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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 9)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 1:42pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MyInspirationz

Lovely 1st part.. and loved MN intro. Smile

thnku so mcuh dear

Originally posted by yaadien.kiran

beautiful start
interesting concept
thanx for the pm
cont soon dear

thnks alot dear
glad u liked it

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Prada_176

WOW ! congtras for new ff

beautiful start 

waise ap jo bhi likhti hai woh khubsurat hi hota hai Embarrassed

thnks alot dear

hey thnks for ur kind words
wasy ap kaha hai aj kal

Originally posted by Roses-khushi

Loved it 


Originally posted by girlz-rule

Nyc story!!!!Smile

thnks alot.. saw ur after many months i guess

Originally posted by 007jindal

wow!!! really awesum
cont soon
add me in ur pm list

thnku so much dear

welcum to my writngs

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 1:45pm | IP Logged
hi all

thanks alot for ur such huge amazing response on this ff... thank u so much
i m really glad u are loving this story on first chapter and i hope u all cont to feel so

rplied to u all

hope u enjoy

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter: 2

Nupur: dekh gunjan ami k bad mjhy tera yeah lecture dobara nhi suna

Gunjan: per akhir kab tak… tu ny socha kya hai

Nupur: jo bhi socha hai acha hi socha hai… n please mjhy is baray mein baat nhi kerni tu pls stop it… wasy bhi kafi dair  hogaya hai… mein chalti hoon

Gunjan: thik hai ja… tera kuch nhi hosakta.. ab khuda hi kuch keray tu keray hum tu nhi kersakty ….

Moving outside she was waiting for her car to arrive near the parking area of the restaurant… she was lost sumwhere ..sumhwere deep in her thoughts when sum who was already shocked with her shock her…

Mayank who just finished his meeting with client was cuming out of the parking, when he saw the girl who has these days hovering on his mind waiting there… for a min he thought he is hallucinating yet than the expression on her was made him so restless…. He didn't liked it… they way she was lost in her thought and was appearing so much in pain or sad…  he wants to sumthing to change this …. Anything to change it..

Mayank: hi ap yaha..

She came out of her thoughts to see a familiar face…

Nupur: ji hum yaha…

Mayank: I mean ap kisi k wait ker rahi hai… agar ap ko munasib lagy tu mein apko ghar tak chor doo

Nupur: is takleef k liya shukriya ..magr mein driver k intezar ker rahi hoon… bus woh car lay ker ata hi hoga..

Mayank: are u sure.. was mjhy ko takleef nhi hogi…

Nupur: nhi shukriya…

Mayank:  so ap yaha kam k silsilay  mein …

He knew its so rude to intrude in her personal life… but sumhwre he wants to know that is she dating or sumthing like that….  She frown a bit.. but than relaxed if sumone else would have asked her such personal question she would have blew away his head … but than he seems to start conversation

Nupur: nhi… aj dosto k sath get together thi

Mayank: wao yeah tu buhat acha hai..

Nupur: apko kahin jana nhi hai

Mayank: hm jana hai… apkay driver ajay ..phir hum chalein jay ga…maaf kichiyay ga agar ap ko bora lagay per yeah jaga asi nhi hai k ap jaha akeli ghari ko ker kisis k intezar kerain…

(its not a rite place to stand alone)

Nupur: apko itna sochy ki zaroorat nhi hai hum apna kayal rekh sakty hain… apki is fikar k liyan shukriya…

He slaped himself in his mind.. yeah itna psoosive hony ko kis ny kaha hai… tera kuch nhi ata… na ghoofftoga (baat) k dhang hai … aur larki se baat kerny mein tu janab ap bulkily padal hain… ap sambhalao

Mayank: humara harghiz matlab apki space mein madakilat (interfernce)  kerna nhi tha.. I m sorry if… mein bus woh…

Nupur: its oky mayank …. Humain bus acha nhi laga jab ko humain ek kamzor insane ki tarah dekhta hai

Mayank: humara harghiz asa koi irada nhi tha… bus asay hi hum ny socha shayd apko humari maadat ki zarorat ho aur hum apk koi kam ajay..i m really sorry for tht

She smiled at his expressions he was counting evry word before speaking…. She knew he was just being nice but she doesn't like anyone to be so much towards her… sympathize to her… but he she knew was now really worried he made a mess

Nupur: thanku… aur yaha rekh ny k liyan bhi shukriya … humari car agai… khuda hafiz..

