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FF: The Future Of The Voice Thread 2 (Page 113)

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Originally posted by rachna1970

First of all very sorry for the late comment dear
Awesome update ISYAClap
loved the way Yash is taking care of her Aarti
Glad that Aarti accepted him as friend but waiting for the moment when she will accept him as her love
Thanx for the pmSmile

It's okay dear ! Relax and take your time.. I'll wait for my reader's respond ! Wink 

Aur haan.. even I'm sorry for the late reply.. LOL Embarrassed

Thanks a lot yaar ! Hug

I'm glad you are loving the scenes I wrote.. Embarrassed

Hmm.. accept him as her love ?? Let see but it won't happen soon I guess.. But in the between, you'll see she will start developing a feeling for Yash.. Embarrassed Wink

Welcome ! Big smile

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Originally posted by Zetter

Congratz on the new readers Dear Clap Hug

Aww it's understandable where Ansh is concerned, he is will be really hurt about Aarti's distance Unhappy Cry...I can't wait to hear what everyone feels with Aarti's memory lost its gonna be an emotional one Cry Cry

Anytime IsYa, a great writer deserves to have nothing but the best Wink...I appreciate you as well Heart

Awwnn.. Thanks ! Hug

I miss you lots this few days.. CryCry Embarrassed Was just remembering you whenever I start writing something.. LOL Including the romance.. LOL Embarrassed Sach mein, don't know what connection I have with you di.. Shocked LOL Embarrassed...

About Ansh, hmm.. you are right ! I'm sure he won't bare with the fact for too long.. Cry Yash will have extra works for sure to look after Aarti and the kids as well.. Tongue And also the family.. hurm ! 

Awwnn.. your last sentence ! *Blush* LOL... Thanks a lot.. but still to declare.. I'm not yet the best one as I'm still struggling but at the same time learning and enjoying writing story ! Embarrassed 

Still, I will need your continuous support and love for me.. Aakhir, I still feel I have connection with you somewhere ! LOL Hug Heart
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Originally posted by akui1984

Isya, sorry for the late comment as I was busy...But OMG!! This is so sweet and cute...I mean Aarti's thoughts abt Yash's attraction to her is just sooo funny!! And Yash is doing all he can to take care of her ...And OMG!! The bangle scene!! OMG!! Great update!

I can understand, Sabrina ! You please.. Please take your time and stop your 'sorry' ! LOL Embarrassed...

LOL.. I know now where you are attracted to.. Embarrassed But yeah, she's funny eventhough she's not well.. LOL Tongue

OMG.. You love the bangle scene ? Embarrassed Even I love it too ! Embarrassed

Thanks a lot for liking and reading.. ! Hug
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IsYa so sorry for the delayed response. (I've yet to comment on so many updates of Kate also). I've to even reply back on the comments on MTB and the new OS Ouch

Actually I myself have be sort of busy Cry . And on top of that I've to work on the updates of MTB and also the new OS "You Are Mine". 
I'm so drained by now that my mind has completely stopped working Confused. I'm not even able to concentrate on the next update of MTB and it has been over 12-13 days now Cry

But the moment I find time, I try to read and comment on everyone's updates. I know and understand very well how much a Writer awaits Her readers comments Embarrassed

Love you too sweet IsYa Heart

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Originally posted by lovely_nikki

IsYa so sorry for the delayed response. (I've yet to comment on so many updates of Kate also). I've to even reply back on the comments on MTB and the new OS Ouch

Actually I myself have be sort of busy Cry . And on top of that I've to work on the updates of MTB and also the new OS "You Are Mine". 
I'm so drained by now that my mind has completely stopped working Confused. I'm not even able to concentrate on the next update of MTB and it has been over 12-13 days now Cry

But the moment I find time, I try to read and comment on everyone's updates. I know and understand very well how much a Writer awaits Her readers comments Embarrassed

Love you too sweet IsYa Heart

I know yaar.. Even I'm having the same problem like you ! Ouch And the same reason too, life has become too busy for me yet again ! Ouch

I see.. Even I'm missing MTB as well ! Embarrassed 

LOL.. True fact haan ! LOL Embarrassed

Love you more ! Heart

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Yay... I'm back !! Hug I hope no one forgets me and FOV ! LOL Okay guys, as I was away for Eid celebration, I had superb imagination.. It's kinda a renewed one ! Embarrassed 

And yeah, I had a blast celebration with my family ! But I never forget each and everyone of you.. I really felt bad for not updating last week.. not even a short promo ! Cry I was so stuck with celebration here and there and I'm still going out of my town tomorrow.. Tongue But I couldn't stop myself from giving an update for all of you.. It's all because of your love and supports ! Thanks a lot ! Hug Heart

Psst... warm welcome to my new readers ! Love you all ! Hug Ahazz.. Do drop a comment and hit Like, dearies ! Heart

Part 21

Yash freed her with a slight smile. Aarti looked at him who was walking away and smiled widely.

