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Collab FF: IPK 2.0-Doing it Right#4, Epilogue-p27 (Page 7)

Sultan_Of_Swing IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 1:04am | IP Logged

Chapter 24

I apologise for the delay. I dedicate this chapter, to the my 'chand ka tukda,' the wone and wonly Tiyali whose birthday it is today. Please join us in wishing her here.

Arnav walked towards a room that people seldom used in their home. His newly wedded Bhabhi, Payal had asked him to get some Godforsaken hardware items from this room. He went through the list one more time. She wanted whips, chains, handcuffs, metal chains... His Bhabhi beyond all that overbearing sweetness and shyness was pretty odd. Why would she need these especially handcuffs? He pondered. Unless Maami asked Payal for it.

He opened the doors to the room and found  the room to be pitch dark except for a few candles that were lit in one corner of the room. He walked towards the switchboard tentatively, trying to find his way, to switch the lights on. But before he could find them, he felt two hands hugging him from the back slowly, trying to feel his torso. And before he could react, the lights to the room were switched on. Arnav knew those were the hands of the one and only Kushi Kumari (hopefully not forever) Gupta. He turned to look at her and he immediately knew something was different, different about the way she looked, the way she smelt. Before he could react any further, Kushi pushed him. He landed uncomfortably on a couch. 'What the ...' and before he could complete his usual cuss word, a song started playing out of nowhere.

ajji bhitar bhitar aag jale

baat karu to sake lage

oh main tu chaand nigal gayo daiyya re

Ang pe aise chhaale pade ...

Kushi stood there swaying seductively to some randomn Hindi song. She was dressed in a sheer black sari, and wore a barely there blouse. She wore nothing else but for the payal in her ankles and a big bindi on her forehead. But what really set the look apart was the bold red lip colour and the diamante hip belt that rested snugly on her waist.The vision Kushi painted was that of an enchanting seductress in black. Arnav had seen many women in a saree, but he decided that no one looked quite as sexy as Kushi at the moment. All he wanted to do at that moment was to rip apart the saree and the excuse of a blouse and show her what exactly one would get by playing with fire.

Tez tha jhaunka ka karu

Sisi karti, sisi sisi karti main maru

Zabaan pe laga re laga re haaye

Zabaan pe laga, Zabaan pe laga laga re

Namak isaq ka haaye tere isaq ka...

Kushi lifted her hands to sway and gave Arnav a peek of her curvy milky waist adorned with the diamante hip belt. Arnav gulped, like no man ever before.  Arnav didn't know what to admire more- the contrast of her milky white skin with that of the black saree or the contrast between the dip of the curvy waist and the toned abs that went all the way down to her... peeking navel. Arnav wondered what it would be to feel the skin there, his rough collous skin or her soft feminine skin. Before he could let his imagination run wild, he saw Kushi approaching him.

Kushi continued to dance and then she slowly approached Arnav like a tiger would approach its prey, like Anjali would approach a pooja ki thaal, like Mami would approach a box of cosmetics, like Akash would approach his glasses, like Payal would approach a box of detergent. Arnav was left unsure of what he must do. The rational part of his mind screamed at him warning him that was one more of Kushi's steps to trap him hook, line and sinker, but when he looked at how Kushi moved her waist all the rational thoughts flew out of his mind and like every other hot blooded man he stopped thinking.

Kushi sat on his laps and continued to dance.

'Good God Lord!' He prayed to the Gods, one of the very few times in his life.

As she moved, literally grinded against him all he could thinks was 'I'm a goner, what am I going to do?' Slowly Kushi brought her lips close to his and Arnav closed his eyes automatically to receive hers in a passionate kiss. He needed her today, wanted her today, especially after being given a private lap dance in such a titillating fashion, formalities be damned.

But the kiss never came and Arnav felt the loss of contact. He opened his eyes irritated at not getting his way. 'Kushi' he whined. Kushi stood in front of him with her hands on his hips. 'Kushi, baby, what is this? Now be a good girl and give me a kiss.'

Kushi smiled at him, walked towards him seductively and kissed him. But not where he expected. She kissed him on his forehead.

'f**k sake Kushi, screw the PG rated forehead kisses, I want the real deal. I want to feel your lips on mine.' He complained, his irritation increasing with every passing second.



'Humne kaha Nahin.' She told him in a no-nonsense tone.

Arnav was left stumped by the woman in front of him. If she didn't want to kiss him, why the hell did she give him a private lap dance?

'Kushi, what do you want me to do?' He was exasperated.

'Pehle, aap yeh tanda tanda pani peejiye, phir hum baath karenge.' She handed him a glass of cold water with a slice of lemon on top. Arnav gulped it down in one go, the tanda tanda pani still not cooling down the garmi of his jism.

'Kushi what is this? Why did you do this? Why don't you want to kiss me?'