Mayank: khuda hafiz…

Mayank sehaba a strong head girl k samny ap protective horahy thy… wrong call u see…. He chuckled and putting on his  glares he drove back to his office…


Mayank: khala mein kyun jao… apko pata hai mjhy pasand nhi hai

Shilpa: kyun k yeahi tarekaqa hai… aur ap k sath asa hi kerna parhy ga….

Mayank: kahlo bacha lo please….

Shilpa: samjha lain ap is ko…

Ali( shilpa's hushband , mayank's uncle:  ji tu mayank kya baat hai

Mayank: yeah shaidyaa itni boring hoti hai aur khala ny aj mjhy lay ker hi jana hai

Ali: ap jantay hain ap ko woh kyun lay jarahi hai…..

Mayank: khalo… yeah kya tareqa hoa

Ali: dkeho beta ghar basany k do tareeqay hain .. ya tu ap apni pasand lay aay humaray samny… ya phir ass pass dekhain aur samjhy k apko kaun pasand hai…. Hum jantein yeah tareeqa ajeeb hai.. per asa hi hota…. Kismet apko liyan uski ko juny ki apk liyan thk hai…

Aur yeah maat kahna tum ko abhi shadi nhi kerni

Mayank: mein ny asa kab kaha … I know its time… aur shayd kahin mjhy bhi lagta hai k ek companion tu hona chaiy….

Ali: tu phir jao.. dekho

Mayank: kitna wahiyat hai mein larkyin sorry to say per tarany shadi mein ja rah hoon.. ya khuda meray character ko yeah kya ho

Ali: lolz.. so tu hai… ab apko hi ghar ghar ja ker larki nhi dekhni tu yeah tareka hai.. so zara kuch acha sa nikllo aur taiyar hojao….

Mayank: kya khalo ap mazay lay rahy hoo…


This is the most pathetic thing he has evr done… he laughed out loud on himself… chalo bhi yeah bhi kertay hain… he doesn't know when he knew this is the way but why he doesn't want to do it suddenly… he has gone to sum girls house to see them yet now he isn't feeling like doing this… suddenly why this all is seems to be in appropriate..

Sumwhere he knows the answer and he also know one thing that if he once tell this to his khala .. she will be happily asking the  her family.. yet he himself is a bit confused about all this…. Just in two meets he is ready to take it … is he alright or suffering from sum serious mental problem….

But right now in this crowd he is feeling suffocated.. he lossed his tie abit and he knows it will not help.. its better he find a corner and try to ignore all the crowd

Looking around he can see his kahla enjoying the gossip gang.. but wht stoped his eyes was the fact NM was also there… he smiled abit.. does it means she is also here… and tht made his smile wider..  hee forget evrythig, the suffocation the crowd. his uncomfortable

He moved his eyes rapidly all around to locate where he is.. come on god u should help me come on… but to his luck he cant see her any where… dam it..

He frown and moved a bit in between .. and thought of settle down sumhwere with this frown and a hating expression

Nupur: itni karab expressions k sath ksis ki shadi mein any k tu do matlab hosakty hain….

He know this vice … he certainly know this voice…if he would have been a flirt and indecent person he would have shouted yes…and would have said thts what has made this evening pleasurable  yet he controlling his expressions turn around

Nupur: janab ap logo k rasta rukhy gharay hain

Mayank: hm.. aur woh do matlab kya hosaktay hain ap k kayal se….

Nupur: oh asi shakal bana ny k…

Mayank: ji janab .. he cross his arms around his chest..

Nupur: ya tu apko k yeah soch ker afsoos horaha hai k yeah larki tu hath se gai… ya phir . yeah k haay mera number kab aay ga…

He laughed out loud

Mayank: he shocked his head…. Per darhasal( actually) is shakal k wajha yeah hai k mein kafi bore horaha tha…

He showed with his hand to settle down as they were really standing in way of others..

Nupur: hmm wasy shadiyan aksar boring hoti hai agar ksis ko close ki na hoo tu

Mayank: agreed…. Aur khala k abhi chalein k koi irada bhi nhi hai

Nupur: janab abhi tu nikah bhi nhi hoa… kasay jay gay…

Mayank: tu ap larki walo ki taraf se hai ya larkay walo ki

Nupur: larkay walo ki taraf se… aur ap

Mayank: mjhy bulkily nhi pata k hum yaha kis ki taraf se hain…. Aur adhy se zayda logo jin se khala mjh milwa rai hai .. un ko mein janta tak nhi…

Nupur: kyun matlab ap apny relative ko nhi janty

Mayank: hmm.. kind of.. mein abroad tha kafi arsay se… parahi complete hoi aur thora experience agay tu yaha waps aker apna kam start kerdiya … islyan mien zayda tar log ko itna khas nhi janta..

