Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara


Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara
Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara

Fan Fic: Dead, their dead. (PART 2) Of Run...Run..

PayaDesire95 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 2:09pm | IP Logged

Wow, wow! :D Thank you all for the positive feedback I got on my first FanFic! Totally appreciate it. So heres part 2, as you all requested :D

-Preeti maasi and Nanu have heard everything-

Preeti: In shock Kya!!!! Rubal? What are you saying Aditya Kumar is dead?

Rubal: *Sees Preeti and Nanu standing their, quickly shuts his phone* What? Nothing. Nothing. Get the hell out of my room. Why are you standing here listening to my personal conversations anyway? *Angry*

Preeti: (Goes up to Rubal and grabs his shirt and pulls it tightly screaming in his face) Tell me what you did to Adi!! Tell me!! Rubal what did you do!!!

Rubal: (Pulling away) Get the hell off of me you crazy woman!

Nanu: (Angry, slaps Rubal and pushes him) Hud hoh ghaii Rubal! Hud! Aap neh hamareh betchareh Adi kee jaan leh lee? AAP KEE HIMAT KASEH HOY? (Growing furious)

Rubal: (Feels belittled. Starts screaming) I didn't do anything. You have no proof. Get the hell out of my room.

Preeti: (Still in shock and cannot believe this) Pankhuri? What did you did with Pankhuri?

Rubal: I said get out of my room (Pushes her out, and Nanu follows. Rubal slams the door shut and locks it returning the call)

Sid: What happened?

Rubal: Nothing, anyway what did you do to that Pankhuri?

Sid: Nothing, I heard she killed herself by jumping off of the bridge into the lake. She couldn't see her husband dead.

Rubal: (Laughing) Oh really? That is great, two for the price of one. Two for the price of one. This is just brilliant.

-2 days earlier-

-Pankhuri and Adi are in the jungle, Adi is in pain and his wounds are fresh. Raw-

Pankhuri: Adi? They stole everything from us. Everything. Where will we go?

Adi: Coughing can barley speak as hes in great pain. Yaar, chinta mut kar. We will find a way.

Pankhuri: (Looking around) Adi, you stay here. Im going too look for some help. There has to be someone who can help us.

Adi: (laughs) Pankhu, yaar I can barley move. Where  can I go.

Pankhuri: Just stay here, and fight through the pain. I know your hurting. I know that right now, your wounds are causing you great discomfort. But you have to be brave.

Adi: I will try my best maam jee. Smiles

Pankhuri: Kisses him on the cheek I love you

Adi: I love you too, now go. Or else we'll be here all day just saying I love you.

Pankhuri: Gets up. And whispers to herself He's in great pain but yet cant fail to make a sarcastic comment.

Adi: I heard that

Pankhuri: walking away You were meant too. Laughs

-Pankhuri is walking around, trying to find someone to help her. Looking around trying to find any sign of someone or something. Finally she see's 3 guys on a truck-

Pankhuri: Yelling Bhaiiyaa!!!!! Bhaiiyaa!! Help! Help! Please someone help!

-They guys (Sachin, Roshan and Mohit) stop the truck and go see what this girl screaming for help wants-

Pankhuri: Please, help me. My husband and I were chased my goons. For two days, we've been in this jungle, running away from them. They finally caught a hold of us and beat up my husband badly. He is very badly injured and in great pain. Please if you could help us. Please. (Crying and panicking)

Sachin: (Feeling sorry for her) Maam, where is your husband?

Pankhuri: (Points) He's over there. He cant walk, hes in so much pain. They beat him up so badly.

Roshan: Deedee, aap chinta mut kar oh. Hum heh naa. Hum aap kee or aap keh pati kee zaroor mud-at kar eh geh.

Pankhuri: Thank you. (crying)

-Pankhuri leads the guys to wear Adi is, Adi is coughing. Pankhuri goes up to him and tells him how shes found some people to help them-

Sachin: Sir, the nearest place where we can take you to is Kondivade. It's a small village but the people are great. Im sure they will help you.

Adi: Aren't you gonna help us?

Mohit: No, sir. We don't live here. Were from Canada and own a store there. We come to India every now and then to get supplies for our store. Were going back in 2 days.

Sachin: Get in the truck. We will take you there.

-Pankhuri and Adi are sitting at the back of the truck. Adi is laying down, with his head in her lap-

Pankhuri: Adi don't worry, everything will be ok. And Rubal. Adi meri maa ki kasam I will take my revenge on him for everything he did to us, and especially to you.

Adi: (Sees Pankhuri is tense and tries to make a light situation out of it) Wow, maa ki kasam. What about Adi-kii kassam? Am I not important enough.

Pankhuri: Adi, Rubal will not get away with this. He wont, he cant. Voh kya sumuj taa heh, voy hee ekh heh joh tamasha kar suk ta heh? Ab, mein be hoo. Mein be tamasha kar oo gee.

Adi: English mein ekh kahavat heh. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. And im sure this has for sure made us stronger. It's awoken some new time of himaat inside us.

