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Dark sunrise ,,,, TaaRey DISCONTINUED !! (Page 12)

piyaLovesJENSEN Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
thank you guyss for supporting nd loving the concept ,, i hope i am not being a dissapointment ,,, neways ,,, i coudnt reply to some of you ,, my net is continuously betraying me ,, nd gets hanged up ,,, soo i will directly upload rather keeping you waited..

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piyaLovesJENSEN Goldie

Joined: 29 July 2012
Posts: 1983

Posted: 19 April 2013 at 3:13pm | IP Logged
sorry for being late... UnhappyHeart

"reyaansh im serious.. we r leaving india nd dts final " said in a command " nd u will be leavng with us "
" no i wont ,, i will not leave india ,, coz i love this country,, u r a coward u go nd hide ur face " said rey in his protest.
"how dare you ?? (thaaap )" acted rey's dad giving rey his final verdict.
" yes u r a coward mr. singhania.. its coz of you that my mom is no more its coz of you dt we have to flea.. ur a bloody f***** " said rey still sobbing nd holding onto his mom's pic close to his heart strongly
"W** is this how you talk to your father " glared his dad
" u r not my father.. u want to go away from here to so that u can start a new life with ur b**** ,, no1 can take my mom's place.. i will not any1 take it ,, you r my father no more ." rey gave his decision,, nd walked away...but his father held his hand ,, "if you go,,, you will never see me.. "
" i dont want to,,you r the reason my mom... "rey coudnt continue
" no i dint kill ur mom ,,,, neither am i the reason.. i just made a mistake ,, but ur mother coudnt forgive me ,, she just forgot us nd went away ,," rey's dad broke down.
"she died,, she killed herself just because u had a 1 n8 stand with some woman from the road.. i hate you dad ,, i hate you ,,," he ran away..
" no rey listen... " but he coudnt reach him ,, rey had already ran away.

"kaka ,, " rey's dad called one of the caretackers
"ji sahab "
" aaj se reyansh ki zimmedari aap par ,, uska khayal rakhna ,, main hashe aapse update leta rahoonga ,,, bus mere bete ka khayal rakhna " sobbing with folded hands 
"esa mat kijiye sahab.. reyansh baba ki hum apne jaan se bhi jyada pyaar karenge,,"
" main kabhi nahin chahta tha ye sab ho ,, mujse galti ho gayi " rey's dad justified " but main yahan nahin reh sakta.. "

he took out his purse nd gave some money in the hand ok kaka ,, took his siutcase nd left ,, he left a note for rey 

"he never came back for me ,, he never loved me ,,, he just left,, so that he could start his life again " rey was sitting in his couch with beer can in his hand.
" but rey tune aj tak wo letter nahin padha " said vicky
" you dont think i know whats in dere ??" said rey 
" but u r just judging... " vicky coudnt complete 
" oh plss shut up ,, i just dont nee another set of advice " rey pushed the table nd stood up
"ok ok chill ,, i wont chal lets talk something else " said vicky in a cheerfull tone 
"like what ?? " intrigued rey
" taani ,,,, the ..."vicky was again interupted 
"dont u dare " glared rey " dont judge some1 without knowing we hardly know her " said rey 
vicky (thinking )-- what the ... just know he did the same thing nd now he is lecturing me 
" i know what u r thinking but its not the same " said rey 
" what ... no no nothing like dt " baffled vicky
" its just that what if we cant miss her even tomorrow ,,, coz for last 1 week ,, its like we r playing hide n seek ,, i never get to see her nomatter how early i go " complained rey 
" i agree ,, man she definately changed her timings,,, but i have an idea " said vicky in excitement
"what ?? " said rey in eagerness
" see our collg ends at 3pm right ,,, lets just skip our masti time nd go directly from college ,,, " suggested vicky 
" why attend collg ,,, lets skip it too !! " an overexcited rey spoke out 
"what the ,,,, no ways ,,, i di=ont want to fail ,, my dad doesnt sends me truck bhar ke money,, either way i have to earn it someday ,, ...nd (bla bla bla) " vickey went on,,, 
"dude ,, cut the crap ,, fine we will attend collg tu apni GF se mil lena ,, nd i will have some sleep " said rey 