Nupur: jab hi… ap logo se kafi ghafil""( not know) nazar atay hain….

Mayank: agar ap sach pochy tu mein social gatherings mein comfortable nhi hoon… mjh logo se ghabrhat hoti hai

He doesn't know why he is sharing this with her.. he doesn't know why this so sudden he wants her to know… it was so irrelevant but he wants tht she must be knowing this part

Nupur: ji.. wasy am se baat hai aksar larko ko hoti hai

Mayank: nhi yeah am se baat nhi hai… its kinda a disorder..  social fear disorder ..wasy tu woh sab ab nhi raha .. magar thora sa uncomfortable abhi bhi hoon… mjhy ajeeb lagta hai..

Nupur: autism

Mayank: no not exactly but ya bit..

Nupur: she smiled.. wasy apko dekh ker nhi lagta asa kuch bhi hai…. Shayd ap is tarha zayda soch rahy hain

Mayank: shayd …

he said looking evry where than her…he sumwhere always feel terrible discussing it .. it gives him a sense of the upcoming rejection and he knew frm her it will hurt him abit more tht usual…

Nupur: logo ko jab tak humari kisi kami k baray mein pata nhi chalta jab tak hum un per is baat ki inkshaaf( got to know) nhi kertay… un ko ilham (dream) thori hoga… yeah sirf humain pata hota hai… aur kyun k hum us baray mein har waqt sochty hain islyn humain lagta hai sab ko pata chal jay ga… aur un hum baata hi daytay hain…. Chahy un ko pata chaly ya un k us baat se koi faraq bhi paray


Though his intense gaze was making her uncomfortable… yet she ignore it taking in as he might be hearing her keenly..but true was he didn't expected her to say like this… this was sumthing he has never heard after declaring wht he lacks… it was as if she was saying wht it doesn't matter… nothing like how sad or im so sorry for u… yet it was really …  u donot lack anything its just in ur mind

Mayank: kafi sulhji hoi insaan hai ap…

Nupur: yeah baat ap please meri mom se zaroor kah dayna… unhony lagta hai I m a mess

Mayank: koi barai baat nhi hai ..humain dekh kera humary barao ko asa hi lagta hai…

NM: nupur beta..

Nupur: excuse me…

Mayank: ya sure please….

The wedding ended and he was just not able to make his sense at calm any how.. the girls his khala want him to meet he did but he cant even remember there face, any traits was far from the count …

They were moving back to home, and his uncle was driving the car.. he was noticing he was quite more than he always remain, mayank he knew is a person of few words and specially when he cums from a social gathering he always can see the fight of himself to fight wht he lacks…. But today he was lost to.. and that so with a beautiful expression on his face… he dosent seems to be restless

Shilpa: kuch sun rahy ho tum… kisi ek larki ko bhi sahi se dekha hai tum ny…

Ali: shilpa kay hoaga ya hai

Shilpa: aray is se pochy is ko kya hoa hai… mayank tum ko koi larki pasand aai k nhi.. seedha seedha jawab do…

Mayank: nupur…

Shilpa: kya….  Kya kaha tum ny

Mayank: kya kaha mein ny…

He came out of his thoughts and slapped himself in head.. wht u did mayank…

Ali: he smiled.. shilpa us ny tumharay sawal k jawab diya hai.. ab apna kam kero….

Shilpa: tum us nupur k baat ker rahy ho jis k ghar hum gay thy …

Mayank: khala woh..

Ali: oye seedha seedha bool… itna maat soch.. its oky yaar….

Mayank: he smiled haan usi ki baat kera hoon jin k ghar hum rida anty k sath gay thy….

Shilpa: kya baat hai bhi…. Us ki tu ghar lana hi paray ny tu kamal kerdiya mayank kholam khola bool raha hai wah…

Mayank: khalaaa….

Shilpa: ap tu bachy ap gay…. Mjhy moqa mila hai tumahri tang khichny k….



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-DreamzGirl- IF-Sizzlerz

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Res ..Read it ..Will comment Aaram se kal...Nini Aaaying...

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 1:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -DreamzGirl-

Res ..Read it ..Will comment Aaram se kal...Nini Aaaying...

LOL oky Good nite
mayurian-artian Senior Member

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Posted: 13 April 2013 at 2:08pm | IP Logged
Jaldi update kro bhaeee... im waiting ;)

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by mayurian-artian

Jaldi update kro bhaeee... im waiting ;)

phew finlly done
pata nhi kya horaha tha it wasnt geting edited

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