Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


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At Ghandola station all are getting in to cars. As maan is the w.b.owner he waited to all the tourists to go in to the cable car.

Our geet is also staid back as it is her habbit to let others go first . It is her habbit and also she is working as a teacher it is her responsibility to take care of children . so she is fallowing that here also.At last these two remained they waited for another cable car as it came they both tried to enter at the same time bangigng their heads.'Oh'rubbing her fore head she asked him for another bang, and then shocked and embarrassed at what she has asked him.Maan shocked what that  she is asking?She composed herself and tried to explain him that if  do not do it we will grow horns on our head. Maan bursted in to laugh and asked her will she believe in such things

She shied and looked down in emberasment.Maan calmed himself and gave a small bang on her head. Her face lighted like a1000 vots bulb with satisfaction.Maan laughed inwardly at her innocence and childishness.

             As the cable started to go up geet got very excited seeing the snow fall and the beautiful scenery. She became a small child. She excitedly called her daughter arpita to tell her how the location is and get excited seeing this. She completely forgotten that she is with some one. Who is wondering seeing her enthusiasm. She blabbered and blabbered every thing to arpita who is listening and participating in her excitement.she very much over whelmed to see her mothers excitement. Arpita became happy for her mother and warned her to be carefull. She kept the phone then only she remembered that there is someone also in the car.she emberased and smiled sheepishly to maan.He also smiled and turned his face to avoid her to be mor eemberassed.She scold herself mentally 'dont u see when u talk nonsenc ein phone' kya socha hoga tumhare bare me .sometime later she completely engrossed enjoying the scenery.After sometime they got down and start walking to the ice bed.As it is continuosly raining r we can say snowing the land is so damp and slippery with mud making walk difficult. Even though geet is walking very carefull she slipped once and maan had to catch her. After that he didn't left her hand and helped her in walking. Geet so much tried to object him but he didn't care.Finally they reached the ice bed where we can play,glide and even do scheiing. there can be sledges to carry people to the top of ice bed.there  is a water falls which can be formed by the melting of ice.the water is too cool one can freeze if we touch it.

         Geet became a child seeing the  played and played along with the children.She even take a ride on sledge and went to the top of hill.She made iceballs and through on children,they also played with her like that. She made iceman with ice and wore him her swater and put eyes to that statue.Maan was keenly observing her thinking how childish she is.He is totally confused with her behavior sometimes she behaves like a matured woman helping others taking care to elders and sometimes a complete chilishbehaviour.

         After some time when she was fully tired she came and stood beside him.

          " You like ice very much" "u enjoyed a lot "he asked.

          " Haa ,I like ice very much " You know I asked my papa to bring me here, but he denied saying we have no money. Then I thought that I can come here with my husband after marriage,but,she stopped suddenly ,Wait wat am I going to do?How can I loose my cotrol  before a stranger.How can I express my feelings and my miserabilities before a stranger like this. What happened to me? She repented her behavior and moved away from him dipping her head in shame.

          Maan stunned and stood numb by her behavior. Don't know wat happened to her why she gone like that?Probably she felt shame to behave like that before me r she don't want to open up infront of a stranger like me. Now he understood her, as she is a matured woman she know her limitations  and don't want to give any lenience to others . He liked that ,he fallowed her at a distance that she might not feel odd more.

Through out the journey to sreenagar she remained quote gloomy and not once she looked at him. She very much drown in her past memories which give her nothing but pain. He felt bad for her.


           The next morning they started to Haridwaar the holy place which spread along the river Ganga.The river Ganga here  is narrow but very deep and the water is very cool..During the journey Maan had discussions with the tour organizers and with the tourists and catering and hotel management regarding the business.

             At the breakfast table maan eagerly waited for her as through out the night he worried for her.She came as a fresh rose.He take breath in relief..Now she some how managed to get over her past memories. She smiled  looking at him.He felt relief don't know why?

[haa'haa.. yaad agaya teen din se ye saath saath chal rahe hi lekin abhithak ye donoko ek dusere ke bare me nahi pata.Naam thak nahi pata. Ek dusere se nahi introduce karvaya maine. Ab mai ye kaam karna chahthi hu, magar kaise?Sochna padega.Yaar koi idea do.]

              While in b.f.table maan left his cell on table and went away forgetting it. Geet saw this and tried to call him. Suddenly she came to know that she doesn't know his name. she wondered how to call him? She took his phone and went to bus thinking that after get in to the bus she will give to him.But he didn't get into bus yet. She is waiting for him. Here maan is searching for his phone every where. Here maans phone is ringing showing a call. Geet don't know wat to do?She looked for him allround but he is nowhere,so she decided to answer the call.She answered the call   'hello'.

         'maanbhai',called a woman and asked in bashing tone what he is doing without answering her call?

     Geet adjusted her tone and plesentlysaid that her; maan had forgotten his phone at b.f. table it is with her she will give him after he come to bus with due apologies she told.

       Then the caller said that she is Anvesha his sister and asked her to tell him that she called for him answer him immediately. Geet said o.k.and disconnected the call.

"So his name is Maan"she thought.

