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Royalty was felt in every part of Devgarh ,it was the most powerful kingdom of its time,the kingdom was filled with wealth and culture ,it was named golden bird of Ghotaru a magical land  ,and the royals ,the king and queen were the main attraction of this place ,the kings were brave rajpoot fighter who posses magical powers  and the queens were pearl of nature ,no king could ever dare to even think of fighting them ,there power had no match ,only the royal blood  had magical power as to such that they could even turn a dead flower into bird there was only one kingdom which could match its power ,Jaigarh but luck had planned something else Devgarh and Jaigarh royals were the bestest of friends they fought against each evil with there magical power and defeated any hurdle on there way   ,but like everything this golden merry time also came to an end when after the death of Maharaje Randeer Kumar Singh ,the throne was handed over to his widower Rajmata Mrinalini Devi ,thing changed drastically she announced at her crown ceremony that her powers and thrones would be handed over to the first grandchild of her daughter that was Manyata ,every body applaused and cheered as the little 13 year old princess was the most loved among everybody she was the daughter of Komal the daughter of Mrinalini and Avendra the king of Rajkoot but after his death Komal was remarried to Bridgraaj Singh a commoner ,manyata was only 1 when her mother got remarried even after so much of opposition Komal was firm on her decision ,Mrinalini could never forgive her daughter so she dethroned Komal and her new husband from Devgarh but kept manyata with her as in any condition she did not want anything to harm manyata ,she had always been a cute ,sweet ,soft spoken and shy girl she was never frank to anyone except for the little 15 year old prince of Jaigarh uday veer both found immense pleasure in each other 's company as uday veer did not have a mother and his father Giriraaj Veer Singh was too busy along with Mrinalini Devi for royal duties by seeing there friendship but soon this friendship turned into love and this was noticed by the royals so  it was decided that in future they would tie a knot so on the crown ceremony it was decided that they would get this two kids engaged ,manyata was aware and had no objection as she was getting engaged to her love  but uday had always been more mature than his age he perfectly knew and had always imagined manyata as his wife and they were engagaed on his 5th birthday and ten years after that they fixed there marriage ,finally the day came devgarh palace was decorated like a bride with flowers and lights as fire crakers as fire crakers brusted in the evening sky manyata was in a red gaggra embroded with gold and ruby and a white blouse with pearl in it and her hair was tied in an elegant bun with flower and rubies in it as golden jewels filled in her body ,she was almost ready all she needed was the red netted cholli to cover her head just then she felt a shiver ran down her body ,a thick muscular hands had taked her tander soft body in its embrace as its cold hard lips pressed against her soft bare white neck she closed her eyes and whispered
MANYATA: yuvraaj uday veer singh kya app thora sa bhi intizaar nahi kar saktei [yuvraaj uday veer singh can't you wait even a little]
UDAY:apkoh paata nahi rajkumari manyata ki hum apna aappa koh lete hai jaab hum apkoh dekte hai [don't you know princess manyata i loose control over myself when i see you]
saying this he sank his teeth in her soft neck she closed her eyes as a lone drop of tears fell off her check due to the pain he caused her but she did not complain she did not want to disturb him while he enjoyed and dug it even more but now the pain was immense as she mummered
MANYATA;yuvraaj bash kijiye humei dard horaha hai [yuvraaj stop it i am in pain]
UDAY;yuvraaj uday veer singh ki patnii bane jarahi hoi toh etna dard toh sehena hi parega  [you are going to be yuvraaj uday veer singh wife you have to suffer at least this much]
now his attention moved towards her cleavage he turned her now she was facing him as he pulled her blouse a litlle lower exposing her cleavage he ran his tongue wildly through her breast making her weak on her knees as she breathed heavily ,she had already started to get all wet by his touch as he sank his teeths again ,she holded her breath back and after sometime said
MANYATA;appkoh janna chahiye saabh logg apka entizaar kar rahe honge[you should go people are waiting for you]
uday finally seperated his teeth from her skin and whispered in her ears
UDAY;bash aur kuch hiii der ki baath hai uskei baadh hum dono hamesha hamesha ke liye ek hojayenge [only few more hours after that no one can stop us from being one]
saying this he placed a kiss on her lips which was more like a peck and within a blink of eye vanished from the sight that was udya 's favorite magical trick ,he went and sat in the mandaap acting as though he had been here ,time flew with every passing hour his heart beat grew faster and faster finally the holy hour came as the rajpurohit announced
RAJPUROHIT;rajkumari manyata koi bulaya jai[call rajkumari manyata]
just then a servant came running and shouting
SERVANT;RAJKUMARI MANYATA APNEI KAMRE MEI ANHI HAI KISSI NEI UNKA APAHARAN KAR LIYA HAI[ princess manyata is not in her room someone kidnapped her]
the words rang in uday 's year as he clunced tighter  to his sword causing his hands to bleed ,he holds back his tears and crushing his teeths he say
"Nahi app himei chorke nahi jaa sakte hai kabhi nahi app humari hai sirf yuvraaj uday veer singh ki"
prologue , cs chappy 1 and 2
chappy 3
chappy 4
chappy 5
chappy 6
chappy 7
chappy 8
chappy 9
chappy 10 and 11
chapter 12
chappy 13
chapter 14
chapter 15
chapter 16
chapter 17
chapter 18
the endBig smile

