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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 58)

--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2014 at 8:56am | IP Logged
Mayank nupur ko bhi cruise par bhej diya??? 
nice update :)

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2014 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by --Sanchu--

Mayank nupur ko bhi cruise par bhej diya??? 
nice update :)

tujhy pata hai yeh update mein ny month back likhi thi LOL...
Mediterranean in cruise has been my one of dream destination ... ab mein kya kero connections u see
--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 May 2014 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Originally posted by --Sanchu--

Mayank nupur ko bhi cruise par bhej diya??? 
nice update :)

tujhy pata hai yeh update mein ny month back likhi thi LOL...
Mediterranean in cruise has been my one of dream destination ... ab mein kya kero connections u see

bahut connections

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rimshazeb Goldie

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Posted: 20 May 2014 at 3:05pm | IP Logged
awesome update...
love mayur scene...
mujhe to pta he nhi tha karachi me itnaa romantic n peaceful places b h.. chalo me future planing karlo sath sayh.lolzz Pakistan me gomna k jaga Wink LOL
kitna dino ka bd naughty mayank dekhna ko mila:-):-) ...plz give more mayur scenes
n now update soon api
lovely update

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rimshazeb Goldie

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Posted: 27 June 2014 at 2:43pm | IP Logged
update soon this one plzz

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GauriLuvsRP IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 July 2014 at 11:23am | IP Logged
First of alll extremely sorrryy commenting so late...was very busy 
hayeee kya pyaara update tha Fiza...
LOVED LOVED mayur scene in cruise...Embarrassed
PLSSS Give more mayur scenes...n even confessionWink
Loved the update to core...
Thanks for the PM...
PLLLSSS Continue soon...

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 21 August 2014 at 1:35pm | IP Logged

Chapter: 17

He woke up in the mid of nite panting, sweating.. he looked around and saw her sleeping peacefully beside him... he was feeling tired hell tired.. tht day for sum moments he forgot all this... his fears there life in danger .. the phone calls thread all... wht he was feeling was a pure bliss yet...It was blissful evening tht ended dreadfully...

Nupur: mayank mjhy ice cream khani hai

Mayank: abhi desert khaya tu tha

Nupur: han tu koi pabandi hai k desert k upper ice cream nhi kah sakty ...

He smiled and shook his head and turn to the road to her desired ice cream parlor... Yet they were never able to turn fully... it was almost 11 pm.. Being weekday it was very less crowded... The moment mayank enter the road they were left shocked...

Car came rushing frm nupurs side ...The moment mayank saw a car rushing  into them he lost the grip frm stirring  he was numb completely pale... he felt tht everything was going in a rewind way... he can hear screams can see blood all around... he cant just comprehend wht is going on or not... He just can see darkness, screams...death

Nupur: mayank... mayank.. she shaked him

Mayank: han... he looked around...

Marna hai kya beech sardak mein car rukhy ghara hai ajeeb admi hai...apna nhi tu biwi k kayal kerly..

Nupur: mayank kya hua.. yaha car kyun ruk di ..

Mayank: woh waha se car arahi thi...

Nupur: han per usny sahi waqt per breaks laga liya tum ny yaha kyun ruki... kya hogya.. sab thik hai...

Mayank: I don't know bus mjhy woh...

Nupur: tum hato mein chalti hon thik hai...utro...

She made him came out of the car and drive herself... the whole journey she kept looking at him ... he who has his eyes closed tightly and his head placed back... She was really scared to see him like this... he was as if not himself... the way he was looking at nothing .. his eyes getting wide in fear and his panicking... As if he was remembering sutmhing sumthing really dreadful..

They stoped the car... and steped put mayank left to his room immediately while uday was surprised to see this... it didn't took lot to judge things yet he felt like asking nupur

Uday: bhabi sab thik hai

Nupur: han sab thik hai kya hua

Uday: nhi bhai ki jaga ap car chala rahi thi

Nupur: han tu... mera dil ker raha tha itny dino se nhi chali...

Uday: aur bhai bina baat kery chala gaya

Nupur: aray who thak gaya hai car mein bhi uski ankh lagi thi acha hai so jay.. subha se office mein tha aur than itna lambi drive n all thak gaya hai bht... Tum bhi restkero

Uday: assay kasay jatay jatay yeh tu batay kasi thi apki date...

It was the moment tht brought all the amzing feelings he made her feel throughout this evening... and also his claim tht he can see love in her eyes... she didn't knew whn a ghost of smiled appeared on her face...

Uday: ahem ahem...agar apka flashback khatam hogaya ho tu humain bhi kuch batay

Nupur: nhi batao gi... good nite...