Reached the door, he turned back to remind her about her activities for the day. Yash caught a glimpse of Aarti grinning in his direction. He wondered what was going on ? Yash remained still, crossed his arms over his chest and stare at Aarti all the time. When Aarti eyed on Yash, she quickly looked up on the ceiling and everywhere to avoid Yash's killing eyes. Hearing the Yash's footsteps made her heart skipped a beat... 'What's going on??' 

She reversed when Yash was creating new steps towards her... She felt like she's stuck in a big trouble.. Shayad, this time he gonna 'attack' her.. LOL By his dangerous gaze, she could sensed her body is getting heated as she turn red and redder. Before Aarti's back could crashed onto the wall, he gently pinned her again against the wall. Aarti budged her head to her left on the next seconds itself, feeling so nervous. When she felt Yash's chest was tightening her chest against the wall, she shouted, "Please don't EAT me ! Aap human ho na?? " her single sentence made Yash laughed crazily. LOL

Yash controlled his laughter and whispered near her ear, "I'm just here back to remind you that we will have to go to the school to fetch back our children.. be fast ! I'll be waiting for you outside" he left, almost kissing her ear. Aarti gulped her saliva and hold her heart, "Thank god.. I'm still alive !"  LOL

As Aarti was marching towards the door after a mini 'puja' in the morning, she felt someone was holding her wrist tightly, stopping her from getting away. She rotates her body and found Maya bua was oozing and giving a sharp glare to Aarti. Aarti tried to free her hand from bua ji's grip but she was too strong. Ouch

"Mere bhagwan ki kasam... Shaadi hogayi hai tumhari aur aaj bhi aisi kapde pehnenge ?? Arey.. shaadi shuda aurat toh saree pehente hai.. aisi suit nahi.. Samjhi ?? Chalo mera saat... ! (You are a married woman and you should wear saree instead of wearing such suit.. Understand?? Come along with me) " she almost shouted, dragging Aarti with her towards the room.Confused

Aarti almost cried and screamed in pain as the grip on her wrist is getting stronger and her wrist changed its colour into red. The next moment, Aarti was grabbed by a familiar strong hand and she bumps on Yash's hard chest, almost hugging him. Realizing the person was Yash, she carved out a meager sweet smile on her face and hide behind him. 

Yash glared at buaji, "Bua ji, hmm.. I know Aarti is married to me... She's the bahu of Scindia's family.. People will always look at her wherever she goes.. And being the daughter in law of Scindia's family, she should not wear a churidhar or other clothes besides saree.. Lekin bua ji... she's not well... U knew very well about the incidents happened to Aarti... I have strictly adviced and reminded everyone that no one should force her like this ! Forcing her will make her feel stress and she'll fall in sick soon... And about the saree matter, do not worry ! I'll ask maa to teach her how to wear it.. Is that fine ??" Yash explained to buaji and raised his eyebrows at the end in which buaji replied with a silent nod. Wink

Yash smiled slightly and told bua ji, "I don't want this to happen again !" bua ji rolled her eyes towards Aarti and left them behind. Gayu came and asked them what had happened and Yash declared that there's nothing to worry much... He already explained to bua ji and he also mentioned that Aarti should not be forced and stressed with anything around her. Let her be in her own way ! 

Aarti's eyes were so attracted to Yash who seems to be so sweet to her just now. She began to admire him as someone who is really close to her... Why during all this time there would be questions ringing in her mind... Why is there a feeling that I know him really very well ?? Who is he ?? She shuts her eyes and there were some pictures flashing in her mind.. She's being pulled by Yash and then he's coming closer and then... "Aarti !! ?? " Yash called her by snapping his fingers. Aarti snap out of her thoughts and shook her head when Yash asked her what happened. Yash replied her with a smile and walked out. She followed him silently while correcting her dupatta on her shoulder. 


There was complete silence in the car. Neither Yash turn on the music nor both of them talked to each other. All they did is smiling to each other whenever their eyes meet. The silence is completely making Aarti to feel so boring. She lowered down the car's window and peeped her head out a little bit. She began to breathe in fresh airs and felt good about this morning journey. Yash parked the car near the garden which is located behind the school and requested Aarti to be remained seated in the car while he go and gets some stuffs in a nearby shop. 

