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Ever-lasting love ll AsYa OS

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I had written this OS long long time ago on AR but would like to pen it down on most beautiful couple AsYa too.Embarrassed Its a Teacher-Student love-story.


'I regretted upon the day I met him. Why? Why do all sorrows approach me only? Why did I even love him? Loving him is a sin, loving your teacher is a sin, loving an Indian Muslim is a sin. Why didn't I know that? Why I loved him? Why I loved my teacher?

Well yeah, I am an 11th grader 16-year student and he my 22 years old teacher. 
Asad Ahmed Khan is the perfectionist name who entered my life on 11 January 2010 ,8:40 am. I remember the time also. It was 20 minutes before school's starting time. I was in a hurry, to reach the assembly on time and there I banged this person. Cool-tough, handsome guy, quite tall, and fair in complexion. His eyes chocolaty brown. His silky hair, smooth and shining. The dimples he released while smiling at me.

'Can't you see jerk? ', I muttered.

'What did I do?', he questioned.

'As if you know nothing.  Don't you see the paper lying down? It was my chemistry assignment. My old teacher just left, and she strictly informed our new teacher, that he should collect the assignments today or a minus 20 marks. I made it with such hard work, and you spoiled it with your stupid water and yet you say WHAT DID I DO'.

'Relax Buddy'. He tried to calm me down but it was of no use. He already did the damage.

'Yeah when my new teacher gives me a zero, then I'll calm down. And yeah, you most probably are among the students who are doing entry tests, so please go and do your entry examination rather than troubling me'.

'Woaah lady. I am here trying to calm you down, and you insult me more'.

'Excuse me Sir, you just ruined my assignment, you expect me to hug you for that'.

'I don't mind', he said with a grin.

'Shut the hell up Mister and get out of my way'.

'Oh well, you don't know who am I'.

'I am not interested in knowing also'.

I left that place. Sigh! I was late for the assembly and got scoldings also. This guy ruined my day totally.
I was too scared to attend the Chemistry class, because the new teacher would ask for the assignment and I would get a zero. I thought to bunk that class. And I actually bunked it. For the first time, the innocent decent Zoya Farooqi bunked a class. I felt terrible; I had to be 1 hour in that suffocating washroom so I could not get caught.  Well the problem was not yet over.  The idiot guy met me again.

' When will you give your entry examination?', I questioned him because he irritated me a lot.

'Um..well, I guess to qualify for a teacher, good qualifications are needed and not entry examination'.


'No not a teacher. The chemistry teacher for 11th Grade.'

I fainted on the spot. He tried getting me up, but he couldn't. God damn it was shocking for me to know.

After an hour, he actually waked me up, but not by sprinkling gallons of water on me, but hitting me on my neck.

'No you cannot hit me, or I'll file a case against you, you violent man'.

'Huh! What did I do? '. The poor soul got scared.ROFL

'I mean, I am sorry. I never meant to be rude my so-called chemistry teacher'.

'Wait? Your chemistry teacher? What class?'

'Ahm..uhm'..11-C', I stuttered.

'I just had a class with them', he rolled his eyes. 'That means you bunked my class'.

I acted to faint again.

'Oh My God, not again. Please for god sake don't faint, it took me years to wake you up.', he started mumbling holding me tight.' Listen madam. Wake up or I'll hit you again, and I don't care if you file a case against me or not.'

I am a bad actor. I couldn't act infront of him hence, I stood up. I was reluctant to meet eyes with him. I was ashamed to behave so rudely with a teacher. Baarh mein jaaye teacher. But ultimately, I bunked his class, and didn't submit the assignment and got damn rude with him. 3 in one. He'd surely kill me.

'Um..well, I am extremely sorry Sir. But everything would be fine if you wouldn't have encountered me today in the morning. My assignment wouldn't be spoiled, apparently, I wouldn't get the idea of bunking class to escape from a zero and all this wouldn't happen.'

'So you are master in bunking classes?'

'No Sir, believe me. For the first time, Zoya Farooqi bunked her class. I never do. Ask any teacher about me, I am the toppest.'

'Ahaaan but that's not a reason to be rude with a teacher'.

'But I never knew you were my teacher'.

'Why, you do not have the capability to respect human beings?'

'I have. I do respect all, but you spoiled my assignment, and I was getting late for the assembly also. Temme if you were in my place, you wouldn't be rude, you wouldn't bunk your class? You wouldn't ask forgiveness then'.

'Hey chill buddy. Relax. I am not the strict teacher, who wants their student to act like a servant to them. I hate such teachers myself. I am a young teacher, and I feel, a student sees a friend in the teacher and not a dictator, so I totally understand you, and no need to say sorry hun'.