   After sometime maan came to bus thinking that wat to do now?she gave him the phone and told him where it is and said about his sisters call and asked to call Immediately. He called to her and said Annie in the phone. So he calls his sister as Annie geet thought .Maan finished talking and told geet annie is his sister she loves him very much and he also loves her. Geet nodded her head.

   Now geet knows his name as Maan . now Maan ,how will he know her name?

       The two buses started for sight seeing. In Haridwaar we can visit rishnath temple manasadevi temple which located on top hill can go by cable car  Ramjhula,Lakshmanjhula in rishikesh. Lakshmanjhula is said to be built by lakshman. And this is a bridge built without ropes and by only iron ropes. It will swing when we walk on it like a cradle and hence called jhula.


          After seing there  the bus started to Kedarnath fr. Rhishikesh.In the way to kedarnath we can see the joining of two rivers Bhagirathi fr. Gangothri and Alaknanda fr. Badrinath. At Devprayaga the water of alaknanda is muddy and hence we can clearly observe the joining of these two rivers.In the journey to Devaprayaga to Gourikund, the foot stop of Kedarnath we can see the joining of two rivers Mandakini fr. Kedarnath and Alaknanda at Rudraprayaga.There is a temple for Narada.through out the journey we can enjoy the landscapes mountains and rivers and valleys.

.         They reached to Gourikund. Fr. here the Kedarnath yatra will start. It is 3.5 kms hight fr. Gourikund. The road is very narrow and steep no proper steps. It is full of mud and slippery as the climate is highly un predictable. Suddenly it rains and suddenly the sun shows. There r poneys and dolies to carry people. Geet and Maan choose to walk it takes 6 hours to walk.

             While walking Maan is little bit a head to geet.

As the path is narrow and the crowd is big they have to walk closely. Maan is moved to the hill side to give place to geet to walk freely and to protect fr. the other men. In tat his shirt has been torn by the twigs of some plant at the shoulder.'Oops' he said disgustingly. Geet saw this she also felt bad for his shirt."Aap ap ki shirt uthariye' she told to him.

   " Haa,.."what ? he screamed in terror.and shocked wat is she telling?

   " Nahi ,..nahi,..mere matlabhai aap shirt utharke mujhe digiye. Mai ise thik karke app ko dedungi ".

      " Magar kaise"? he questioned her in disbelieve.

  " Mere paas swei, aur dhaga hai" she told him showing him them brinigng out of her bag.

     ' Tum ye sab le ke ghumthe ho'he asked her in great surprise and astonishment.

       " Haa, ise do phaida hotha hai "she said.

       "And what r they"he asked her mockingly.

    "Ek tho isi emergency me kaam athi hai ,aur dusere koi hamare saath bathamege karthe tho hum isse pinch kar apne apko bacha sakthehai.Mai mere dono betia sebhi ise karneki bolthihu.she replied causually

       " My god she is really unbelievable" maan told to himself

"Digyiena ' she asked him again .

    "No not nessesary I am fine "he told her to feel shy to open shirt infront of her.

       "Are ,..ise kaise rehthe hai aap hum waapus room ko jaane thak sham hojayengana. Tab thak kya isehi rahenge kya' she mocked at him.

        He began to open his shirt buttons turning to other side Geet also turned otherside to prevent emberasment. He gave her his shirt now he was in his vest and pant. Geet took it and quickly finished stiching and gave back shirt.he weared it and said thanks to her.

{Yaar onething iwant clarify u that needle and thread part I know some of u may think it as extra and over. But it is actually my experience. One of my tourmate helped me like this she is actually carrying those two I too felt like u and asked her the same she has given me the same reply.then only I realized it is correct after that I two fallowed it and to my two daughters also I said the same]

       Again they started to temple.throuhj out the journey we enjoy the beautiful scenery and water falls joining in the river mandakini.The temple of kedarnath located at the bank of river mandakini in midst of The  Himalayaas. The temple is said to be built byPandavas in 5000b.c and is renovated by Aadi Sakaracharya in 1200 b.c.The temple been closed about 8 months as it fully covered by fog and snow .Only 4 months it opens for the public to have darsan..Lord Shiva.The Himalayaas look like a crown to Lord shiva .Geet and Maan had darshan and had offerings to Lord Shiva. They returned. Trough out journey Geet and Maan walked at some distance. Maan always having an eye on Geet but our Geet always having an eye on those who are needy and in want of that they returned to hotel. Maan got busy in talking to tour organizers, catering people, hotel management to know the actual problems and difficulties they r facing in this business and their remedies etc.


 PRECAP;-' Maanji" she called him by his name.

Part 7:-

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nice update
geet played like a kid forgetting all her worries...
geet spoke to maan n then feeling akward..
finally geet came to know abt maan's name...

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Love it

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Hey dear why r u giving the parts in new topics..look u can continue in new thread only...go to ur page and scroll it till the web page ends and then u will see the quick reply...there u can type the parts and can click the post reply...and then to give the info abt whether u hv given fresh uds or not u can go to first page of ur thread and then change the date and can give the part number and page number and can post it once again...if u think that it is a difficult part then for reference see this link..this is my Venomous Desire thread-THREAD 01

If u still dint understand then do talk to me in FB...Smile

and the parts are awesome dearSmile






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awesome updates. geet will help others and maan is there to help geet.

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