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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 43)

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 12:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by kheya-mayur

u will live long ...or i must say this ff will live long .
last n8 i slept thinking bout this story and aaj update milgaya .:)

loved it

hi kheya kaha ho aj kal very rare to see u here

na kero is ff ko long life... already mein itna lazy hogi hon ek month mein ek update day rahi hoon... pehly max 3 months i use to complete an ff ab tu having story clearly in mind still im not wrting to much

i m really honored whn u guys say tht the story remains in ur mind... this really means alot...
thnku so much

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by LuvArTi4ever

This place is beyond beautiful Day Dreaming and the update was equally superb and beautiful Heart
I'm liking Mayank alot... he's so caring Embarrassed
Eagerly waiting to read furthur... continue soon Smile

glad u liked it
mayank is nice na i wonder aj kal asay log kyun nhi bnaty out of stock kyun hainLOL

will cont today

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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 12:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by tasnim.

Awesome update.loved it.

thanks alot

Originally posted by ratibob007

Awesome update.
Thanks for the pm.

thanks alot dear

Originally posted by Humayra

Cute <3


drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by rimshazeb

Woww sooo beautiful n amazing update api...n heavenly pic of muzafrabad...I wish me b ja sko yha...maan gya mayank (apki) choice ko...
Nupur is cho chweet in this part...u know mujh sa b safar nhi hta dil karta h koi na bulai.. haha
N mayank nupur flight scene is very cute.. jang go lti ho..hahha
Hayye ab nupur k kiya galti..mayank ka lovely touch ko handle karna to pardh kar he blush kar rhi thi..n in bedroom scene when nupur is sleeping n mayank make her lay down soo romantic n sweet...ab mayank khush h q ka finally nupur oska pass h...bohat he sakoon sa h
.seriously api bohat bohat acha likha h ... I m falling in love with this ff n mayanj character..
.waise kafi late update kiya apna...per itna acha likha h ka sara gila shikwa bhol gyi me...
Plzz continue soon next
Apna hayal u

thanksa lot dear
addab araz hai ... khabi guroor nhi kiya...LOL
lol oho tu tum muzafrabad kasay jao gi... flight to whether ki wajha se aksar hi band hoti hai kya keray ga hum
im really glad u feel the love and his feelings really imp for the future stroy
yaar dekho late updates k im totally on differnt things these days... and with oct u know where i was than with JBKP i m on tht now... so many thing on it... still i havent being able to make much there the way i had planned...
i have cont this time sooner
thnak dear
tc too
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by DazzilerDizzy

Awesome!Fab!Too gud!
Iam also so loved with that place..omg it is so beautiful~!!So amazing Place!!

thank u so much
glad u liked the place n the update

Originally posted by Bhatakti_atma



Originally posted by Faria.

Wonderful Update
Very Nice part
thanx for the pm
cont soon dear

thanks alot dear
glad u liked it
will cont soon yaar aj kal mein bht lazy hogi hoon aur meray uper tera danta bhi nhi hota na ab

love ya muaah

Originally posted by Angle.

Very beautiful part

thanks alot dear

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 16 March 2010
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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 1:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by pihu.

beautifully written Fiza

thanks a lot dear

Originally posted by parul_bansal



Originally posted by GauriLuvsRP

Awesome Update Fiza Smile
Aww mayank is such a caring Husband...Embarrassed
Thanks for the PM
Do continue soonn 

thanksa lot dear
i m glad u loved it

Originally posted by Sara92.

AMazing update

thanku so much

drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 1:04pm | IP Logged

Pardon errors...and this time I came back earlier at this ff...

Rpld to u all


Chapter: 11

It was a very pleasant feeling... strangely it felt a page out of a romantic novel just came out in reality... it was around 5 pm in the evening ... Sun was about to set.. there were thick clouds still after they have poured God's blessing on the city ... The hide n seek playing sunlight... the cold breez.. a person walking beside me with a serene smile on her face.. the only thing tht was missing was my etching hand tht was dying to hold her's in mine...

Knowing how unreliable his mind and heart has been these days around... he placed his hand in the pockets of his trousers... not making anything awkward between them...

Mayank: u like winters don't u... he smile looking at her content smile..

Nupur: I love them...

Mayank: whats the best think about them...