Kushi looked at him for a moment and turned back, walking slowly, swaying her hips to catch and hold his attention. She went towards the candles and put them off.

'Arnavji you can get your kiss and much more than that?'

'What? How? Arnav said, not taking his eyes away from her rounded back.

'Arnavji its simple, you will have to get married to me. Phir I'm yours forever and hamesha. Then you can get as many lap dances as you wish, in whatever sarees you want or even without any.' She said saucily and winked at him.

Arnav tried to fight away the mental images that Kushi's words were creating. He had to hand it to the girl, she was a calculative and manipulative minx, one who could beat him at his own game. Ever since he had met her, she had stood up to him, given it as good as she got, sometimes even leaving him spell- bound, been his equal in every sense of the word, sometimes even better than him. And that when Arnav Singh Raizada realised for the first time in his life that no one had quite affected him like Kushi. She was the one for him in every which way. Different people had assumed different reasons for his reluctance to get married. Some made up rumors about a non existent past, some assumed he couldn't be tied down to one girl. But the truth of the matter was simple and straightforward. He hadn't met a girl who would blow him away, his mind and his heart. Kushi was the only one who ticked all the boxes and in the short time he knew her she had mastered the art of manipulating him and his decisions, a no mean feat.

Kushi was waiting patiently for Arnav to answer. She was getting all itchy due to the saree. How do these actress dance in such clothes, she wondered. She couldn't wait to change into her comfortable cotton salwar.

'Why is Arnavji taking so much time? Should I dance for him again?' She thanked her stars for having the presence of mind to record another song for the evening- 'Jalebi bai.' She walked towards the music system to play the song. Before she could reach it, Arnav pulled her arms and she went crashing onto his chest.

'What do you think you are doing?

'Hum...' Kushi replied, suddenly scared of Arnav.

He pushed her towards a wall and held her captive using his arms.

So Kushi Kumari Gupta, you want us to get married? He asked in a menacing tone

'Hum...yes..if that's what you wish.' She mumbled trying not to look into Arnav's eyes.

'I'm short tempered, arrogant, moody. in your own words I'm a Laad Governor, kya tum sah paogi?' He asked with a teasing smile on his face.

'Of course, I can. I'm crazy, talkative, childish. In Buaji's words I'm a Sanka Devi. Kya aap sah paenge?' She asked challenging him.

'It will be difficult, but I think we will be just fine.'

Kushi was surprised at how easily Arnav had agreed. 'Does this mean... we are...?' She looked away shyly.

Arnav wondered how effortlessly Kushi managed to turn into a shy innocent girl suddenly from a seductive minx.

He took a step back and said, 'Kushi Kumaru Gupta, will you marry me? He asked holding her hands.

Kushi's happiness had no bounds, she felt like she was swimming in a pool of jalebis.

'Yes, I would like that.' She replied. 'But I have a condition.'


Arnav was left stumped, how was he going to reassure Kushi that he loved her and that he was getting married to her for all the right reasons?

'Women...' he sighed. No matter how much hard you try, how much you give them, they'd never be happy and always ask you for something more. But still he wanted to do something special for Kushi. A plan started taking shape in his head. He called Aman immediately.


Kushi walked to the pool. Why had Arnav called her here? Just earlier that evening she had managed to convince Arnav to marry her, rather she had convinced Arnav to ask her hands for marriage. But she didn't want a marriage just out of compulsion. Just like any other girl, she wanted flowers, love, a proposal and then a marriage of her dreams with her sapno ke rajkumar.

Kushi stood by the pool, the pool had been decorated with tiny fair lights and on the pool lay a few lit candles. The overall effect was quite romantic. She didn't expect Arnav to do something so soon, but that man had never ceased to surprise him. A gentle breeze, played around the pool, moving the leaves and her hair softly. Out of nowhere she heard Arnav say, 'Jaaneman this is for you!'

And then a song played. It was Arnav's turn this time to surprise her with an impromptu performance. He danced to one of her favorite Salman khan songs. Arnavji wasn't a good dancer, in fact some would say he was terrible. But all Kushi could see at that time wasn't the misplaced steps or the lack of grace, but the love that shone in his eyes for her. Out of nowhere he got a towel and started mimicking Salman's dance moves from the song. For a moment she couldn't believe that the sadoo Laad governor Arnav Singh Raizada was actually, grinding against a towel. And all of this for her. Kushi broke into a loud whistle and started clapping away. The song ended and Arnav walked towards her and took her hands, he then took her to a small table where a cake had been placed.

'What is this? Its not my birthday today.' Kushi said, still reeling from the after effects of the impromptu performance.

Arnav quietly held her hand and blew the candles. He then proceeded to cut the cake, guiding her hands. He took a piece of cake and asked her to open her mouth.

'But why? Its not my birthday today.' Kushi complained.

Arnav then literally shoved the cake piece into her mouth.