'OMG you are really one of the best human beings I've ever met. I am genuinely sorry for whatever I did. I do not know how I acted so rudely with a person like you.'

'No problem. Go now, every teacher is not like me, if you bunk Miss.Mehta's class, she'll suspend you'.

'Okay sir, me going'.

That was our first meeting. And since then we became friends. I interacted with him more than my school friends. Never imagined I would get so close with a teacher.

24  December

'Is there a test tomorrow, Sir?', I usually asked him this question and so I asked him on that day too.

'Didn't you hear that in class?'

'No', I replied immediately.

'Why?', he asked me.

'I was drooling at you'.ROFLI tried joking around with him.ROFL

'Flirting with a teacher hun? Suspend karwa do'.

'Hum aapke liye suspend bhi ho sakte hain'.

'Uff kya dialogue maara hain tumne'.

'Acha batayein na, test ke questions.'

'Yeah right! I am not mad and get lost'.

'Haww you wont do this for your friend also?'

'NOOO, that'd be like I am cheating you and your knowledge.'

'Oyye serious bande, I was just kidding'.

'Mujhe serious math bhulao, idiot'.

'Aap idiot'.

'Mein kyun?', he asked hurriedly.

'Kyunke aapne mujhe idiot bhulaya, tu aap bhi idiot'.ROFL

We chuckled on phone and continued to talk for another half an hour.ROFL

10  June 2010

After the class

'Hey Zoya'.

'Hello Sir', I greeted him.

'I want to tell you something.Actually ask you something. Can you come today, 10 pm Rotana hotel.'

'Umm yeah, anything special Sir?'

'Nah nothing special but your presence is necessary there'.

'Umm why Sir?'

'Because I want you to meet my bride, I mean my love'.

'Oh that's nice. I will surely be there'.

He went away leaving me behind sad, terrible and unhappy. I don't know what happened to me on that day. I heck had 4 tests to learn for the next day, BUT, all I thought was him. I did not know but I felt some kinda  feelings for him. I tried to convince myself as much as possible, but I couldn't. I knew I loved my teacher, but I couldn't accept the harsh reality. I did not had the strength to do that because ultimately he is my teacher and society won't accept our love. Still I went to that place.

'To you is my heart,
to you is my soul.

To you is my past,
to you is my future.

To you is my destiny,
to you is my role.

To you is my life,
to you is my fragrance.

To you is my desire,
to you is my armaan.

Yes baby, Asad Ahmed Khan is standing in front of you, asking you to be his armaan.Is sher waale Asad ki sherni banogi?'

Oh My My, I was speechless. His short poem ran through me. I got goosebumps, I just couldn't believe, the guy whom I liked, loved me back too.  I continued to say yes, but then something struck me. The society, the people would never accept teacher-student and indian-pak muslim marrying. What would they tell about us. And they will never accept us. Teacher-Student can be nothing more than friends. I told him the same.

'I understand and respect your point of view Zoya, but I love you, do you love me?'

'But Sir'..',I tried to continue but he didn't leave me.

'Do you love me?'

'But'', he again didn't leave me to utter anything except a Yes or No.

'I asked do you love me?'

'Yes I do but''

'Shhh', he put his hands on my mouth. And kissed me on my forehead.

I felt ease and a delightful feeling ran through me.

I accepted him and he accepted me too. We were complete souls Asad&Zoya.

11 Janaury 2011 8:40 am

On 11 Janaury 2010 we met, and today was the day of celebrations, as one year of our meeting was over.

I was going to my class, and suddenly, I felt someone holding me, and he pulled me to the empty room which our school possessed. I opened my eyes and saw him.

'Asad aap'.

'Nahin mera bhooth hain.'Wacko

'Funny ah!' I went sarcastic. ROFL

'You remember what's today?',he asked me while having a big smile on his face like he had one year ago. To make the same thing repeat which happened 1 year ago, I had to fade his smile by any cost.

'Ummm noo, to me it is the same normal boring day'.

And YES his smile faded away. Such an idiot he is.

'Oh okay nothing, I guess I should leave', he behaved too formal and started to go.

'Saas lena bhool sakti ho, magar ye din nahin bhool sakti', I spoke deep from my heart. He looked at me, smiled again and hugged me.

'Asad, mein aapke liye shirt laayi ho'.

'And mein tumhaare liye ring laaya ho'.

10:40 am

He came to the class with a coat worn.
He removed his coat and placed it on the chair, and instead starting the class, he interacted with all the students.

