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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 56)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 May 2014 at 2:08pm | IP Logged

Haven't rpl to u all yet ur comments means a lot to me... love them so much thanku so much... Keep really enjoying reading tht... Ardhagnini mein Valiyan ko I think..water cooler mila tha on correct guessing lets see is mein kis ko milta hai .. abt uday being serious character ya I know but thn I wanted him to be here donot know why ..thanku so much for all ur love... And this time I m back in 15 days yaaa... Mjht revisited... im trying to write now ... hope I m able to...

Happy reading...

I would like all of u to please pray  for Anila and her family she has recently lost her father.. May his soul rest in peace and may the family can pull themselves together . I know this loss is too big to even comment on..

Chapter: 16

Few days more passed away but nothing change anything around them... nupur was still in her well trying to weave the little home she has now of her... mayank was juggling between office his mind and taking care of her... keeping a check on everything.. though uday being around has made things a little oky yet still he can't take everything out of his head no way.. but in all this the only person who was also getting disturbed was Nupur... he was changed or she is over reacting on him being extra tired and busy ... not actually busy yet occupied...

He is human and it was not tht so easy for him to hide whts going on his mind and heart from the one infront of him he has placed his life like an open book... Yet she chose to ignore all this though it was not tht so easy...e either it was there every day routine tht was missing or himself... She was not able to put finger on ...

Mayank was a possessive person she knew this yet he was never obsessed he always had a perfect balance of right n wrong and knowing his limits never trying to enter her space yet these days it was obsession or over powering tht was cuming infront she doesn't knew... Yet wht she knew was the fact tht it was getting difficult day by day to know this Mayank ... she wanted to talk yet he always shrugged it off sumtime by making excuse of office stress or sumtime other.. yet it was all making things difficult nothing easier...

It was his daily routines since thy got married and he started going to office.. after breakfast she will walk him till the gate and he will never leave without giving a peck at her forehead... and than it didn't happened ... frst day she though mayb he was in hurry yet than it sumtime was there sumtime not... only whn she will try to make him remind it...

Mayank: Oky Allah hafiz... He was about to leave still without his gesture...

Nupur: mayankkk... she said in a little detached way...

Mayank: han..

Nupur: aam nhi kuch nhi dair se aaogay... She doesn't knew why she stoped him ...and she had nothing to say too...

Mayank: nhi time per aao ga..

Nupur: oky Allah hafiz...

He smiled and climb back to step... pecking her forehead... Allah hafiz...

She was elated she herself doesn't knew... she was missing this... she was missing his closeness... In all this the thing she herself didn't knew ...was the fact where she is going... her almost demand n feeling bad about him missing there morning kiss... her feeling of lost whn he distant himself from her... she didn't knew whn all this  had become necessities of her life...

She was getting annoyed whn he ignores her .. it was unlike him... he has made her so habitual to his un divided attention tht even if for a second he is not listening to her fully she gets annoyed

Nupur: Mayank dekho khala aur mein ny itni sari shopping ki...

Mayank: hmm ... achi hai...

He was looking at things yet this was not his way to see her things ... he will always touch the comment abt colors deign will tell whts best one wht he finds ok...

Nupur: she frown... tumhary pass time nhi hai tu bata do bilwajhy mein waste ker rhi hon

Mayank: aray asa mein kya kaha

Nupur: kuch kaha kab... Jab se itna baata rahi hon aur tum dekh bhi nhi rahy ho

Mayank: aray baba dekh tu raha hon...

Nupur: koi nhi.. yeh acha hai yeh color..

Mayank: yeah color tum ny kyun liya... yeh tu khala pehny tu thik hai ya anty tumhary liyan nhi hai

Nupur: dekha... ab dekh rahy ho jab mein ny bola is se phly tu bol rahy thy bara acha hai... khamakha deemgh kha rahi hon mein hato nhi dekhti

Mayank: he suppressed his chukles not wanting to make her more angry... yet she was looking so cute all red and furious... aray nhi na ... acha kaan pakar k sorry ab dekho k pora interest se...