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_Annesha_ IF-Rockerz

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character sketch
Yuvraaj uday veer singh
age :25

a tall,dark, handsome prince of Jaigarh posses a royal magical power the only heir to the Jaigarh throne ,always have girls and princess drolling over him nature seems to shower all love and luck on him but this was just an illussion of the people in reality he his heart had been frozen since his marriage day ten years before when his fiance was kidnapped he indulged himself in riasaat work as on the day of his marriage the queen of Devgarh ,mrinalini devi was murdered and his father took charges over the Devgarh riasaat but luck was still not faithful to this little young price at the age of 20 he lost his only family member ,he lost his father too in a plague that attacked the country his father weak bone could not fight it and took his last breath now everything was in uday responsibilty never a prince had been so gloomy and melenchonic in life but sun did shone in his life love did come back to his life when he finally captured her kidnapper and got the news that she was in human world in a place called Mumbai without even giving it a second thought he packed his bags to set a journey to get his love back and handed the responsibility of the kingdom to the most wise person of the kingdom named Guru Aritra  ,to get his fiance back ,to get the smile in his face back
arvind kumar singh
age 24

the son of komal and bridgraaj ,he does not pocese any kind of royal magical power as he was the son of bridgraaj first wife and is a commoner they were exiled from Devgarh and bridgraaj who married komal only for throne was furious after knowing so he murdered komal and planned revenge so on the day of manyata marriage he kidnapped manyata and killed mrinalini devi ,he wanted to destroy manyata life in which eh is actually succeding now manyata stays with them in mumbai unaware of her reality as first they tried to poison her but it did not work and she just lost her memory .arvind is very cruel with bad motives
manyata singh
age 23

a cute ,quite ,rebellious girl stay in chawl with her brother and dad all she knows was she is there daughter and her mother died while giving birth to her she has no idea about her powers she is treated  very cruely by her father and brother beaten up ocassionaly she ahs not even been to school or college she is set to work in a mall as a cleaner ,her life is miserable happy, spunky girl. She has been brought up by her father, bridgraaj and her brother arvind . Being a regular drunker they cannot fiance the home . He has conditioned her to believe that she is better than her current situation and she is a cruse on them .  she is more beautiful more intelligent, more graceful and more deserving . manyata  a confident person, and such harsh behaviour by her family ahs made her  she is  arrogant or rude, but she does have a slightly superior view and it makes her a natural leader. She is friendly, with a skill of making friends quickly, since all her life she has moved to new places and has learnt to adapt.after so many thing she is stil very committed to her family and do anything it takes to keep them happy she places there happiness before her she has never been in love as she has always seen a five year old pricy guy in her dream and she is waiting for him... .