Aarti again nodded 'Yes' without uttering any words to Yash. Yash winked to her and left. Aarti was clueless on what she has to do to get rid of this boringness. Once again, she looked out the window and enjoyed the scenery of immense flock of birds flying and alighted around the garden. Some of the birds were perching, flying, settling on the tree branches, chirping and interacting with each others. 

Aarti blinked her eyes when she saw a lovebird couple 'enjoying' their own time on the branch of a tree. The couple were very close to each other and there were moments when they were talking to each other, the male will caress the female and kiss her cutely. They spend their moments each other freely, without any limitations and disturbances. Awwnn.. she felt like the birds were very lucky as their hearts spoke one thing ! LOVE...

Aarti came out of the car and another scenes of birds caught her attention. This time that was not a romancing couple but a loving family. She squat down to observe further about the birds. She saw the mother of the birds feeding her every children fairly without abandoning even one of her babies. The mummy gave her babies foods like worms and also old breads. Whenever they tried to chit-chat with each other, Aarti felt like they were thanking their mom for the foods she gave them in order to survive for the day

It was such a chilling moments for Aarti. In one blink, she sensed like she had missed something big in her life which is so very important to her. But strangely she couldn't figured out what is that something ! She felt restless whenever her heart tells her that the people around her miss her so much but why is everything seems to be normal ?? Is there any fact that is hidden from her acknowledge ?? Did she FORGOT something ?? She roamed around the garden, thinking the answers of her questions while her fingers play with the edge of her dupatta. 


Yash checked on Aarti in the car and was surprised to found out that she was missing. He began to panick and looked around for Aarti. He almost wanted to scream and shout Aarti's name but he stopped from doing so once he caught a glimpse of Aarti standing at the middle of the garden. Yash thought it's gonna be hard for his eyes to escaped from the figure in front of his eyes... Aarti looked heavenly beautiful.. Like an angel although she's in black ! She has everything from head to toe which highlights her level of confidence and beauty she owned. But there's something missing... her smiles... Spotting her wrinkled head, Yash knew that Aarti had something kept in her mind. 

Yash poke a hole on the packet of wheat he bought from the nearby shop. He paced towards the garden and start spreading the grains properly around it to feed the birds. In one second, all the birds came out of their living places and start flying to reach Yash. The flying birds caused Aarti to exits from her thoughts and she began to jump in joy catching the sight of flock of birds gathering around Yash, having their so call maybe 'lunch' ! Yash grinned looking at smiling Aarti and she glanced to the other places when she saw him. However, she felt too excited and wanted to be near to the birds, to touch and play with them. 

She ran towards the crowds of the birds and spin and twirl herself around them.Day Dreaming  Whenever the birds start flying around her, Yash spotted that the birds are giving her endless happiness as she couldn't stop smiling and laughing. She loved them and so He ! And yeah, the birds didn't only add glows on her face but also irradiate and accentuate her loveliness as well as prettiness even more from before. Yash keep daydreaming and admire Aarti most of the time. His eyes are hell stuck on her. 

The school bell rang, indicating the school day is over. Yash who was looking at Aarti with full pleasure didn't even realized their three little cutiepies had joined their mother in playing with the birds. He came out of his thoughts when four of them glared at him. Yash bite his tongue and did a sorry sign to them. 

Palak came forward and snatched the packet of grain from him, " Papa... what are you doing ?? Aap hamesha aisi hi rahiye... Always look at mummy ! LOL Uffo... (Palak slammed her forehead) You continue with your mission.. let us feed the birds ! (Payal winked at Yash)" Ansh stood somewhere, looking at his mom. He was kinda disappointed when Aarti didn't even come and talk or hug him.. She just gave a simple smile to him... Ansh began to feel worried as he sensed that there is sure something wrong with his mom.. If she's not well, she usually doesn't take too long to mingle with Ansh ! It's usually impossible for her to be apart from Ansh ! Why such attitude from Aarti to him ?? Did he do something that is causing her to avoid him ? Ansh's tears start rolling down his cheek. CryCry He couldn't bare this torture, being away from Aarti although she's right in front of him. Cry

Yash immediately reach out for Ansh and hugged him tightly when he spotted that he was actually crying. Yash realized he was longing for his mom's love and shall be confused and wondering what had happened to his mom. Yash feel scared if Ansh would ask him something regarding Aarti.. what will be his answer to Ansh's question ? Will he able to reply back to Ansh ? " Ansh... (Yash cupped Ansh's face) I know you are sad.. But don't worry much ! Ermm... Let's go and play something else.. They are girls and they loved playing in this way !" 