 -They finally reach the village. Sachin, gets off the truck and says to Adi-Pankhuri to wait as he goes and finds some help. He manages to find the head of the village. He explains to him what Adi-Pankhuri have gone through. And how Adi is badly injured and how he needs great help. The village head (Ayushmaan), says he'll be happy to help-

Ayush: Of course, I will help.

-An older lady (Saraswati) is passing by and has heard everything. She feels bad for Paya despite not knowing them and convinces Ayushmaan to let her take care of them. As she feels its her duty to God, to help people. Ayushmaan agrees-

 -Back at the DM. Police investigation is underway. Avantika, Harish, Nanu, everyone is greatly tense. It has been 4 days and still no sign of Adi-Pankhuri-

Police chief: Maam, so far our evidence has concluded that your son and his wife were being followed, but before that they got a hold of his car and purposely made the engine fail so mid-journey his car would break down so they could then plan their attack. After this Mr and Mrs.Kumar ran into the jungle. Today we are going to that same jungle to find more clues and the whereabouts of your son and daughter-in-law.

Avantika: I want too come too (crying)

Harish: Avantika, have you gone crazy? This is a police investigation!

Avantika: I don't care Harish. I just want to be re-united with my son. Im coming as well, I don't care.

Police Chief:  Fine maam, as you wish.

 -They take Avantika and Harish to the jungle Where they find Adi's sunglasses, his watch, his phone, Pankhuri's dupatta covered in blood, Adi's jacket covered in blood- Avantika-(Crying and shocked to see this, she grows more worried and scared for her sons whereabouts)-The Police chief spots a man (Jatin) passing by and calls him over for an enquiry, he shows them a picture of Adi-Pankhuri-

PC: Have you seen these two in the last 5 days?

Jatin: (Looking at the picture) Oh my God! I saw them! I saw this man getting beaten up by gondeh! This girl was being held back, she was screaming greatly. Adi! Adi!

Avantika: Why didn't you help them? (Angry and shouting)

Jatin: Maam, my small son was with me, he was scared when he saw the dead body.

Avantika: Dead body (Shocked)

Jatin: Yes maam, they killed him and they ran away. My son got scared so I took him home. The girl, she was screaming Adi, Adi wake up and he wasn't maam.

Avantika: (Cannot comprehend what she just heard, shaking)

Jatin: I came back after I dropped my son home, but when I did they were gone. I was confused where they were. I then asked Lochan, my friend. He said the girl commited suicide. She jumped in the bridge across the river because she couldn't take her husbands death. He said, by the time he got to her she had already jumped.

PC: Where is Lochan jee?

Jatin: He has gone to Chandighar saab jee. He has a business there. He said he found her husbands body, and then swam in the river to find hers. He gave the bodies over to the Mandir for cremation since no-one was claiming them.

-Jatin's friend Lochan found another couple it wasn't Adi-Pankhu but since Jatin saw Adi-Pankhuri and Adi supposedly "dead" he assumed his friend was talking about them as well-

Jatin: Maam, the cremation ceremony hasn't taken place yet, its taking place in 5-10 minutes.

PC: Come! Lets go quickly.

 -They reach the cremation place and see the ceremony has just began. The PC tells them to stop. He explains everything. The Pandijee pours water over the fire and it stops. They take out the bodies. Avantika goes close to them, she cant recognize the faces but see's a birthmark on the arm which was similar to the one Adi had, and Harish see's a Payal on the girls foot which is exactly the same as Pankhuris. They think it is Adi-Pankhuri but its not-

Avantika: (Crying hysterically) Mehreh butcheh. Mehra Adi. (Cant control herself. Cant believe this has happened).

 -PC tells them that these are the couples family and they will do as they wish with the bodies. The police wrap the bodies in a white cloth. And drive back to DM-

 -Avantika and Harish walk in DM-

Nanu: What happened? Did you find them? Did you find Adi and Pankhuri?

Preeti: Avantika!!! Kya hoo-waa? Tell me? Where are they?

Sheila: Harish!! Harish, where are our butcheh?

-Just then the police chief walk in with the 2 bodies wrapped in the white cloth-

-Everyone is shocked. Avantika is crying hysterically-


(Going crazy)



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ipkknd-fan IF-Dazzler

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Wow awsome update
Please update soon, im loving this story :)

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Rahma11 Senior Member

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Great job, looking forward to the next part, you got nanaji's dialogue bang on!

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PayaDesire95 IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by ipkknd-fan

Wow awsome update
Please update soon, im loving this story :)

Thank you Embarrassed
PayaDesire95 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2013 at 4:17pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Rahma11

Great job, looking forward to the next part, you got nanaji's dialogue bang on!

Thank you, haha LOL Thanks Embarrassed
hateme2 IF-Rockerz

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Good track.

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sudi_4m_kol IF-Dazzler

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wow ,,nice story ,,,well done yar 

w8ing for next part :))

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anusha.cochin IF-Rockerz

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Great...Filmy typeWink Thumbs Up

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