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Aww... anni it was superb luved it...

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Originally posted by MAHI1198

awesome chapter...
loved it loads anni...
Uday is just sooo sweet...
I madly in love wid this
magical prince hehehhehhehhe sorry manyata...
yes now the evil power won't separate them
I guess...
awesome beautifully written...
update soon...
and I didn't get pm this time :( :(
koi bat nai but plz pm me next time
I don't want to miss any chapter of this story...
rather I don't wanna miss any part of ur any story dear...
update soon and do pm me

thank you so much
so am i
do not worry manyta wnt mind
and if she does i will kill her
but i did pm you
thank you

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Originally posted by ...navina...

Great update Anni ,
wedding was so romantic and beautifulEmbarrassed.
Excited about the precapWink!!!
Do continue soon ,
...  thanx 4 the PMSmile.

thank you
awnn but second one will be better
heheh  so am i

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Originally posted by htgcute

Aww... anni it was superb luved it...

thank you

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Originally posted by fireroad99


nothing much happpend
just they came back to devgrah
sorry lips sealed about the promoWink
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for 18+
no res post or update wnt be posted

Chapter 13

The jungle was silent , as the moon light made holes in some of the dense trees and made its way , only the frequent cry of cicada was heard and the leaves danced to the beautiful tune of the cold harsh winds and saffal made its way in the jungle and now manyata was sitting behind and with every jerk she cluched tighter to uday waist but her eyes were closed and she was into a deep sleep as suddenly she felt no moment and opened her eyes to find themselves paused and yes he had stopped the horse as she looked at him questioning but he did not answer instead he got down and took her in his arms she struggled for a bit but it was impossible to get out of her husband strong grip and helpless asked

MANYATA:uday why did we stop and where are you taking me?

He looked at her and with a smile he said

UDAY: princess I am taking you to a place where I can make you mine

Manyata understood the meaning of his words and buried her crimson read face in his chest , as he stopped in front of a ragged old burned hut , but as they entered it turn into a beautiful big mansion as he headed to the room and placed her down on the bed and knelled beside her locking his hands with hers and said

UDAY:this was the same place were we used to date our secret palace and each time we came the only thing I could think of spending our first night of marriage here to unite here as it handles a lot of memory but the day I lost you I abandoned it forever

There was a tear as manyata wipped it with her tiny hands and said

MANYATA:do notworry I am here now and I will always be with you

At this she found he unlocked his hands and moved towards the wardrobe and suddenly handed her a packet and without another word ordered her to go and change she faithfully followed his orders and went inside the washroom and opened the packet and there it was a ligerie


She examined the lingerie , at the very thought of going in front of uday like this made her blush furiously , suddenly her body temperature rose even in the cold harsh winds she sweated , as she looked at herself infront of the long length mirrow in the bathroom and smiled to herself and said

MANYATA:I cannot believe this is actually happening I mean so fast I do love uday and am willing to give myself but I am so nave to all this and how can I wear this I mean it covers nothing at all no I cannot wear it no no

She knelled down and started to cry as she mumered

MANYATA:no I cannot disappoint uday he is my husband and he ahs all rights to see me like this and I really do not mind that but but what if he does not like em I mean he must have meet other girls too having a better figure especially the girl in that picture

The jealous sparked the power as then a smirk plastered to her face she got and looked at the mirrow and said with a smirk

MANYATA:be ready hubby today gonna be the most wildest night of your life

There was an unknown spark in her eyes and a glint of evilness her mind was not controlled , here uday waited in the room , he decorated in the room with candles and there he stood with just a towel round his waist , today he was going to make her his  forever as he smiled and said

UDAY:I love you princess

As the last word escaped from his mouth the bathroom door opened and he looked with his mouth open a lump was struck on his throat , he could already feel the temperature rising and he was covered with sweat , he was loosing control over his hormones as he saw her standing there titing her hand on the bathroom door with the ligeria and she was right it covered nothing at all every thing was so transparent and her milky skin glowed in the red colour and her wet hair tempted him more , the room was filled with her aroma as uday advanced his steps towards her


He wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her close to him chocking the breath out of her and manyata wrapped her hands around his neck , as he whispered huskily in her ears

UDAY:today I am going to teach you the magic of making  love

As she gave her smile and then did started the battle it started as he looked at her beautiful face and kissed each parts of it ,at first her eyes , then her little red nose and finally settling down on her lips , he widly ran his tongue and exposed each corner of her mouth and even she battled his tongue with her own she explored his mouth they tasted each corner of each other and breath through each other , but it was not enough to satify his lust as he got the taste of her saliva he was driven insane he went sucking, nibbling and bitting her lips as she encouraged him with her soft yet powerful mours , her hands went caressing his hair , as slowly his attention moved to the white soft neck as he placed trails of wet kisses and his tongue ran wildly all over her neck and then to get a better assest her caught the back of her hair and lifted her heads upwards , he pierced his razer sharp teeth on her soft neck and she mourned in pain , he left no place white her skin tunred red and at part it was bluish he let go of her and looked at her neck it was filled with his love bites as he gave  a proud smile and asked in a heavy voice