'Guys temme how is this shirt?'

'Sir we are girls not guys', someone said from the back.

'Smart girl. Yeah so girls temme how is this shirt?'

'It's amazing Sir. Though pink is a girly color, but still it suits guys more than girls.' A girl spoke.

'Thank you all for your opinion. This shirt has been gifted to me by a very special person'.

'Aww that's amazing Sir', Marina spoke from the corner.

'Miss.Zoya, what would you like to say about the shirt?'

'Saale mujhse mere shirt ke baare poch raha hain'(I muttered to myself)

'Aap ne kuch kaha?'

I guess he heard me.' Um nooo Sir.Nothing I mean to say its amazing. That special person has gifted you an amazing gift'.

20 February 2011

'Asad aap yaha kya karahe ho?'

'Tum se milna aaya ho, pipe pe charh kar.' He winked at me.

'Asad aap pagal tu nahin hogaye. Kisi ne dekh liya tu aafat ajayegi.

'Koi nahin dekha ga baba..'

'acha batao chemistry test ke questions'.


'I am joking baby'. Gosh this guy never understood jokes also.

'Arrey I don't like jokes in this case. I prefer to be your teacher in school and your partner outside'.

'Aww that's practical Mr.Asad'.

'Yup and I tell you also to be practical you dumb-headed.

'You are dumb-headed', I told him.

'How am I dumb-headed', he asked me.

'Because you called me dumb-headed'.ROFL

'Zoya tum kabhi nahin sujthrogi.ROFL'

12 March 2011

'Asad I am scared'.I told him quietly so that no one knows I am calling him.

'Relax everything's gonna be fine, alright?'

'Asad how? Our parents have got to know about it and so have the society, they are calling us with so many sorts of names. You don't know asad. They can do anything with us if we go against society.'

'Zoya we will win or die.I won't let any harm come on you'.

''Zoya', Shouted him.

'Hello hellooo, Asad? You alright? Talk to me Asad'.

'Bus kar larki, aur kitna baat karegi apne aashiq se..tera aashiq ko hum maar rahe hain, dam hain tu yaha par aakar usko bachale', a wild aggressive man spoke on the phone.

I left my phone there and went out of my house, started running to his house.

I ran, ran and ran. It was late night. There was no Taxi on the London Streets.No taxi, no car to lift me. I ran more. And finally reached his house.

There I saw few people beating him. They were the leaders of our community, and hit him so badly. I went and protected him, and few thrones hit me also, and my hand started bleeding badly, but I didn't care. I protected him; I promised that until my last breath I would protect him. He was slowly going unconscious.

'Move Asad! Move',he hesitated.
'No Asad, I cannot move'.

I begged those people to leave him, I went on their feet, to ask Asad's life but they pulled and kicked me, and starting beating me also. My father came.

'Shoot her', he commanded.

'How can you do this to me father? How can you kill your own daughter'.

'You are no more my daughter. First of all, in our family, girls have no right to love someone without their parent's choice and you loved your teacher and that also an Indian Muslim guy. This cannot be accepted at all.

My father took the gun, shot Asad first and then me. We fell down, our hands met each other. We took a last our breath, and said ' I love you'. We were still breathing, Asad came close to me, and tried to kiss my forehead, he did kiss me, but a huge man came , chucked Asad and my hand which we were holding,  by his feet, but our love had so much strength that after chucking it so much still we didn't leave each other's hand.  And there he took the gun, shot me and him again, and there we laid dead.

and Asad & Zoya vanished forever; but only from this World, because they stayed with each other for[[eternity]] in their own world: in their heaven.

-Jis khaak mein do dil pyaar kare wo khaak bhi janat hoti hain.

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Iqra81 Senior Member

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 6:08pm | IP Logged
Awww this was such a cute story loved both of them...
Your writing has been gifted by god
Keep up the good work

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risingsea101 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Aww, that was sooo adorable
I loved it
Truly everlasting loved
Beautiful OS babe
Big Jappi!!! Hug

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...OohLaLa... IF-Sizzlerz

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life4me IF-Dazzler

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 5:37am | IP Logged
Thanks everyone for the appreciation.

However, its sad to see when you write so much with your heart and you get 8 likes and only 4 comments. Just because I don't come into the 'famous writers' category does not mean my writing's are awful! Stern Smile

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MisHumptyDumpty IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 6:37am | IP Logged
This was nice. i felt like i was watching a movie! 

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..Armaania.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 April 2013 at 2:55am | IP Logged
^^Thank You.. Haha really? I never thought it as a film while writing. :D
Anyhow, thank you.. :))

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