it had been almost 2 hours since VR (vicky rey) r waiting in their car.
they had reached GN at 3,,, nd were waiting in their car ,, outside a grocery store.. 
"its so unusual na having a grocery store in a place like dis ?? " asked vicky
" why ?? dont people live here " said rey in an irritated mood " have ur burger , nd dont irritate vicky ,, "
"re but teri taani bhi to nahin aa rahi hai " siad vicky almost pouting his face

suddenly it seemed soo nice to rey... his name being attached with her ,,, 
he dint knew nething about taani but still felt a strange connection..
he ran his fingers thru his hairs ,,, looking aside,,, a blush had managed its way to his cheeks,,,,, he had never looked so adoring before..his eyes sparkled.

vicky continued his jabbering but rey was lost in thoughts of her,,,
it was almost 5.15.. the sun was coming down and the sky was colored orange..the birds were returning to their shelter,, cool breeze was blowing.. the trees had changed their colours nd were colored in orange now,,the sky was filled with just the glow of setting sun..

just then,,, a girl,, appeared,,, form somewhere coz both vicky nd rey dint notice her recently..

"wo dekh taani wo dekh " vicky jumped as rey turned his face..
she was walking down the street to catch an auto ,, a grl in white churidaar playing with her dupaata ,, hair was opened loosely,, curls were distrbing her,, while she tried to keep them back ,,blinking continously.

rey jumped out of the car crossed the road as if wanting to kill himself "wait " he shouted 
taani's eyes shifted to the guys who was crossing the road she recognize " damn ye to wai hai ,,, i need to hurry "

taani speeded her walk.. rey rem behind her "wait wait "
"wait damnit " nd he cluched her wrist 
she felt a grip on her wrist ,, nd turned back " leave me "
"no not today " rey tightened his grip nd made her turn back completely "
she was about to crash on his chest but she managed to manage herself .

"what do you want " asked taani.
rey was not in the situation to talk,,, for the frst time he saw her ,,, her face.. her twinkling eyes ,, that were speaking more than her lips,,blinking every second,, her lips,, dint even had a hint of lipstick ,,, yet pink ,, she went on talking nd rey went on adoring her,, he lifted his hand to touch her face 
"what r you doing " suprised taani said
"shhh" rey put his finger on her lips ,, touching them feeling them
her velvety skin,, soo smooth even dews would get compitition

the rays from the sun was making her more beautifull

" hello who r you ?? " taani pushed rey apart nd bringing him back to his senses.
"what ??" blabbered rey 

" who r you ,,whyr you following me ?? what do you want ?? im not what u r thinking " siad taani almost charging 
" what ,,,, no ,,, sry ,, i mean yes ,,, i mean what ?? " stammered rey 
"xcuse me !! u r an idiot " 
Rey was soo charmed ,, he almost forgot why he was here.. he coudnt let her go
"wiat wait ... sry sry ... hi im reyaansh " he extended his hand 
" so what ?? " replied taani 
" nd ur taani !! " said rey 
" what u even know my name ,,, ?? hey listen mister ,,, dont try to act smart ,, or fool me ,,, the place where u r standing almost every1 knows me ,, 1 shout nd every1 will come to help " said taani trying to scare him
" how generous of them " said rey finding it least threatening ,,,, 
"what ?? arnt u scared ?? " asked taani
"what ??? " rey looked aroud ,,nd had a gulp in his throat "nope"
"whatever" said taani nd started walking 
 it was black all around nd the street lights were on ,, 
" so what do you do here " rey querried
" why do you want to know ?? " asked taani 
" what do always have questions to reply " siad rey 
taani coudnt controll but giggle