Kushi tried biting the cake and felt something, something in metal. She took it out from her mouth. She found a glittering solitaire diamond ring. Arnav then took the ring from her, cleaned it using a napkin, and then bend down on his knees.

'Kushi you are the ray of happiness in my dull life, the sweet jalebi in my tasteless life, the pom pom in my glitterless life. I love you Kushi, I love your craziness, your innocence and how you stand up to me. I love you Kushi, there will never be anyone like you. Will you give me the pleasure of having this Kushi for the rest of my life?' Arnav asked with such tenderness and hope in his eyes, that Kushi couldn't help stop the tears falling from her eyes.

'Hey... I'm sorry If I have upset you.'

'Arnavji yeh Khushi ke ansoon hain.'

'I know Kushi these are your tears. Whose else would they be? But why are you upset?'

'Devi Mayya... Arnavji yeh Kushi ke aansoon hain.' Arnav was left wondering why Kushi kept repeating the same line.

'It means these are tears of happiness Budhoo.' Arnav flashed his charming smile, at having been the reason of Kushi's happiness.

'I love you too Arnavji.' She said.

'Say it again.'

'I love you too Arnav.' She repeated

'Say it again, Kushi.' He ordered her.

Kushi was now getting irritated by Arnav's request. 'I said, I love you too Dammit!'

Arnav hugged her intimately and started kissing the whole of her face. After paying attention to her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, ears, Arnav then proceeded to kiss Kushi's lips. Kushi joined him in the kiss and before they both realised they were swept away in the old passion they shared and their newly found love.

Which is when they heard someone saying, 'Get a room you two!'


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aquagal IF-Rockerz

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Der aaye but kitne durust aaye, I mean romantic aaye Embarrassed

Payal is quite bold behind that shy image - chains, handcuffs. ahemm and Arnav didn't understand the use of it, he must be busy thinking about something else...LOL
Oh my my.. the sexy salty lap dance on Namak isk ka...
Totally namkeen making Arnav rangeen and at the end left him sangeen LOLLOL
You so beautifully described the movements and his thoughts NB. And I love that hip belt.
I have really loved this dance on the show for the fun element and here for the sultry factor.Tongue
He realized that he has found a match in her.. me happy...
And here comes the romantic, funny, Arshified proposal...
Totally loved it..
finally they kissed...SmileEmbarrassed
But kisne dekha - Anjali or PayalBig smile

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chavvi16 IF-Stunnerz

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omg so glad i decided to check this out
wow that was one saucy number she pulled on arnie
and the lap dance with that saree
and the almost kiss
but what took the cake was her proposal to him
and then his proposal to her
good lord she sure tortured him enough didnt she
and really you were thinking why she would need all that payal asked for
hello how silly can he be
dude she has a kinky side to her your bhabhi
and who caught them in the end
well she sure got him in the end didnt she khushi
couldnt control my laughter man
wow that was something
blooming heck i will never forget the lap dance she gave him
or her seduction moves right

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Main aa gayi Smile


Tiya's birthday, and no tauliya? 
Aisa ho hi nahi sakta! LOL

LOL at Payal's demands, kya idea hai!
And then you gave us namak ishq ka, followed by a condition.

I liked Arnav's reasoning here, he hasn't thought about marriage because he hasn't met anyone like our Sanka Devi yet!

And then, the towel dance!
The cake-shoving turns into a proposal, complete with a ring.

And they confess as well!

Ab yeh kaun aaya?
I bet it's Di, the eternal haddi.

Wonderful update, great way to bring this collab back with a bang!

Edited by EXPELLIARMUS - 10 May 2013 at 10:47pm
diyadivya IF-Sizzlerz

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awsum updt
lovely proposal

Edited by diyadivya - 10 May 2013 at 2:05am
Sultan_Of_Swing IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by EXPELLIARMUS

Main aa gayi Smile

Kadka OS ka Pitara leke? LOL

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Rasgulla_sp IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 May 2013 at 1:36am | IP Logged
Payal has a thing for the quirky? And Arnav didnt figure it out? Payal sent her jeth to get these things? Even if it was only a ploy to get Arnav into that room that was quite a strange list she handed over to Arnav...
You described the entire dance, the hipbelt adorned hip movements, Khushi's sexiness... everything so well, I am not surprised that Arnav wanted to rip her clothes away Blushing
But our dearest Khushi left him high and dry... If he wants the entire package, he will have to marry. Bas!
I liked that you showed Arnav's rationalization abt why he wants to marry Khushi. It is not just physical. He has truly found his match
I was wondering what the condition was and then came the Sallu towel dance. I HATE YOU N_B. BAS! Angry
Cake shoving  LOL with a twist.. I mean a ring...
Ab kiss toh banta hain Embarrassed
Yeh kissne kiss ka kissa dekha?

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pheonix24 Goldie

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awww..he cute..and the sexy lap dance was definitely nostalgic...Wink

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