Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

MAANEET os:HIS CRAZY BRiDE{new link pg 8}

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EY hi everyone..Do say me how is this OS..I wrote this for our Maaneet magazine...




"What is that idiot thinking in his mind..He is such a duffer..Can't  he adjust for once..Well I hate that guy..Big tummy ,thin moustache and head half bald..Not once,twice but today is third tme he failed me in my driving test..Idiot,Stupid " Geet Handa was muttering profanities under her breathe..

"Can't he see how well I drive my bittu (her scooty) then can't I drive that stupid car..Well he is such a jerk.I hate the mere sight of him.." She was non stop cursing the officer  who rejected her driving license application for third time since she is a bad driver.

She was coming back home from local zonal office after  failing in learner's test..


Geet's balance slipped and she had fallen down due to the accident she caused with the Mercedes benz that was coming from other way in the road..It was a three lane junction..She was about to take the road to her home when the car coming from the other side also took the same turn as her..

"Seems like its not ur day geet..Well first that jerk next this one" her thoughts were left to hang when she saw her was purely in a situation which couldnot be repaired..She was raged..She stood up to see the jerk who caused this Accident..There were 2 people standing one so hot looking  and in three suit the other looked like driver folding his hands and standing behind his owner.

"Madam are you ok??Or you injured?" The man in twenties who got down from the benz asked her with concern for her..Must be the owner..

He was breathless to see such a girl who looked more than an angel..He was too worried to see her in a mess.Obviously it was the fault of that girl but he couldn't leave her as such since this area looked so much deserted..

"Hell with you and your car idiot..How dare can you harm my bittu? Have you got ur license or what?diot..Duffer..See my bittu's condition.. "

"Bittu?" What is she saying me as?????

"My scooty!"

"Jerk  don't stand there like a statue..What is your name say me am going to call police" she said trying to sacre the person who was standing so cool..


Hands crossed leaning on the car and most of all with a I-Don't-care- look..He was so worried for her at first but seeing her this way he wasn't feel like helping her.How can she dare MSK..well she has to learn a lot of manners..He gazed at her and handed her his phone..9********0 number of Delhi commissioner you can call him and lodge a complaint saying MSK has harmed your bittu..Saying this he gave her a sarcastic look to her and her scotty..

"For your kind info you are on the wrong side..I pittied you for dashing into you..But alas you are in a different mood..Common make a call I'll say uncle the whole incident then he will decide on it.."

She was awed..She now realized he must be a big shot.She and her big mouth .Her mom always scolds her for this  big mouth.She has landed herself in a trouble bcoz of it...After all the shouting she is not ready to loose her ego or self respesct but she has no way to get into her town which is 10 km from here other than taking help from him..I have to reach on time before the groom arrives otherwise my mumma and papa will start the lecture..

So she said "I think the fault is on both side since your car is not damaged and my bittu is poorly damaged ..I forgive you but I want a ransom from you.."

"uh when did I ask for ur forgiveness or said I'll give you a ransom?"

"Don't you think my bittu deserve a ransom..My mumma will kill me seeing my scotty in such a condition" she said with a pout..

Aw how cutely she pouts..But to admit she has got a big tongue..Seeing her condition he said

"I'll make sure your so called bittu reaches safely to your home in good condition...Here for now keep this .."He handed her a bunch of notes..

"I don't need any money all I need is my bittu in good condition.."

"Then ok..Ramu get the keys from her and also the address..make the damn scooty ready and hand it over to her..I'll drive from here" maan orderd the Driver..

Ramu was shocked beyond words..His boss is being so quiet and to top it all he is taking the punishment of amending her scooty in which he has no fault.This girl has something in her which could make mSK mute.

"Par sir Dadi ma will scold if I leave you.."

"I'll talk with can take her scooty and go"

"How can I believ you.???" She asked giving the address to Driver.

"what do you want me to do?Say the answer yourself" he demanded getting frustrated by her childish demands..

"Well I'll belive you if you drop me in my home..By that time I can get to know more about you and moreover the area is deserted?"

"But how will that help?"

Maan asked confused but before he could realsie she was in his car already..

" The nerve of the girl" he cursed himself for landing with her and got into the car..She was sitting with her legs folded and she is facing MSK fully by turning herself towards him..

