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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 60)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 18 March 2014 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
Wil cont hopefully in a day or more 

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Bhatakti_atma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 April 2014 at 2:03am | IP Logged
Part 11 12 13 14
awesomeee...plz plz plzzz updateee

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rimshazeb Goldie

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Plzz continue soon fiz api...
its more than a month... Ouch

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Humayra IF-Rockerz

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Nice update..

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shobhakaimal Groupbie

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Where are you?  No update since long.  Waiting for your next part, continue soon

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parul_bansal Goldie

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awesome i loved d update...
update soon

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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updating in few mins ...sorry for the delay

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter: 15

Kya baat hai yaar akely akelay nashta horaha hai aur mjhy koi poch bhi nhi raha...

Everyone siting at the dining table turns there head to welcum the much pleasant entrance of the member of their family...

Shilpa: UDay...

Uday son of Ali n shilpa, younger brother best frnd of mayank... More than that uday  loves his brother like anything, he is his idol everything... he is part of the intelligence  agency of police..

Mayank who has the most wide smile suddenly remembered sumthing ... was about to rise frm his chair yet he didn't..

Ali: tum achanak... had kerty ho bata to dayty...

Shilpa: choti per aay ho ya posting hoi hai...

Mayank: kamal hai bhi logo ko waqt bhi mila hai anay ka...

Nupur was jst looking at this all

Uday: ap log meray ko moqa day ga bolny ka

Nupur: mayank yeh uday khala  k beta...

Mayank: han... he is my brother... he said with a proud smile on his face...

Uday: ek min... hush.. chup sab... kitna bolty hain ap log..achank islyn k surprise bhi tu kisi cheez k naam hai, chuti per nhi ayah on meri posting hogai hai Karachi, aur bhai sehba... yeh janty hoay k ap k bhai training per gaya hai ap se kis ny kaha tha shadi un dino rekh ny ki..aur ab bharam kis ko day rahy ho

Mayank: tu ny kaha tha possible hosakta hai...tu ajay ga...

Uday: woh islayn k mein nhi chahta tha ap delay kero... Warna Allah allah ker k tu koi larki pasand ki thi apny .. mood change hoajta tu mein tu zindagi bhar k liay bhabi se mahroom hojata nah... kyun k yeh sary mjhy ap se introduce nhi keray ga mein khud hi kera dayta hoon... mein uday hon .. apk dewar

Nupur: adab... kafi suna hai tumahray baray mein...

Uday: acha hi suna hoga ... bhai meri boorai khabi nhi kersakta.. wasy aplogo k time mil jata hai doosro k baray mein baat kerny k... I know my brother is daam romantic..

Nupur eyes went wide, he is surely not mayank's brother..

Nupur: uday maar khani hai...

Uday: is waqt tu ap mjhy kuch bhi khiladain... mein kha lo ga...  bhai zayda attitude maat khao ur dying to hug me..

He moved forward and mayank slapped him and hugged him tight... he really missed him so much... and he is glad on just one call he came .. he needs him here in all this he can be the only one he can share his worry with...


Uday: bhai tum ny jo number diya tha woh unlisted hai, aur ek bar internet call se kiya gaya hai...aur who bhi prox blocker lag ker... per mjhy samjh nhi araha hai k kisi k tum dono se kya dushmani hosakti hai...

Mayank: mjhy nhi samjh araha hai woh baar baar yeh kahta hai k wih mjhy saza dayna chahta hai but tujhy pata hai mera tu koi khass dost nhi dhusamn kaha se aay ga... mjhy kuch samjh nhi araha hai...

Uday: bhabi k baray mein mjhy sab batao... khabi apny un se pocha k koi purna relationship or

Mayank: she was engaged

Uday: aur fianc kaha hai..

Mayank: woh I think abroad chala gaya tha

Uday: wajhy kya thi.. break up ki

Mayank: yaar woh kahbi comfortable nhi thi is baat k baray mein aur mjhy khabi zaroroat nhi lagi us se poch ny ki...I mean she told be before rishty ko jhorny se pehly us ny mjhy bataya tha aur kaha bhi tha k us k baray mein agar mein kuch jana chaho tu... per mjhy khabi zaroori nhi laga... ab pocho ga tu us k lagay ga k..kyun tujhy lagta hai k...

Uday: nhi ap bhabi ko maat bolain.. woh pochy gi k yeh sab kya hai aur humary pass koi jawab nhi... mein khud yeh sab dekhta hoon... ap pershan na hoon... ap us k naam aur woh yaha kya kerta tha day do... mein ghar per hi raho ga tu wasy hi woh jo bhi hai us ko andaza hojay ga k ek police wala hai yaha...

Mayank: aur jitney nupur ki batoo se mein ny samrat ko jana hai woh asa larka nhi lagta plus rishta us ny thora tha tu koi jawaz(reason) nhi banta ...

