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Originally posted by snowdream

she promised to give book 2 if good results are upBig smile

yea if result are good then a book two

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Originally posted by MAHI1198

awww will miss this story
but no problem as long as it has happy end!!!

thank you
trouble wid net
will take a buit more timee
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chapter 15

There was another draught rattles the window latch . a look of sorrow falls , like an evening shadow across the manyata 's lovely face she had been frozen here but her heart was still kept warm with the love in it , by the love of udayveer as she saw the evil one chanting spells and slowly her powers were being taken out of her body as scattered around the room in all colourfull rays which all are going and settling down in the big black bowl in fire she feels herself going weak every passing seconds she wants to move and stop all this but the spell is too powerfull as she stood there with tears in her eyes

The party is in full swing and all the guest are dancing and singing with joy , as soni looks around for manyata and suddenly uday gaze falls on the throne manyata had been missing for a long time , his blood boils inside as anger evolves and he finally grabs soni hands piercing into her eyes and ask

UDAY:manyata kahaa hai[ where is manyata?]

SONI:mujei nahi paata jijusa meii bhii useeii hii dunrahi thi [ I do not know uday even I was searching for her only]

He twist her hands and mutter spells on her , she finds it hard to breath as she someone a signature smirk plastered to her face as he ask

UDAY:app abhii nahi bataoogi ki manyata kahaa hai huh rajkumari karishma

Her face turned pale and she was rooted to the ground but for now she needed to save her life as she finally with an evil grin said

SONI:you really think you can save her she is with mom and now nothing can be done she is destined to die

The last sentence hit him really hard , a fear crept in his mind as she continued

SONI:mom will get the fire power at any cost

UDAY:so it is true that princess has the fire power she is the queen of devgarh she is charmlet *[ a fictional term meaning queen of world the most powerful magician ]

SONI:and soon mom gonna take it all and make me the queen of ths kingdom

He loosen his grip and pushed her away as her body crumbled down on the floor and he raced upstairs while soni followed him finally he reached the place , where the evil was practicing its power  , the bedroom of maharani komal as he flung it open as he stepped in the whole atmosphere changed he found himself in a snow covered mountain with dense forest he turned back to see both soni and the door was vanished no wonders she had gone to inform her mom as he looked front infront of him was a far away streak of light and two ways both were leading to the light , he looked confushed he did not know which one he must choose one let to left side and the other to the right side both were equally the same it was so hard to differentiate but suddenly his mind rang an alarm a flash of past which was long lost into his thoughts came to his mind , a memory which was scattered and as he muttered a spell and there the ground tore up and led to an underground staircase he started to walk down the stairs that lead to hell , it was dark and all broken but finally he managed to go down he watched the evil performing its spell as he screamed to her

UDAY:stop there

The evil power turned and smiled it was none than the queen of devgarh maharani komal as she smiled and said

KOMAL:god you have not changed even a bit you are still the same old stubborn prince 

His blood boiled as his eyes meets his princess she stood there frozen with cold and there was a glint of sorrows as he tried to move to her he found himself rooted on the ground he glared angrily at komal and screamed

UDAY:I know your plan so it is better if you surrender or I will kill your daughter

Saying this he got caught hold of soni neck and twisted his hands as hard as he could and she struggled and screamed to set her free as uday continued

UDAY;you won't like your daughter dead would you ?

