha.

"No no.. Nothing! He just ermm.. erm... went to the gym just now! Yeah.. gymm!" Aarti replied.

"Ooh.. that's good! Waisey, I didn't ask about you because I know Yash beta, as my daughter's hero will always ensure his future wife is always fine and smiling although he had to deal with himself with Arpita's death. 

And I'm sure he will also ensure that your Ansh will be back soon! He promised me.. And before you replied to me, I would advise you to spend more quality time with Yash so that he would be happy at the same time! And you guys will feel much more comfortable with each other during your mission and even for your future. " said Shobha calmly.

"Maa.. I don't know what to say! Filhaal, I know he's not bad and I know I've to gear up to search for Ansh as well.. Once he already in my arms, I would be ready for anything, even for this Punar Vivah" Aarti replied while closing her eyes. 

"Ahaan.. I see! My daughter is reconsidering something.. (Some pause) Ermm.. beta I guess I have to put down the phone, you please send my regards to Yash..! Good Luck and May God Bless You Both! I'll pray for your mission suceess.. Stay happy, beta! Bye!" Shobha ended the phone conversation.

"Bye ma!" Aarti said with tears rolling down her cheeks, she missed her Shobha ma a lot.. And her Ansh as well...

With eyes fixed on the floor, she walked slowly leaving the balcony behind. She suddenly bumped into something hard and lost her balance slightly. She looked up on that 'hard thing', she found it's her new devil! Ahaan... None other than Yash! She could sensed his strong arm was again encircling her waist tightly. She immediately rubbed off her tears and tried to free herself from his grip without uttering any words to Yash. But it seems, Yash had sensed something is wrong.

"What was so attracting to you until your eyes were exactly fixed down there? You should be looking in front especially when there is a handsome hunk who is shirtless in front of your eyes!" teased Yash with a wink towards Aarti.

Aarti just gave a slight smile and tried to escaped from Yash before they will be busy talking to each other again. She will need to bath and get ready and stop flirting with Yash.  She took Yash's hands away from her and tried to go in before she is found herself being pinned against the glass window near the balcony.

"Easy Aarti! I can see tears flowing down your cheeks just now when you suddenly removed it off after seeing me here. I'm sure you were on the phone just before I came here. Am I right? And what's wrong, Aarti?" Yash asked her calmly, cupping her face.

For a moment, curious Yash and confused Aarti shared tensed eyelock. Yash hands' were blocking Aarti's way out. His left hand was resting on the wall and his right hand, unknowingly was stroking Aarti's hair. Aarti thought of not telling to him anything because she knew he would tease her again as Shobha ma was only talking about him most of the time on the line just now.

"Yash! Move your hands and let me be free! I need to get ready now! We are very late! I have many works to do! So please.. The phone call just now has nothing to do with you!" Aarti told him while trying to find alternatives to move away from Yash.

"Oh yeah Aarti! You serious? You are lying Aarti! I saw your tears after you kept the phone. Tell me who's in the line just now or else I won't free you!' Yash blackmailed her.

"Yash please.. I'm serious! It's nothing to do with you!" restless Aarti admitted.

Yash was not satisfied and was very curious to know who called Aarti. He hoped the person is not Prashant who could blackmailed Aarti and shut her up. 

He got an idea to ensure Aarti blurted out everything and hence, he leaned in closer to Aarti, in fact, really very close. His left hand which was resting on the wall was forced to get Aarti's left hand and slowly after getting her left hand, he pinned it against the wall.

Joining his right hand with her right hand, he placed them behind Aarti's body. Aarti shivered all the while when Yash touched her seductively and she could feel many butterflies in her stomach while she turned all red. 

She looked at Yash's eyes who were on her all the time. His eyes might be observing her most of the time. Uff.. she should stop him now! Before she could stop him, she saw Yash leaning the closest towards her to capture her lips once again! Oh my.. His M-shaped lips! She could sensed her heart beats beating fast and even more fast when their lips are inches away. She tried to stop him several times and she finally did it!

"Yash!!!!! (she tried to push him little bit although her hands are being 'tied' by his hands.) It was maa's call actually!" Aarti yelled.

