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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 49)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2014 at 11:25am | IP Logged

Thank u all for remembering this ff and wanting to read it further... i thought most of u must have forgotten the story... yet u all sticked her...
will try to be on time ... atleast a weekly update... feel free to scarp or pm me as reminder...
till now i m building the plot...hopefully after this the story itself will begin...

happy reading
and yes i have rplied to u all on Once upon A time... thanku so much for ur love there


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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 20 January 2014 at 11:25am | IP Logged

Chapter: 12

Neelam valley

The trip to it was thank God not too much trouble sum... she declare not to take breakfast.. so we just got changed and were about to move

Nupur: tum tu nahsta kerlo...

Mayank: waha jaha ker sath kerlay gay...

Nupur: yeah kya baat hoi mayank ... meri wajah se bhookay kyun raho ga...

Mayank: dekho biwi kya kero ab shadi ki hai tu nibhani bhi peray gii... sub sath sath ker ay gay...

He chukled and frst she glared and thn couldn't help but to smile

Nupur: tum na bulkily hindi film ko hero ho

Mayank: uff meray kaan kya sahi sun rahy hain... Ap mjhy hero kah rahi hain...

He said leaning to her and said mischievously.. since the time whn they have woke up she was sumwhere into  his kiss and confession... and so was really blushing and was not looking in his eyes... and sumhwere it was bothering him a lot.. but the argument on break fast has made her cum back... yet now again his teasing has caused her to lower her eyes... And he so wish to see her replying back rather than being silent

Nupur: mithun bhi hindi film k hero tha...

(I jst find him funny with disco dance n is using it... anyone getting hurt abt this...I m sorry for it )

He looked at her angrly...

Mayank: Is se pehly k mein yaah disco dance kerna shuro kero... safar per nikaly tu hi bihtar hoga... haina..

She giggled at his irritation and he to smiled n slapped her cheek playfully... The journey to the destination was surprisingly very very beautiful... she was oky with the travelling .sickness was very low as driver was ask to drive very slow plus the view outside was so captivating tht she almost forget everything... even the fact tht she was fully enjoying the cold breez touching her face the freshness and her husband was enjoying the view of the beautiful serene face of his love... Reaching a nearer point they ask the driver to stop ... it was very rocky area as it was nearer to neelam river... before mayank can ask her to walk.. she herself

Nupur: yaha se walk keray...

Mayank: chalo... per pehly kuch kha lain... than we will see around

Nupur: thik hai...

She step out the car and walk beside mayank... he felt the same wave of holding her hand again.. and again knowing he is not reliable he placed it inside his pocket...

Having there breakfast in a local dhaba they went to see and enjoy the chilling water of the river... 

It wasn't the main bank area of the river...

Mayank: kaha jarahi hoo

He ask worried as he saw her walking towards water... It was very high speeding water area.. and u can drown easily in tht... plus rocks were very very slippery too...

Nupur: mjhy waha ja ker bahitana hai .. she said pouting...

Mayank: nupur woh kafi khatranak jaga hai... tayharna(swimming) ata hai tum ko??

She shocked in no... like a child

Nupur: tum ko ati hai...

Her question took her completely off guard... as if she was asking him tht he knew than why she shud worry abt all this

Mayank: han ata hai per..phir bhi ..

Nupur: pls nah bus thora kareeb jay ga... bht zayda nhi .. I promise...

Mayank: thik hai .. chalo.. he smiled and shocked his head.. and walk beside her..

Reaching near the frst rock he himself frst step on it making it sure tht she can grip her feet on the rock and then asked her to step on it... Holding her hand.. and then stopped at nearer point

Mayank: is se agay harghiz nhi..

Nupur: fine...

Settling down there he was enjoying view and the peace of having her with him..

Nupur: tum bhi yaha pehli baar aay ho..

Mayank: hmm... he smiled ...

Nupur: kyun kabhi frnds k sath outing per nhi gay

Mayank: mhh nhi... itna nhi ... jab abroad mein tha tu itna busy tha k kabhi time hi nhi mila.. yaaha aya tu

Nupur: tu phr kaam se time nhi mila... Shadi hoty hi faltu hogaya hai nah...

They both laughed at it..

Nupur: had hai mayank.. tum bhi nah

Mayank: mein bhi nah kya... Aur by the way .. tum kahbi kyun nhi aai tumko tu yeh jaga bht pasand hai...

Nupur: ami ny khabi jany hi nhi diya frnds k sath... aur meri tarha ami ko extreme sickness hoti hai heights per migraine hojata hai ... oxygen kaam hoti hai so..

Mayank: oh.. ok..

Nupur: tumhain in sab k baray mein sab se zayda kya pasand hai...

Mayank: hmm... sukkon

Nupur: khamsohi itni kyun pasand hai tum ko

Mayank: adam bayzar insaan hon na mein ...( I hate company na).. he smirk... on serious not ... pata nhi

Nupur: tum har cheez ko sir per sawar kerlyty hoo... aur ek bar deemgh per kuch charh jay tu neechy nhi utrata... jasay k yeh k tum company mein set nhi hosktay ... I mean khabi tum ny try kiya logo k sath interact kerna ... ya logo k sath party kerna... khud hi soch liya k woh tab waha us doc ny yeh kaha   islyn I cant do it.. rubbish...