KOMAL:do as it suits I do not care

He twisted his hands harder but komal was left non effected as he saw soni struggling he could not do this , he knew taking away soni life was not right as she was just a puppet in her hand and he left her as komal headed to him and said with her sword resting on his neck

KOMAL:now tell good bye to the world princey

As she tried to stroke her hands on his neck as fireball hit her hands hard as she heard an powerfull  voice form behind it was manyata

MANYATA:don't you dare raise arms on my husband and believe me maharani komal it is not a good idea to mess with a charmlet

She turned and was frozen to ground as she muttered in a low voice'

KOMAL:but ……but how did you manage too break my spell

MANYATA:to every evil spell jealously makes it stronger and love weaker I was unlucky to fall into your trap and get jealous of my ownself but now as I saw uday my frozen heart was melted by his love and so I broke your spell

As she said this all the colourful ray from the bowl came back to her body as she smiled and asked komal

MANYATA:so mom what would you preffer a dead from water , wind or fire

At this uday felt his legs free as he pulled manyata for the tightest embrace and gave scornful look to komal and asked

UDAY:I think princess we should give your mom a chance to explain herself

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chapter 16

MANYATA:I think you are right so mom open up your mouth you owe an explanation

Komal looked at them with firey eyes and screamed

KOMAL:because I wanted to be the charmlet but what did mom do she gave the powers to you why it was me I deserved it not you

MANYATA:no ma even dadisabh knew about your motives so she handed me the power and so you planned to kill me as soon as I was born but unluckily dad found your spell and so you killed him too

KOMAL :YES I did I still remember ,your father longed for a child always he was for family foolish man but I never let his dreams come true as I knew if we had no heir than only I will be the charmlet as according to the fortune teller only someone from the third generation will have the power but finally after three years of uday birth you was born that fortune teller came again and announced that you was a miracle child and you both were born by destiny no one could separate you both and even said you deserved the power so my mom happily donated all the magic powers to you I had planned revenge from that very day and your dad found it just a week after your birth so I killed him poor he his powers were too weak infront of min after that I needed to find a person who could adjust in the outer world to and finally I found it was bridgraaj so I tricked him into my love and he foolishly believed he got married to me but my mom banished us but that was what I wanted after five years of our happily married life that is what he supposed I gave birth to twins boy and girl it was arvind and karishma but right after that I send karishma away and did not let anybody know about her finally the day came your marriage I knew once you are married the dream of my throne will be scattered so I send for bridgraaj to kill you , poor person he was forced to do as if he rejected I would kill arvind so he kidnapped you and brought you here than first I erased your memory and then asked bridgraaj to poison you

MANYATA:but baba did not do so instead to save my life he took me and arvind to the real world and there you send him the letter and warned him too and then you send karishma as soni to give information about me and she did as you asked her to do I considered her as my bestest friend while the whole  time she tricked me to get the throne isn't that right soni

SONI:yes I  did so and what is wrong in it every body want frame and power so did i

MANYATA:but you forgot you are a commoner and you can never get the magical power as those are only for PRINCESS

UDAY:But maharani komal forgot a piece that rajwade toh hum bhi hai [ even I am royal ] the very first day I found about soni as I sneeked and got a letter she wrote to you but I pretended the whole time I knew you used the jealously spell on princess even this morning I purposely acted cold and left her just to reach to you all your plan was back fired

MANYATA:what why did 't you said me and what is this spell

KOMAL:relax my child to this spell whenever you are jelous you get hypnotized and do exactly what the other person infront of you wants

At this manyata recalled all the personal moments she spend with uday and that means he knew it and made her do all those just for his personal pleasure she was fired at his but currently she had other bigger things to do as she looked at the mother –daughter duo and said firmly as uday continued

UDAY:but you all forgot that day after marriage i was wondering around the palace and I knew my princess loved her mother room so I sneeked here and found myself in jungle as after her kidnapped no one entered this room and so you all turned into jungle and finally I got trapped into this two roads which were just illusion and then I saw you all come out but unluckily I was caught and you all erased my memory but now end of all your plans

MANYATA:But now you say a good bye to this and surrender yourself

KOMAL:I will just after a small game

Saying this she  caught soni and said

KOMAL:either you do as I say or get her killed

SONI;mom how can you do that to me

KOMAL:oh shut up I never considered you as my daughter as the only thing I did was used you and now you are worthless to me

MANYATA:now you see what happens when you support the evil leave her I will do as you say