She smiled rushed from there...not because she was feeling shy... but because she was feeling realy worried... more over she felt a warmth of affection risng inside her for the man of her life... she needs to make him feel good n relax today... The way he has always made her feel really like a princess...

Steping inside the room she found mayank already changed and in bed... she quickly got herself changed and sliped inside the devout... yet wht she did next left even mayank shocked...

She moved towards his side and hugged him frm his back completely pressing herself to him...this was the frst time she herself has initiated sumthing tht intimate... he looked back to confirm he is dreaming or really she has hugged him tightly ..

 He was left breathless... He closed his eyes and collected all the courage n strength tht was needed to stop himself... yet he knew he needed this so much.. turning around he pulled her close even if tht was possible... And she willingly hided him in her... trying to ease him as much as she can... She keep stroking his head until she felt his panting turning into  deep breaths...

She looked down at him sleeping finally peacefully she knew if she will ask whts the matter he will not tell... Mayb he was in crowd today so much ttht has caused this all...she shouldn't have forgot tht he fears noise n people...

She was surprised- not by his affection but herself... Wht she had done she never thought she can do this... Whnever she see him like this she sumhow losses control overall all her resolves... sigh... donot know whts there in their life...

it wasn't easy to walk on this aisle where fear was all around him, it wasn't easy to feel the walls around u getting constricted day bu day to an extend tht now ur feeling they will crush us any time wasn't easy to feel evry eye on u..ever stone thrown in ur direction ..

It was same for mayank... even the ridiculous things for alarming him... he will just wakeup in nights to chk her... the slightest movement of the sheet will appear to him as sumone crawling on him... Things were getting worse n worse for him... and he doesn't know who to handle them...

It was a day whn he was driving nupur to her home... though initially she said she will go yet he didn't let her go alone... Joking tht these days she is too prone to accidents.. yet wht irritated her was the fact tht he took a longer route ..

Nupur: hum yaha se kyun jarahy hain

Mayank: waha traffic jam hai

Nupua: kya baad hai yaha tu had-e-nazar tu kuch bhi nhi... Huh...she said sarcastically  looking at line of cars infront of them

He wasn't paying attention to anything... his all attention was tinted glass back car tht was for him following them... He sigh relief whn he saw it entering nupurs neighbors house...

He went inside and asked nupurs mom to take care of her...

Nupur: tum se phly mein yahi rehti thi

Mayank: janta hon aur soch mein ho k bichari anty tumhain kasay sambhalti hon gi... ek hafty mein 50 injuries... Had hai nupur...

Nupur: huuu...

Nupur' mom was really happy to see her  daughter n son-in-law tht happy in into each other... She can only pass blessing to them

NM: fikar maat kero mein pora kayal rekho gi...

Mayank: thanks anty... Allah hafiz...


It was a beautiful evening slight drizzling, a cup of tea and sum pakros nupur was so enjoying it huming a song siting in terrace... she always have loved rains yet the balcony in their room has such beautiful view of their home garden tht it always make her in aww...

Mayank: NUPUR tum balcony mein kya ker rahi ho

He shouted in such a way tht she droped the mug on the floor and almost jumped back..

Nupur: chai pee rahi... thi.. kya ...ho mayank...

His blood shot eeys his anger scares her a lot... these day this side of mayank has make her so fearful tht sumhow she feel she never had ever known mayank... the soft caring person... this was sumone else.. who just shouts order and behave as if she is a comdity and he is the owner can make her do anything.. she felt shivers inside her

Mayank: andar aao abhi

Nupur: per

Mayank: har baat per behass kyun kerti ho tu ek baaat ek bar mein samjh nhi sakti...

Nupur: ur being so rude..

Mayank: andar aao gi...ek kam kero gali mein ja ker khari hojao... bahar shoot out chal raha ..ghar mein chori hoi hai samny gali mein waha jao.. aur bolo aa mjhy maar..

Nupur: tu tum assay bhi tu bol sakty thy kya hoagya hai mayank..

Mayank: abhi bhi andar ana pasand nhi kero gi tum..he almost shouted and pulled her hand drag her inside leaving her there ... himself going to change...

She winced not because of the way he dragged her inside yet he also didn't notice tht her foot got injured inway...

