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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 57)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 February 2014 at 11:55am | IP Logged
Guys sorry yet i m having alittle issue with my system so i will try n update soon...update has already been written just ... pc thik hojay tu i will update

--Sanchu-- IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by drfizaahmed

Guys sorry yet i m having alittle issue with my system so i will try n update soon...update has already been written just ... pc thik hojay tu i will update

tera dabba PC...har waqt hang hota rehta hai...LOL

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rimshazeb Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2014 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Update sooon plzzz api jano

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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No amount of sorry is justified i know tht..
its has been a month ... whn i came here... promised u quick updates yet mayb evything is going against... my pc crashed n still its not worrking properly yet im unable to get programer to set it right...

there will be plenty of errors as i have no office install ..cant ..mera pc mahan hogaya hai pictures bhi save nhi ker raha... tu office tu door ki baat hai... so u have to tolerte and im sorry for tht...

thanku all for joining in and wishing me on Arjun's segment... thnks alot

fiza ahmed

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Chapter: 14

It was almost 11 pm whn with all the hectic journey they reached there home... to hell surprise of shilpa and ali

Shilpa: aray tum log ... 4 din pehly kasay agay

Mayank: wah wah kya istakbaal hai humara... waps chaly jay baata dain ap...

Shilpa: aaoo aoo nupur beta tum aoo.. tu ja jaha jana hai... yeh sadu tum ko jaldi kyun laya...

Nupur: sadu k office mein kaam agaya... urgent...

Shilpa: hay hay mjhy laga tha thora sudhar gaya hai...  Office mein kya kaam agay Ali ap sambhal nhi sakty thy

Mayank: meray client ko yeh kasay sambhaly ga... aur khala abhi tu aay hain woh bhi itny lambay saafar se... bht bhook lag rahi hai

Nupur: haan sach mein...

Ali: kyun tum subha se is bachi ko bhooka ghooma rahy hoo kya

Nupur: actually khalo woh mein in ko bhooka ghooma rahi hoo...

Ali: matlab... yeh aur bhooka ... kamal hai ... mayank kisi k liyan bhooka...

Mayank: mein fresh hoker ata hoon... phr kuch order kertay hain...

Shilpa: bhaga mayank... hota hai ali shadi k baad bht kuch badlata hai... mayank jis ko 5 min bhook bardhsht nhi aj bhooka hai... wasy yeah zulim tum ny kyun kiya meray betay per hmm... aur tu ja kahana garam kerti hoon mein

Nupur: woh mein ny kaha thy in ko k kuch kha lay.. mjhy motion sickness hai tu travel se pehly kcuh nhi khati... aur ap takleef nhi keray mein garam kerti hoo nah...

Shilpa: tumhari kheer ki rasam pori nhi hooi janab... aur jao tum bhi thaki hoi hoo.. fresh ho.. jab tak mein gram kero... phr mjhy tu batana na kya kya kiya Kashmir mein ... kafi romantic jaga hai .. hai nah

Nupur turn beetroot at her teasing...

Shilpa: asai wali baatein nhi beta

Nupur: khalaaa...

She laughed..and patted her head asking her to go n fresh up...


At dinner...

Shilpa: tu kasa raha trip...

Shilpa was not sure wht has happen yet she can see a very quiet mayank n a covering up nupur... she was just afraid of the fact tht it has nothing tht will trouble there very growing relationship... She was just trying to make him speak... she has seen him grow up.. she can read him.. and she can read tht sumthing is troubling him,...

Nupur: acha tha khala... Bht khubsorat jaga hai...

Shilpa: tu kis ghum mein hai... dil mein client ko khoss raha hai kya

Mayank: he smiled... ji nhi asa kuch nhi hai... bus thak gaya hoon aur kuch nhi...

Shilpa: sach...

Mayank: much...


Mayank was not at all in himself... he has made her cum back to home.. but is this enough.. he knew wht his khala was asking... She can read it very clearly whn it cums to him... But than wht he is actually worried about... is he overreacting or it jst the fact tht his fears are cuming up on the surface tht past will strike back.. mayb it was jst a prank... there was whole crowd there and he rember  tht his cell phone fall on the scnce and the receptionist received it after awhile and give it to him... his number can eaily be gonne to them... and mayb sum fool teenagers did so... Yes there is a possibility... he has to give this all sumtime...he is just over reacting at all this... he lied down on the bed tired of all the thinking in all these 24 hrs...


