Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

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    Next day early morning they set to darsan to Badrinath temple .Badrinath they had their offering then they went to Brahmakapalam where we can do pindapradanam to our forfathers.Who were extinct.Here the padit will perform the pooja and make us to leave pindams in river alaknanda.the pindapradans will be done to both paternal and matennal sides.up  to 32 members we can leave them .Maan and Geet also wanted to do it. Maan has done to his parents. Geet also did it for her parents. The pandit asked her forr about husband, and his parents. Geet didn't say anything and went away fr. There. Pandit stood numb thinking wats wrong with her.Maan asked the pandit to complete the pooja leaving her alone.

            Geets st:- How can I do pindapradan as he is alive even though we didnt live together,he doesnt mean anything to me , how can i? ye galat hotha haina?

 She again drowned in her past. The painfull memories of her engulfed her again. She became pale, colourless as the flash back take her every ounce of strength

She became gloomy

      Maan saw her again in herself drowing in the past,he felt very bad for her. His heart pricked seeing her like that he is not able to see her like that he wants to bring her back to normal but don't know how? He don't know wether he could interfear in her matters r not ? whether she likes it r not. Don'tknow how she wil

 feel   He saw her bag there at pandit. He take it and came to her to give it . The purse has been opened to give money to pandit fall down. The papers money cards etc whatever in that fall down.Maan collected every thing and kept back in her purse he saw the needle and thread and smiled remembering the yesterdays incident and her explanation. While keeping cards in bag he read her name as"Geet Handa", working in DPS as teacher.So her name is Geet Handa,he smiled and caressed the letters on card with his fingers.

  He looked for her She is walking like Ia zombie not in her sences,and life less.Maan ran to her and called"geetji", she didn't turned as she is not listening anything and walking aimlessly. He ran to her and caught her hand, and shook her calling her. Geet came to sences and looked at him confusingly. He gave her purse. She took it and murmered thak u and continued to walk

He stood therE  don't know what to do? How can he make her normal , he through his hair bac khelplessly.Luckily at that time her cell ringed She take out the cell by seeing it she murmered Arpita.  Maan sighed in relief. She composed herself and tried to sound normal so that Arpita could sence anything wrong.

  Arpita:- Maa, where r u? how r u?

Geet:- Haa,beta hum Badrinath me hai we had darsna and about to return,and she talked with her so me more time .by that time she became normal by her daughters call maan took breath in  relief.

 PART:-9 Maan came to her and asked her to go by bank of river she nodded her head and they went there. They started to walk along the bank of river Alaknanda. The water is very cool as one can freeze .Geet saw a little boy bending to touch the water standing on rock which is slippery ,when he is about to fall in the river Geet ran to the boy and cought him and thrown him towards Maan. In that process she cant balance herself and fell down in river. Maan got shocked he screamed " Geet" and he ran to her and jumped in to the river  to save her.All tourists have got shocked and they set to save both . Here as water in Alaknanda flows at great speed Geet has been carried away by the water currents to a long distance Maan could not reach her he got panicked thniking that he may loose her. He is swimming very fastly but not able to reach her.At the turning of the river the water currets throwed Geet to a side and she landed on rock. Maan came there and he scooped her in his arms and brought her to bank the tourists helped him in keeping her on land some of them r rubbing her hands and foot to give some warmth to prevent freezing but the water is too cool she is already freeing and turning to blue. Maan insanely shook her to get her conscious. But she didn't respond all suggested tot take her to hotel and call dr. Some of them also helped Maan to dry himself  as  he also drenched in cold water. Through out the journey to hotel the ladies tried to rub her hands and feet to give warmth they covered her with their shalls and sweaters. As soon as they reached hotel Maan again scooped her  and took her to her room and laid her on bed by that time dr. came he examined her pulse ,heart beat and said that she is o.k. but have to take care first we have to raise her body temperature. He gave some injections to her ,to prevent blood cloting and to raise warmth . he suggested to change her dress and dry her hair. The woman, who is the mother of the boy, to whom Geet saved came farward and told that she will change her dress. All went out of the room, talking about her how good she is, how she helped others caring others  etc..etc..