So life was not smooth yet smooth apparently...



Uday: kya bhabi tumhara hubby bht boring hai

Nupur: aur woh kyun

Uday: islyn k jab se mein ayah on ek baar bhi kahin date per nhi lay ker gaya who tum ko... u guys hardly spend time...

Nupur: we do samrat aur time spend kerny k liyan ghar k bhar jana zaroori nhi hai

Uday: han but gahr k andar wala time spend bina bato k  spend hojata hai mostly... He said mischievously looking at her...

Shilpa: wasy mein uday is bulkil idifaq kerti hon... Yeh larka anay do is ko aj

Nupur: aray ap log kyun un ko... bht thag jatay hain aj kal...

Shilpa: tu  is k matlab hai ko woh apni ghar ki life ko suffer kerway... asa kuch nhi horaha hai


Mayank: kasa nhi hora hai ...

Nupur: kuch nhi ... tum fresh hojao mein chai lati hoon

Uday: koi nhi...asa kuch nhi horaha hai

Shipla: bulkil tum chai way piyo aur aj ghar per kahna nhi mily ga

Mayank: kyun.. he looked at every one surprised they way they all were almost cuming on to him

Uday: kyun k ap bhabi ko bahr lay ja rahy ho... dekho is massom se cheeray ko agar woh shikyat nhi kerta tu is ki tum asi saaza do gay

Mayank: per mein ny kya kiya..

Uday: yehi tu hum bol rahy hain k tum ny kuch nhi kiya

Mayank: KYA

Shiplap: kya kya meri bahu ko ignore kerta hai... na khabi time spend kerta hai na kahin bahar lay ker jata hai

Mayank: hmm... tum sab meri family thy na

Shilpa: han thy... biwi ko neglect kerna nhi chaly ga

Mayank: kasi baatein kerti ho khala... khalo ko dekh ker itna tu mein seekhi gaya hon biwi ko neglect kerny k matlab bhanjay (nephew) k sath sona parta hai.. aur meray pass tu yeh option bhi nhi hai...

Nupur chukled and uday high five with his brother n laughed with him... today he looked relaxed.. after so many days she saw him smiling n teasing n enjoying... Like the way she knew mayank...he suddenly appeared the one she knows and has gotten married to . Her trans was broken with his voice

Mayank: ek MIN... thik hai hum jay gay.. mein thori dair rest kerlo... biwi chai tu milay gi na

Nupur: bulkil...

Uday :  he mimic a lady... ap upper jay mein lay kerati hoon.. wasy agar ap ko mjhy akley upper bolna hi tha tu chai k bahna kyun kiya .. asai hi bolty nah...

Nupur: she laughed.. uday.. tum poray pagal hoo...

Mayank: islyn mein yaha se chalta hoon...


Mayank: apko bahr jana that u hum se bol dayti ... yeh third party se kyun...

He took the tea half lying on his bed...smilingly at her

Nupur: asa kuch nhi hai yeh tu uday hai... Aur agar tum thak gay ho tu koi issue nhi hai

Mayank: bulkil nhi... sahi tu kah raha hai... in sab mein hum ny bht dino se time spend nhi kiya haina ... abhi its 5.. tum ready ho jao 6 bajay tak bahr chaly hain... Kaha chalna hai..

Nupur: mm kahin bhi... per sukoon wali jaga..

Mayank: thik hai... do dariya( marine drive) chalty hain aur wahin kis restaurant mein khana kah lay ga ...wht say

Nupur: thik hai...

He was happy feeling light.. he knew he needed it and thanks to his brother he understand him so well tht moments away from all tht in his life will help.. and they are helping him... he smiled thinking about sumthing and then took hold of his cell... mayb little unplanned yet moments can still be built...

The drive to the place and talks in between all were more than enough for him and her to get themselves back.. more steps nearer...