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Mumbai ,the city of dreams ,it is a place where stars do come on ground ,a dwelling heaven for people being a metro political city it has all the facility but this facility do have a high cost  ,hardwork is needed to fulfil one dream in Mumbai there are huge sky scrapers but there are chawl too ,who would have ever imagined a princess with so much of knowledge and power leading her life like that unaware of who she really is or what power she possess ,It was her 23rd birthday with the first ray of light her eyes were wide open she strenched herself on the pyol like every other night of the year neither her father nor her brother returned home ,she clearly knew they were in some bar spending the money she earned with all hard work on alcohols  but she did not complain she could not complain as they were the only relative she had so to stay secure in this world she needed him ,without giving anything a futher thought she got into her grey and white uniform which she had been wearing  for 5 years now ,she worked in a shopping mall her heart ached every time she saw a perfect family or rich kids spending there money uselessly although she was poor yet she was honest and had strong virtue like every day she set her journey to a better future she took a local double decker bus as usual she did not get a seat and had to stand in spite finally after a journey of 2 hours she reached the mall it had no opened yet so she went from the back door which was meant for staff ,she went she saw her friends chiki and soni was already there as she took her duster and started to wipe the ground floor suddenly chiki came to her and said
CHIKI;aapna haat khol [open your hands]
MANYATA:kyui kya hua haat waat katke bhechne ka toh plan nahi hai nai [why what happened don't tell me you will cut my hand and sell]
SONI;uff tui bhi nah meri crime perot queen chup chaap haat khol [uff you also no my crime petrol queen now just open your hands]
without another word she opened her hands as they placed a small diary milk chocolate in her hands there was a smile on there face as they said
At this manyata burst in laughter and said
MANYATA:Woa happy birthday hai [thats happy brithday]
CHIKI;haah abh joh bhi hoi acha humlogo koh angrezzi ka e bhi nahi aatta toh tuji etni achi bilkul bideshio ke tara bolna kaisee aata [ we do not even know basic of english then how come you are so good in english]
MANYATA:paata nahi sayeeed kisi zamanei mei meri sapno wala rajkumar mujei sikhaya hoga [do not know maybe in some decade the prince of my dreams taught me ]
the trio shared  a laugh and got back to there work as they do not get payed to enjoy it was indeed a very tiring day for manyata and after work she was making her way back to her chawl suprisingly the lanes which used to be filled with colours and lights was dull and dark today it was almost impossible for her to make her way through the darkness at last luck left her and she slipped over something she almost fell but a strong arm encircled around her waist giving her a familiar ,pleasurable feeling all she could see was the eyes ,drak brown chocolate eyes with so much of love and passion in it as he spoke in a husky voice
UDAY:happy birthday PRINCESS
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and thanks to all 5 members who liked my previous update
no pm for this update
pm from next chappy
MANYATA:kish haq sei tune mujei chuya koi haq nahi hai tuje mere upar kyui barbar mere kareeb araha hai
UDAY;abhi taak toh humnei apna haq jatana suru bhi nahi kia believe me princess once i start even the nature won't be able to stop me from showing my rights on you

