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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:24am | IP Logged
awesome update deary..
oh my manyata calling Uday rapist???
eagerly waiting fr next

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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

Firstly i would like to apologize for taking this long to read this story...But now i regret for not reading it this long ..It was an awesome concept and loved every chapter...I loved the way they met, the first prologue, and the magic..The way it happens..n this evil witch is very creepy...The last chapter was very hot Anni and i enjoyed it thouroughly, but yes, I knew it that it was definitely not Manyata, when u expressed that jelousy made the evil smile, n Manyata's eyes became golden, or fireballs, something like that...But this was sad..Poor Uday, wanted to have a memorable night with Manyata but he had with the evil queenCry..the enitre night it was someone else n not Manyata n she didn't know anything about it...

Next chapter would be definitely interesting...Would love to see how Uday convinces her that he didn't rape herConfused..n how she takes the shock that she was compelled by the darknessConfused

it is okay no probs
thank you so much
you never know it can be a wizard too
no jiji it is manyata but she was hypnotised
the girl he made love to was manyata just hypnnotised
hhahaha that will be hard
as i do not update this ss on sat sun
we have to wait a day more

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 June 2013 at 4:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MAHI1198

awesome update deary..
oh my manyata calling Uday rapist???
eagerly waiting fr next

thank you
she was hypnotised
and does not remember anything
thank you
_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 15 June 2013 at 12:07am | IP Logged

Edited by annabh - 15 June 2013 at 1:48am

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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chapter 14

 The dawn had broken the night a long time ago , the sun scattered it light all over the place , the birds crippled in the sky , the leaves were dancing to it tune and the valley gliterred in the morning ray , the dew drops melted into water and the corn fields glowed liked gold while the sun flower followed it heads towards the sun , it was the most beautiful sight of nature as a ray of sun prickled uday eyes forcing him to open his eyes , it was the best sleep he ever had as he opened his eyes but found an empty bed beside him , then he carefully scanned the room she was no where on the bed fear of losing her all over again crept in his mind as he sat p on the bed to find her on the floor wrapped in a thin shit of blanket and her face covered in her palms , uday smiled to himself flashes of the last night came into his minds as a smile appeared on his face and he headed towards her , hearing his foot steps she was conscious she stood up and started  to move back the chase stopped when she found no escape and was pinned to the fall as he moved his hands caressing her face , the rays of sun fell on her face as it glowed like a piece of gold , her eyes had pearls in them and and her nose was red , her lips all swelled up as he said huskily

UDAY:in the morning you even look more tempting princess

She looked up at him , her questions were already answered and she came to the conclusion that uday used his magical powers and drugged her to sleep and then he forced himself on her because maybe he had a hint that she would not accept physical union so fast it had broken her heart and she had been crying since then but he failed to notice her sorrows he was happy that finally he got his love  and moved his face closer to kiss her sot lips he was minimizing the distance as their lips was about to meet he was brutally pushed by her , she woke the anger in him as his eyes was filled with anger this action of hers irritated and frustrated him , she tried to move away but only to find herself pinned back by him as he tried to kiss her again but  could not as she pushed him away again , now he was fierce an anger to dangerous as this time he got hold of her chin and pulled it towards his lips and but as his lips touched hers , his anger vanished in the thin air , her lisp tasted so good , and so soft but he could understand that she was not kissing back this frustrated him as he tore away his lips and tighten his grip on her arms piecing his nails into her his arms and said

UDAY:what is wrong with you princess ? why are you behaving like this?

This was enough he was answerable to him , even being known to his anger she dared to provoke him and said

MANYATA:uday how could you do that to me I thought you loved me

UDAY: what are you talking about manyata ?

This was the first time he addressed her in her real name she could sence that it was going for the worse as she gathered her corage and said

MANYATA:last night you used your magic to make me uncouncious and then you forced yourself on me

He looked at her , his face was expressionless as he smirked and said

UDAY:are you kidding me manyata because it is a very bad joke

He got it was just that she was playing pranks on him as his hands travelled down to her waist caressing it , but she hoved it away and screamed at him

MANYATA:don't you dare touch me you rapist

UDAY:princess whats wrong with you

MANYATA: it is you , I loved you but you now I know why you wanted a secret marriage because you just wanted to claim my body I do not remember my past but I am sure even in past you tried to force yourself on me , is this your love only till bed I can't believe I liked such a jerk like you

He had enough of his insults she accused him for a mistake he never did as he cut her words and took her hands and placed it on his chest where she left her love bite and asked looking into her eyes