Ansh looked at Yash and blasted.. " You are lying... You are lying, Papa ! What happen... " he stopped when he heard Aarti calling him, "Ansh... !! Kya kar rahi ho.. Come here na to mumma.. let's play with the birds.. U see we are having lots of fun here !" Ansh smiled widely and immediately reached for his mom's arms, leaving Yash far alone behind. Smile

Yash gave them a sour smile, "This time Aarti had saved me from Ansh's questions.. Will I be able to escaped next time ??" From far, he viewed the sweet mother-children relations of his own family ! He felt lucky to have Aarti replacing Arpita for the kids and himself. " A problem will never kept us apart and turned our life into a sour one again ! Never ! " Yash said with a determination and joined them

Picture Perfect !

"Papa.. Can we make some hanging bagel bird feeder please ? It will be easy for the birds, hain na papa ? " Payal asked, poking Yash's chest. Aarti who had both Ansh and Palak on her lap looked at Yash. 
"We can make it but all of you are in your uniforms... Dadi will scold you then if your uniforms get dirty ! Errmm.. Hunn.. Okay... I will get something to cover your uniform then ! " Yash said and leave.

He came back after a few minutes with a packet of black plastics. Ansh who was a bit cheered up after playing with Aarti ran towards Yash and said, " I know papa.. We'll cut this plastic and transform it into aprons which are made of plastic... Right ?" Yash nodded and PayPal along with Ansh start cutting the plastics. Aarti sat there and admire their closeness with each other. 

Suddenly, Aarti felt like her cheeks are heat up and she can counts someone breaths who is exactly near her. She turned to her left and found out it was Yash !!! Gosh.. how did he ?? Yash raised his eyebrows. Aarti turned away as she felt too embarrassed. She realized that she's daydreaming too much today seeing Yash with the kids. Yash leaned forward near her ear and whispered, "Aab chalein kya ?? Or you need invitation, hun ?? Soch lo.. My invitation is quite unique !" he winked. Aarti abruptly woke up and ran towards the kids after she sensed Yash was rubbing his nose on her ear. 

" Oye ... Besharam !!" she yelled at Yash and start running. Yash chased her and the kids started to jump and clap their hands, cheering for Yash and Aarti. After so long, the perfect moments with the family entered their life. Yash caught Aarti and Aarti teased him back. Later, the kids and Aarti were guided by Yash in doing the bird feeder. Yash showed them how to spread the shortening mixture on the bagels and how to roll it in the pan of birdseed. They were also helped to tie the end of two -foot piece of string around the bagel. Finally, Yash went and hanged the bird seeders around the garden. 

They stood there watching the different kind of birds that visit the feeder and discussed about what they observed together. Aarti couldn't stop smiling and admiring Yash's efforts. She felt like the children are so very lucky to own such a loving and caring father. Aarti had tears in her eyes and she could feel like her heart is demanding for something.. She's missing her father, Mr. Dubey. She was surprised with this kind of undescribable feeling... 

She called for Yash and requested him to take her to Shobha maa's house. Yash was so suprised with Aarti's request. In a very short time, it's good for her to feel comfortable with everyone around her and also to be close to them. He is sure that there will be high chance for Aarti to regain her memory soon. 
He raised his eyebrows and Aarti folded her hand and say.. "Please !" Yash smiled and Aarti smiled to him back. "Hmm.. What about calling them for tonight's dinner ?" Yash thought when Aarti walked towards the car with the kids. 


"Dinner ?? Yash, do you think that Aarti will be able to stand with people around her, beta ?? " Gayathri asked him when Yash suggested the plan of having dinner tonight with Shobha, Dubey ji and also Paridhi. 

"People ?? Maa.. come on ! It's her own family... Shobha maa and Dubey ji are her parents.. They have full priority towards their daughter.. And on top of that, Aarti herself requested me if she could meet Dubey ji in this short time as she missed him so much ! I think this dinner is a good idea.. Paridhi will be able to spend some time with her sister too ! Errmm.. not only her sister but also Prat.. (Yash bite her tongue)"

"Kaun??" Gayathri asked. Yash shook his head. Gayathri stared at Yash and said, "Acha tikke.. I think your father will agree too.. Waisey, after marriage, it's good to have such gathering... We can even discuss about Aarti's health and also your full marriage with Aarti !" Gayathri smiled and left. 

