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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 52)

GauriLuvsRP IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 January 2014 at 10:03am | IP Logged
Lovely n cute update Fiza 
Mayank is such a sweetheart ya...
am just waiting how nupur will fall in love with him...
continue soon dear
thanks for the PM...
Glad u r continuing it...Big smileBig smile

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 January 2014 at 11:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by GauriLuvsRP

Lovely n cute update Fiza 
Mayank is such a sweetheart ya...
am just waiting how nupur will fall in love with him...
continue soon dear
thanks for the PM...
Glad u r continuing it...Big smileBig smile

thanks alot dear
wait n watch u will know how hoplessly nupur will have to fall
will cont soon
i m glad u al are here at his ff
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 11:20am | IP Logged

This time Allah k shukar as promise back within a week.. have rplied to u all...happy ready...

Chapter: 13

It was their usual last thing of nite affair these days... Those 3 days here in Kashmir have given them the much needed comfort and sense of belonging to both ... mayank can easily feel n see the changes in nupur... she was more like herself to him, free chukling teasing and loads of blushing.. the part he enjoys the most... a little teasing a or starleting her in mornings with a peck on her cheek.. saying good morning... he has earn loads of shiver and blushes... and all of this is making him feel like a teenage love sick puppy... and gosh he so love this ... more than tht the fact tht she isn't moving away was much more amazing n soothing

They were walking on the road cuming back to their hotel with an ice cream .. tht she wanted like anything.. even after it has rained in the evening making the whether more chilly...

And then he got a sight tht made him laugh... nupur who ws licking the chocolate  cone from all around suddenly has became the object of his admiration.. suddenly really he thought ...

Nupur: has kyun rahy hoo

He shocked his head and inch near to her... slowly he placed his thumb jst above her uper lip making her shiver and close her eyes... and he wiped of dangerously slow.. the moustache tht was grow on her uperlip... he was enjoying the change of the moment... the panting of her... evry dam thing.. he just love the aura tht jst suddenly surround them in these moments... as if like a film everything moving in slow motions with background music and people going in blured ... ahh such a moment

Mayank: hogaya... he whispered huskly

And she opend her eyes just to be caught in his eyes... she hurddly lowered her thm and start walking... leaving a grinning mayank.. gosh how he so love to wipe it off the other way... biting his lip ... hiting himself in head he start walking to catch her... but wht caught his eyes was a horrifying thing... the car from the wrong side was speeding cuming towards her... though nupur was walking on the foot park yet the way  it was cuming as if targeting her...

Mayank: NUPUR...

mayank rushed to her and his fear become rite whn the car came on the foot park yet he pulled nupur away successfully ..causing both of them to fall the other side of road... rolling abit...He holded her tightly with him completely protecting her within him...He broke away a bit and cupped her face...

Mayank: nupur thik ho... Nupur... Thik ho

Nupur: han... she was herself shocked...the moment she open her eyes... she was hell shocked.. She looked here n there and to the way frm where the car was cuming...n have jst vanished in thin air ... the corwd gather ... mayank very carefully moved away and held her together make her stood up... with the help of people her scarf and his things were given to them...

He checked her all the way .. pating off dust..She wasn't hurt yet he was abit his elbow was slightly bleeding ... yet he care a daam...

Mayank: nupur thik ho na... he holded her close and ask correcting her hairs and removing the sweat beats...

She noded in yes ...

Mayank: chalo yaha se... chalo.. holding her tightly to himself he slowly walk.. walking told him tht his leg is also slight bruised so was her as she winced slightly whn the walk...

Mayank: nupur can u walk.. nhi tu mein...

Nupur: nhi nhi I can walk... she knew wht he will do  pick her up yet she srsly donot want to create a scne... yet he stop a cap and ask it to take them to the hotel.. though it was jst few mins walk yet he knew it isn't good to walk...

Taking her away from there to their room... He made her sit on the bed and gave her water  trying siting on his knees beside her yet he stoped... and sat pulling a chair...

Mayank: tum thik ho na ...

Nupur: she took the water and close her eyes calm herself.. and said... Han...mein bulkily thik hoon...

But next thing she stood up and moved away and poured summore..