UDAY:shall we go to the bed princess

She smiled and nodded her head in a yes as he took her in his strong muscular arms and placed her on the bed and softly crawled over her body , now his weight was completely on hers as she flung her hands on both side of the bed and he slowly yet firmly moved his hands and untie the ribbons and then she lifted her body upwards as he took off the lingerie completely she laid completely nude beneath him , this was the best sight of nature , her body so white and it glowed in the moonlight , her curves so perfect , her female assest so perfect and so pure , he was proud being the first to touch this nature beauty for the first time as she too took the initiative and unwrapped the towel from his waist and she was almost taken back , he looked like an greek god and his abbs so perfect he at first softly caressed her beautifully  round white boobs but at the very touch her nipples erected giving wings to his lust , he captured her lips with his as his hands rested on her boobs and squashed them and she  mourned in his mouth and then he played with her hard pink nipples , he pinched it and twisted it , her morns turned him more as he tore his lips and started sucking her boobs and leaving love bites and her morns made him all wild he sucked her left boob with and at the same time he squashed her right boob with his hands , manyata  nails pierced into his back as she mourned in the pelasuarable pain after getting both sore and reddened his attention moved towards her beautifully curvy waist


He placed love bytes on her waist while she twisted and turne don the bed , and finally he crawled down and there was her famine , his best part of her body at first he rubbed his manhood roughly to which she fell all weak and inxocinated to some drug and then he entered her through his tongue he explored each part of her famine through his tougue and then he placed love bites , finally after done with his small tricks he decided to unite and he crawled up to her as whispered in her ears heavily

UDAY:are you ready for it princess

She gave a weak smile as uday finally entered her , his long thick manhood penetrated through her feminine entrance which was completely wet by now , he pushed his organs into hers but the layer was rigid so he took it out and entered her with another jerk , while she mourned   in pain

MANYATA:ahhh  u'd'a'.y

and he started to thrust in and out her , he was encouraged by her mourns and finally he made it he could feel the rigid layer tearing and letting him in as , she gave the loudest mourn which was suppressed by his kiss , she could feel him inside and he laid on her , a lone pair of tear escaped her eyes as he sucked it  , but it was not yet over the night was long and they still had a lot more to do , manyata laid and screamed in pain as she found him jerking out of her , she looked at him questioning which was answered by his signature smirk he placed himself above her waist and pushed his manhood into her famine area and started to jerk in and out of her while she threw her head back in pain and clunched ot the bed sheet , the bed shook in such rapid moment and she felt her breast been crushed by his hands , he sped inside and out of her while she breathed  and the only thing she could do was scream in pain as she said

MANYATA:uday ahhh please I am tried uday ahhh

UDAY:fine princess

Saying this after a long thrust he got him out of her and laid beside her caressing her bare back as he whispered in her ears

UDAY:so how was it princess

MANYATA:is it over already

UDAY:do you have any more  plans


She completed with a smirk as she winked at him


As she crawled on top his body , now he was beneath him and she kissed his neck   and gave love bites all over his neck , then her hands caressed his perfectly abs as her hands played with his male nipple ,  and then she crawled down and took his pe*i* inot her hands and sucked it as the organs travelled down her throat , and then after filling her up with his lust she looked laid beside his chest and laid her head as he hugged her and caressed face which was by now covered with sweat as he saw her eyes all teary and he asked

UDAY:what happened princess?

MANYATA:uday will you still be with me even when a time comes when I say you to leave me

UDAY:yes I will never leave you

MANYATA:then I think I can risk this

Before he could react she turned around and now she was facing him backwards as she ordered him

MANYATA:fill me

UDAY:looks like this night is going to really be long

And without another word he jerked  his pe*i* into her ass , as he sped up thrusting and she screamed in pain and after a long thrust he finally separated they laid aside all tried as he looked at her face and asked

UDAY: Are you sleepy


UDAY:because I want to fill my princess all over gain

MANYATA:in the same way


She smiled as he crawled upto her body and locked his lips around her as his hands travelled down and his index figure entered her vi*gin*  he  pushed his figure into her ,pulling it in and out , as she screamed in pain and finally he took his figure out and entered her through his manhood and thrusted in and out , admist in each other finally they climaxed as uday laid hugging his wife as she curdled in his arms  ,soon dawn crept in as the first ray of light hit her eyes she opened it ony to find herself naked in his arms to which her brain could find no explanation as she mummered to herself

MANYATA:how did I come here I was in the washroom na

done with this chappy

do hit the like button

sorry for my mistakes

no res box or ss discontinued

if any member finds it offensive please tell me


MANYATA:don't you dare touch me you rapist

UDAY:princess whats wrong with you

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