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She Saw & She Conquered his heart (Arsh FIC) (Page 3)

KaransWorld Groupbie

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 3:51am | IP Logged

Chapter 3


Niki was the first to wake up…her neck was a little stiff but she was ok…she saw all the shopping bags on the table and realized that Armaan was home with a sweet little addition… she tip toed into Armaan's room and for the first time Niki…awed like a girl…they looked so beautiful together…Armaan was sleeping with one hand protectively placed on his daughter who was sleeping on top of his abdomen…she took went to the guest room that she had moved into and took out her camera and tip toed back into Armaan's room and took a picture of the beautiful Jodi…the little  noise of the flash was enough to wake up the little princess…Niki was scared that the baby would cry…but the sweetheart just looked at her staring…her face looking  a little confused…Niki slowly went towards the bed and put Armaan's arm to the side and picked up the little bundle of joy…the baby wiggled a little was confortable…she took her outside and decided to sit with her and get to now her a little after all she was her new Niki…aunty would be a little much…cuz Niki was only 26…so from today she would be Armaan's daughter's Niki.


Armaan woke up…and when he felt that his daughter was not there and her warmness was replaced with  the cool air in the room he panicked…where could she go she couldn't even crawl…suddenly bad thoughts entered his mind…what if someone had kidnapped her….what if he had forgotten her at the mall and didn't remember…he started looking around his room…under the bed…in the washroom…in the drawers…he was so tensed that all logic evaded him…during this Niki slowly walked into the room and began to laugh…hearing her laugh caught his attention…he suddenly got up and ran toward Niki and took his baby and hugged her…he was so happy to see her…he was so scared in that one moment thinking he had lost her…just yesterday who could've thought life would be so incomplete without her. Niki stopped laughing and joined the hug... she looked at Armaan in all seriousness and said… Till I'm here nothing can happen to this princess…anyways Mr.Daddy get ready we have a lot to do…we meaning you of course…because me and this little princess are going to chill while daddy works his ass off…


Armaan glared at Niki and she looked at him like what did I do now and then he said…don't swear in front of my baby got it…she looked back at him taking the baby from his arms and said ok ok baba….now go get ready we need to get this home ready for her…I was googled a lot of things…this little baby require a lot of stuff…and by the way did you get any formula for her….if no then you'll have to get it now…she is being a good baby now but she won't stay like this for long if we don't feed her…Armaan saluted Nikki and mockingly said Yes Boss! And ran into the washroom.


When  Armaan came out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist he heard a loud wail…and then his feet just moved by themselves as he ran outside to the living room…Niki was walking around the room swaying his daughter but she continued to cry and her face was red…Armaan went towards Niki and took his baby into his arms…she continued to cry and over the wailing Armaan asked Niki almost in anger…what did you do? Why is she crying so hard?


Niki couldn't believe that Armaan was angry at her and sarcastically responded…I told her that her dad is an idiot…so she's crying at her future with a stupid daddy….

Armaan looked at Niki seriously trying to tell her just with his eyes that he meant business…Niki got the idea and then replied…she's hungry but she doesn't want to eat…Armaan was confused…I don't get it? Niki tried to explain…well I made her bottle…and don't look at me like that I checked youtube and made sure the temperature of the milk was ok and then I put the bottle near her face but she won't suck on the nipple of the bottle…its like she waiting for something more natural…if you know what I mean… Armaan looked confused yet again…and he said WHAT? Then Niki pointed towards her boobs…So why don't you give her what she wants Armaan asked matter-of-factly…Niki was getting annoyed she knew Armaan was an idiot but wasn't he also sadly for his future patients a certified doctor… Armaan do I have to remind you that only women who have actually given birth can produce milk…Armaan looked annoyed too…he just couldn't see his baby cry…she looked miserable and  at that moment he said cussed in his mind and hoped Priya would fall into a pit filled with viper…and then a idea hit him. 


He gave his baby to Niki and ran into his room…came back just as fast wearing just shorts his upper body still bear…he took the crying baby into his arms and sat down onto the sofa crossed legs…he took the bottle from Niki and brought it baby close to his chest as if to imitate breastfeeding…he looked really stupid a tattoo clad hunk feeding a child…but at that moment the only thing Armaan cared about was feeding his hungry child…his baby got comfortable in her fathers arms and began to suckle on the bottle and drank…after she was done...she yawned the crying had tired her out…she he slowly took her and placed her in her cot.


During this whole time Niki just stood there in shock…and that was when she finally realized that her best friend and become a dad…and she got the confidence that the both of them together could make this work…she had thought that because she was a woman she would get the maternal instinct naturally but she was wrong Armaan was the one would weirdly had the maternal instinct…she was brought out her thoughts when Armaan but her hand on his shoulder…he was all dressed up in a casual tee and shorts…he had his aviators in one hand and his bike keys in another…

Niki…the baby is sleeping…I think she'll probably wake up in a couple of hours…till then I'll go to the market and get her some supplies before Niki could say something he interrupted…yaar I know I have the list you made…and the print outs from the internet I will pick up some things now and some later...he flashed a beautiful smile and then left…leaving Niki standing.