Pratik who was listening to Yash and Gayathri conversation, sneaked in the kitchen once Gayathri left. He hugged Yash from the back tightly and kissed him on the cheek. Tongue

"Eeyu ! Pratik... You have grown up ! Yuckzzz.. ! What's the point of kissing me now, hun ? Tum jaante ho.. Tumhein Colgate ki bohot zarurat hai... Your mouth smell sucks man !" Yash laughed. LOL

"Bhaiyya.. !! Please... Errm ! Thanks a lot haan.. for inviting Shobha ma and Dubey ji to our house for dinner... And.. and.." Wink

"And.. and.. what and ??" Yash asked him, giggling again.Confused LOL

"And Paridhi too ! Muah.. bhaiyya ! Will be cooking special dinner tonight ! Yahoo ! " Pratik replied with so much excitement. He wanted to go to his room to change his cloth. 
Yash called him and said, "Pratik.. I was just joking !" 

"Whattt ??? " Pratik shouted. He thought Yash was joking about Paridhi coming tonight.  Embarrassed

"Hahaha ! I mean about the Colgate and the Smell ! Not about Paridhi " Yash laughed and left the kitchen. Pratik warned him that he will get back whatever he had done today to him. Tongue


"Maaa..." Yash stopped Gayathri when he saw her heading towards his room. "Where are you going maa ?" Yash further questioned her.

"Arey.. Aarti ki paas jaa rahi hoon.. She has to be informed na?" Gayathri answered him.

"No.. no ! Please.. You need not tell anything to Aarti and also the kids.. Confused

 Everything will be a surprise for them especially Aarti ! And no further questions.. Okay maa ?" he cupped his mother's face with his hand. Smile

"Yash... You know what I see ?? Besides for the kids, I realized your deep love for Aarti, beta ! After Arpita, Aarti seems to be everything for you.. Kaise ?? Itna jaldi pyaar..?? " Gayathri asked him. Embarrassed

"Maa... Woh sab Jadoo hai ! Aarti Ki Jadoo hai joh mein unko Ladoo bangayi hoon.. ! Embarrassed" Yash answer made Gayathri giggle. But she understood... she comprehended that there is something special about Aarti that had made Yash fell in love with her in a very short time.. Sweet she thought ! Gayathri was again stopped by Yash when she paced towards their room.

"Beta.. Your bauji wanted Aarti to wear Saree today ! And learn to tie it... Your buaji had made a complain to your bauji about this.. Don't worry lotz.. I will make sure Aarti is not forced and she'll wear saree only after she agrees." Gayathri explained and leave.

"Maa... (Gayathri turned to face him).. Toh Aarti will learn how to tie saree, I mean now kya ?" Yash asked to which Gayathri nodded as answer. LOL

"Ooh.. Then should I j.. (his phone rang) Uffo... This phone call bhi na.. (He said softly) You go first and teach her properly !" Yash said to Gayathri. Gayathri shook her head once she realized what was Yash thinking about. 


Aarti who had just took a shower was spotted in a simple orange churidhar by Gayathri. Gayathri smiled and hold her by the shoulder. 

"Aarti... If I ask you to do something.. will you do it for me ? " Gayathri asked.

"Haan maa.. anything for you !" she replied and hugged Gayathri.

"Can you wear this saree tonight?" Gayathri showed her the saree. 

Her eyes were opening bigger and bigger... She touched the saree.. It's a maroon chiffon saree with a very delicate border and a black blouse. If she is embellished with only a pretty piece of jewellery, Gayathri said she'll look breathtaking and vivacious lady tonight. Aarti blinked her eyes and blushed. Embarrassed

"Maa.. Lekin itna khubsoorat saree.. For what??" she took the saree properly with her both hands.

"Hmm... Woh suspense hai ! Lekin a small clue... Yash will always be by your side.." Gayathri giggled. 

"Date ??" she raised her eyebrows.

"Boldiya.. suspense ! Come on.. " Gayathri took her to the bathroom.

Gayathri came out of the bathroom after a few minutes as Aarti had started to wear her blouse. She called Gayathri once again for a help. Gayathri closed all the windows of the room and guided Aarti towards the make-up table. She began to wrap saree around Aarti's waist and tuck it in once gently. She explained to her first about all the steps but she stopped when Suraj ji was calling her. Gayathri requested Aarti to wait for a while and told her to practice the steps she mentioned to her while she's away. Confused

Aarti tried to tuck the saree but it keep on causing her troubles. She is still in her blouse and the saree is only being wrapped around her waist once. "Oh Sh*t !" she almost cried and gave up. She lied on the bed along and covered her front body with the remaining long saree. She placed her left wrist on her forehead and closed her eyes. Confused

