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Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2

Musings over Mystifying Mysteries of Monuland-31 (Page 6)

devilsadvocate IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by purplelolo

First things first, Thanks for making me hungry.
Pass over some guac with tortilla chips? And I shall kick back and read your post thoroughly, watch the episode again to be able to write my heart out. :P

Be back in a bit yo. Gotta watch it again. Haha.
Hiya Purple Big smile no Problemo Wink
Here sending over some guac and some corn friends ate all the tortillas Ouch 
Alrighty Imma read the heart out of your post Tongue

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Originally posted by -MohanKiMeera-

Hugs to Meera and Leesan Hug

Meera, I love my NBT forum, I love my forum and facebook friends, I love my NBT, I love the other fictions, I love to drool on my Monu aka Kunal, I love music, and I love to dream and imagine Day Dreaming I'm so into myself all the time, hardly caring about the world Embarrassed 
Good Strategy Bidz Hug

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Originally posted by purplelolo

Sigh. My 'almost' midnight snack was so satisfying. Thanks for the chips. :P
No problemo Cool I am Magnanimous like that Big smile
So, coming back to business. I feel, from Megha's side this relationship was kind of on the border of rebound. In a way. Wait. People, before you take your chappals off to hit me, meri baat sunlo. :P
It was a rebound technically...but she had a good period of time to get to know Mohan as well...

See, its almost natural to start appreciating or getting attracted to the person who likes/loves you. 
Especially who has done so much for you and your family and when he has confessed a few times before aswell. You are bound to get attracted to them. Same was the case with Megha, but the problem was, they didnt give enough time to their relationship to mature/develop. They jumped right into a marital bond. For Mohan it was easy because he was absolutely in love with Megha. He trusted her and respected her. Whereas Megha was somewhere on the last step of "just an attraction" and the first step of love. The trust was starting to build up and she was starting to adjust to her like towards someone other than Amar, when "Amars letter" came into the picture and then Manav and so on. 
Agreed completely, she needed more time...but I felt that she did fell in love with him...The kind of devotion and love Mohan showed for her, you cant help but reciprocate...even if you are an Ice queen of the highest order, you would be effected...perhaps she needed more to fall more in love with him...but then she had those two years after marriage to complete the dont really stop falling in love once you are married...I do believe that they should have given more time to develop Addu-Mohan relationship...but then how would we have season 2 Confused

She had no time to process the ongoings in her mind and heart. And then Mohan and Megha got married. And Ridhima starting creating issues. So, she didnt get time to build her trust.
Again, they were married for two years...and I guess as a person and a friend he did gained her trust after Prateek fiasco, the farm house phase,  then Amars case then saving Nanhi and Then Addu...taking care of her diligently through the she did had plenty of reasons to trust him...
Though maybe somewhere Megha and Mohan were equally at fault, but it was the doings of nature.

Coming to the promo first. 

I hope this episode doesnt air on friday. I hope it happens before that so that we can actually enjoy all of it and not sit impatiently over the weekend. Mohan is going to have a cow over Guru. 
And super hurt by what Megha actually believed. ( I have another theory on believing and not believing, I'll save that for the episode the confrontation happens ) :D
i hope so too...we need to see Mohan Puking on Megha's saree and then Megha drop kicking him and high tailing out of there...Okay maybe not...but I am hoping that the confrontation is gonna start soon, perhaps tomorrow itself...coz geniunely how much can they prolong this night?? and this confrontation happens at the morning after this its coming soon.
I am very curious about your theory Tongue do let me know if you feel like it...kay Smile

But you know what, I'll be jumping around singing when this misunderstanding clears out. Phir Addu rehjayega, filhaal I dont care about him. :P
thats the whole thing...They wont clear it so soon...they are at least going to prolong Addu's being Addu till the 100th epi, in front of Mohan and till then...we need something to stretch it...and Honestly, if they keep the glycerine supply to the mnimum I am all for stretching it...Big smile
Moving on, Mohan cannot stop gushing over the bond Megha and RJ share. Its something he has waited for, for so long that if you notice, he walks away or looks away after a certain time because he kind of almost doesnt want to jinx it or something. He looks so so overwhelmedin the scenes he is around them that he almost can't contain it in. There is a storm of emotions brewing within.

Emotions wise, Megha feels the same. There is so much going through her head that she almost doesnt know what to do. She's cooking for RJ and staying over for her aswell. And then she wears the supposed 'sautans' saari. Its not cuz she is being cynical, its just cuz she too is overwhelmed. 
Toofan uth raha hai Emosans ka...Monu Meggie should let it go now...lets get all the frustrations and pent up energy out and let off some steam Wink LOL I am all for it...But I love Mohan's Chanting I Love yous in his head...Gawd!!! he is sooo freakin adorable...Embarrassed Embarrassed 
Nanhi madam toh saatven aasmaan pe urr rahi hain. I love love love it. :D

Beera is slowly becoming my favorite. 
really?? Still very suspicious of him...but I am liking how they are building Nanhi's side of the equation,
I hope Jiji doesnt believe what she hears and like always trusts Mohan and speak to him. 


I dunno what she is gonna do...perhaps talk to Mohan or Guru...Guru needs to fess up to someone maybe its her...but if he does it to Mohan than it would be more dramatic...get more eyeballs...