Uday: hmm yeah tu hai... anyways... yeh kis aur wajah se bhi hosakta hai...personal nhi lagta mjhy yeh sab...professional bhi hosakta hai... Ya mayb hum bhabi k ghar waly.. ami papa k k ass pass sab chk kertay hain agar zaroorat lagi tu... bhai mjhy pata hai tumharay liyan muskil hai yeh baat ... but khala khalo

Mayank: baba mama k baray tujhy pata hai mjhy itna yaad nhi... aur yeh k unki koi dushmani thi ...hum yeh baat khalo se kersakty hain

Uday: hmm akar zaroorat pari... yeh mahaz k time pass tu hai nhi warna woh...

Shilpa: MAYANKK... MAYANK...

Both of them look at each other n maaynk rushed out... The sight infront of him shocked him

Mayank: nupur .. he rushed to her... tum kaha gai thi..

Nupur: mein bus khala k sath yaha samny park tak gai thi...

Her head was bleeding and he hold the wound tightly to stop the blood...

Uday: tu apko yeh kasay lag gai

Nupur: pata nhi kisi ny pathar mara ya pata nhi kiya tha.,.. ouch..

Mayank: chalo doctor k pass...

Uday: mein bhi sath chalta hoon...

Doc: mein ny dressing kerdi hai nothing to worry... Zayda ghara nhi hai

Mayank: thanks doc...

Reaching home he took her to their room and ask her to lie down he will b back... cuming out to have sumthing to eat so tht she can have medicine .. uday came up to make him understand who was in no mood to listen

Uday: bhai yeh coincidence bhi hosakta hai

Mayank: I donot think so..

Uday: dekho agar wohi hota tu call kerta

Mayank: tu mjhy yeh police walo k jasay xplanation maat day... I know whts going on... kholay aam woh sab kerta phir raha hai...coincident planned hoa jo bhi hai per sab kuch janty bhi mein khabi nhi bacha pa raha hon usko to get hurt... Us k masla hai tu mjhy se larky mjhy tang kery... nupur k pechy kyun para hai woh aur tu Kerna hi hai tu us k pakar

Saying so he left a worried uday behind... his brother is panicking too much... he knows that mayanks life depand on Nupur... and this is a very valid reason why he is not hurting Mayank rather Nupur... who so evr it is .. tht person knows one thing  tht his brother is madly in love with his wife and can do anything for her... And thts exactly they are using against him... but in all a valid motive is still missing...

Mayank: hey... tum thik ho.. he spread his hand on her face and she nooded in yes...

Nupur: mein thik hon mayank... holding his hand she clam him down... Ajeeb hai nah.. jab se humari shadi hoi hai kuch na kuch hota hi hai...

She laughed...

Mayank: its isn't funny... mazak nhi hai... roz kuch na kuch tum ko hurt ker raha hai aur mein kuch bhi nhi ker pa raha hoon...

Nupur: mayank... Tum shohar ho meray body guard nhi hoo...

Mayank: yeh piyo.. aur rest kero zayda stress nhi dayna..

Nupur: OMG mayank... yeh tum kah rahy hoo... hoo.. khud per lago bhi kerlo..

Mayank: he laughed... and then smiled looking at her smiling face.. she raised her eyebrows in wht and he cradle her face in his hand.. and caressed her skin..

She can feel the her whole self-shivered with the passion and admiration in his eyes... he leaned towards her and she closed her eyes... he smiled... a genuine happiness warmed his heart at the acceptance she has given him... he leaned more and kissed her wound softly... and then kissed her eyes who were flickering ...

Mayank: nupur.. his whisper make her slowly open her eyes and she found him so close to her... Caressing her skin he made her lock her eyes with his...

Mayank: ur too precious for me... too precious.. I really love u a lot and aur mein tumhain kisi bhi wajah se nhi khona chahta... I want to hold u close to me for a lifetime..

With an impulse she hugged him, and he hugged her back more tightly... hiding his face in her neck... he really wanted to hold her like this all his life... tht close so that nothing touches her at all... he was feeling failing to protect her.. Failing to guard her...failing to have his lost happiness with him... he is fearing tht like everyday he will b left alone helpless ..  he doesn't even want to feel the fear tht is these days hovering on him... Everyday he opend his eyes and chk her beside him. To be sure tht she is there n not leaving him... And every day he calls her, chk her cum home earlier so tht he make sure tht she is with him... but everything from his past to present nothing is making sense abt all this... with evry second this fear is engulfing him

Nupur: mayank...

Mayank: hmm...

Nupur: tumhari koi x girl friend tu nhi thi,..

Mayank: kya.. he broke the hugged and looked at her surprised... who had mischievous glint in her eyes... she was able to distract him... and she was glad abt it

Nupur: haan... socho koi obsessed lover tumhari... jis ko bardhst na hua meri tum se shadi... aur woh baar baar mjhy rasty se hatny ki khosih ker rahi hai...

She was saying it like a news caster...

Mayank: nupuurr...

Nupur: ni mayank ji.. dayhaan se yaad kichy... apkay mazi k koi hisa ko aj apk mustakbal per sawar horaha hai..

Mayank: meri koi girlfriend tu nhi thi u know tht...

He said actually thinking maybe she was right and she slapped her head earning a wince...

Nupur: ouch

Mayank: kya kerti ho nupur...