Yash came in and thought the 'saree learning session' has over because usually when women wear saree, they doesn't left the door unlocked. LOL So he guessed that they are done and he eagerly wanted to see Aarti after he is informed by Vidhi babhi that Aarti will be in his favourite saree. He went in and unfortunately, his eyes were fixed on his shirt as he began to unbutton his shirt. As he was taking off his shirt, a strong wind blew causing him to rotate himself and that's when he saw Aarti lying almost half-naked on the bed. The strong wind had made Aarti's waist to be exposed and Yash realized that Aarti had a very beautiful like hourglass body owned by a professional dancer ! Wow.. Dead

But why is she like this ?? Hmm.. Yash settled himself on the bed and gazed at Aarti lovingly. He smiled thinking of her stupidity but he loved this innocence Aarti. He decided to play with Aarti, a Hot Play ! He lie alongside of Aarti and began to caress her hairs, stroke her hairs which is covering her face. He kissed her forehead and heard a slight moaning sound from Aarti's mouth. She was smiling but still didn't realize his presence. He felt like bursting into laughter whenever he is reminded of their 'never happened hot scenes'. He turned her head gently towards her right and pecked at her left cheek and her ear.  Again, he heard Aarti's soft moans as she started to move, feeling the chill and butterflies flying in her stomach. Embarrassed

He whispered, "Aarti... Aarti !! Your dangerous man is here... Wake up ! If not you'll be full naked" Yash almost laughed when Aarti turned her head towards him. She gave him a dead shock expression ! She slammed her forehead.. I slept ... In this condition ! Uffo... She tried to wake up but as usual, she's late ! Embarrassed

Both her hands are joined with his hands and she was being glued on the bed, buried under his weight. Their gazes met and locked, sweeping her out of reality. God, he is too sexy, hot and yeah, dangerous ! Her cheeks turned pinky when she found out Yash's eyes were roaming from her head to her toe. Soon, she could feel her body getting warmer as his hard chest was pressing her breast. They were getting closer and closer. Yash runs his fingers and caress her waist, bringing a tickling sensation for Aarti. His soft M-shaped lips tried to reach her rosy lips and when his lips were inches away from Aarti, Aarti appeared less comfortable than the moment before, but she didn't move away from him. She sighed and Yash peck her slowly on the lips. He didn't go beyond or fast.. Just a short single kiss on her lips ! He stared deeply in her deep brown eyes and hissed, "I miss you, Mrs. Yash Scindia !" Embarrassed 

Yash rise from the bed and told Aarti he will ask Gayathri to help her with the saree. She stopped him and fixed her eyes on the floor. Yash understood what she wanted. He wore his shirt and then, he draws her closer  to him and took her entire sari in his hands. Embarrassed

He tuck it into the skirt from a little beyond Aarti's navel, starting from her right side of her waist. He continue wrapping it around her waist and after a few rounds of tucking, he asked Aarti to hold the saree an arm's length away from her waist. While holding it away, he helped her in tucking in the other end into her skirt to forms a loose loop. Aarti heart skipped a beat when he was tucking the saree as his hands were in contact with her waist. She began to shiver and didn't dare to utter a single word to Yash. 

She concentrated on every steps taught by Yash to her on how to wear saree. He wind the loose loop cloth and pleat it. He ends it with 5-6 pleats and tuck in the pleats and pin them together. He drape the remaining fabric around her from left to right, and at last over her shoulder. He secured the end portion on her shoulder with a silver heart shaped brooch on her sleeveless blouse. Yash always ensure he had make a perfect choice for Aarti.. A Backless blouse ! But the one bothering him much is her wounds and bruises... They are still there on her back ! But that doesn't make Aarti imperfect... He turned her to face him. He declared to her that she's the most beautiful and sexiest thing he has ever laid eyes on.

Aarti was confused on how to react. She bowed her eyes and refused to share an eyelock with Yash. Yash lifted her chin and Aarti closed her eyes. "Shh Yash ! I know I'm not beautiful... Once everyone has their eyes on my back, they will run away !" she said softly, laughed when she whispered the last sentence to him. She almost cried and began to walk away from Yash. Yash gripped her wrist and gently pull her to him. He kissed her tears and cuddled her in his arms. He whispered in her ears that he had a small gift for her. He took out a box of earrings from his pocket and handed it to her. She opened it and confessed to Yash that it's beautiful. Embarrassed

She frowned when she took it out from it's place. She found out that the silver dangling earrings had a ' Y ' locket. She rolled her eyes and smile to him later on. She found Yash is too sweet like a Ladoo. 