  After changing dr. once again examine her and said that she can gain her conciusness after 2 hrs. Once she gains conscious we can give her smoething to eat and medicines also. Maan requested to dr. to stay there till she gains conciouss. Dr,said o.k.

   T,c.m;- saying to all because of her son she saved my child and fall in trouble she is repenting .she is an angel she saved my son ,she said.

Maan went to his room and again came to Geets room while he is coming, someone of their bus asked him  'How is ur wife now? Did she get her conscious".

  " Wife" he wondered,  my god they r thinking us husband and wife. He thought.Achahua she didn't hear pata nahi kya karegi sunke kaisa feel kare" he thought. He didn't say anything to them don't want to create any scene so he replied him ,no she didnt get her co cious dr. said 2 hrs takes. He went fr. there

 Precap;-Geets family worried for her



Part 15:-

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nice update
everyone thinks geet as maan's wife!!!
loved it..

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Part:- 10

        When he entered in geets room he heard her phone is ringing. He opened her bag and take out her cell, saw who is calling. My god" Arpita, her daughter,he startled , and thought wat to do now? How can I say, about her, pehle hi ye bahut tension me hothi hai apne maa ko leke , per bina bathana bhi sahi nahi hai,kya karoo? Ek kaam karthahu, call attend karke, thoda halka bathatha hu, aur unhe yakin diladoon ki mai inke dhyaan rakhunga,thinking that he attended the call.

 Arpita:-Hellow maa, kahahai? Aap call kyu nahi uthathi hai? Mai kitni dere say call kar rahi hum.

   Maan:- Hellow Arpitha, mai Maan hu , hum pehle bhi bath karli hai, yaad agayana?

     Arpitha:- haa, lekin maa ka phone aapke pass kyu hai?wo kaha hai?

   Maan:-Nahi, unki tabiyat thoda kharab hai,ab wo hosh me nahi hai,ghabaraneki koi jarurat nahi hai,dr. aachuke tai davayee bhi diye hai,ab wo thik hai [he is continuing, mean while, Arpitha screamed loudly,]

   Arpitha:- Kya, kya hua maa ko?ab wo kaise hai?kya hua bathana sahi sahi? She started to cry.

     Maan-Roneka, jarurat nahi hai,hum sab inke pass hai,hum sab samhalthe hai?

[ as Arpitha is crying and not able to talk,her husband Prasant took the cell and talked to Maan]

   Prasant:- Hellow sir, me, Arpitha ka husband Prasant bolrahihu, wat happened to maa? Tell me how is she now?

  Maan:- Hellw me, Maan hu,actually, she was fell into the river in saving a child,by the coolness of water she got freezed,we bring her to hotel and dr. came and treated her,as the blood started to clot she turned to blue, but she is in unconscious. Dr. told it will take 2 hrs time to gain conscious.we r waiting for that.

   Prasant:- sir,is there any urgency we r ready to come there, we take flight and come there.where r u now? Here her daughter is dieing by crying we cannot stay here peacefully as our maa is suffering there, please tell us all truth am going to book flight tickets.

   Maan:-No,no,prasant no need to u all come here,we all are there to take care of her. All the tourists and bus mates r with her as she has saved a childs life,they all r more willing to take care of her. Waise bhi hum kal morning hi yaha se nikalne wali hai return Delhi .by the time u reach here we will in return journey. Ask ur wife to be calm and patience nothing will be happened to ur maa, we will take of her.

     Prasant:-please sir we know we r giving u the trouble, but for ur maa sek please take care of her sir, we don't have any other than her sir, my wife cannot live without her , we love her very much. Her 2 daughters keep their lives on her[ prasant said this in chocked voice]

   Maan:-I can understand ur pain prasant, trust,me there is nothing to worry.iwill do one thing , I will ask her to call u immediately after she get her conciuos.

   Prasanr:-please sir do it we will be waitng for that,my wife cant be normal till she talk to her mother.