UDAY:then explain this to me manyata udayveer singh who did this

She looked at it and then back at him and scornfully replied

MANYATA: I dunno maybe another girl you was spending your night

His patience reached its extreme since then he was controlling his nager but now no more she dared to question on his love and his anger outburst and there his hands flung on her cheek as she lost her balance and fell down on the floor crumbled as he said with tears of pain in his eyes

UDAY:I am you god dam husband talk to me with respect

Saying this she looked up at him as he got into his clothes and walked away leaving her all broken and scattered he saw her disappearing for a long time she sat there crying , at her mis fortune she just got a little happiness which was  replaced by sorrows finally in the mid afternoon she realized that it is time she must be back at the palace as she needed to be present for the mehendi ceremony she opened the wardrobe there was  many dresses kept as she choose a pale yellow anakali she tugged her magalsutra deep inside her dress so that no one could see and applied the sindoor in middle of her head so that it is hidden from all , after a long walk she finally reached the palace it was like a new wedded bride , flowers and light hung from it wall as she rushed to her room before somebody could see her it was evening time she got refreshed and got into her green netted sari which was a special sari choose by uday for her mehendi ceremony  her hair was tied into an elegant bun decorated by jasmine flowers and a beautiful diamond locket admired her neck she looked into her reflection and suddeny her eyes travelled down wards to her neck a red love bite settled peacefully on her neck as her mid ran puzzles

MANYATA:why can't I remember anything? What happened in that floor ?after that why am I behaving so weirdly ? I know uday cannot do this there must be something else and to find that out I need to go back to the corridor

Her thoughts were disturbed as soni came and took her down there the hall was decorated in pink and white shades , with flowers , lights and candles all over the place and then she was seated as the lady started to apply heena on her hands but her eyes searched for uday she needed to tell her everything but where today all the people of devgarh and jaigarh was gathered as the crowd was of hundred it was hard but finally she spotted him there he was admist in the crowd standing all alone in a corner gazing at her , she could sence that he was still angry as she passed a sweet smile but he did not reply instead continued to glare at her angrily indeed he was still boiling with anger the way she behaved in the  morning still hurt him a lot as the old lady asked

OLD LADY:rajkumarisa apkeeh hatoo mei kya naam likhhu [what name to write in your hands]

She looked at the lady and with a warm smile she replied


The lady did the henna decoration was so beautiful she looked at uday with pledding eyes but his heart remained cold this was noticed by soni as she asked her

SONI:manyata tere aur jijusa keh bich chall kya raha hai [ manyata what is going on between you and jijusa]

MANYATA:kuch nahi bassh yuhii [nothing ]

SONI:bakwas na kaar bachpaan sei mei terii dost huii tui nahi bolegii toh mei samjungii nahi kyaa tui donno mei jagraa huaa kya [ don't lie to me you think if you don't say I won't come to know tell me na did you both fight ]

Manyata nodded her head in a yes as soni looked at her and said

SONI:areei ajj teri mehendi hai aur kuch din badh etrri sadhhi kyuii jagra karti hai paar waiseei bhi jagaraa karnee sei pyaar bartaa hai paar hua kyaa jijusa nei koi aur rajkumari ke bare mei kehe kar tujei naraaz kar dia kyaa [ today ' your mehendi and after some day your marriage so don't fight but it ok the more you fight the more you fall in love but what did jijusa do did he take some other rajkumari name ]

Her words struck manyata as she smiled at soni and said

MANYATA:thank you

She got herself excused and hurridly went up the stairs  , all her puzzle was answered if love was to break all the smell then things like jealously was to power to the evil one it was not uday but someone was using me as the times I thought and got jealous I lost control over myself concluding she made her way to the corridor the same place where the mystery would unwrap itself  this was noticed by the evil one too , she ran up the stair and finally reached the corridor she went to the same painting and with all her force got it off the wall as accepted there was a secret chamber she went inside and it lead to a huge room as she saw picture hanging flashes of past came running in her mind all her memories with her dadisabh , her mom , her uday was now crystal clear in her memory as I voice broke into her thought

"Finally you are here"

She turned back her legs rooted to the ground as tear swelled in her eyes , and her body shivering in the coldness of the room , manyata ran out of words her brain and mind went numb as the ony thing she muttered

MANYATA:I love you

But it was too late as the evil threw the spell and froze her , she was there like a statue as the evil one got  neared her and said

EVIL;you will be frozen here forever and ever while I rule this magical land

done with this chappy

please hit the like button

no res box please



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Wow gr8 update anii... Bt promo scary

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Hey shona the update was fab...






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