It was a week after they came back frm Kashmir, it was going so smooth... He almost forgot about all tht... life was turning beautiful day by day... Few days after their return they paid a visited to her house... And much to her parent relief the found there deciosn so good... their daughter seems to be happy and in her old self... she borught so many gifts from there and there son in law was equally participating in all tht... there was peaceful and comfortable ease between both.. the readable glances they pass each other understanding the silnce of each other... it was really a peaceful n happy moment to watch...


But it was a day whn mayank came back home in almost evening.. panting and searching for nupur all around...

Mayank: nupur...

Shilpa: kya hoagaya ... tujhy pata tu hai nupur gunjan  k sath bahar gai hai

Mayank: us ny kaha tha  woh 5 bajay tak wapas ajay gi... tu ab kaha hai...

Shilpa: aray tu dosot k sath time k kaha pata chalta hai ... aur tu itna kyun chila raha hai...

Mayank: he was dialing her number and tht was  cuming out of reach ... dam it

Shilpa: kaha jaraha hai... mayank hoa kya hai... mayank...

But he left the home not listening to anything... he was not hearing saying or understand anything.. he was just lost ... an finally gunjan recived the call

Mayank: gunjan hi ...nupur tumharay sath hai

Gunjan: nhi woh actually us k kaam tha kuch tu us ny kaha woh khud jay gi ghar

Mayank: gunjan u said u will b there with her...

Gunjan: bhai she needs to buy sutmhing islyn..  she was not getting the way mayank was being alittle paronid ... or this was sumthing tht nupur said to her and she was afraid ...

Mayank: oky ... thanks... u know woh khidhar gai hogi..

Gunjan: han ..

He took tha address and rush to the place.. continuously dialing her cell number,...

Just as he reached the mall entrance he saw her cuming out of the mall care freely...smiling and grioing her bags... He reached out there surprising her very much... And she smiled more widely yet it vanished whn He just dragged her from there and put her in the car...

Nupur: mayak.. mayank kya hua hai...

Saying nothing he just drover the car and stop in exile place...

Mayank: tum phone kyun nhi utha rahi hoo...

Nupur: battery chali gai thi...

She was sacred daam scared...and moved to the farer corner of the car... he was not appearing the person she knew frm so many day or rather months... he was sacring...  He has sumthing so scary in his eyes... his hands holding the stering wheel so tighly tht had made his knules turn white... he wasn't appearing all so gentle mayank..

Mayank: tum se kaha tha k tum gunjan k sath he raho.. magar tum ny baat suni nhi hoti ..

Nupur: us ko kuch ..kaam... tha mayank... tu mein ghar khud arahi thi..

Mayank: do ghate lag gay tum ko anay mein

This was it she jst donot know wht has gone into him and why the hell he is shouting on her... nobody evr talks to her like tht and he being such was far frm her tolerance

Nupur: mayank akhir problem kya hai... agar mein thora bhar chali gai tu... mein bachi nhi ho..  itna chila kyun rahy ho

Mayank: mein chila islayn raha ho k tumhain kisi aur ki koi fikar hoti hai k nhi... phone tumhara band hai kisi ko bata na zaroori nhi samjati hoo

Nupur: mayank agar tum bhool rahy ho tu mein ny subha hi kaha tha k mein jao gi aur mein tum se poch ker gai hoon... bilawajhy mein baat kyun barha rahy hoo

Mayank: mera deemgh karab hai islayn baat barha raha hoo... ek baat meri aram se sun lo tum.. ek hi baar bolo ga... jis waqt kaha hai wapas any k ghar per milo tum mjhy bus

Nupur: mein biwi hon tumhari koi gulam nhi hoon... jo tum mjh se is traha se baat ker rahy hoo... Mjhy bandh ker rekho ga tum... ek ghata late kya hogi... mjhy tu smajh nhi araha hai tumhain ho kya gaya hai... asay baat kyun ker rahy hoo...

Mayank: nupur meray sath behass nhi kero ...

Nupur: mayank akir tumhain ghusaa kis baat k hai.. aur ek baat mein tumhain bata doon mein un biwyon mein se nhi hoon jin ko tum bhand ker rekho tu woh rukh ja.. aj kerli hai ainda mjhy se asay baat nhi kerna,..

He didn't answered her yet the way he drove took her breath away... he stop the car  and went out of the car without even bothering to ask her to cum.. as he always do ...

Shilpa: kya hua hai ... Mayank.. isay kay hua hai..

Nupur: kuch nhi khala office mein kuch masla tha.. aur phr woh mera phone nhi lag raha tha.. tu bus pershan hogay

Shilpa: uffu aur pershani mein tu is k ghussa sathway asmaan per chala jata hai...