KOMAL:what are sister ok I left now tell your little go out of the room now

MANYATA:uday  go out now

Uday grabbed her upper arms piercing into her eyes with anger and said

UDAY:no princess why are you giving your life for this betrayer

MANYATA:even you was willing to give up your life before something for her na it does not matter who the person might be infront of us but as a human it is our responsibility to preserve all lifes and to value them the true magic is felt only then isn't that so now go uday I am asking you to leave me please okk

He pulled her for the longest and warmest hug as she wiped his tears off and kissed his cheeks as he separated himself and there hands tore apart both of them left and now the room had only komal , manyata and karishma was there as komal handed karsihma a sword and said

KOMAL:go and cut her heads off her and finally when she is dead I will take all her powers one by one

KARISHMA:but she saved my life

KOMAL:I am your mom and remember a mother is always right now come on go

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chapter 17

Karihma looked at manyata and headed towards her as a lone tears escapes her eyes and she she reaches a few inches away and says with a smile

KARISHMA:I love you jiji I am sorry manyata

Saying this she turned towards komal to attack her but komal is far to fast and attacks karishma with a magic spell as she lay down on the floor with the pool of blood taking her last heavy breath as she knelled down to her and took her head in her lap and cried

KARISHMA:no matter what promise me something manyata

MANYATA:any thing dear

KARISHMA:You will always remember me as our friend soni not this betrayal sister karishma

MANYATA:no I too love my small sister who sacrificed her life for me
KARISHMA:bye manyata always stay happy uday will really take care of you goodbye your highness charmlet

Saying this she closed her eyes as manyata looked upwards and saw komal was ready to stroke her with the sword she had to less time to react as the sword fell on her head but did not hit it as there she fell on her back with fire catching up her body as she struggled the fire engulped her body she turned back it was she herself dressed in olden dress she was shocked and just went and touched her clone as it spoke

NISHI:I know you must be wondering who am I well I am princess nishiganda the first chramlet of devgarh royals since the day I died I searched for someone I could hand this powers someone who would preserve it like I do and always think of other welfare before her like wise love will break all the spells and finally I found you do you know where the real magic lies

MANYATA:I do in the embrace of your soul mate

NISHI:so here I came to save you now I finally can go into salvation my responsibilities are yours now and I have also come to tell you that your daughter will be one of a kind a jewel in thousand I will be reborn as your daughter and with all powers of nature the five powers to go to the real world and destroy the evil in kaliyug

MANYATA:five powers but what are those? I am aware of only three

NISHI:do not worry my charmlet all question have an answer and you will get all those and so will your daughter but till then keep it as a secret

Saying this she banished into the thin air and manyata found herself in middle of the burning fire she needed to get out or she would end up burning herself but due to so much of heat she could not get water from anywhere as she saw the fire running towards her but suddenly she found herself in uday embrace out of the room she looked up yes he came and saved her as she asked him

MANYATA:why did you come uday?

UDAY:because you said me that even when a day comes when you say me to leave I should be with you so I had to come after all I promised you

She buried her face in his embrace for a long time , war was over evil was destroyed  and finally peace prevailed as she looked upwards at him and asked

MANYATA:you are quoting me from our first night after marriage

UDAY:yes princess

MANYATA:ok and don't think you can get away from this as I am still mad at you I mean how can you make me do all those things and…

UDAY:oh come on princess we are again going to remarry and on that night I will do what ever you say

He concluded with his evil smirk as she playfully hit on chest and then placed her head on his heart because that is where true magic begins in the embrace of your beloved

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chapter 18

After a year

There light clouds spread, heaping up spun cotton , in the blue sky floats a multitude of clouds , an orange sun brightening the entire devgarh kingdom as the royal bedroom of the king and queen is lighted up with joy  a myriad scenes , through real ,yet fantastic a couple locked in love as uday traces his figure down her cheek and on her fat rounded tummy carring a part of him and she peacefully sleeping as he whisper into her years