   Maan:- o.,k. then I will keep the phone.


Part:11    [Arpithas house]

      Arpitha is crying her lungs out. She was now  where to stop . Prasant is trying very hardly to console her.but she didn't. Her 3yrs old   "Drasti", called as Dishu,is asking her mother in her babyish slang

     " what happen mumma? Why r u crying? Nani ko kya hua?crying bitterly mujhe nani chahiye"

   Prasanth is not able to control his two angels he didn't even tell Arpitha why Geets tabiyat achanak kharab hai fearing wat will happen to her by hearing her mothers adventure.

  At that time ankitha and Aakash,came there, Ankitha senced something wrong by seeing her di is crying mad,something happened to maa, other waise her dii will not broke down like that.

 Ankitha:- what happened,  dii? Maa thik tho haina?kuch hua kya unko?

   Prasant and Aakas shook their heads in dis believe.

   Prasant:- maa ka tabiyat kuch thik nahi hai, and he told every thing to them hearing the whole truth Ar pitha andAnkitha broke down completely,saying nothing will change their maa ko, wat is the need to do such things she never thinks before doing that things wat happened to her if anyone not saved her,every time she behaves like this only and put herself in troubles , hume use isa nahi bajna chahiye tha akele  me, thinking that they more cryied and cryied.Aakash also felt worried for her,he called to Geets cell. Maan took it and answered it

Aakash:- hellow,sir mai Aakash , unki duseri daughters ka pati hu, ab kaise hai maa?has she gain her conscious?

   Maam:- Nahi abhi thak nahi hai,will take some moretime don't worry we will take care to her ask ur wife not to worry, I will ask her to call u after she gain her concious ness

       Aakash;- thanq sir, please sir take care of her, she is very impartent to us,her daughters will not live without her.

      Maan:- I know, i will take of her, don't worry.

    Maan completed the call and looked at Geet. She is still in unconsciousness. Her eyes which speeks volumes now closed due to unconsciousness. She looked very pale and lifeless. Tum ko hosh mai anahi hoga geet ,aapki bachonke khatir, he said to her.

   She opened her eyes slowly as if she heard him,looked around and tried to remember something. She saw him beside her,and asked him," how is the boy"?. After getting her conscious that is the first word she speek, maan sighed and told wo thik hai,pehle aapne halat dekho, "kitna daradiya aapne hum sab ko,waha aapki dono betia ro, ro ke marraha hai,tumhareliye,aapko aapki khayaal rakhni tha  , per nahi , kya jarurat  thi  khud use bachaneka kisiko bathadena chahiye tha, magar nahi, uski  chakkar me aap girgayi nadi me, agar aapko kuch hojath etho?

   Geet saw him with her" O" shaped mouth and widening her big big eyes.

As Maan is danting her.

 Maan continued that' khud ko samhalne nahi aatha badi aayi duseroko samhalne".pata hai hum sab kitne dargayethi?agar aapko kuch hojathatho kya jawaab denge hum aapki family ko?koun gimmedari hai ye sab ka? he began to shout at her.Ab muh band kar chup chap ye milk peekar davayi lelo.he said giving her milk and medicines she calmly did wat he said.

    Speak to ur daughters, they r hell worried for u, ur son- in- laws also worried 4 u, he made call to Arpitha and gave cell to Geet

   Arpitha:- hellow, maa;,... she exclaimed hearing her voice.

   Geet:- arpi, I am alright beta, nothing happened to me,am perfectly alright.

    Arpita:- maa aap hamesha isa kyu karthe maa, aap ko hamari koi chitha nahi hai yaha humari jaan jaa rahi thi pata hai yaha hum kise halat nme hai?; Ankitha mai aur tumhari pothe kitni pareshan ho raha hai dishu roroke marrahi hai aapkeliye kyu karthe aap ise harkathe? Aapko humare koi parvah nahi hai, hamesha duseronke bareme sochthe aap.