Mayank: mein lata hon tum rest kero... Tumhain lagai hai nupur

He was about stand when she press her hand  on his shoulder... And he couldn't help to look at her hand and her...

She sat beside him and passed the glass to him.. knowing sumwhere he is much more fragile than her...

Nupur: mayank mein thik hoon.. aur tumhain mjh se zayda lagai hai...

Mayank: mein thik hoon...

Nupur: nhi ho... aur relax woh accident tha... shayd koi drunk driver tha

Mayank: mjhy kayal rekhna chaiy tha ... asay akela kyun chor diya mein ny...

Nupur: pagal ho kya... mein foot park per chal rahi thi.. ... it was just an accident.. tu pani piyo..

She with her hands made him drink the water.. and calmed him rubbing his back..pagal hai bulkily she can only can think so,...

Mayank: mjhy sath chalna chaiy tha... road k us tarah mjhy hona chaiya wouldn't have happened.. he was jst saying this all in trance...

Nupur: deemgh karab hai tumhara huh... with tht he looked at his angry wife... han sahi baat hai... bulkily sahi baat hai ... tum Hercules hona ... road k us side chalty samny se car ati aur tum us ko utha ker paik day tay... ya tumharay pass freezing breath k super power tu nhi .. OMG really u would have freez the car rite there...

Despite of being so tense he cant help but to chukled at himself...

Nupur: intheha se zayda over protective aur careful ho...hum har waqt har cheez ko avoid nhi ker sakty mayank... asi chessay hoti hai zindagi k hisa hain yeh... utho bulky nhi mein first aid box mangti hoon...

Mayank: aray baba koi zaroorat nhi hai I m just gonna wash it with warm water... Sahi hojay ga

Nupur; ohh super healing ki bhi super power hi tumhary pass...

He laughed this time...she is so cute..

Mayank: tum bhi na nupur..

Nupur: mein bhi na kya... I m calling reception koi doctor un ki dispensary mein hoga road per lagi hai wound hai injection tu lagwan peray ga super hero... Bus ..

Mayank: jo huqum superwoman... He said standing up and cuping her cheek lovingly caressing her cheek.. n went to clean himself...

By the time she called the reception n requested if they can send doc here as it will really pain if he will walk... n thy agreed him the frst aid doc leave with a smile at the bossy wife and a such obedient husband... ..

Nupur:  chalo ab change kero aur thora rest kero... mjhy bhi neend arahi hai abi...

Mayank: kya yaar nupur ... acha  thik hai...

Nupur; good boy...

He laughed this time and lyed beside her ...

Changing herself to she lied down... though sumhwere she was shocked, it was all in all a weird feeling seeing and feeling u lost ur life rite there...  than but seeing him more shocked she felt like helping him... and sumwhere it made her forget everything...

He wasn't able to sleep... he turn to see her who was calm and peaceful... he placed his hand on her head caress her hairs... thank god nothing was jst the sight tht he cant jst get away from his head...evrytime he close his eyes he can see the car rushing to them..n all the what ifs cuming back to him ...

It was sumwhere in the early morning whn he felt his cell vibrating in his trouser ... mayb in all this he forgot to take it .he took it out and  see unknown number flashing... feeling its almost 7 mayb anyone frm his office called he picked up the phone and move abit away from nupur not to make her awake..

Mayank: Hello..

Hello mayank.?.

Mayank: Ji kaun..

Accident se itna daarty kyun ho... jan nikla gai ... jab tumahri jan k pass se moot guzar gai.. socho us per se guzarti tu...

Mayank: Kaun baat ker raha hai.. kya bakwass ker rahy hoo tum...

Ksis ki jaan ki jaan jab jaati hai tu socha kitna dard hota hai... Yeah baat tum ko nhi pata... per pata chaly ga... per han tum ko jan kasay lyna hai yeah tu pata hai  ..kuch yaad aya.. logo ko sardak se mooth k neend solna tum ko tu ata hai ...nhi ?

Dead tone...

Mayank: hello hello...