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It all felt like a dream ,a dream which haunted manyata for ten years she was lost in those intence dark brown eyes as unknowingly her hand had reached his checks and started to caress it ,the feeling was very familiar it was like it had happened before but why could she not recognize who was this guy?why is everything dark? manyata was too indulge in him to even utter a word or even look around but suddenly she was blinded by a huge flash of light and when she was awake she herself standing in the lane with it decorated like a marriage with lights ,flowers but no people it was still issolated as she felt a  strong hard manly lip on her neck the tongue ran wildly licking her neck for instant she was too shocked to react she just breathed heavily and closed her eyes to feel the sensational pleasure ,she knew this touch was very familiar and she allowed as he ran his tongue towards her collar bone but then her thought were disturbed as she felt a shrill pain on her neck this bought her out of her dream land ,uday was too aware of that and softly he parted his lips from her skin and looked up into her eyes now the lights fell heavy on them it was all uday magic he controlled everything there except for manyata ,he examined her ,there was no doubt in spite of being a chawl wali her beauty was still the same ,she was the only girl with whose one look uday would loose himself  ,now she was older 10 years have passed and she had groomed more ,she was into an old rugged uniform with  a neat platted hair and with an uneven fair complexion ,her brown hair was getting reflected in the lights and her wide black eyes ,soft sensitive nose and her tender quivering lips ,as for manyata in spite of Mumbai being a city of glamour and seeing top models and actor every day no one had ever made her feel like that ,her heart was beating  a hundred times faster as she saw the handsome hunk in front of her a perfectly fitted black coat with sharp pointed shoes any one could say that he was a person of high esteem and from a rich background ,the types she hated as till now the number of rich brats she met was all spoilt she did not want to encounter one more so without any further word she made a move to leave but no one can escape he grabbed her wrist and pulled her with such a force that she dashed with him and she struggled to get ride of his grip ,as a smirk was palstered to his face as he saw his princess struggling in his embrace ,they were so close that  they could feel each other breath ,uday felt manyata breath hitting his neck as she looked at him ,she was so helpless thought uday but onces her mouth opened he was forced to change his thought about her
MANYATA;kuttei ,kaminei ,tharak kei pippe ,halkat ,vede ,suar choor mujei choor [ slangs leave me leave me]
she almost twisted and turned but his grip got even tighter as he came closer to her face and whispered  into her ears making her shiver
UDAY:woa princess itneii galia kaha sei sikei humnei toh nahi sikaya toh [woa princess so many slang i never taught you]
manyata rolled her eyes and passed a fake smile
MANYATA:hoo tumhei yaad nahi kaal sarri raat mei aur tui choppati mei badh ke ehi toh kar rahe thei tui mujei galiya sikha raha tha aur mei unko tere uupar baakh rahi thi [hoo you don't remember yesterday we were in choppati and whole night you was teaching me slang and i was using it on you]
he looked away at a admiration look and then got his attention back to her and said with a smirk
UDAY;oh sach mei aur kei kya kia i mean sarri raat toh humdono nei sirf gali hi nahi bakaa na [oh really so whole night what more we did do not say we just slanged each other ]
now manyata realized he was taking it all in a wrong area the lane was famous for prostetute and maybe by mistake even he thought her ,she looked at him fear crept inside her mind as she ,she was on the urge of crying but she holded her tears back and said
MANYATA:Dekh mei waisi larki nahi hui jaisa tui soach raha hai [see you misunderstood me to be something else]
UDAY; phir tum kasii type ki larki hoi [ then what kind of girl you are]
saying this he softly yet firmly brushed his lips against her it was more like a peck after it was over he looked at her as he saw  fireballs in his eyes he loosened his hands on her and finally left them ,he was happy that finally he showed  his rights on her but again he was mistaken the smirk on his face was short lived as her right hand went right across his face BAAM and she outburst
MANYATA:kish haq sei tune mujei chuya koi haq nahi hai tuje mere upar kyui barbar mere kareeb araha hai [how dare you touched me you do not have any right on me why are you trying to come close to me]
uday was fumed with anger it was the first time someone humilated him so much ,now it did not matter that it was his princess now the thing matter was this GIRL dared to slap him he looked at her with fire in her eyes
UDAY;abhi taak toh humnei apna haq jatana suru bhi nahi kia believe me princess once i start even the nature won't be able to stop me from showing my rights on you [ till now i did not show my right]
he started to use his power with his eyes he pinned her to the wall she was shocked she could neither move nor say anything her body was almost paralysed as he started heading towards her she could feel one by one the buttons of her shirt opening automatically he was just a few inches away  and there she stood with all her shirt button undone and her perfectly curved body with a super sexy cleavage was all visible ,uday eyes was filled with anger and lust as manyata started to cry she had never seen such miracle but suddenly something came to her mind he was just going to touch her skin as she mummered under her breath
and moved her hands as green sparkle light came out and the other moment the light hit uday and threw him on other side of the  road as uday stood back and looked at manyata all dumbstruck manyata was equally shocked and stared at her hand

done with this chappy
next update tomorrow
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thanks to all 7 people who liked my previous update
promo for next chappy
MANYATA:papa woa yei koon hai papa menei kahaa na soni ka bhai hai bicharei koh thori dinno kei liye humlogo kei ghar mei jagga de do na please
BRIDGRAAJ;woa saabh theek hai paar eii esh choti chwal mei kaha rahega mei aur arvind toh apnei kamre dene sei rahe
UDAY:hum manyata kei kamre mei rahelenge
BRIDGRAAJ:theek hai

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1st one to comment. Superb update!
loved it!
Eagerly waiting for the next update so do continue soon n do pm me.

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love the both partsss awsssmmm work janii

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Originally posted by sanah12

1st one to comment. Superb update!
loved it!
Eagerly waiting for the next update so do continue soon n do pm me.

i am glad you liked itEmbarrassed

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Originally posted by huma12.

love it anniii

thank you so much jiji

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