Nupur: hmm...

Shilpa: tu fikar maat kero... abhi thora dhanda hojay ga..

Nupur: ji...

She was hell angry how dare he talks to her like that... wht she has done. Why this all he doubting on her tht she was hiding sumthing or with sumone else... she want be able to talk tht she knew..

Shilpa asked nupur to go to mayank yet she was now more worried... she had seen the panic in his eyes the same old fantic panic in himself... she looked up to lord n prayed pls not again... after ages he has find peace donot take it frm him


When nupur reached the room, she saw the room dark.. they way he hates it to be... and standing infront of the window.. he was panting as if trying to calm down his nerves.. she was unable to understand things... he has been different these days... and than he was not eve telling her anything... they have came back frm Kashmir.. because of work.. yet he has been ontime home not to much in to work... jst last couple of days he has been ..  maybe she need to talk to him..

She moved towards him and place her hand on his shoulder...yet he didn't turn towards her... he was really feeling ashmed of behaving such..

Mayank: I am sorry nupur mjhy ...

Nupur: kya baat hai mayank... tum tu khabi ghusa nhi kerty ho.. phr aj itna...

He turn around ... and hold her shoulder...

Mayank: tum 2 ghante se ghar nhi aai thi... uper se phone nhi lag raha tha aur phr gunjan ny kaha k 3 hrs pehly she left the place... I was jst ...

He moved close and hugged her tight... and she placed her arms around him to

Nupur: mayank pls kya baat hai

He didn't moved away nor he said a words

Nupur: mayank..pls bolo

He moved away.. he moved forward and placed his lips on her forhead.. lingering there for sumtime...he wants to tell her tht he is sorry tht he was so ashmed of making her scared so much.. tht wht he is feeling inside he want to convey everything in his gesture and take sum strength from her too

Mayank: I am sorry... I m really sorry .. mein ny itna kuch bol diya... 

Nupur: pershan kyun hon nhi batayna...

Mayank: he hold her hands and smile... asa kuch nhi hai ... donot worry... caressing her cheeks  he left to freshen up..

he couldn't sleep whole nite .. the call today in his office has made his whole world upside down...


hello mayank kasay ho

mayank: ji ap kaun,...

Again the call frm an unlisted number ... he was sacred now again

Aray hum yaad nhi ... Baray darty ho... biwi ko bachny k liyan wapas ghar lay aay honey moon se ... kya pyar hai...

Mayank: kya bakwass hai akhir tum chahty kay hoo

Lol... tumhari trap yehi tarap ... Nice she is really hot...

Mayank: zaban sambhal k baad kero...

Aray aray... dekho .. tumhari nupur k hath se shoping bag gir gaya... asa koi kerta hai ..kasay shohor ho tum... akely chor diya bichari ko mall mein...

Mayank: agar tum us ko hath bhi lagay nah..

Tu tu kya... ma'am apk bag...

Nupur: oh thanku,.

His breath caught in his throat hearing her voice so close  .. how close this man is with him

Mayank: akhir tum chahty kya ho...

Tum se woh sab layna jo tum ny kisi aur se liya...

Dead tone

He knows wht he felt throughout the journey whn he couldn't find her, her cell off... no body knowing abt her... he knew how he feel like sumone is taking away his blood drop by drop...the way tht person let him know wht she is wearing where she is ... he loss everything in his head.. he felt slowly his blood drain out of the body whn her cellphone was not reaching... and seeing her rite there perfectly fine... he felt he was still breathing..  he still was shivering n panting just at the thought... he knew the panic n fear of people he has over cum is cuming back... and he needs to hold on to himself... but he knew nothing justify his act the way he treated his princess... he caress her frohead and she shifted more to him... smiling he lye down holding her hand... the only person whom he can rly need to be called to cum home back he has too tell everything to him... he needs to ask him to cum here and help him... the frst thing in the morning ... he needs to make sure she remain safe... He needs to do sumthing... Before its too late

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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rimshazeb Goldie

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Posted: 06 March 2014 at 1:13pm | IP Logged
Superb update...
yeh h kon..jis tarha sa yeh har wakt nupur per nazar ehka hua h..bohat dangerous lg rha h..
waise ek to clear ho gyi h yeh samrat nhi h ..
N mayank b nupur ko nhi bta rha kuch b..kahi unka bech koi problem na ho jai...jaise aj osna nupur sa bt k..
plzz jaldi sa next update do ..I can't wait to read further
amazing update...mujhe apka suspence wla ffs bohat pasand..

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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nice updt fiza
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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