"Kya? Uff.. maa's call? Who did you mean exactly?" Yash asked, raising his eyebrows. 

Shobha maa... And she was asking about you all the time.. Me? She didn't even ask anything about me just because she knew well that I should be fine staying with you. She didn't even know that staying with you, is the most dangerous thing I had ever done in my life! Forget that, are you satisfied now? I've told you everything! Can I move now? " Aarti told him.

Loosening his grip one by one, he wondered why did she cried?

"And how about your tears!??" Yash asked.

"Uff stupid! If a daughter talked to her mom who is far from her, don't you know they will get emotional and cry as they missed each other? That's what happened between me and maa!" Aarti explained as she made her way towards the bathroom after realizing Yash had freed herself.

Before letting Aarti enters the bathroom, Yash held her wrist tightly and pulled her back towards him. He whispered in her ear, "Waisey, whatever maa told is right na! She's right.. You are far more fine with me rather than staying with her! I'm sure you'll get more comfortable with me after this!" Yash said seductively. Aarti gave him a dead glare before moving off to the bathroom. Yash giggled after observing her reaction! Awnn.. She's cute! Embarrassed


"Ansh beta! Eat this... I brought jalebis for you!" Prashant told Ansh.

Ansh just frowned and look at Prashant. He took the jalebis silently and ate them slowly. Prashant raised his hand and caress Ansh's hair, trying to be good to him, he added, "Beta.. There's another surprise coming in your way... Guess what? We are going out today!"

"Really uncle? Can we meet my mummy please? I missed her a lot.. Please! Please uncle... Please!" bagged Ansh.

"Haan beta! U will meet her soon! No worry! Come on, get ready! Wear something nice! Your mother is gonna meet you na? So you have to be handsome like your dad!" Prashant said while pointing to himself.

"Whatever u said, you are not my father, uncle! My Aarti mummy is both my mother and father! She's everything for me! Don't try to be my father!" Ansh replied.

Prashant stared at him angrily. He's controlling himself not to do anything towards the little boy. He asked Ansh to change his cloth while he waits for him here. 


Aarti finally bathed and was getting ready in the bathroom. She wore a light pink anarkali suit and faced the mirror to wear matching accessories with her suit. 

She placed a simple diamond necklace with a pendant of her name, 'Aarti' around her neck. She wore bangles on her right hand and a watch on her left hand. She wanted to look the best for her son. Lastly, she took a pair of earrings to be wore. 

She put on her earrings on the left side but she found that another earring on her right side has stuck somewhere with her hair. She tried several times in taking off the earring but she couldn't. She found that the earring had complicatedly being knotted with her hair. She felt tired after some time dealing with the knots and decided to ask Yash for help. 

She opened the bathroom's door a little bit and requested Yash to come in for a while. 

"Aarti... Think about it twice... I don't know what will happened if I came in... If anything happened, don't blame me! I'm sure you are looking breathtaking as always, angel ji.." Yash teased her.

"Oh my god... Just come in! Don't worry.. Nothing will happened! I'm not weak, I have muscles too! If you try to take an advantage, then you will get one, Yash! So shut up and come inside and helped me!" Aarti shouted from the bathroom.

Yash came in the bathroom and as expected, Aarti was looking breathtaking beautiful. She looked extremely pretty in her pink anarkali suit.

"Oh god! I'm in trouble for this time!" Yash thought as he marched in further till he stood beside Aarti.

"Ji... what's the problem?" Yash asked Aarti.

"Haan.. woh my earring is stuck somewhere in my longy hair. Could you please take it off  and give it to me? I've been trying to removed it but it just can't come out." Aarti said.

"Yeah.. One minute! Let me see where is it!" Yash said while trying to look out for the earring.