This is just as must have noticed a filler chapter…in the next chapter that will be coming by Tuesday most probably…will feature Armaan at the hospital finally with all the other interns in a 2 weeks leap… thanks for the patience! Like always please comment and like.





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LoveArsh Goldie

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 4:09am | IP Logged
Amazing part dear beautifully written,aww armaan such a loving dad,waiting for shona entry,do cont soon thank for the pm :)
hangok IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 5:06am | IP Logged
Owww armaan is really trying all the fest for bis daughter...
What the Nest update will came in tuesday ???how should we wait till ???
Good idea with a leap of two weeks it will be interesting too See him at work:-)
Hope for shilpas Entry :-)
Thanks for pm
Ohh and nikki is really a true friend,loved it when he said To her what she had done To bis daughter:-)
awesome IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 5:13am | IP Logged
LiveLaughLove.. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 10:10am | IP Logged
super chappy loved itHeart
it's so sweet how armaan took care of the babyNuke
loved armaan n nikki's frndship
hope shilpa enters soonDay Dreaming
eagerly waiting for next chappy
do pm me when u updateSmile
--Rose-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2013 at 2:31pm | IP Logged
What a cutiee and Lovely ff dear:-D:-D
please plz plz PM me when you update ok:-):-)
jus loved it:-):-):-)
love Armaan<3<3<3
sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 April 2013 at 3:18am | IP Logged
lovely update dear

KaransWorld Groupbie

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 Finally a new chapter...tried to make it a little longer then usual to compensate for the time it took...I was just kinda stuck...and then I sort of organized a couple of chapters in my head and when that made some sense started writing again...anyways hope y'all enjoyed...thank you for all your comments and please continue with the feedback Smile



Chapter 4


The alarm blared and Armaan shot up from his bed like an arrow…he quickly shut it before his daughter woke up…he went to the washroom and looked in the mirror…the hot and happening Armaan Malik looked like total crap…his eyes were bloodshot red from the lack of sleep in the past 2 weeks…he didn't have the time shave…but today he actually had to be somewhere…it was his first day of work at Sanjeevani so he couldn't risk looking like a hobo…so he plugged in his razor and began to shave…then he took a quick shower…after he came out and looked in the mirror…he actually looked human again…he loved his baby but man she was stubborn like him…when she didn't want to sleep she wouldn't budge…and if she didn't want sleep then neither could her pa and Niki…before Armaan could do anything more he sweetie pie roared…and like always he ran to her…he was still in his towel but nothing mattered when his daughter cried…he slowly rocked her and patted her back…she didn't seem hungry and her diaper was clean so he slowly put her back in her crib.


In the past two weeks a lot had changed...for one was Armaan's room…there was a beautiful mahogany crib that was next to his bed…inside there was comfortable bedding…the little refrigerator in his room which used to have chilled beer…now contained baby wipes and juice. His stereo that once blasted Metallica now played soothing music to aid him in making his baby sleep…his closet had a lot more pink...his bed side table that once had an ashtray and books now had packets of diapers, bibs, pacifiers and how to books on newborns…every night as he tried to coax his baby into sleep Armaan learned new things about babies...he even learned some lullabies…even though his baritone voice wasn't made for them…his daughter seem to like it when he sang and so for her he did.


After she was back to sleep he quickly changed into jeans and plain t-shirt…he fixed his hair…sprayed on some cologne…after a long time and slowly walked outside…Niki was sitting reading a book in the lounge…as he headed towards the kitchen to grab something to eat…he was the only person who was having a hard time adjusting to this new life with a baby…were her every whim decided whether you slept or ate…but Niki never complained…she just coped like Armaan…because like him she loved the little princess who was thankfully sleeping now…she noticed him going towards the kitchen.


Good morning…you're looking better she looked at him up and down he definitely looked like the old Armaan.