This was not her mayank.. whts wrong with him... She was getting worried day by day... he was sliping from her hands and she was just watching .. she couldn't hold tears finally made their way out of her eyes... he did saw tht yet he was out of his own control

He hold the sink tightly felt the shiver cross his whole body... his legs were trembling and he was feeling completely out of control... Anixty and hyperactivity was back too...he sigh and open the shower and sat there he wasn't able to stand he wasn't feeling any strength in him... wht he is doing he has no control over it... he bang his head on wall... its not her fault...his fears are increasing so much... Today whn he revcied an mms of nupur having tea in balcony with a msg

"jab camera waha jasakta hai tu bullet kyun nhi"

He lost all his control whn he heard the same vovie on phone again

" wasy yaar I must say u must be having loads of fun... Teri biwi hai bht hot... dekh zara kasay hil hil ker ga rahi hai"

Mayank: itni himat hai tu samny aa na... meri biwi ki taraf ankh utha ker bhi dekha na tu

"tu tu kya keray ga.. ankh kya mein tu usko pora hi uthny k soch raha ho... kafi maza ayya ga"

The phone was dead... Again it wasn't traceable...

He cant let it happen to himself... He will not be able to tolerate whts going ..wht the hell is going on...

She looked back to the close door he was taking more longer tht he usually take.. she was sumwhere angry at herself she was still feeling worried for him tht is he ok,,,

He came out and found the room empty he just dropped himself on the bed and slept... He was tired his body was losing strength ... his muscle mass was losing co ordination... he was losing everything tht he have again...

Nupur came back to give him sum snacks and found him asleep...

He had a huge frown and he was sleeping like a fetues... she sigh..he was looking so vulnerable scared and in panic... she know he needs help yet how to do so... If he will not let her... yet she knew  whts going she needs to know...


Nupur: uday..

Uday: han bhabi aao na

Nupur: uday tumhain pata hai k mayank kyun pershan hai... woh bht pershan hai...koi baat hai koi bht bari baat hai... tum se tu bola hoga

Uday was taken a back hearing all wht his brother was behaving as... He knew the nightmares are back..

Uday: bhabi apko bhai k disorder k baray mein pata hai

Nupur: han magar assay tu

Uday: uski kafi medicine li thi ayr treatment bhi... suki wajaha se jab bhai stress mein ho thakawa ho tu bht chilata hai... I think yeahi baat hai ...ap pehli bar dekh rahi ho isyn pershan horahi ho

Nupur: uday tum such bol rahy ho

Uday: han bhabi... Per phir bhi mein ek bar baat kero ga... will try to dig

Nupur: thnks.

Uday: aray is mein thanks ki kya baat hai... chalo ab mera sath chai piyo ab


She came smilingly tired but really very happy with al her plans this is going to be a master blaster yet a blast was waiting for her on door.. the door was open and she was piined to the wall scared was an understatement at wht she flet looking mayank hovering on her like this

Mayank: kaha gait hi tum.. han KAHA GAI THI TUM..

She closed her eyes in fear shivering... he left her with a jerk

Mayank: bolo kaha gai thi... jab mein ny mana kiya hai k tum mjhy bina batay kahi nhi jao gi tu kaha gi thi tum.. he grapped her furiously..and she coiled herself more  ... tum ko meri koi baat samjh kyun nhi ati hai bolo... har waqt apni man mani kyun kerni hoti hai han...

Nupur: maynk mein

Mayank: kya mein han kyaaa...

Nupur: mastering all her strength she pushed him away... kya kero gay maro gay mjhy maro... Band kero k ghar mein.. jao gi bahar assay hi jao gi kya kerlo gay...

Mayank: nupur...

Nupur: maro na rukh kyun gay ho...her words was cuming displaced as she was shivering with fear... fear tht he can literally hit her...she detached herself went into a corner trying to hide herself from him... she looked at her shivering form  and tht was a wakeup call

Mayank: nupur.. he said softly.. tring to compose himself..

Nupur: pass maat ana pass maat ana meray..

Mayank: nupur pls... im sorry woh mein

Nup0ur: woh mein kya... han. Mayank tum se nafrat horahi hai mjhy... tum ho kaun mein nhi jatni tumko... chaly jao yaha se is se pehly mein chilaoo...

He moved a bit closer yet she hided more inside ... his breath chocked.. wht he is doing

The look so fearfull her face drench with tears he tried to say sumthing yet left... he was relly getting dangerous for her... he was a danger to her...

He went to his study and she coiled herself more in a corner... She was hell scared... mayank has never physically abuse her.. she felt the safest with him but today he himself has broken his created boundreies... she was surprised with her self tht still she was give reason of sumthing big behind all this...