UDAY:I love you princess

As she turned towards him , her beautiful eyes opened as she kisses his left cheek and said

MANYATA:I love you too

After a long passionate lip lock and a long silence finally manyata spoke

MANYATA:so many things have changed in this year na

UDAY:yea never did think my life would be so happy

MANYATA:we are so complete baba , chikki and arvind every body is here

UDAY:we are now the king and queen

MANYATA:happiness is back to out country and even people are all happy

UDAY:Our little member is just gonna come any time[*she is in her nineth month]

MANYATA:you are right I cannot wait any more now

UDAY;neither can I ok princess get ready today is the day when the sun and moon distributes it power to the charmlet any good things like marriage or any child birth is very luckily the child is blessed with five angles of nature

MANYATA:woa uday you are an encyclopedia

UDAY:princess dadisabh told me all these and last year this day you fought the devil remember

MANYATA :yea I do now leave me I need to go na

UDAY:awn so fast no fair ek kiss toh dedoo[ give a kiss na atleast]

MANYATA:koi kiss nahi milegaa ek bajee kee papa bannnei wallei hoii aur abhii takk khud tum ekk bachei ke taraa behave kar rahe hoii [ you are gonna be the father of a child and still now you are behaving like a child ]

UDAY:awn papa is angry

MANYATA:let papa be angry but mumma needs to get ready abh haat parei [ now go]

Saying this she pushed him aside as she rushed to the washroom he did go back of her but she was far to fast and slamed the door on his face as feeling helpless he got into a blue serwani and headed down every thing was settled nicely with flowers and all arrangement of the puja was done as he was exchanging a word with guru aritra as all suddenly his mouth was seeled and his angle appeared in a pink salwar , with wet hair and golden shoes


he was dumbstruck at her beauty as a natural smirk plastered his face , she stepped down but luck wanted to play games as her legs tripped and she fell off the steps rolling down she fell down uday rushed to her sight as he screamed for help , she yelled out of pain and his eyes filled with tears finally vyad ji[doctor came] took her to room and said uday

VYADJI:yuvraajsa we need to do her delivery right now but by her condition I am sure we will not be able to save the baby please forgive us

UDAY:I do not care save my princess that its please

As he pleaded with foolded hands , vyadji understood her state of mind and went inside the room as uday sat there helplessly , he cried his heart out and crushed himself for being so careless and losing there first child nothing helped neither bridgraaj consoulation nor chikii –arvind words as he heard manyata screamed in pain and finally a little cry of a girl everybody was rooted to the ground dumbstuck of what had just happened as the vyadji came out and said equally shocked

VJADJI:yuvraajsa both mother and child are safe congratualation it's a girl

UDAY:can I meet her

VYADJI:yes sure

As he raced inside and there manyata sat with the little angle on her laps peacefully sleeping as he came and looked at his daughter , she was wrapped in a pink towel

and she looked so cute as he touched her soft floppy red nose to which she frowned and he looked at manyata kissing her forehead and said

UDAY:I thought I will loose her

MANYATA : don't forget uday she is born today she is blessed by the five fairies

UDAY:you are right she is a miracle girl

MANYATA:or maybe this is the way she wanted to be born

She concluded with a smirk as the little angle opened her eyes as uday looked at her with disbelief and murmured


MANYATA:I know she has the same brown eyes as yours

UDAY:and the same pink lips like yours so what shall we name her

MANYATA :nishi maya veer singh

UDAY:good name the first name sounds familiar cannot recall where I heard

MANYATA:oii encyclopedia take a break we will call her maya and so will the rest of the world till she wants can value her name ok baby

UDAY;she is so sweet

MANYATA;Yes she is so cute indeed

Saying this they hugged each other as the little angle felt suffocated and knifed to struggled her parents realizing it got separated and said kissing her

"we love you our little angle our maya"

                              the end                                                    

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update kahan hai anni

dikh nahi raha

pm mili hai

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