Mayank was so keenly listen to her each n evrry word unknow to her... she was saying this all in flow... and he was so amzed ... the feeling and the fact tht she was looking inside him, she was actually giving her time to know him ... go beneath the apparent him.. it was such  a peaceful thought...

The moment she realize he isn't answering her back rather jst looking at her with a strange smile on his face... Jst if she would have been a little filmy can see tht it was admiration n pure love tht he was looking her with ...

Nupur: kya

Mayank: nhi kuch nhi... actually meray baray mein kisi ny itna amazing analysis. Nhi diya...

Nupur: han tu kasoor un k thori hai... tum actually mein janty kitny logo ko ho... jaha tak mjhy yaad hai valima mein tum ny sirf mjhy collogues se milwaya... not a single frnd..

Mayank: kya baat hai biwi.. ap janab usdin meray dosto mein zayda interested thi

Nupur: bulkil..kisi aqalmand insaan ny kaah hai kisi ko jana ho tu dekho uski sohobaat( frnds) kasi hai.. per yaha tu meri sari planning he ulat gai..

He laughed and she too chuckled...

Mayank: chalein unkareeb apki yeh muskil assan ker dayty hain... Mera ek hi dost hai jo meri shadi per kuch personal issue ki wajah se nhi aaa saka tha... aur woh kuch dino mein kah raha hai k he will b here in karachi

Nupur: zaroor mein us azeem insane se zaroor milna chaho gi jis ko apny apni dosit k shaarf baksha...

Maaynk: yaar yeh kuch zayda nhi horaha hai... tum meri bht zayda hata rahi hoo... ab chalein ..

She chukled and noded in yes and stood up... going back sumwhere they took a little different way of rocks.. and than at point there was them they need to jump between two ...

Mayank: ruko yaha...

He jumped the other way ... and forward his hand and asked her to cum... she was a little scared as it was slippery and rocky too...

Mayank: daaro maat gir ny nhi do ga..

She looked at him..and he closed his eyes asking her to trust him... and she did.. this time he can see just one at think and she agrred to hold him.. letting go of her fear... He leaned towards her as much as he can to make her hold his hand.. she leaned to towards him  and placed her hand in his hand... he pulled her to him.. and she took a leap causing her to collapse on his torso... she hold his shoulder for support... her hairs got spread on his face.. making him drown in her frgance... his hands moved on her waist on  their accord pulling her slightly near him .. he really wanted to hold her so closed and capture this moment inside him.. she shivered abit feeling the movement on her back... she was aware if there close proximity.. and also about their surrounding ...To their luck as it was not the main bank area it was empty and far... the feeling of her in his arms, her fragnce all around all was hell seductive for him... he want to stay here right here with her..

She moved a bit back borking there almost hug.. and tugged her hairs back shyly..

Nupur: chalein... she whispered

And he moved to the other side and she shrieked in pain and he moved near to her...

Looking down he found her hairs stucked in his shirt button.. he didn't bother to help her... he jst moved more nearer to her... He can see her shivering hands... maybe cause of the cold it was getting colder as it was afternoon going away touching the evening... he placed his hand around her and she looked up to him a little starlet.. yet he continue to rub her arms as if it was such a casul thing...  making her hairs out of his clutches was now a t task.. she was trying hard hard to conc on it... he was not bothered about how long she is taking on it...he loved it... the way her fingers were brushing his body... The way she was so close to him... the way her hairs to cum on her eyes.. and he very slowly feathering his fingers on her forhead tag them behind... He was loving every single bit of the sight tht was in his arms.. she moved aside sighing as tha task was done finally...yet he didn't left the chance of holding her close.. it was cold and he didn't remeove his hand ... he would have if had felt any kind of fear or any feeling of discomfort wht he saw was the shying dwon eyes trying to correct her hairs and look ahead... so he didn't moved away why would he...and enciling his arms around her they walked towards the car waiting to take them back.. and to few places around..






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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Awww...that was such a cute update API Embarrassed
loved it lodsss
loved it sooo much 
hayeee yaar pehle toh khushi huyi bhttt ke i came 1st after so many daysss lol LOLEmbarrassedDancing
Gosh!!!!!!!!!!! itni Beautiful place ufff woh bhi iss sardi ke mausam mein hayeee yaar i want to go!!!!!!!!! lol
bt srslyyy it was sooo Romantic update
loved it lodsss
loved filmy wala scene n disco dance was awesome lol LOLROFL
that place was sooo serene n pretty loved it lodsss
loved again the way they were opening up to each other 
hayeee Mayank is sooo Romantic that too hopelessly [:O:]Day Dreaming
loved them a lottt
yeh frnd kaun hain??? ufff ALLAH plzzz ab Twist ke taur par woh na hoon jiska dar hain Ouch 
bt jo bhi hoon waise bhi i wanna know the story of Nupur's ex!
loved the ending part was sooo cuteee n romantic 
loved it lodsss
love u lodsss API HugHugHug

ps: yaar aj kal ap bhttt busy ho kya? waise toh main bhi nhi ati bt ap bhi aj kal bht kaam ati hoon Unhappy miss talking to u Unhappy love u lodss HugHugHug

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Humayra IF-Rockerz

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Nice update...

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DazzilerDizzy IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 January 2014 at 5:48pm | IP Logged
Continue soon :)

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hasiniangel Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2014 at 8:37pm | IP Logged
super update
continue soon Api

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2014 at 9:15pm | IP Logged
Beautiful. Plz update mjht season 2 too

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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that was venice part

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