As soon he started the car she started with her convo.."Am Geet Handa..What is your name?"

"Maan Maan singh khurana"

"Oh.. You drive so well" she exclaimed seeing him..

"well thanks"

"You know I could also drive well..but that stupid failed me thrice in the learner's test so I didn't  get my license"

"ya ya I could see that how well you can drive " he said sarcastically..

"Wo I was in the tension that I didn't get my license so only this accident.."

"But you didn't yet asked me sorry!"

"Why should I?" with that Maan stopped the car.The girl has attitude problem..He I shelping her out and she doesn't have basic courtesy to say sorry for her mistake..

"If you dare not saying then we are not gonna move from here."

Geet was also adamnt in not to say thanks..She said "I have got no problem"

They both were sitting ideally in the car giving an accusing look to each other..

Suddenly a shrill sound distracted both of them.

"Your my honey bunch sugar plum

Pumpy humpy humpkin

You're my sweetie pie

You're my cuppy cake gumdrop

Snoogums boogums your

The Apple of my eye

And I love you so

And I want you know

Thatll always be right here

And I lve to sing sweet song for you

Bcoz you are so dear"


Maan was looking Geet who was searching for something in her bag and atlast she had a victory smile on her face to found her mobile..

She took the call "Say di"


"Don't shout well say her the bride is geeting ready..How about the groom..Hasn't he reached"


"Must be a boring person.."


"Ok now relax am just 5 km away from our home ll reach home by back gate.."


"Di  not you to I had gone for my learners test you know how much it is of importance to me..Di its my dream.."


"Acha baba I'll reach soon..Now hang up"

"What was that?" Maan asked confused..

"Wo my Didi..Actually some idiot business man,Dusht Dhanav  is coming to see me for marriage so I have to be on home today..But had my learners test so sneaked out of home without anyone's knowledge now since the groom's side people are waiting am supposd to reach the home  and everyone is hell angry on me.."

"Not that am asking?What was that ring tone??' Maan asked confused..

"Don' say me you dono that sweet popular cuppycake song.Then you must be a boring dumbhead..Now start the car.." she ordered again..

"Whatever ..Now say sorry.."

She wa so angered  by his attitude but she has no way to reach home..He will pay for playing with Geet Handa..She said Sorry with a straight face

"Now atleast start the car"

Maan was actually smitten by her beauty that he forgot that he had come to this village due to his Dadima who was behind him to get married..He was wondering how many reactions can she be able to give in mere 1 minute..He was enjoying her reactions since she was  frustrated to ask sorry and atlas she asked so he started the drive..

"Don't you think its stuffy in the car?"

"How could it be when the Ac Is on?Maan asked at her stupid question..

"Well I do feel stuffy so am sliding down my windows with that she did what she said..

Now her face was outside the window enjoying the breeze that is hitting on her face..

Maan was admiring her when she said "Ouch maan stop the car?plz plz ?"

"but why ?' he asked slowing down the car..

"my ring slipped down in the road..I need to get that". She faked a tear

Maan felt bad to see her in tears  he said "wait let me get it for you.."

As soon he got down from the car and went back to get the ring Geet got back into the  driver seat and started the car..

Maan was searching for any ring in the road but he found no one..when he gazed up to ask Geet about the ring he saw his car gone far away and then he realsied That crazy crack has fooled him..he saw the Kilometer board that indicated 1km is still there to reach the village..He was fumed when he found his car coming back..He felt relived and went to the driver seat ..

"Geet have you gone mad or what?How could you do this..Your unbelievable..Just move to passenger seat?"

Geet was maintain a cold face and said "Actually Mr.Khurana I came back just to say that no vehicle will come this side so its better for you to walk without wasting time and I will have ur car safe until I get my BIttu back..Well no one ask GEET HANDA to say sry..But you did it so face the consequences.And by the way get my bittu back to the address which ur driver has and get back your car..To say I love this car a lot.Well take this has my welcoming ceremony to my home town.."She winked at him  And speed the car and went in the same direction as she came..

Maan was dumbfounded with her authoritative voice..She is in a pay back mood..He don't have any other option but to walk back home..It was amusng him for some reason he want to laugh at her childishness than to be angry on her..But all he wish for was to have her beside him for long time..he smacked himself mentally for such a dumb idea..He was amused why he had such aidea creeping up in his mind..