   Geet:- isa nahi hai beta wo chota bacha hai re ise isa kaisa chodethe mai wo bhi kisi maa ki beta hai na?

   Ankitha took the phone and " bus maa, aap duseroka beta ko samhaliye humse aap ko kya lene dena? .agar aap ko kuch hua tho bus hum anath hojayengi aap ko kya pharaq padtha hai?

    Geet:- isa math kaho choti tum dono, meri jaan hai, beta isa kabhi hosaktha hai kya, me kal wapas delhi araha hum , ab tho tum mujhe maaf kardo phir kabhi isa nahi karoongi.

    Geet;- how is dishu?

   Arpitha; haa maa, I am giving the phone to dishu.

     Dishu:- Nani,how r u? wat happened to u? mama said u saved a small boy, hai na, hay mera nani is very brave and good. U done a good job nani , I love u, but mai dar gayi thi aapko kuch hua tho? Nani I want to see u, when r u coming? Dishu is missing u badly.

   Geet:- Dishu beta, I am alright mujhe kuch nahi hau, I am coming to morrow , now stop crying and said to ur mama and chichi that I done a very good job and don't worry and dont cry ,can u tell for  me?    Dishu:- haa, nani I will tell them to not cry I know mera nani kabhi galat nahi karthi.come soon. We r waiting

     Geet:- ask ur papa and chachu, not to worry, I will come tomorrow o.ok. bye. With that she kept the phone.

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nice update
finally geet ko hosh aa gaya..
maan taunting geet...
loved it...

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       [ here in badrinath]

    Geet:- Thank q maanji" u saved my life, I have given u lot of trouble. Don't know how to repay this:

  Maan:- don't do such things without thinking,once as ur life is not only urs. Whole family depends on u. they will shatter if any thing happens to  u. they all hell worried for u. they loves u so much  through out the night they r calling and asking about u.u r lucky enough to have such lovable children.

 Geet bent her head in sorry.

     The woman of the child came to see weather she is fine r not. Maan went out to tell the dr. as she gain consciousness.

 The woman:- how r u didi? U saved my son and me also I cannot live  if any thing happens to him u r such an angel. She continued, u r so lucky didi,u have such a lovable husband. Ur husband saved u fr nadi, he is hell worried about u. he loves u verymuch,and she continued and continued talking,

 Here geet got shock of her life hearing "husband".from her mouth.


"Mygod "they r thinking us as husband @wife,how can I explain them?

Its good he is not here otherwise don't know how he will feel hearing this, she thought in herself.

After talking to dr. maan came inside. Geet felt some unknown feeling and embarrassment thinking wat the woman said"husband".

She now feeling some awkwardness to face him.

 He looked at her and asked to take rest as she needs it, tomorrow early morning we have to leave to delhi . she nodded her head and laid on the bed and closed her eyes to avoid awkwardness.

 He adjusted the pillow and covered her the duvet fully saying goodnight

 She also said goodnight to him, and aap bhi jakar aaram kareye,

Maan:- haa, I too will take rest and settled in the couch.

Geet :- u go to ur room and apni bed per sojayiye, it is not comfortable on couch, i am o.k. now no need to be here.

Maan:- I am comfortable here, need to be here only as u r not completely alright, I don't have any problem, he said in stern voice

Geet didn't dare to say anything hearing his stern voice. She closed her eyes to sleep.

Part;- 13

Next morning maan called dr.again and he came  and checked geet and adviced to continue medicines and take rest.he said she can travel as their trip came to an end have to return to delhi. After b. f. maan has given her midicines she had them. All have packed their luggage and started to get the bus.geet is trying to come out of the room with her suitcase, she is  o.k. but not fully, weak so she is not able to walk with the suitcase. Maan came and took it fr. Her,no, no, I can carry it she said. U r too weak to walk let me carry this maan said.but she didn't hear him and wanted to stop him.

Then he asked her, will u walk r I have to carry u also?

 She opened her mouth in "o' shape and saw him with her big big eyes,in amazement.

Ab muh band ker challiye" he said to her.