She smiled looking at me.. one of those tht I love the most.. but then didn't I love everything about her...

Nupur: I donot know... I just love them ... There sumthing in it.. cosy ... Pata nhi... mjh bus acha lagta hai.. khas ker subha subha... jab suraj nikalta hai... I love tht view

Walking for sumtime.. they settle down in a teashop for having sum warm tea and than they thought to shop for sumtime... as it was still  too cloudy and and it was nite too... so they planned to leave to neelam valley tomorrow early morning...

Mayank: tum sure ho k u will b oky if we will go there...

Nupur: han mayank I m sure... mjhy dekhna hai.. Kashmir mera dream destination hai pls...

She said in a flow annoyed and pleading yet the last line made his heart so warmed and happy... He just chose Kashmir like tht yet it was her dream to b here was sumhting made him smile... adding the fact tht when her dream became reality he was part of it...

With his smile she realized wht she said.. and he diverted his eyes from her whn he found them lowered and she turning more pink...his hand itch to pull her cheeks.. but he shrug his thoughts and continue to talk with the person on reception to arrange a car for their trip..


It was pretty late in nite whn she felt liking sumone taping her... she was annoyed... having such heavenly sleep in this warm blanket she so want to sleep... it cant be morning so early... and than she heard mayank  


Mayank: nupur utho... nupur pls utho..

Nupur: kya hua mayaank intni raat ko kyun utha  rahy hoo... she looked opening her eyes and found still dark outside the window...

Mayank: bus do min k liyan meray sath chalo pls... utho...

Nupur: kaha jana hai maynk...

Mayank:  yeah lo..swal uro.. aur chalo meray sath... utho...late hojay ga


Nupur: Mayank yeah  raat ko apny kaha jana hai... apko pata hai nah yaha janwar bhi hotay hain... koi bhaloo agay tu..

He chukled...

Mayank: nupur yaha janawar aay ga ... Tum bhi na... itna darti kyun ho yaar main hon nah..

Nupur: mr shahrukh khan ap mjhy batana pasand keray ga mjhy itni achi neend se utha ker kaha lay ker jarahy hain...

Mayank: abhi batata hoon na...Chalo agay jaha mein apko lay ker ana chahta tha...

He took her to the roof top of the hotel... and her teeth started to ..looking at her condition he first hesitant but than she was rubbing her arms and he wanted it so much... He slided his hand on her waist and pulled her closed... giving her his warmth.. she flinched whn his hand cums in contact with her... and than she was enclosed in his arms possessively... It was pleasant to have him beside in chilling whether...the fact tht she did settle in his arms was a moment for him to dance with pleasure .. things are getting better ... And than her breath stoped and she moved abit infront to look at the view...

Mayank smiled at her reaction... phew just on time they are...

Her wide eyes are cluthing hands on the railing and than her gasp... and a smile of admiration... she hasn't seen more beautiful moring than this ever...

Standing on the roof.. the darkness of the nite slowly disappearing ... with the clouds making there way for sun to shine... it was just like an art piece... a canvas beautifully painted by Lord with his epic art of playing with colours... the tint of yellow and black changing into purple as sun mix with nite...

Mayank came bside her who was standing so mesmerized...

Nupur: she looked at him and than back at the view... she donot want to miss this... Mayank mein ny is se zayda haseen subha khabi nhi dekhi...

He looked at her and say with utmost sincerity

Mayank: mein ny bhi...  she looked back to him

And he shuddered this time... Few moments of his reflection in her eyes... her eyes this time not having fear, apprenhisions or anything... but just having sumthing ... sumthing like peace.. it made him feel home... it made him feel he has found home in her ... the peace he was hunting for so may years he has now found in her... having her at peace..

She turned her eyes back but she knew his eyes were on her... and it was difficult to take all this in... but now more it feels like she is to unfair to his love affection and everything he is giving her... even whn she hasn't share her dream with him he still is fulfilling evry dream of her...

He encircled his arms around her... sqeezing her a bit within him, he wants her and he wants to tell her tht he is here with her... forever...  she sigh and was in aww with the view... He was the happiest person on earth... She oky in his arms, with the most beautiful expression on her face... fullfiling her dream was awesum

Sun was on its peak and now he was asking her to cum back... it was still 5:30 in the morning and they have to go to the trip at 8:30... so still they have time to rest abit...