"Aarti... (Gayathri barged into the room) Hailaa... (Gayathri's eyes enlarged, her palms on her cheeks with her mouth open while in a frozen state looking at Aarti ) Looking at Gayathri, Yash crossed his arms and placed his left hand on his mouth, giggling. Aarti placed the box of earrings on the make-up table and gave Gayathri a tight hug. 

While hugging her, Yash signaled to her not to forget to put on the earrings later on. He winked to her and left the room. Yash went to Pratik's room to get ready for the dinner. After all, it's a surprise for Aarti and the kids and he didn't want them to know about the surprise dinner. Yash was extemely hot and dashing in a maroon collared t-shirt with black jeans. He unbuttoned the first three buttons on his shirt just to make him sexier than Aarti.. If possible ! Pratik laughed and said that Yash going to lose with his babhi... Aarti babhi will always remained the best for him ! Yash tickled him and told him "And so Paridhi.. right ?? Shut up, Chote !". 

Yash went to Dubey's residence to take them to Scindia House.


"Aarti... I couldn't believe me eyes ! I told you na.. You will look so beautiful and sensous in this saree.. !" Gayathri told her to which Aarti responded with a blush. 

"Maa.. since I'm ready now.. can you please tell me what's going on ? I mean what is the plan tonight? Why am I in such saree ?? Don't tell me I'm going for a candle light dinner with your laadla Yash !" Aarti asked, doing her pouty face. 

"Kyun ?? If you are going for dinner date with my Yash, won't you agree for it ? Is my beta too bad.. ??? I thought he's a very romantic guy !" Gayathri replied.

"Maa... Haila ! You never know haan... Your son is freaking romantic and dangerous guy I have ever seen! Aisa kaise ho sakta hai.. every time he need a kiss ! Besharam.." Aarti finally complained to Gayathri about Yash's behaviour all this time. 

"Oho... That's normal, Aarti ! He's your husband.. If he never kiss you, then who'll he kiss ?" she said, leaving Aarti alone in the room. She wants to get a diamond necklace for Aarti.  

Aarti twisted her body and face the mirror. And oh wow ! For the first time, she felt her appearance tonight was better than before. He picked the earrings Yash gave her and wear it. While fixing it on her ears, Gayathri came in and placed a simple diamond necklace around her neck. Aarti was completely looking like a Barbie Doll ! Gayathri put a tikka behind Aarti's ear to avoid any evil eyes on her. Smile

"Arey maa.. Ansh, Payal aur Palak.." Gayathri cuts her words and told her not to worry about them as Vidhi will be there with the children. "Lekin maa... Tell me na where am I going ??" Aarti asked.


"Where are we going, taiji ??" Ansh asked Vidhi. PayPal looked at Vidhi as they were expecting answers too from Vidhi.

"Hmm.. a surprise ! Even I didn't know about it much ! Your papa asked me to get you ready by 7... And look at three of you.. So cute !" Vidhi hugged them slightly.

"Ansh !! Payal.. Palak !! See who has come to our house !" Yash stood near the kids' room.

"Oh my god.. Badi mummy and badi papa !" Ansh shouted in excitement and ran to Shobha and Dubey ji. Shobha and Dubey ji hugged him tightly and he hugged them with equal favour too. He missed his grandpa and grandma very much ! Palak and Payal too hugged them. Vidhi did a 'Namaste' towards both of them and took their blessings. 

"Aarti kahan hai ?? " Shobha asked Yash. Yash asked her to be patient as their daughter will take some time for her grand appearance. All of them moved to the living room and chatted with Suraj Pratap and also other family members. Ansh stared at Shobha and is determined to ask about Aarti's health to his badi mummy. 

Everyone was attracted to the other side of the house when they heard jingling and tinkling sounds of Aarti's anklets. Like Gayathri, Shobha too couldn't believe her eyes and utter any words gazing at her daughter's breathtaking beauty. Yash could just utter a 'Uff' from his mouth and others couldn't take their eyes off from the figure that is walking towards them. Everyone stands and Shobha was the first one to invite her daughter with a warm hug. Aarti hugged her parents tightly and literally had tears on her eyes. 

She saw Yash was gazing at her most of the time. When her eyes met him, he winked to her and gestured a 'Thank You' to her for wearing the earrings. He even gave her a flying kiss causing Aarti to giggle silently. Pratik joined them after spending some times in the kitchen and was surprised to see Paridhi was missing. He never met Pari for too long time and missing her so much. Yash informed him that Paridhi is not in the town for almost two weeks and will be back tomorrow. So, Paridhi will come and visit Aarti tomorrow. Although Pratik was quite disappointed, he still smile as he couldn't wait to meet Pari tomorrow. 