Mai aap ko help karti hu, the woman came and held geet hand helped her to walk.

Wat u can carry?geet murmerred seeing him in anger. Maan ignored her.

 The bus  stoped for lunch.all r getting down for lunch. Maan got down first and gave his hand to her to help her in getting down the bus,but she didn't take it and said no am alright. But maan didn't bother to hear her,and hold her by her hand firmly and made her sit on a chair geet now pissed off by his behavior,

He is going to bring her lunch plate geet stopped him by saying she will get it for herself. Maan looked at her with his big big eyes to threaten her.

Isa, gurreaye math,she looked at him with puppy face. He stood back looking at her.

 She got up fr. Chair and slowly walk towards the dishes to surve herself she felt some dizziness and her legs r not giving support to her by weakness.

She is about to fell down when maan caught her

KAHATHANA MAINE BETNEKItum kyu nahi manthe mer bath? He asked her while made her sit on a chair and went to bring lunch.

Hay,babaji, ye kya ho rahahai ? ye kyu mujhe dant rahe?ab mai kya karoo? Mai tho inhe aur takleef nahi dena cchahthi hu na, logo ko kuch burayi karne pe dant milthehai per mujhe kuch accha kerna se hamesha dant milthehai pehle ye arpitha aur ankita hai ab ye bhi is se shamile hai ,babaji aapko hamesha ,merahi  adress milthihai na ise logoka bejneki?she cribbed to babaji looking up

 Maan also looked up cofusinly dont know to whom she is  talking.he brought lunch she ate it calmly making faces maan smiled in himself seeing her antics. He gave her medicines and she had them without making any scene.

Precap:- Introducing Maans family

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part 12 n 13 
nice updates...

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Part: 14

      [ Khurana mansion]

      Morning 8.30.a.m.

  Pammi and nainatara sat on b.f. table,

  Pammi:- naina , where is dev?did he come home yesterday?

Nainatara:- why would he comes maa ? wat is the need to come home siva paise, ab maanveerji bhi nahi hai na ghar pe paise dene keliye why would he come jab wo khatam nahi hotha?

Pammi:- ye kaisa jawaab hai naina tum uske bivi ho tumhe is ko samhalna padthahai.

Naina:- mai konsa bivi hu maa, hare k din ek naya naya bivi milthehai aap ki beteko, mere kya jarurat thi usko, tumhi to bhigada hai na aapki lad, pyaar me,ab hume bhukatnahi padega ye sab.

Pammi:- wat I did naina, I always thinks about his wellbeeing,its ur responsible to take of him.

Naina;- mere responsibilities aap nahi yaad dilana padega pehle aapki baareme sochiye, kabhi aap ne dev ko aapne responsibilities nibhana sikhaya aapne? Kabhi aapne use is khurana industries ko joint m.d. bananeka soche, khabhi business ka gimmedari usko diya uske haq use dilapaya,maan veerji se? kab tak hum kuch paise keliye maanji ke saamne hamare hath phelthe? bataiyena maa? kab tak ye anyaay sehthi rahegi hum?ye bhi suraj pratap singh khurana ka beta hai, is khandan ki auolad hai phir bhi hume abhi tak kuch nahi mila . na dhan doulat , is jyadad name aish kuch nahi mila hume, insab ko baadme , koi nahi jaantha bahar ki hum bhi khuranas hai, sab kuch sab kuch maan jiju ke naam pe hi hai . hamare bhi 2 bache hai bade ho raha hai per abhi tak uski hisse ka naam samman nahi milahai mai  kya jawaab dunge hum use ? kyu wo isa hai ? kyu uski papa koi gimmedare nahi lethe? Kya karte hai din bhaar uski papa?bataona maa? koi jawwab hai aap ka paas?