She was in fun mood tht was driving him too forget about everything...

Nupur: hum tu do dariya ja rahy thy... golf club kyun aay hain...

Mayank: he smirk looking at her.. kya mein ny kaha k hum sirf waha jarahy hain...

Nupur: tu..

Mayank: wait n watch..

Nupur: mayankkk

Mayank: nupurrr...aray baba chalo tu u will like it...

Nupur: us per shak nhi hai mjhy... per..

Placing his finger on her lips..

Mayank: chup... chalo...

He can only smile more to look at her flushed face and flickering eyes... the way she looks from her eyelashes... Trying to look here n there and than to them and there closeness... And than as soon as they reached walking on the path guided by one of the person... He heard a gasp...and a tag at his arms.

Nupur: Mayank Hum... Is per..

 Mayank: han.. hum cruise per kuch dair k liyan ja rahy hain...he squeeze her abit in his arms enjoying the smile on her face...

It was the most beautiful site she ever had seen.. she chukled he keep changing her pov about beauty and life evry now or than ...

Spread all around was vast sea... far away where slight lights now beginning to bright in the city and then there was sun..slowly disappearing... and there was smile on her face peaceful n serene...

Her hairs flowing in the air and her eyes at times slightly getting close to enjoy the touch of nature...he moved forward and engulf her in a back hug starling her with sudden touch and the proximity..

Nupur: Mayank... She protest knowing they are in public...

Mayank: koi nhi hai baba... for an hr yeh sirf humari relax...

Nupur: tum ny

Mayank: hmm...

Nupur: kab kiya yeh sab plan

Mayank: ek ghate mein... ap ko shak hai apny shoohor k kamal per

Nupur: bulkil nhi... she chukled and he joined to

And than they enjoyed the sunset together like the way they had enjoyed the sunrise.. together but this time they were much more closer... not just physically yet emotionally too...

He closed his eyes enjoying the peace she transfer insde him...engulfing her close he sigh and let everything go away from him just her and the feeling of home...

She was like fountain of immortality... Who can cure take away evry bad thing away from him jus with mere presence of her around him... he cant put his define a moment he had felt so amzing the way he is feeling rite now..

Mayank: sigh... I love uday

Nupur: AWWW... mein lut gai barbad hogi... mera shhoor apny bhai k sath NHIII...

He laughed out loud at her dramatic and placed a kissed on her cheek...

Mayank: han tu meray bhai k itna amzing idea... Meray deemgh mein kyun nhi aya...

Nupur: kyun aj kal tumharay deemgh mein koi khichri pak rahi hai woh bhi bht bikar se...jis ki wajha se tumko na tu kuch yaad rahta hai na kuch dekhta hai... hadta k mein bhi nhi ...

Mayank: Nupur?... it was more a question to himself .. he wasn't able to hide it from her... she turn around in his arms and alook at him...

Nupur: tumhain lagta hai mjhy dekh nhi raha.. k tum pershan ho... khud mein nhi ho aj kal... tumhain yaad hai pehly hum jab bhi milty thy shadi se phly ya baad mein ... mjhy tumhain bolna nhi parta tha k mjhy suno... agar mein tumhary samny hon tu bus phir mein hi hon... magar aj kal tum gayab ho... Na mjhy tang kerty hon... na tease kerty hon.. na hi mjhy se larty ho... aur na hi har lamha mjhy special feel kerny k 100 tareqay sochty ho

He spread his thumb on her cheeks

Mayank: asa nhi hai Nupur k tum

Nupur: janti hon asa nhi hai k mein kam resistible hogi hon... He chukled .. per tum kaha chaly gay ho... aj bht dino baad tum ny assay baat ki... uday se khala se mjh se.. pehly( she placed her hand on his head) yaha jo kuch bhi chal raha hota tha... mjhy yaha se pata chal jata tha( placing her hand on his herat) per ab mjhy nhi pata chal raha hai... aur yeh...

