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Mayur. Dil Nay Jisay Apna KaahaCH:22 (12/4) (Page 34)

Pia- Senior Member

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Posted: 22 September 2013 at 11:16am | IP Logged
lovely update
r they going for honey moon

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Bhatakti_atma IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 September 2013 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Veryyy *i think all y's will gt over* seriously it was very good...plzzz update soon..sirf ffs hi toh humara sahara hai
rimshazeb Goldie

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Posted: 10 October 2013 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
Update soon plisshhh..
Eagerly waiting for further story...
drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 24 October 2013 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
thanks for ur comments

Chapter: 10

Muzafarabad... truly heaven on earth.. Beautiful is such an underestimating word for the place... its heaven truly purely heaven... But the way to it is not at all heaven...

Especially when your husband is over caring and ur a person who get more cranky and impulsive when ur in not good position.. nupur do have a slight motion sickness problem but the turbulence in the air made it extreme worse...

Mayank: tum thik ho nah...

He looked at her ..who is resting her head back clutching her stomach tightly feeling nauseatic too much.. and her eyes were closed with a huge frown on her head... this was the nth time he was asking this.. he was feeling helpless as he cant do anything to make her good... he was trying to distract her but she was turning more more cranky...

Nupur: mayank ek bar aur tum ny pcoha na tu..mein thik hoti tu asay bhaiti hoti... ajeeb baatein kertay ho...

Mayank: aray baba tu kya kero... tum ny medicine li thi phir bhi itni bori halat hai...nhi layti tu kya hota

She was looking cute n he was glad her eyes are close as he was smiling her cute expressions...

Nupur: vomitngs aur vomiting... yaad kyun dilaya ab aur nausea hoga... she winced

Mayank: safar kerny k liyan sadak k ithikhab kerna chaiy tha ...

Nupur: han taky deemgh aur ghoom jata... kam se kam yeah tu pata hai k yeah safar bus thori dair k hai...

Mayank: shukar... tu bus yeahi baat yaad rukho.. mjhy sach mein nhi pata tha warna yaha k khabi nhi rekhta sorry

Nupur: mayank stoped it na...

Mayank: per haan ek baat pata chal gaya

Nupur: ab woh kiya hai

Mayank: jab tum bemar hoti ho tu kafi jang jo hojati hoo ...he smirk and she opend her one eye and glared at him...

Nupur: hatiyar nikalo mein...

Now he laughed at her...slightly caressing her hairs continuously  ...  she was looking so cute yet so miserable too


Finally they reached there with all happening inbetween... and she forgot everything looking at the hotel and the view...  she felt so fresh and amzing...

PC Muzafrabad

in day

Reaching the room he can see she was feeling really down, she had taken the medicine and she must be feeling sleepy she can't say tht to him, he must have planned sumthing... tht planned sumthing did made her throat dry thanks to gunjan who said so much ..tht she can't just shrug it off...

Mayank: nupur tum arma kerlo kafi thak gai ho insab mein...

Nupur: nhi its oky... mein thik hai...

Mayank: itni takluff kerny ki zaroorat nhi mjh pata hai tum ny medicine li hai aur safaar se aai hoo... Thori dair so jao ..dopbhar k baad chaly jay ga.. abhi waqt hi kya hua hai... acha lagay ga sojao kuch dair.. is taraha bahar jay ga tu na tumhain acha lagay ga na mjhy he patted her cheek caressing the blush tht has appear due to the sudden cold weather here...

She smiled and he returned her smile and he moved abit away to call khala that they have reached safely ...and she made her breath came back...his love touches are really difficult to handle... her heart needs to stop racing so much...  he was feeling really hungry and than he realize tht she even had nothing in the flight... She was feeling so bad tht even he forgot tht since morning they haven't had anything..  he moved back to their bedroom yet smiled from his heart ...

She was already asleep... cuddling to her self she lied in the mid of the bed.. she was so much in sedative tht she even neither change nor removed her shoes her clip... and not even to bothered to made her way to pillow...

He moved forward and looked at her, she is so innocent and simple... trying her best not to b  behave so much... he chukled... yet she doesn't know tht he love her tht way..just in her self...

He removed her shoes.. and moved yet than stop..if she woke up and saw him picking her in his arms she might not feel good... He softly hold her from shoulder and raised her head to slip the pillow nder it... now wht to do with her dupata tht is in horrible position around her neck... It can chook her ..

Mayank: sorry I have to.he whispered .. and sliped his one hand slowly around her neck... He felt strange warmth radiating in him...he loved the feel of her soft skin against his rough.. he shurged his thought concentrate was difficult not to let his fingers caress her skin.. yet he tried as much as he can..  slowly and now pretty quickly he removed it ..and than made her lie back... covering her with quilt ... and sigh...

He called room service to have sumthing to eat... he was dying with hunger... and moved back beside her... he hardly have any place to sit on the bed ... he has all the time to look at her tht he donot get to often.. he always feel tht she became alittle uncomfortable on tht..

Placing his finger on her skin he lean abit... to look at her.. he moved his hand and remove her clip and softly ruffled her hairs slowly to let him feel them... he was loving the feel of her... so close

Nupur: ami please sony dain...

He controlled his laughter and shock his head... And move away to open the door for room service before they bang the door and wake her up... Having abit of food ..he looked back at his sleeping beauty... and chuckled there HM is gonna start such... He was feeling bored so wht to do.. he lie down on the sofa beside the bed as there was no place for him there... and enjoying his view he to drift in to sleep..

It was the crunching of her stomach tht made her eyes open... she looked around to found the room horribly dark... in an instant she woke up n looked there n there... she slept tht so in the mid of the bed talking all the space but where he is..