They have their dinner together and all of them keep joking and have some fun in the dining room. Buaji, as usual, felt so irritated and disgusted of this gathering. She quickly went off to her room to pray. Suraj ji too left for some works. 


"Aarti.. how does you feel now? Is everything fine ?" Shobha asked.

"Maa... I'm fine ! But sometimes I'm uncomfortable and felt itchy at my back... Maa... I have a doubt ! Can you please help me in clearing my doubt ?" Aarti stared at Shobha. Shobha nodded.

"Maa.. Is there something wrong with my health ??" Aarti finally asked. Shobha felt like her heart going to burst in any time. How did Aarti sensed that there is something wrong with her ? Must she mentioned to her on what had actually happened to her? What will be her reaction on this ? Millions of questions popped in her mind and her heartbeats were getting more rapid. Ouch

"Maa... !!! Maa... (Aarti hold Shobha's shoulder) Bolo na.. (Tears start streaming down her face) Is there anything wrong with me ?? Am I having any disease or am in danger ?? Why whenever people explained to me about something, I will forget it in some time..?? It's weird you know.." Aarti told her. Ouch

"Nahin beta.. nothing is wrong with you ! Everything is fine !" Shobha confessed, looking at the ceiling. Confused

"Maa.. no ! I heard.. I heard Yash himself told buaji that I'm not well... Why am I not well ?? I'm fine.. It's just the matter of my back pain.. aur kuch bhi nahi ! And another thing,  the kids..! " Aarti stop uttering when Shobha placed her hand on Aarti's mouth. Ouch

"Bas Aarti ! I don't wanna hear anything from you.. No more asking ! Now you listen to me beta, there's nothing wrong with you ! I know the kids might be behaving weirdly to you like they have known you for years, but they are small kids who easily mingle with people around them ! You are their mother.. and a mother means everything for her children ! What you have to do is just keep bonding with them.. You'll forgot all your pain , beta ! Trust me.. nothing is wrong with you !" Shobha explained to her and finally, pulled her for a hug and broke down in Aarti's embrace silently. Cry

"Maa... Really ?? Nothing is wrong with me??" Aarti asked her. Shobha reassured her back by nodding and smiling. They hugged again but in deep, Aarti felt like her heart is telling her something else. What is it trying to tell me ?? Confused

Aarti went to her bedroom to get some rest as Shobha ma urge her to do so. Before they left, even Dubey bauji spend some time with her daughter and asked her to take enough rest everyday and eat her medicines in right proportion. Yash who was sitting beside Aarti assures bauji and Shobha ma that they shouldn't worry much about their daughter. Her pain will heal very soon. Shobha and Dubey ji left Aarti in her room and Aarti took their blessings and hugged them again. Yash escorted both of them to the door. Ansh came and hugged Shobha from back. Yash has to attend another call so he excused himself for a few minutes.

Ansh questioned Shobha ma, "Badi mummy... Mumma ko kya hogaya ? what happened to her ?? Why she doesn't love me like she used to do previously ?? Why I felt like mumma is ignoring me ?? Have I done any mistake that causing mumma to react differently with me? Tell me please ! " Ansh cried and Dubeyji couldn't help anymore but to broke down again thinking of Aarti's condition in his mind. CryCryCry

Shobha quickly pulled Ansh for a hug and hold her tears. There were moments of Aarti and Ansh playing in her mind which touched her hearts and caused her tears which were struggling to escaped from her eyes, finally streamed down her face. 
Yash came right on the time and was shocked to see the picture in front of his eyes. Three of Aarti's loved ones were breaking down silently with many unanswered questions reflecting in their eyes. OuchOuch

__ To Be Continued__

I know maybe some of you are left confused.. Especially how did Aarti didn't know what had actually happened to her ! I will reveal slowly what Shobha told her in the hospital, about her condition ! Smile

Hmm... The Birds !! Seriously, I had observed about the birds when I had a short vacation around Malaysia few months ago. I went to Zoo Taiping in Perak, Malaysia and there were lots of Lovebirds.. Day Dreaming For me, I found each and every couple there was really romantic ! Embarrassed And yup, their romance looked real.. The way they sing, chirp and everything ! Wow I thought ! Embarrassed

Precap : Paridhi Is Back !! Big smile Did she knew about Aarti's problem ?? Did she ever know what happened in London?? From who will she know about Aarti's health condition ?? Shocked What will be her reaction after knowing the truth ?? Ouch

Jalebi Tax Romance Coming Up.. LOL Tongue

Hit Like and Comment Please ! Embarrassed

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