" damn u look more beautiful wen u smile " a latoo rey said 
" how dare you ?? " said an angry taani 
" whts ur prob ,, dont u like people praising you " rey answewred irritatingly
" no "..nd she started walking on the road amidst the traffic

" wait taani wait " shouted rey but taani did'nt... just then rey notioced a car speeding upto taani ,,, 
" taani " he shouted ,,,, nd pulled her hand ,,,, she car sped away ,, but she came crashing to his chest,,, they hit the wall of a closed shoped ,,,, she was till closing her eyes ,, squeezings reys jacket with both her hands,,,, rey was holding her wrist tight enough to leave a mark afrwards ,,, nd his other hand had snaked around taanis waist... they both were squeezed into each other,,,

suddenly it started raining heavily... 
" gosh this rain ,,,, so disturbing " rey said ,,, 
he could feel taanis breath over his chest,, he cupped his face nd lifted it upward to face him " r u ok " ... tear drops were rolling from her eyes...
" hey dont cry its ok.. its okk ,, u r safe " sair rey to the sobbing taani ,,, she coudnt controll but hugged him...

rey was taken aback,,,, he di'nt knew how to respond but he too wanted to hug her ,,, so he slowly snaked around her back... both were squeezing each other ,, the rain had made the atmosphere cold,, nd the hugg was keepig them warm ,,, 

suddenly taani lifted her face realizing what she had done ,, hugged a total stranger,,,, she was guilty,,, she moved back,,, looke at him ,,, took her bag from the ground "

rey was puzzled "what happened "

taani did'nt speak a word,,, nd just hire an auto nd went away 

rey kept on calling but invain,,, 

depressed rey was moving back to his car ,,, wen he saw a lady ,, searching for some1 ,,, " re tumne taani ko dekha hai kya ??" 
rey said " nahin " he did'nt want to answer " kyun " 

" re usne peesen to liye hi nahin ,,,, usne apne peese yehi chod diya ... " answered the lady 

rey suddenly realized ,,, he was in GN ,,, nd taani had forgotten to take her daily pay today... 

he stood astill,,, coudnt move ,,,, he had no idea how to react ,,, 

gosh ,,, finallu updated ,,, have fun ,,,, nd if u get bored ,,, fir bhi do comment ,,TongueTongue,,,,, byeee ,,, nd plsss bear with the typo errors 

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Roshuluvtaarey Groupbie

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 7:30pm | IP Logged
Res.   yes yes I am the 1st one to comment bt I am angry with u.U didn't pm me Confused Confused
Bt it's ok lekin nxt time don't u dare forget me to pm
And abt the update it was awesome
Aww Rey he has a really bad Past
And TaaRey finally met yipeee
Bt is taani a prostitute or Wat?????????????????????????????

Edited by Roshuluvtaarey - 19 April 2013 at 7:44pm

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sonakshigupta Goldie

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 8:46pm | IP Logged
Awesum awesum update...i wonder wat taanis job is..plz update soon :)

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Sandytaarey Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 8:50pm | IP Logged
tu babut badi wali hai re abhi bhi taani ka profession nhi btya but rey ko jaror yakin dila diya ki tani ,,,,,,,,,,,, hai kitni achi updt jaa rhi thi END ME BOMB PHOD DIYA URGHHH

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attraction Senior Member

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Posted: 19 April 2013 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
vthout makin me mre confuse plzzz tell off wats tanni's job...
ad plzzz pm me...

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Lavender_Luna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 April 2013 at 12:14am | IP Logged
ossom yaar!!! very nice!Smile
i mean... the hug stole the story today!Day Dreaming
pls yaar... rey ko jaldi se acche bacche banaa do!!LOL
nd wat is taani's work there exactly?Confused
pls update soon

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tamanna-azaan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 April 2013 at 12:16am | IP Logged
awsum update...Clap
i like the lattu rey...LOL
update soon...Smile

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