He sat on a chair putting his head in his hands... it was throbbing ..he look at his shaking hands.. wht wht he was can he... how can he just say n do so...he was almost in tears the pain was too big to handle ... How can he hurt her evrytime he close his eyes he see her frightening face... He was feeling like shouting loud... to let this pain suffocation out but nothing was cuming.. he was going more n more towards hell... but today he realized if this contiuous he will not be alone he will take nupur with himself to hell and tht he will nevr let happen...

Hrs passed yet he didn't got courage to go to his room... yet his aching heart tht find solace in her only moved to her... he slowly open the door and saw her siting in a corner..asleep...coiled like frighten kitten... His heart came in afist he felt it was bleeding... the pain was getting more n more... Moving slowly to her he found a cut at her sole... and his fingers printed on her arm... He felt like killing himself right there... he who was claiming to takecare of her throughout their journey doenst not only emotionally hurt her yet abuse her physically too...

He went to the cupboard to take a soothing ointment out and sat near her...very slowly scared tht if she will wake up she will not even allow him to stay there... slowly blowing air he applied ointment on her sole... He didn't knew whn it happen is he was tht absent.. he winced a little as she moved her feet away... and than proceed to her arms..

He thought of touching her yet stoped himself... she was awake now...she looked at his distress face.. her pain on his face ... his reluctant his curse to himself... She can see all.. this was the mayank she knew... he tried to touch her but he didn't.. he can see he was hell sorry for everything and more thn tht he was desperate to have little peace too...

Nupur: itna dard hota hai tu dayty kyun ho...

Mayank: he rised his eyes wch were misty... im sorry nupur im really sorry... mein mein khabi assay... nhi... he wasn't able to say anything nothing justify wht he has done

Nupur: mayank kya baat hai bolo nah pls... mjhy tum se such mein daar lagny laga hai tum assay nhi thi.. he shocked his head in no...trying to tell her he will never do this again... she placed her hand on his cheek... Mjhy nhi batao ga... Tum dekh rahy ho nah is sab se kya horaha hai...

Mayank: mein nhi bata sakta tumko... bus han magar mein such mein bht pershan ho.. itna k mjhy kuch samjh nhi araha mein... tired of all this he placed his head on her knees and she place her hand in his hairs...

Nupur: kyun nhi bata sakty...

He looked up and  very scaringly cupped her face...

Mayank: u are too too precious to me... n im sorry.. mein khabi soch bhi nhi skata k tum ko assay chot pohcho ga... mjhy maaf kerdo pls.. bus mjh se door nhi jao pls...mjhy chor ker maat jana ..

Nupur: shh mayank... Mein kahi nhi jao gi tum kahao gay tu ghar se bahar bhi nhi niklo gi

He moved a little more close to her..

Mayank: nhi asa nhi bus... Mjhy bata diya kero yah ghar mein kisi ko bhi mjhy jab nhi pata chalta tu

Nupur: per yeh tu gaalt hai na mein tumahra obsession

Mayank: plss kuch dino k liyan plss..i beg u

Nupur: thik hai..

Mayank: im sooryy he said joining his forhead with hers...caressing her cheek with his thumb

He wants to absorb her or rather let her take him away.. sumwhere so far frm all this ..suddenly tht has turn his whole world upside down...he looked at her ..she was his world ... this one person was his whole galxy.. he place his lips on her forehead whispering a sorry again and she shocked her head... And next he took her breath away whn he slightly carseed her lips with his... sHe cluhced to him tightly... it was sumthing beyond she can feel can explain... he was still scred with flow of moment he has followed his heart yet is she ok.. he waited and whn neither she moved aawya nor her hold on him lossen he placed his lips pn her this time firmly with all the passion regerts sorry and love ... forall the time so wanted to do tht cherish it savor the feeling ...he want to tell her tht he can only love her bus... he will nevr hurt frm now on he wil make sure . He conved it all of it... broking apart he caressed skin softly and

She hugged him tight..not knowing how to show n wht to do...knowing her very well he just pulled her more close...and than picked her up in his arms...

This was whn her sense came alive.. she knew she has given herself to him but the final step she isn't sure still...

Nupur: mayank...

Mayank: shh.. sirf bed tak lay jaraha hon...tumahry pair per lagi hai... Tum chal kasy rahi hogi dard horaha hoga... kasi lagi..

She thought of telling him yet she doesn't wants to add one more things to his misery the show down was too much already for him...

Nupur: pata nhi...

Placing her on bed sofly he joined her kissing her forhead seeing her eyes rightly closed in thought tht mayb she things he wants more...

Mayank: I can nevr force u nupur... I was just..

Nupur: maynk pls... she hugged him to stop him for punishing and cursing himself more... it was of no use... She needs to do sumthing and tht so on her own

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Superb Update !!

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