Tannu and Aarti. Haye!
Renu needs a severe shake. She needs to come back to earth.
She is Hilarious Though...Poor Tannu and Aarti LOL
If I keep sitting on my computer, I'll keep on typing. I should probably stop and make this short.
So, I've given only one liners for the rest. (A) :$
dont stop...Keep typing...LOLLOLLOLLOL Lord only knows how much I ramble onLOL Feel free to write Long A$$ essays...we dont JudgeBig smile
Can't wait for tomorrows epi.
Me too
Buona Notte

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Originally posted by 1973anu

Want to bang Guru for this MUAngry.. I want him to confess in from of Megha, not Mohan... want to Mohan ask Megha 'how many times shld I prove myself'?

True Munna wanted them to recognize him... one question.. how does Munna have som many Addu's photos?... even if he is addu.. would daddaji have taken so many addu's photos in diff attire?

Sach mai tumahi maa tumhe bhool gayi hai addu - many just for one day... she is so pre-occupied with Mohan betrayalLOL
Awww Anu...Its ok, I will give you tons of water balloons...we will tie Guru to a Chair and Hit him with the water balloons all day long Okay...But I wuv him Ouch Dont wanna cause him too much harm...just traumatize him a little thats it Ouch
I dunno who he will fess up in front of...Perhaps Mohan, Perhaps Megha or Maybe Jiji...But I am certain he will fess up soon...otherwise His guilt trip is useless!!!
Anu, I dont think Mohan will ever ask Megha this Ouch Poor guy has no qualms in proving himself over and over again...he has no false ego...has no false pride with the people he loves Ouch he gives everything...maybe he will get angry...say something prickly to her...But he wont stay mad for long,...Coz this is who he is...He is this Emotional, Loveable Idiot...who loves soo deeply and without many conditions attached...and somewhere he himself, in his heart feels that he needs to prove something to her...probe something to himself...he is afraid of never being enough, kills he overcompensates...he is who he is and thats why I love him...I wouldnt want him to change for anything...not even for the love of his life's misunderstanding him either...
and Addu Ouch I dunno who took pictures...dont really care...wish someone becomes a balm to his Pain...Perhaps his upcoming confrontation with Nanhi teaches him about how much he still cares for his sister...Perhaps it will re-open the channels to the long road back to his family...I hope the kid gets some respite, if not peaceOuch

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swavai2 Goldie

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Originally posted by devilsadvocate

Originally posted by swavai2

As usual nice one Meera, Thanks.

Jiji's MU is freaking me out. No Jiji no, No cv's NO. Spare her from MU.

Munna is going to be harmful to MM. Bye'n enjoy the day all.

Hey Swati...Thank you Embarrassed Jiji is just pensive...but she is gonna bounce back Guru is all ready to recieve his Kantaap as soon as Megha Leaves...He is gonna confess to Monu and then all will be better
Munna...I dunno...To me now it seems like...His rage gets out in angry bursts, but he is unable to do anything truly damagable to them...over and over he goes in front of them, and no one recognizes him...I think perhaps revenge bender is a cry of attention...He wants them to see him, recognize him...Take Note of him...Maybe save him Ouchbut may be I am wrong

Jiji is likely to get back to her normal self soon, Agree but her mood was so sad, she is dumbfounded to know that RJ is Mohan's daughter. And is wondering about this thing.

Tanu's words "saari kaynatsaath hhokar pyaar karanewaalon ko milati hai", are reflecting Jiji's mind. May be she is worried if Megha accept Mohan again or not. May be she wants her to accept Mohan inspite, if at all he has fathered RJ.

That is a big May Be for Jiji, but going by Mohan acxepting Megha Amar's kids as his children due to his love for Megha, may be Jiji would want Megha to not sulk but simply forgive Mohan. But then knowing Megha she may be in doubt.

Okaya this post written by me is an officially MAY BE post. Guess that only reflects the pensive mood, Jiji's and perhaps mine.

Okay, I am getting out of this mood and resuming to more normal cynical self by expressing my feelings about Munna / Addu ????

Oh dear he looks ... gr8, his looks are bocoming my favourite and I loved Kanwar Dhillon's voice in his entry itself. He is another lambi race ka ghoda found by NBT for the tellywood of Mumbai.

This Munna, I feel so sorry for him, every time he uses agression, threat or a dirty trick like cutting the power supply, I feel a small boy longing for the parental love, a status of equality and a rightful acceptance of him by h7s family.

The day he said to Rimjhim, 'Mere family mai Mai Rahata hin' I felt his pain totally and since then whatever he does I only end up understanding him and forgiving him. Except his violent crapy advances towards Ragini. Angry

He tore apart and left Addu's photo in the dusbin of Mohan's house. Dead That is a cry for being a part of his family, where he belongs. Though he is coating it with a lot of hatred, just like his mother. This boy wants to belong where he will not be used, where he is accepted unconditionally. If indeed he is Addu, he is turned into a man craving for acceptance, dreading the rejection and longing to get love amd acceptance from family, just like his parents, Mohan and Megha are right now.

Bare with typos, on phone and travelling.

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Sah1 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2013 at 1:43am | IP Logged
Nice analysis meera as I mentioned already you are an awesome writer

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-RadhaRani- IF-Stunnerz

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well said meera jiLOL

MM both have so long and bootiful zulfe LOL mohan's zulfe very hot Day Dreaming and megha's zulfe silky silky zulfe ke saath silky thumka yellow saree mainEmbarrassed LOL

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I have just one thing to ask.

Can we sticky all your MOMMOM posts?LOL

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