Nupur: aray mein yaha mazak ker rahi ho aur tum hokay... Wasy kya waqi koi obsessed lover thi kya... she asked all excited

Mayank: ji nhi... meri life k ek hi obsession hai ap..

Nupur: galta hai mayank... obsession nhi hona chaiy...

Mayank: aray baba mazak ker raha hoon... chalo baatein kam kero dawa khao aur thori dair rest kero...

Nupur: mayank is waqt kaun sota hai...

Mayank: acha dawa tu lo.. mein yahin hoon...

He encircled his arm after she took the medicine patting her head.. to make her sleep.. rather to jst be there with her and can think wht can he do..


 It was mid of nite whn he was just trying to catch sum sleep...nupur was in deep sleep with the effects of medinces ...whn his cell rung ..checking he found there was an MMS.. a picture of nupur walking in park with shilpa..

And than the call came... and he attended.. without even him saying hello the other person started

I must say mayank, nupur is still as beautiful as she has been ever and kamal ki photogenic hai.. jis bhi angle se lay low us ki picture achi hi ati hai...she has always been so radiant and amzing


Mayank: tum saaf saaf bata do k tum chahty kya chaiy tum ko don ga

Really..tu for the start tum mjhy apana pyar day do... tumhari Nupur day do.. kya hua nhi day sakty na... mjhy tum se jo chaiy woh sab mein lo ga... aram se tum se.. tumhara pyar.. tumahri khushi.. sab... wasy hi jasay tum ny mjhy se liya hai.. yeh sab kuch

Mayank: mein ny asa kuch nhi kiya

Yehi baat yehi baat tu tumhari mjhy aur bhi paka kerti hai apny maqasad mein... tum yeh manty hi nhi ho k tum ny kitna bara gunha kiya hai... Itna sab kerny k baad tum sochty ho mein tum ko chain se jeeny do k... khabi nhi...ek ek pal tum tarapo gay Mayank ek ek paal...


Mayank closed his eyes and rested his head back.. he moved nupur's head from his arm and went to uday...

Uday: kya hua bhai...

Mayank: yeh lay... accidence nhi tha yeh sab...

Uday: un k koi msg aya

Mayank: han uski call bhi aai hai...

Udya called his man to trace it and locate it...

Uday: bhai hum pata laga lay ga... jab bhabi k itni kareeb se koi yeh sab ker raha hai tu us k pakarana asan hoga aur... bhabi k ass pass I will arrange my man... who har wqat nazar rekhy gay..

Mayank: mjhy samjh yeh nhi ata k who bar bar yeh kyun khata hai k mein ny

Uday: bhai woh mjhy pyshco lagta hai... jsi tarha se who arams se baat kerta hai, patiently cheeso k handle ker raha hai aur upper se jitna maza us ko logo k takleef daynay mein araha hai... yeh sab is baat ko prove ker raha hai k woh zarorat se zayda clam hai... And he enjoy misery ... aur yeh woh sab kuch sirf mazay k liya bhi kerskata hai

Mayank: hum nupur ko kasay handle keray ga... aur kab tak mein chupa pao ga

Uday: jab tak possible hai... bhbai k daar un ki koi galti un k liyan nuksan day hosakti hai... Ek min

His cell rung and he was shocked

Uday: are u sure...thik hai..bhai tum yahin ruko gay donot cum..

Saying so he run out of house yet mayank couldn't stop himself he run behind him.. uday was holing a gun and was going around the house... whn his feet crushed sumthing benth them... looking down he found wht he came for... the cell phone... it was the same burner phone from wch mayank was called...

Taking it he went inside placing it in a bag...

Mayank: kya hua

Uday: call ghar k ass pass se aai thi

Mayank: wht

Uday: yeh cell mila ghar k bahar se.. bht chalak hai yeh usk pata hai hum GPS se us ko track kerlyty...aur us se bhi zayda fearless hai yeh .. us ko yaqeen hai k woh baj jay ga...

Nupur: mayank...kya hua tum yaha kya ker rahy ho...

Both of them turn to see nupur standing sleepy n worried...

Mayank: kcuh bhi nhi...assay hi gate chk kerny gaya tha tu uday mil gaya tu baatein kerny laga...

Uday: kya yaar bhabi sorry... Mjhy nhi pata tha apko neend nhi ati meray bhai k bina... jay jay lay jay apny shohar ko.. mein bulkil ainda se raaat ko baatein nhi kiya kero ga...

She cant help yet to blush... she knew it was unlikely tht mayank will leave bed whn he is hell worried for her..she was more worried for him..

Nupur: uday mein tum ko kisi din baat kerny k kabil hi nhi choro gi...

Uday: have good nite.. he laughed n noded to Mayank to go

Mayank: good nite

Uday: aray yaar whts so good about my nite... so lonely...

Mayank hitted him on head and took nupur in his room... asking y she woke up... to wch the simple answer of why he went away from there she was worried made his heart more in trouble... He will  protect her no matter wht he has to do...

But wht  uday was suspicious about was the fact ... tht how cum that person is so sure of not getting caught... Its much bigger thn they are thinking more than that... he needs to act quick to catch them ...





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