Pammi:-tum mujhe sawal puche rahiho? mujhse? Kya kuch nahi kiya maine apni bacheki khushi keliye,ye dhan doulat jyadad, mansion paisa, industries sab mai sirf mera bacheko hi milna chahiye aur iskelia maine maan per juta pyaar dikhaker usne mere pyaar me phasaya,aur unki shaadi bhi nahi karwayai sliye ki unki koi family nahi hona chahiye, ye sab sirf mere bache ko milana chahiye, kitne dinos sse ye mai kiya kitna mehnath kia ye sab sirf aur sirf dev, tum tumhara baccha, Vicky unki family and annie kelia kiya hai maine. Ab tumhari baari hai kuch karneka, jaavo dev ko samjhavo unhe manavo gimmedari leneka.u want to make dev m.d. to kc o.k. iwill talk to maan when he returns. I will ask for Vicky also.

[ meanwhile dev enters house, as he is an womanizer he spent all the night out with some girl and returned to home]

Dev came and directly going to his room without giving any head to anybody ther

Pammi:- dev,she called him.

Dev:- haa,maa;, he replied stopping there.

Pammi:-where r u all the night?

Dev:- oh, maa, stop it ye kya subha, subha,sawaal puche rahi hu? Mai koi bacha nahi hum aap ko jawaab denaka.

Pammi:- bachha nahi ho, bade bade bachhe ka bap ho aap. Agar tum isehi behave karogi tho kya sikhavoge use?

Dev:- maa, pehlehi mera mood kharab hai aur math karna mai pehlehi pareshan me hu.

Pammi:- pareshan kyu, kya hua?

Dev:- ji mujhe kuch paise chahiye tha. Maan bhai abhitak nahi aagaya kya tour se?

Pammi- kab tak apki bhaise paise mangtheho?isa kab tak chalega?abtho responsible bano mai maan se baath karthihu o tumhe is co. ka m.d. banayega. Com. U see the com. By ur own and bring it to high level paise apne aap ajatha hai.

Dev:- M.D.oh, no maa, no jokes, mujhse ye sab nahi hotha, mai jaisa hu waisahi thik hu.

Naina:- dekha maa, dekhlia aapne? Kaise wo gimmedare se bhag the hai? Islia tho abhi tak sare businesses and jyadad per sirf maan jiju ke naam per hai saare awards bhi isiko milthe hai hum ko koi nahi janthe bhi hai.abhi tak paiso kelia hum apne haath unke samne spread karna padrahahai koi bheek mangne waale ki tarah, hamari ye halat ko sirf aap aur apki ye ladla beta karan hai. Dev bagar aap abi bhi nahi sutharoge I am sure ek din, ek din aapki maan veerji ne hume dhakke maarke ghar se nikaldenge tab hum sab sadak per ghumayenge bhik mangthehuye, tab karlena musti?dev ab tho hosh mai aavo sochlo aapki bachhe ke bareme,hum khurana khandan ki hai koi kher nahi hai hume  ek shandar gindagi chahiye aur ye sab kelie maine aap se shaadi ki, puri doulat hume chahiye?

Pammi:- tumhe jo chahiye wo milega naina,mai samjhunga dev ko.

Dev:- koi jarurat nahi hai hume samjhaneka, mai ye sab nahi karoonga. Bus ye kehker dev went to his room

Naina;- dekha na maa aapne , ab hum kya karenge?

Pammi:- tum chita math kar mai maanse baath karunga. Wo maan ki baath math talega.

 Precap: Annie trying to convince pammi and nainatara

guys do commt on this ff ur commts worth more. hit like buttons if u like.

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nice update
maan's family is so greedy 

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smj1977.shruti 607 53616 27 October 2013 at 1:15am by Jayeeta_06
Right or wrong MGff part 7updated

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Author: taptiarhi   Replies: 39   Views: 5157

taptiarhi 39 5157 08 June 2013 at 6:17am by Donnaa

Author: anuradha.nandam   Replies: 4   Views: 1881

anuradha.nandam 4 1881 23 May 2013 at 5:33am by sridevi_n
just love love love love maan

Author: xXRzmastiXx   Replies: 6   Views: 5120

xXRzmastiXx 6 5120 21 December 2010 at 9:53pm by angelmm

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