He was shocked, numb, terrified and what not... he supported himself with the table nearby... shocked with the call... more to the fact who the hell he was...wht he was saying and wht he was forcing on him.. whterver he has surly made their dream trip  into nightmare...  he just can figure out wht was this all about... who was the person ... and why anyone will want to harm them.. nupur.. he looked at her who was sleeping claming unaware of the facts... but...

He sat the chair neaby to actually evaluate what he was saying and wht was going on but no matter how many times he thing he cant just figure it out... this is was a bad joke or wht... But whatever he cant take the risk anymore..



It was sumhwere around nine whn she woke up with mayank voice , he was continuously  talking on phone as if sumthing has happened.. he was appearing worried mayab after myth of last nite...

Nupur: mayank...

Mayank: jst make it done... morning nupur... he came and sat beside her...

Nupur: kya hua .. sab thik hai

Mayank: haan sab thik hai.. actually office mein kuch masala hogaya ... im sorry but humain wapas jana hoga

Nupur: aj ... mayank u promise k hum rawlakot  jay gay...pls.. kal nhi jasakty..

Mayank: nupur mein kah raha hoon na k nhi delay ker sakty ... hum abhi jarahy hain... packing kerdi hai mein ny tu change ker k fresh hojao... luckly humain 2 bajy ki flight mil gai hai...

Nupur: 2 bajay kasay ... yaha se flight

Mayank: itna argument kyun ker rahi hoo.. private plan tha kisis k I request k woh humain Islamabad lay jay ga waha se we will take the flight to Karachi.. aur kuch

Nupur: ghussa kyun horahy ho.. fine mein ready horahi hoon.. aur kuch huqum ho tu bata do..

She sumwhere felt really bad.. he never talk to her like tht.. he closed his eyes and clam himself... the fear of all this has gonne on to his head... he jst want to rash home... and he cant tell her anything about it...

Mayank: I m sorry .. I donot want to b rude... bus im really pissed of with the things at office bus islayn ...

Nupur: its oky

Mayank: I m sorry hum phr dobara ajay ga... I promise..

Nupur: hmm...

Mayank: Nuppur... sorry baba .. he holded her hand ... mein ghusa nhi kerna chahta tha bus..

Nupur: its oky mayank... Tum pershan hoon mjhy pata hai.. khala ko phone kerdo.. humaray phone off milay gay tu pershan hogi...

Mayank: nhi wasy bhi yaha out of reach hain... Nhi hogi un ko surprise day gay...

Nupur: thik hai...

Mayank : just get ready.. he pecked her forehead and left for checking out...

With that they started there journey .. from a world of dream to the reality


Helmet is on... jootay tomatoes all are allowed... So yes it wasn't a lovestory , it wasn't a ff based on arranged marriage..'s a romantic thriller... now enjoy... hehhe haha evil laughEvil Smile ...mein ny kuch nhi kiya concept Faria k tha usko pakro... TongueLOL ...

 so the story actually began now... Mayank Nupur lovestory still will b a major part in all this.. though whn I frst conceptualized it .. it was abit difference yet I preferred to add less complications to the story...



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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 11:52am | IP Logged
Very thrilling

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crazymayurian IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
didn't expected it...
kaun ho skta hai...
so update soon

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Maria. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Interesting twist,Fiza.
Do continue soon.

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DazzilerDizzy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
Continue is interesting!!

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rimshazeb Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2014 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
Hayee Allah yeh kiya kar diya apna Shocked Shocked Shocked
Pora ka pora concept he change kar diya...
Hmm to yeh romantic thriller story h... waise lg to kafi interesting rha h... maza aya ga pardhna me..
But yeh h kon.. I mean mayank sa iski kiya dushmani h.. Confused per I know pochna ka koi faida nhi bcz ap 30 chap sa pehla to suspence kholna nhi wali...
Overall jo b h bohat h awesome h.. n Mayur romance to bohat bohat he acha h..kitna pyar karta h mayank nupur sa..kitni lucky h nupur Day Dreaming ... let's see ab nupur ko kb pyar ka agaz kb ho ga...
@fari fab job behna.. kiya concept h..per agar aga mayur ko iski wajha sa kuch hua na to teri Khair nhi.. Embarrassed
N api great written as usual Big smile
Takecare of urself... get well soon..
Lov u

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