Moving her eyes she found him sleeping on the sofa... in a pretty awkward position.. and she feel really sweet of him..

Nupur: kamal ho nupur.. us ny kaha sojao tum tu apany zindagi bhar ki neend pori kerny lagi.. per itni jaldi raat kasay hogi... ab is ko kasay utho .. bhook k maray meri jaan ja rahi hai.. haan aur lagta hai s bhooky pait ny meray assab( nerves, imagination)  bhi kafi holnak ker diyana .. mjhy khany ki khusboo kyun arahi hai...

She stitched on the bed side lamp not to disturb him but than she broke in a smile seeing sum food securely placed on the table infornt..

Nupur: shukar khuda k ..mayank ny khana tu mangwa liya tha... aur is ki halat dekh ker lagta hai us ny kha bhi liya...

The pain in his neck was not letting him sleep peacefully... he annoyingly open his eyes and touched his necked to sooth his pain when his eeys fall on her... and he grinned...

Crossing her legs she was siting on the bed... eating her food in full masti...

Mayank: duniya se ghafail hoker rahti hai tu khud jasai dekhti hai... jaha mein ny ankhein kholi ..ek daam in k 14 tabak roshan hojatay hain... kuch tu kerna paray ga yeah batnay k  liyan k mein aam sa massom sa insaan hoon... koi khufanak sa shoohor nhi...

Wao when ever she is not worrying about world she appears herself.. just when I m around she will become alert

He smirk in his head and thought to do sumthing.. just than his eyes fall on the main light switch and he press it to bright the whole room...

And just than the spoon droped from her hands... letting him know she is so fragile.. needs to be handle with care... But the expression on her face made him spit in to laughter...

Mayank: apko har waqt asa kyun lagta hai k koi na koi booth apk asa pass zaroor hai...

Nupur: very funny...ap kya ker sakti hoon .. koi khaufnak se shay har waqt jo asa pass hai...

Mayank: huh... How mean... ap humain booth kah rahi hain

Nupur: tu aur kya kahao.. ap har waqt humain darty hain...

Mayank: hum ny kya kiya sirf light he tu on ki bus... He said innocently

Nupur: kitny massom hai na ap...

Mayank: shukriay ... wasy mein ny khabi gurror nhi kiya...

He chukled and left to fresh up...

Nupur: sorry hum kuch zayda dair sogay...

He sigh and sat opposite to her...

Mayank: dekho nupur yeah baat baat per soory , thanku kahna chor do pls... har waqt is khaddar chokan rahny ki zaroorat nhi hai ... mjhy pata hai waqt lagy ga... hum jab is baray mein sati baatein ker chukay hain tu hum phr waha kyun jarahy hain... hum ek dosray ko janty hi kitna hai magar is k harghiz yeah matlab bhi nhi hai .. k hu woh ban ker rahy jo hum nhi hai... tu arams itminaan se... relax... be urself.. thik hai... aur itna tu nhi soi ho 2 ghante hi tu hoay hain

Nupur: hain... she moved back to look at the clock and he was write it has been just more than 2 ya almost 3 hrs she slept... Tu itna andhera kasay hogaya...

Mayank: yeah sawal tu sahi hai... nhi yaar barish tu nhi arahi hai.. he removed the curtains to find thick dark clouds standing right in front of them welcoming ... Yeah kya baat hoi... aj tu lagta hai hum bahar kahin nhi jasakty ...

Nupur: kyun barish hi tu hai

Mayank: Karachi kin hi hai.. jo hungama khiz hoi aur phir kaha gai pata nhi chalay... yaha k kafi zoor daar hoti hai aur plus kafi dhnad bhi hojay gai...

 Phir bhi khosih kertay hain kahin dinner k liya tu ja hi sakty hain hum... plus kuch nhi tu is hotel ko hi ghoom laytay hain... kafi shops hain yaah tu ap shopping bhi kersakti hain... Abhi filhal tu ap khana khai aram se..

Nupur: ap humara mazak ura rahy hain

Mayank: nhi... bhook tu lagay gi nah apko,.. subha nashta bhi nhi kiya phir flight mein bhi kuch nhi khaya .. aur yeah lo .. mama papa ko call tu kerdo k yaha poch gai ho perdhan horahy hongy

Nupur: hay allah hum ny tu khala ko bhi nhi kiya unhony kitni takeed ki thi..

Mayank: koi baat nhi mein ny kerdiya hai... Ab yeah batao k sab se phly kya kerna hai... side seeing ya sirf mosam ko enjoy kerna hai

Nupur: walk per chaly...

Mayank: thik hai ..





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-Anila- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2013 at 4:10pm | IP Logged
in Heart with this place Day Dreaming

wow bhttt din baad kuch parha jo bhttt accha laga
ek dam dil khush ho gaya LOL
loved it so very muchhh
yaar...API yeh place kitnaaa haseen hain ya
apka plan bhi kahin yeha jana toh nhi hain WinkLOL
loved the entire update
hayeee Mayank was sooo damn cuteee
that guroor wala line was masttt Thumbs Up
i was actually laughing like hell n abhi thori sardi bhi hain na so weather bhi waisa lag raha tha
hayeee mujhe toh woh place bht accha laga abhi mein sone jaungi toh ussi ko yaad karungi lol
loved it a lot
love u lodsss API HugHugHug

ps: update soon plz

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hasiniangel Senior Member

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Posted: 24 October 2013 at 8:45pm | IP Logged
superb update API..
loving mayank Heart
continue soon..

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gopi06 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 October 2013 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
amazing updt fiza
cont soon
thanks for the pm

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shafy_MN IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 October 2013 at 12:18am | IP Logged
very very nice update..
Loving it..

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