After few seconds, Yash saw the earring. It is terribly stuck in Aarti's hair. So he would have to take it off slowly without damaging her hairs. While Yash was busy taking it off, Aarti who was looking at him through the mirror was actually admiring Yash! Her mother was right, he's sweet! Embarrassed

At the same time, hero nevertheless was observing heroin as well! Sort of experimenting actually! He saw Aarti's long neck which was still wet due to the drops of water from Aarti's hair. Although it's hard for him to take off his eyes from her body, he swear that he won't look anywhere else. He knew it would be hard for him to control. He better moved off fast or else Aarti would drive him crazy with her beauty. LOL

Yash puts all his efforts to take off the earrings and he succeeded within few minutes. He handed the earring to Aarti and moved away from her. She's dangerous for now he thought! Aarti who was impressed with Yash, at the same time was confused when she found out Yash actually trying to escaped from her as fast as possible. She wondered why. Confused Tongue

She looked herself at the mirror after she wore her both earring. She's looking absolutely perfect just like what Ansh always wanted her to look like. She immediately stepped out of the bathroom once she is done with her light make up. 

She was surprised to see a Prince was waiting for her right at the door. Yash was again mesmerized by her beauty and simplicity until he couldn't take his eyes off from her. Oh my... That's her speciality since childhood! Always be beautiful and simple!


I hate dadi for doing this! We are missing our papa so much and she... She forgot to let us talk to papa! I'm missing papa lots! Why don't papa call us? Did he forgot us?" Payal said to Palak.

"Payal... Palak! There's a call from London for both of you!" Gayathri shouted from the drawing room.

"Oh my.. Our papa!" both of them shouted at the same time and raced out to reach the phone. 

Yash chit chatted for a while with his two daughters before handing the phone to Aarti. Aarti had gala time talking to her two sweet little angels. 

"Ok angels... Mumma will have to put down the phone now, angels! Please take care of yourself and whole family! Mumma and Papa (while looking at Yash) love both of you lots! Muahzzz.. (She kissed Yash's mobile)" 

Mumma... Don't worry! We will take care everything here! You please take care of Papa Yash and Ansh! Hope you will get your Ansh today itself... Bas! Just come back soon and Love U Both forever! Muahh.. " PayPal replied. 

Suddenly, Palak remembered what happened when they tried to call their father early in the morning. The little boy's voice... They wondered whether to inform this to Yash and Aarti or not. 

Mumma... by the way... When we were calling you in the morning, we called to a wrong number and found out that we've talked to a small boy! And the boy.." before Palak could continue talking, she found out the phone line was being cut off. 

"Hello.. Palak! Who was he? Hello.." curious Aarti wanted to know who's the boy when she realized the phone line was cut off too. She gave the mobile back to Yash and felt confused and started thinking what had actually happened.

"Oh god, Aarti! Phone was out of battery's power. Sorry..." Yash said before realizing Aarti is lost thinking about an issue.

"What happened Aarti? Is everything fine?" Yash shook Aarti's shoulder slightly.

"Huh? Nothing.. Palak said something just now.. I was just wondering whom did they called this morning." Aarti admitted. 

Hmm... She might be playing with you, Aarti! Do not jammed up your mind with that issue then! So what's next? Waiting for Prashant's call?" Yash asked Aarti.

"No.. not wait.. But yes, we should start finding for Ansh! I believed he is just here. I mean somewhere really near here." Aarti said.

Both Yash and Aarti headed off from the hotel's room to start their mission. They went to the ground floor and Aarti was asked by Yash to stay in  while he took off the car from the parking lots. Aarti waited for him when suddenly she received a call from Prashant.

"Hailaa.. princess ji! Oh wow! I can see someone is dressed beautifully in pink.. I have to admit that you are just looking so breathtaking! It's a waste to kidnap Ansh actually, I better kidnap you then and throw off Ansh!" Prashant said to her harshly.

Shut up Prashant! Don't ever dare to do that! Ansh is my son... Aarti's son! U better stay off from my son!" Aarti yelled on the line.

"Oyee.. Shut up Aarti! U better shut your mouth if you don't want Ansh to be killed. Listen, go to the XXX mall if you want your Ansh safely. Once you are there, call me! I'll instruct the next step that you should do!" Prashant said.

"Prashant! Prashant! Uff... I have to be fast! My son, Ansh!" Aarti who began to be mad runs off here and there. In a rush, Aarti runs towards the road, forgetting about Yash. She went all lost when suddenly she found a car was coming in her way, wanted to hit her. 

To be continued... Tongue

 Hope you enjoy reading it...

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Originally posted by IsYaRoCHeR

waiting isyaDay Dreaming

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