Geet reached home from back gate.She was greatly escaped because it was only Meera di and yash jiju was in her room.Her parents are sitting out with Groom's dadi.

"Di jiju am sorry now don't talk lemme get ready and go out"

They both kept quiet knowing its waste to talk with her when it came to her about license.So she got ready quickly and came out of her room assisted by her Di..Her parents were shooting daggers at her..

She greeted Dadima.geet felt her to be nice when she asked her to sit beside her..She was having a normal chat with daddi when someone eneterd her house..But she didn't look up ..Yar she is the bride she needs to be shy ryt!

When he reached the Bride's house he was drenched in the sweat..Savithri Devi was looking amusedly at him to be in such way..

"Maan beta why are you sweating?"

That's when Geet looked upto see the object of her play standing before her completely drenched in sweat..Both eyes met and thought

"Gosh is he my groom? what have I done?"

"Wow she s my bride '.NYC maan your dream idea coming true"

"Geet don't sit ideally give water to Maan beta.."

She was fering what if he says the entire truth then its sure that her parents would kill her with bare hands,..

She gave maan a glass of water while pleading him through her eyes not to say..Maan felt instant attracton...

He cleared his throat and said "Wo Dadi car tyre got flat so ramu  is changing the tyre and I walked home.." he said that to save her from her parents

"Beta you could have called any one of us we would have come to pick you up"  Geet's dad said

"No uncle that's not a problem"

"Well Man this is geet your bride do you like her?Geet what about you beta?'

Maan's heart was doing bhangra for some unknown reason well he would love to marry her..He knew only she can mange him and his anger with her ATTITUDE..

Geet thought he is nyc,handsome but what if he doesn't like me..

Both were quiet sensing the quietness Dadi shaked maan ..Maan took out a note pad from the side table and scribbled something passing it to Geet..

Geet took it hesistatingly looked it and then at  Maan and she too scribbled something..

Everyonwe was watching in awe in the exchange..Maan got the notepad from her and saw the answers for the 3 thing she has wriiten..

Maan had written the following questions..

1.Dusht Dhanav?

2.My car and Your Bittu?


Geet has answere in the following way

1.Geet ki Dusht Dhavnav

2.Its ours now


No one understood their exchange but one thing was clear that they liked each other.So maraige was fixed after one week and it was decided marige will take place in Handa's haveli itself..Maan and Dadi stayed back there..Only close relations were  called for the marriage..

Maaneet started their romancing in the mean time and started liking each other a lot..

Finally the marriage day has come..

Maan was in the altar when Meera came running there with a letter in the hand from GEET's room..

Everyone got scared to see her nervous..When maan got the letter it read "Am going behind my dream will come soon"

He instantly knew it was Geet's handwriting..She was nowhere to be found..Missing Bride news spred everywhere..Maan couldnot understand anything..Everyone was tensed'But everyone attention was diverted when they heard a horn sound..They turned to see who it was and shocked to See the bride riding a scooty towards the wedding venue.

She stooped her bittu (it was made ready and maan gave it to her in exchange of his benz)  came to the altar and said "what everyone is looking at me..See the subh mukurth is gonna end soon.Maan buddu put varmala and lets take pehras..Pandit ji say mantras.."

No one could understand what is happening..

"Geet " maan called her..

"not now maan I'll explain after marrige..This is not the time"

Well no one could utter a word because she was right that there is no time for the enquiry and soon the marriage got over now she had been bombarded with the questions..

She closed her ears and yelled  "Stop lemme explain"

"Maan am sorry I should have informed you atleast but I wanted to give you all a surprise with that she pulled something out from her hands and beamed it in front of their eyes" her eyes was tinkling

Everyone shook their head in a way that its unbelivbale..Maan was glaring at her to see license in her hand he asked "You have gone for learner's test and got your license on the day of your wedding.Unbelivable.?"

She chirped " one will have the privilege of having license in their bride's dress..See am in my bridal wear.."

Everyone laughed at her craziness..Maan pulled her into a hug to see her pouting at everyone..

She is indeed HIS CRAZY BRIDE..

 DO leave your likes and commentsOuch Big smile


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NICE...Loved it...

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It was Awsome
Loved it
Tooo gooosdd

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awesome OS
loved it

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loved it

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