Ya…I actually have to look like a normal person today… you know zombies don't work in hospitals…he said and laughed at his own joke…Niki looked at him weird…ya sure…anyways you want me to you breakfast for something…Nah he replied…I'll make it…you need to save up your energy for today because today…your all alone with little Miss. my way or the highway…he laughed and then looked serious…Hey Niki…dude I don't know how to thank you for whatever you are doing I mean I don't know I would've survived…I mean she's so little but such a handful…before he could continue she got up and hugged him…Shut up you idiot! I'm you're best friend so I don't want hear another thank you from you…understand? Armaan shook his head…he then quickly made some toast and ran out the door…he was getting late…and then he came running back because he had forgotten the most important thing…he ran to his room and kissed his daughter and then ran back out…


At the hospital…


Atul was the first to arrive…he was a average looking guy a little on the chubby side…he had a red tika on his forehead and a backpack on his back…he looked more like a school student on the first day of school rather than a new intern at Sanjeevini… he went the reception and stood their waiting…he was early like always…his father had always taught him that being early by 10 minutes would do no harm…and he followed that teaching religiously…he had wanted to become a doctor because of his parents…his father ran the family textile business…but had always wanted to become a doctor and Atul was now fulfilling his father's dream…this internship meant everything to him...he looked around the hospital…everything was so new to him…and he was so excited to be assigned his new duties on the first day…he had heard the Dr. Kirti was a hard nut…but he felt happy regardless as she was one of the best doctors of her profession and he would get a chance to interact with her…and he promised himself that he would try not to disappoint her in anyway…


As Atul stood…waiting for his other colleagues to join him…he saw the most beautiful girl in the world walk toward him…he was so surprised why was she walking towards him…she wasn't wearing a doctors coat…and she couldn't possibly be an intern…because she looked like a model…no one could look like that and be a doctor…the studying was to intense for a pretty face…he kept staring till he realized she was speaking to him.


Why are you staring at me? She said in a stern voice…have you never seen a girl before…stop it…how can you be so batmeez…hello?


He finally came out of his state of shock and spoke…almost stuttering…not only were her looks intimating but so was the way she carried herself and spoke…Sorry mam…I actually was just waiting…I'm a new intern and they called saying that today all the interns should wait at the reception until further instruction…


She looked surprised for a moment…and then she laughed a little… You're a doctor….here I mean you got chosen to be a intern and Sanjeevani…even though she was making fun of him he couldn't help but smile…her laugh was so melodious he was smitten…he blinked and tried to block her charm and said…by the way my name is Dr. Atul Joshi…he put forth his hand for her to shake…and yours mam…


She looked a little taken back…as he hadn't reacted to her insult and confusingly shook his hand…Dr. Anjali Shashank Gupta…I'm the dean's daughter she said proudly and smiled.


He smiled back…as they continued to talk a girl in a simple salwar suit was swiftly walking towards the reception desk staring at her watch…her dupatta was flying as she made her way…Di…why didn't you wait for me? You know kitna time laga rickshaw hire karne meh? She looked up with her emerald eyes at her sister that was a polar opposite of her…she looked like a simpleton where her sister looked like a model out of a magazine…Anjali turned away from her conversation with Atul to talk to her sister….Ritzi…you know na that I'm Dr. Anjali Gupta here and you're Dr. Riddhima Gupta…stop this di nonsense…here we are colleagues not siblings and anyways I couldn't be late…plus you're here before time also…so who cares.


Riddhima huffed a little…Ya ya..Dr.Gupta…anyways she walked towards Atul and introduced herself to him…he was a little surprised that she was Anjali's sister but then wasn't at the same time because she was also just as beautiful. They waited…Riddhima complained…I thought we were the ones that had been warned about punctuality…and as if on cue Dr. Kirti was in front of them…she was quite a lady…tall, quite good looking and sharp…she introduced herself…


Hello…My name is Dr. Kirti, I would like to welcome you all to Sanjeevani…because you have shown certain potential you have been chosen for this 1 year internship. I am your supervising doctor and everyday you will report to me…I will give you your duties and you will follow them. I hate tardiness and I'm not your mother or babysitter so I am not going to go looking for you if you don't answer your pager or hear an announcement. Your pagers, stethoscopes, name tags, and coats will be given to you shortly. I'm going to call your name…just say here…I won't be doing this everyday…because this isn't a school…I just want to match a face with these names…and so she called out all the names….and reached Armaan.


Dr. Armaan Malik? Do any of you know where he is? They all shook their head…alright and she continued Dr. Shilpa Malhotra? I'll assume you don't know where she is either? They shook their heads again…anyways I'll so you all the locker room and then the rest of the hospital…and then assign duties…lets go! Before they could move Riddhima…trying to be a little oversmart asked…Dr.Kirti…will these doctors be kicked out the program…while thinking to herself the fewer the people the easier the competition…and the better chances to come on top…to Riddhima…this internship meant everything…she wanted to prove her capabilities to everyone. Dr. Kirti…immediately replies sternly Dr. Riddhima I would prefer you focus on what you are doing...and she looks at all three of them and says…the same goes to all of you now lets not waste anymore time shall we…and then they all followed Dr.Kirti ready to start their new journey as doctors.

Promo (for the first time)

Armaan was stuck...why the hell did this have to happen today? Shilpa...couldn't believe she would be late...what would she do now?

Anyways please look forward to the next chapter...that will hopefully come soon!



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