Mayank: chalo nupur... hotel management ny special perpation di thi for sumtime...

Nupur: oky chalo... she pouted and he chukled and pulled her towards exit... ek min ek chees dekh ker ati hon

He chukled ans shocked his head putting his hands on his waist... and she went there and looked around one last time knowing she might not able to see this again...

Mayank who was looking and enjoying the cute child in her... he knew is more n more falling in love with her.. he just wishes he can give her every reason tht she will feel so same for him...

Today whn she didn't fliched in his arms the kind of feeling he felt he was himself surprised with it... it was joy pure n bliss..

He went to her and sliped his hand round her wasit chucklingly drgaed her down...


Sliping in to the blanket with a smile on her face... feels like she cant move away from the site she saw... and he was feeling realy happy... feeling like hugging her and telling her tht...

Nupur: thanks mayank

Mayank: my pleasure... mera bus chaly tu apko asay hi har subha doon.. muskurtati hoi ... he said with such a smile tht she was herself amzed..

Nupur: tumhain tu kuch nhi mila tum itnay khush kyun hoo...

Mayank: kyun k tum khush ho...

He can feel his eyes burning her... she was lying and he was half lying a bit leaning on her side with a reasonable distance... yet it was troubling him...

Nupur: kyun...

When the question slipped from her mouth she doesn't knew.. and it sumwhere made his heart raced

This question made his heart stoped for a moment... and she felt like why the hell she said tht... his eeys were telling her all tht she has question... they were intense deep.. rich with a emotion tht she knew wht it is... but she doesn't want it to name tht... she doesn't feel rite ...

He knew if he didn't said this today he might be never able to... He doesn't want to burden her with tht...but he want to feel the joy of telling the person u love so much tht u does...

Mayank: cause I love you

His voice came out as whisper... filled with so strong expersion tht she took a sharp breath to let his words to settle insdie her... they were so strong ... she this feeling wht he is feeling is so strong and she cant understand how he can fall for her...

The thought tht she nevr left his eyes gave him a sense of acceptance... that she can see the words expressed with all the truth in his eyes... his hands raised on his on accord to touch her cheek,... stoping her breath...

Mayank: i really love you nupur... He leaned on her and placed his lips on her forhead... the contact made him burned with the feeling of holding her close to him...and hug her tightly and express wht he holds much more than words... knowing tht he will lose himself or rather he is... He moved away ... breaking the contact... finding her panting and with eyes shuted so tightly...

He did felt a bit guilt inside him... knowing mayb he did rushed ... but he knew he cant help it.. it can never b wrong it flet so dam perfect...

Mayank: I donot want to force u im sorry...

Nupur: mayannkk... she did protest and he smiled patting her cheeks...

Mayank: sojao thori dair...

Saying so he himself sliped inside the blanket.. basking into the warm feeling of her skin, the feeling of confessing the love... Feeling of having her beside him... feeling of knowing that now her eyes are on him...

Mayank: I know I m dam irresistible...  he open his eyes and looked at her who was looking here n there n to him to... U have life time to see my profile... He smirk a bit leaning to her... closing her eyes with his hand the softness in his expression made her smile cuddle more to herself yet moving a bit towards him involuntarily ...


. Maybe they will or are walking towards him... he took a deep breath and  chukled at his own expectations... yet he knew how much he ached to see and to hear those words and feeling in her eyes too... Atleast like today he knew they have came one stop closer... it was a little distance thy have covered ...


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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 November 2013 at 3:16pm | IP Logged
Hayee yaar kaha i thought ke wow one thing is common i too love winter n kaha dusri baat ne uff
i mean kaun uthta hain subha subha woh bhi winters mein hayee
winter mornings r so good to sleep for some extraa time Embarrassed
bt who is talking i Heart sleeping in mornings lol Tongue
wow!! hayee i thought Mayank wud take a pic atleast bt chalo koi nhi he is so damn Romantic
hayee yaar Api not fair Mayank ki tarha koi romantic nhi hota aj kal Ouch phir mera kya hoga lol LOL
bt i loved it to coreee
so he confessed...sigh!!!!
loved it lodsss 
love u lodsss API HugHugHug

ps: after like many daysss i read n commented lol

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