Mayank: shh... im

Nupur: sorry maat kahna...

Mayank: tu kya kaho

Nupur: kuch bhi nhi... bus wapas ajao... Meray pass.. I have start missing u Mayank... her hands moved on ther own accord and rested on his cheek... mjhy mera Mayank wapas chaiy... impulsive sa.. filmy sa... Jo dil mein hai sab kah dayny wala...

His eyes were pouring inside her there was a huge pleasure in them as if they have found there world just now... his happiness was so much shining in his eyes tht she was left to think wht made his eyes dance with pleasure

Mayank: itna pyar kab hua Nupur... He hasn't left her face for a sec.. yet he moved a bit more close to her..whispering

The smile tht she didn't knew she had on her face..and the warmth his hands were creating on her skin suddenly disappear... is she in...

Mayank: smile grace him.. tumhari ankhein mein aj mjhy woh dekh jo mein hamesha se dekhna chahta tha.. wohi jo meray andar hain tumhary liyan.. Nupur.. tum ny...

He wasn't able to say anything he just moved forward and embraced her crashing her.. trying to weave her with him... so tht nothing can move them apart... She didn't hugged him back instantly yet her arms moved up taking their time... And he knew her unsaid confession the way it has shocked him ... has shocked her  much more... She who thought she might never move on has suddenly loudly has expressed her love... mayb she still will belive its care.. yet he can see .. it isn't just care... It was eagerness to have him the way she had him always.. it was desperation to remove evry frown evry bad from his life and filled it with so much of happiness tht nothing bad touches him... it is love ... that has given her urge to wash away everything and build happiness around him... just like the way he is fighting everything to make her away from any harm...

They stod in each others arms and he did let her move away yet just turned a bit to let her and him see the sun slowly giving in the embrace of the sea...just like he felt she has let herself to him...  The hr ended pretty soon than to his wish.. and they step down to mive towards their car ... To have a small journey towards there next destination...

She was quite n he cursed  himself for pointing out it to her.. mayb a little more time she needed... yet he cant help it... it was moment he lost his breath to... thinking capability was far awy from discussion...


Reaching there giving his car away... the manger ask one of the mans to guide them to there place...


and yet again it was beautiful she always loved this place yet today gods knows from where she is feeling really nervous n restless... wht happened at the deck was sumthing she didn't knew and is not sure... Yet the way he drives her is sumthing she has no control over... in all these thoughts the ambiance his presences and loved filled gazes were not helping rather increasing Goosebumps in her...

Placing the order he looked at her who was looking at the far corners of sea...

Mayank: kya hua Nupur...

Nupur: huh... Nhi kuch nhi...

Mayank: rewind ker k memory erase kerdo... Hum baatein kerny aay thy na ...

Nupur: nhi hum tu sirf time spend kerny aay thy na

He looked at he mishchiviouly and lean forward...

Mayank: bina baato wala time spend kerna hai..

She was now a tomato and her mouth open n closed like a fish . she has nothing to say

He laughed and she glared..

Mayank: tum ny khud manga tha flirty Mayank jo tum ko tesase kery ab bardhst kero...

She threw her napkin on his face and  chuckled ,he joined the laughers too and soon the dinner arrived.. yet they keep them sumself indulged in their talks and walks of life complete care free from any realities of life...



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shobhakaimal Groupbie

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Beautiful update.  Continue soon.

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rai-kishori. IF-Sizzlerz

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Lovely Update !!!

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Very beautiful update
now Nupur also feeling something special for mayank- thats great

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wonderful part

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Mayur are getting close to each other
Nupur is accepting maaynk
loved mayur scene

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Amazing update

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at first my deep condolence to Anila and to her family. i still cant believe that her father is no more. may ALLAH rest his soul in peace.

sighhh- aj update k bare main jaida kuch nehi kahungi. in 1 word i just want to say- Mind blowing update yaar. Loved it to the core . keep it up and please update mjht season 2 too

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